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Many people have been finding themselves bored as of late, but there is a solution: Games, games, and more games!

Many wonderful games have been created over the past few decades. From simple board games to complex video games, there is a game out there for every person whether young or old. Keep reading to find some fun games to play when you’re bored!

Best Games To Play When Bored

If you are bored then great games to play is what you need in your life! Games turn out to be really fun when you are bored. Games that require little equipment like playing cards can also save you money when game night rolls around.

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1. Charades

This game allows for a lot of creativity and imagination. To play Charades you will need a couple of people. You can either have enough people that each person gets a turn or have just a bunch of people who guess while watching one person act out a word.

How to Play Charades

On a piece of paper, write down a bunch of different words and give each person a turn to act out one word. If you have more than one person participating then you will need extra sheets of paper.

Give the group about fifteen seconds for them to guess what the word is and if it is right then they get a point. The goal is to have the highest number of points by being the first person or team to reach a certain number of points.

If you are playing with just a couple of people then each person acts out different words and the other person guesses what the word is.

Best Charades Ideas

The best idea for charades is to think of things that are not too easy but also not too difficult. You don’t want it to be an either-or-type situation where the person is most likely going to guess what you’re acting out correctly on the first try. Here are some great ideas for your Charades Game to play when bored:

  • A Cat
  • Harry Potter
  • Pizza
  • Batman
  • Cashier at a store (the one who rings up your purchases)
  • A shoe
  • Cookie Monster
  • A jellyfish
  • A computer
  • Donald Trump

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2. Monopoly

This game is a wonderful way to pass the time when you are bored because it has so much variety for board games. You can play this game in teams or have people just play against each other.

How to Play Monopoly

To start you will need a Monopoly board and a couple of tokens. Each player starts with a certain amount of money depending on how many people are playing.

Players take turns rolling the dice and they move the number of spaces that they rolled. Different things can happen when you land on one space or another so it is important to understand what can happen when you land on certain spaces.

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3. Movie Drinking Games

Movie drinking games are the best way to make a movie more interesting and they can be quite fun. The idea of making a drinking game comes from taking an ordinary thing that everyone does such as watching TV or playing cards and then adding alcoholic beverages into the mix.

After all, what is better than having drinks with friends? Here are some movie ideas for your next movie watching party that you can easily turn into drinking games:

1. Harry Potter Drinking Game:

Harry Potter is a great movie to turn into a drinking game. If you choose to take this route then make sure that the drinks are not too strong because everyone will be having a lot of them and you don’t want anyone to get sick.

Read this article to get to know everything about the Harry Potter Drinking Game!

2. Family Guy Drinking Game

Are you more into series than movies? Don’t worry there are drinking games for you too! A series that you can play some drinking games with is Family Guy. You will need a pack of cards, drinks, and something to drink out of.

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3. Friends Drinking Game

Who doesn’t love Friends? This is a great show to make into a drinking game and it is very easy too! All you need is a TV, some drinks, and some friends.

Here you can find all the rules for Friends Drinking Game!

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4. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is one of the best games to play when you are bored because it is so versatile. You can play this game in many different ways and it is so much fun because there are so many things that you can do.

Many people love to play Truth or Dare because it is exciting to get to know their friends’ secrets and they like to see what kinds of dares that they are willing to do. There are many different variations on the game so almost everyone can enjoy playing, regardless of how old you are or who you want to play with.

How To Play Truth or Dare

For Truth or Dare, you will need at least two people. One person will ask the other, “Truth or dare?” The person who has been asked this question must choose to either answer a truth or complete a task. It is important to remember that you cannot choose both options because it will make the game extremely repetitive and boring.

Here are some truth questions to ask:

  • “Who was your first crush?”
  • “What is your biggest regret?”
  • “What would you do if money wasn’t something to worry about?”
  • “Have you ever gone skinny dipping?”
  • “What is one thing that your friends don’t know about you?”
  • “Do you like anyone right now?”
  • “Who is your celebrity crush?”
  • “What is your biggest fear?”
  • “When was the last time you said you loved someone?”
  • “Have you ever lied to someone about being in love with them?”

Here are some dares:

  • “I dare you to tell the truth for the rest of the night.”
  • “I dare you to tell a secret about yourself.”
  • “I dare you to tell your crush that you like them.”
  • “I dare you to call the person that you are talking about right now and ask them out. If they say yes then go on a date, if they say no then come back here within 2 days.”
  • “I dare you to do 10 push-ups.”
  • “I dare you to dress up as your favorite character for the rest of the night.”
  • “I dare you to give me a piggyback ride around the block.”
  • “I dare you to kiss your crush on the cheek.”
  • “I dare you to run down the street naked.”
  • “I dare you to kiss the next person that walks into the room.” You can find more truth or dare ideas in this article!

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5. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is one of the most popular games that you can play when you are bored and it is not hard to understand why. Everyone loves this game because they never know what the other players will say so no matter how many times you play it can still be interesting.

This game is great for any kind of party because everyone can join in and it doesn’t matter if people are shy or outgoing. The best part about this game is that it encourages the players to share embarrassing stories and secrets with each other which makes it very easy for people to make new friends.

How To Play Never Have I Ever

You will need at least three people in order to play this game. The game begins with one player saying a statement beginning with “Never have I ever…”. Then everyone else has to put up their hand if they have done that action. This game is very fun because it forces the players to share their experiences with each other.

Here are some ideas for Never Have I Ever statements:

  • “Never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex.”
  • “Never have I ever had a crush on someone who is in my same grade.”
  • “Never have I ever smoked weed.”
  • “Never have I ever broken a bone.”
  • “Never have I ever had an embarrassing moment in public.”
  • “Never have I ever cheated on a test in school.”
  • “Never have I ever played a drinking game before.”
  • “Never have I ever been caught sneaking out late at night.”
  • “Never have I ever ridden in an ambulance.”
  • “Never have I ever pretended to like someone when I actually didn’t.”

