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Your next kiddie party will surely be fun-filled with these Minute to Win It Games that will turn any party into the most exciting ever. Whatโ€™s even better is that the games are all familiar activities that kids can relate to and not something complicated. That’s why theyโ€™re so popular!

What are Minute to Win It Games?

Minute to Win It games involve players doing tasks linked or connected to simple day-to-day tasks using household items. The players should be able to finish each task in a minute or less to proceed to the next game. Failure to do so will mean game out for the player.

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The games in the show are mostly easy games for all ages that anyone can play at any party. They are perfect for family and friends looking to have a great and awesome time!

Top Ten Minute To Win It Games for Kids

Kids enjoy games. The best games for kids are those that are simple and easy to understand. Check out the top ten Minute to Win It games for Kids we selected just for you:

1. Blown Away

This easy game will require you to prepare lots of plastic cups, inflated balloons, and a timer. Itโ€™s very simple, and youโ€™ll just need to pray that the winds and luck are by your side in order to win this.

In setting up the game, you need to arrange the plastic cups into a pyramid. Then at least three or four meters away, each player should stand and aim the balloon at the pyramid, with the objective of knocking down as many cups as they can. Each player is given one minute to try and knock out the whole pyramid. After the time, the playerโ€™s score is equal to the number of cups knocked off the pyramid.

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2. Wrap it Up

This game is all about resourcefulness or doing what you can with what you have under time pressure. The kids should be grouped into pairs, and each pair would be given an equal number of toilet paper rolls. In just one minute, the first player should be able to totally wrap his or her partner in toilet paper. You can assign judges that would try to see who successfully wrapped his partner.

3. Ball Drop

All you need for this simple game are a chair, three ping pong balls, and a cup. Let the player stand on a chair while holding three ping pong balls. Place the cup on the ground in front of the chair. In just one minute, the player should be able to drop the ping pong balls into the cup. Ball bouncing will not count for this game.

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4. Sock the Block

The things you need for this game are lots of LEGOs and balled-up socks. The goal is for each player to knock off all the towers around six to ten meters away from them using the balled-up socks in just one minute.

5. Sticky Situation

For this game, youโ€™ll need a slice of bread covered in peanut butter, a plate, ping pong balls, and a table. The peanut butter-covered bread should be placed on a plate. The player should let the ball bounce just once and make it land on the sticky sandwich.

The game’s object is to make the ping pong ball land with just ONE bounce on the table and onto the sandwich.

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6. Marshmallow Toss

This is another game to be played by pairs. The first player should hold a bag of marshmallows, and the other player should hold a cup. In one minute, the first player should try to toss marshmallows, and the other should be able to catch them into the cup. Each marshmallow is equal to one point!

7. Cereal Scramble

All you need for this uniquely fun and refreshing puzzle game is a cereal box. Cut the cereal box into smaller pieces with equally sized parts. The goal of each player is to form the whole cereal box again in just one minute.

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8. Card Ninja

If youโ€™re a fan of the mobile game Fruit Ninja then youโ€™ll find this game witty and fun! Forget the virtual slicing of the fruits on your phones. With this game, youโ€™ll actually be able to โ€œsliceโ€ the fruits in half.

You need a deck of cards and a watermelon for this game. Slice the watermelon in half and put it on a table. Each player would be given a whole minute to start throwing cards on the watermelon. Whoever lands the most cards on the watermelon in just a minute wins!

9. Noodle Pick Up

This is a hilarious game that will require you to prepare uncooked spaghetti pasta, uncooked penne pasta and a bowl. The object of the game is for each player to use the hard spaghetti pasta to pick up the hard penne pasta and put them into a bowl. The player should put as many as they can within just one minute.

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10. Water Bottle Flip

This is a pretty simple game that you have already been playing without realizing it. All you need is a full water bottle. The object of the game is for each player to flip the water bottle and have it perfectly land on a flat surface like a table, as many times as they can within one minute.

Nothing beats the simple and easy games when it comes to kiddie parties and kidsโ€™ entertainment! These games can be simplified even more, depending on the kidsโ€™ skills and age. Time-pressured games like this will raise and teach the kids with a sense of obedience and sense of urgency at all times!

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