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6. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is one of the best games to play when you are bored. All you need for this game are two people. This game is easy to understand and it is extremely fun because the possibilities are endless.

If you want to make the game more interesting, you can make two teams and try to get the opposing team to choose the worse option. This game is great for any occasion and you can ask the players to come up with their own questions or you can choose some pre-made ones.

How to Play Would You Rather

The game begins with one person asking the other, “Would you rather A or B?” The player then responds by choosing either option 1 or 2. After the first player has made their reply, it is the second player’s turn to choose which option they would prefer. This game continues until everyone has had a chance to answer two questions.

Here are some example Would You Rather questions:

  • “Would you rather have the ability to fly or be able to breathe underwater?”
  • “Would you rather be in prison for life or spend one month in the jungle with only the clothes on your back?”
  • “Would you rather eat chocolate cake every day for the rest of your life or only eat broccoli every day?”
  • “Would you rather live without electricity or live without running water?”
  • “Would you rather spend one week with your favorite celebrity or spend a day with your favorite fictional character?”
  • “Would you rather have the ability to read minds or be able to tell the future?”
  • “Would you rather eat a bug or drink a cup of mud?”
  • “Would you rather spend the rest of your life as a millionaire or as a billionaire?”
  • “Would you rather have a fever that lasts for a week or a cold that lasts for a month?”
  • “Would you rather eat a live cockroach or drink a bottle of hot sauce?”

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7. Most Likely To

Most Likely To is a game that requires some creativity and imagination. This game will keep you entertained for hours if you choose exciting questions.

The best part about this game is that it doesn’t matter how old the players are because they will all be able to relate to the question on some level. It will give everyone a chance to get to know each other better and it can help you learn more about the people around you.

How To Play Most Likely To

Most Likely To is a good ice breaker and it usually takes less than 5 minutes to play. The game begins when you have everyone seated in a circle. You can ask the players questions such as, “Who was most likely to be the first one in their class to get a driver’s license?”.

The players then take turns discussing who they believe is most likely to answer each question. Most Likely To questions can range from the future, past and present.

Here are some example Most Likely To questions:

  • “Who is most likely to be captain of the dodgeball team in high school?”
  • “Who is most likely to be the president of their class in grade school?”
  • “Who is most likely to have an IQ over 200?”
  • “Who is the most likely to win a gold medal in gymnastics?”
  • “Who was most likely to be voted ‘Most Likely To Succeed’ in middle school?”
  • “Who was most likely to be the first one in their family to go to college?”
  • “Who is most likely to have an art piece displayed at a museum?”
  • “Who is most likely to have children before they are 25 years old?”
  • “Who was most likely to become a millionaire by the time they are 30?”
  • “Who was most likely to have their first kiss in grade school?”

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8. Party Trivia Game

The Trivia Game is perfect for everyone who enjoys having fun while testing their knowledge. It is best to play this game in a large group so that you can divide the players into teams.

The Trivia Game is suitable for all ages because it can be adjusted to fit everyone’s ability level. It’s a great game to play when board and will definetily help you kill some time because it does not take very long to complete one round.

How to Play Party Trivia

The game begins with the first person choosing a category for the question. Then, they ask another player in the group to answer their question.

The game continues like this until everyone has had a chance to answer at least three questions each. You can either go around in a circle or you can choose random players to give answers. It doesn’t matter how it is done just as long as everyone has a chance to answer some questions.

This game can last for hours when you make the categories fun and exciting, like these examples!

Examples of Trivia Questions:

  • Who was the first president of the United States? (Answer: George Washington)
  • What is the capital of France? (Answer: Paris)
  • In what year was the Declaration of Independence drafted? (Answer: 1776)
  • In what year did Justin Bieber debut his first album? (Answer: 2009)
  • What is the best selling book of all time? (Answer: The Bible)
  • How many bones are in a human foot? (Answer: 26)
  • Who was the first actor to play Superman in a movie? (Answer: Christopher Reeve)
  • What is the largest country in Africa? (Answer: Algeria)
  • What was the most popular cartoon in 2010? (Answer: SpongeBob Squarepants)
  • What is the name of John Lennon’s second wife? (Answer: Yoko Ono)

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9. 5 Second Battle

The 5 Second Battle is great for parties and celebrations because there is no limit on how many players can participate in the game. This game is simple and it does not take much time or preparation to play - perfect when you want a quick party game!

You can choose from a variety of topics for this game and the questions don’t always have to be based on pop culture. For example, you can ask players to name as many breakfast foods as they can in only 5 seconds!

How To Play The 5 Second Battle

The game begins with the first person choosing a category for the question. Then, they give themselves 5 seconds to say as many words as they can associated with the topic.

For example, if you chose breakfast foods, someone has to answer with three breakfast foods in five seconds. If you cannot come up with a suitable answer in 5 seconds, then your turn is over and it passes on to the next person.

The game continues like this until everyone has had a chance to participate at least once and the winner of the game is determined by how many times they were able to correctly answer a question.

Examples for 5 Second Rule Statements:

  • Name 3 movies starring Tom Hanks.
  • Name 3 popular children’s book authors.
  • Name three ways to cook an egg.
  • Name 3 breakfast foods.
  • Name 3 Beatles songs that came out in 1964.
  • Name your favorite Disney princess and why you like her so much.
  • Name 3 items every student needs in order to pass a test in school.
  • Name 3 types of pasta.
  • Name 3 books written by JK Rowling.
  • Name 3 people who have won an Academy Award for Best Actress.

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