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Your crush caught your eye, but did you catch his?

Crushes, right? You meet someone. You are attracted to them. You keep thinking about them. You want to get to know them. We have all been there. While taking the plunge and talking to your crush can get you into a nervous fit, it’s only the first step. There are even more steps that you need to take if you want him to fall completely head over heels for you.

Here are some of our tips to help you get your crush to like you.

Find out what you have in common

Having something in common is a great way to start any relationship. Try to find out your crush’s interests, and see if these can bring you closer.

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Here are some ways on how you can bond with your crush:

Find out his interests

Find out what your crush is passionate about. What are his interests? By getting someone to talk about something they are passionate about, it brings them into a good mood. People can talk about their favorite thing for hours on end.

Putting your crush into a good chatty mood will also send you good positive vibes as well. Finding out his interests, not only lights up his mood, but it also allows you to take a peek into his mind. It lets you find out what type of person he is when you see how passionate he is about something.

Find out similarities

After finding out his interests, you’ll be able to see what similarities you and your crush share. Whether it’s a movie, show, music, band you are both passionate about, it’s good to have a common ground with your crush. You and your crush will have more things to talk about and bond over!

Find out “unusual” similarities

Being relatable to someone increases your chances of being attractive to them. It’s always great to know that there’s someone out there who shares the same unusual trait you have. Having similar unusual similarities will make you more relatable to your crush. Your crush can relate to you more when he sees that you both have unusual similarities.

Imagine that you both don’t know how to swim. That’s definitely a weird thing to have in common!

Join him in his interests

After finding out your crush’s interests, join him in doing it. If you get the chance to hang-out with him and his friends doing a hobby that he likes, then try to get involved in that thing he is passionate about.

It’s exciting to try out something new with your crush. Just don’t forget to be genuine in your interest. There’s no point pretending you like doing something you actually don’t just to make your crush like you back.

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Spend some time with him

The more time you spend with a person, the more likely you are to develop feelings for them. Try to spend as much time as you can with your crush, without being too overboard. Whether it’s with a large group of friends, with some 2-3 people, or just you and him, do some activities together that will let your presence be known to him.

Watch a scary movie with him

It’s like Netflix and chill except it’s a scary movie. Watch a scary movie with him, and the adrenaline pumping through his veins will help him associate an increased heart rate with you.

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Grab his attention

If you want to make your crush notice you, grab his attention. Be interesting enough that he will see you in a positive light. The moment you grab your crush’s attention, you are already in.

Here are some ways you can grab your crush’s attention:

Be active on social media - especially Instagram

You can grab your crush’s attention with the help of social media. Do you and your crush have a common friend? Why not comment on that friend’s post that he also commented on?

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Just being within the radar of your crush’s circle of friends, gives him the chance to check your page and know something about you. Being active on Instagram by posting your hobbies or outings will definitely catch your crush’s attention.

Impress him

Try to make your crush notice you by impressing him with something that you are really good at. Being attractive to him physically isn’t everything. If you want to really grab your crush’s attention, you have to impress him with something that you are passionate about and excel at. This way, you will make a good impression not and will let him see how interesting you really are.

Get help

There is nothing wrong with getting a little bit of help if you really want your crush to like you. Look at your circle of friends. Some might even know him and can give you tops. Also, having friends listen to you is a big help too!

Here are some some tips of how to get help in getting your crush’s attention:

Ask your friends for advice

Asking your friends for advice when it comes to your crush will not only help you have an outlet but also lets you look at things from a different perspective. Tell your best girlfriends about text exchanges with your crush, or how your conversation with him flows.

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Your friends can give you some insights into your relationship with your crush without the rose-tinted glasses that you tend to have. It’s hard to have an objective point of view when it comes to your crush, so let your friends do that for you.

Get some help from your other friends

Your best girlfriends will have your back when it comes to your crush. Imagine this scenario: you are sitting and chatting next to your crush, and your friend joins the conversation and suggests that you two make a good couple.

While it may be awkward and embarrassing for both you and your crush, the thought of you two being a couple will definitely leave an impression in his mind!

Be friends with his friends

If you and your crush share common friends, you can chat with his friends every now and then. Just don’t tell him about your crush because people talk and you don’t want your crush finding out you like him before you are ready.

When you talk to your common friends every now and then, you may even get some casual information about your crush without directly asking about him.

Show your interest

There are ways you can show your interest to your crush. You can try a subtle approach or a direct approach. If you just started getting to know him, don’t scare him off by immediately telling him that you like him. He might not be expecting it all!

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It’s all about timing. Try out giving out subtle hints first then see if you’re ready to give more direct hints later.

Here are some ways to show your crush that you’re interested in him:

Compliment him

Show your crush that you appreciate him, even in simple ways. A little compliment goes a long way to brighten up someone’s day. Make your crush feel that he is appreciated and valued, and he will return positive feelings towards you.

Check out our tips on how to compliment your crush!

Laugh at his jokes

Nothing gives off more positive energy than having a good big-hearted laugh. The more you laugh with your crush, the more drawn he will be towards your relationship. He can look back at that time when both of you laughed at something really funny together.

Be playful with him

Let your crush know how fun it is spending time with you. By joking around and having fun with your crush, you can send him good and positive vibes. Share some funny stories or a few jokes to show him how playful you are. In time, he will associate you as someone whose company he really enjoys.

Be witty

Have the ability to make him laugh. If you have a good sense of humor, use it. There is no better way of seducing your crush than a witty joke that will send him laughing on the floor. Not only do witty jokes convey a sense of humor, but it also shows him that you are intelligent.

Be mysterious

Don’t share everything about yourself all at once. Pace your conversations. Let him ask you some questions about you.

If you share everything too soon, then there will be no thrill in the getting-to-know-you stage of your relationship with your crush. Sharing all your secrets like an open book will make him less curious about you.

Be direct

While being mysterious is a way to keep your crush interested, he also doesn’t have the power to read thoughts. Let him know you are like him by giving him direct hints. Sit close to him, lean in whenever you’re talking, or let your eye-contact linger a bit longer than usual. These signs will let him know you treat him differently than the other men around you.

Be a bit flirty

Let your crush know that you’re interested in him by being a bit flirty. By flirting with him, you give him a sign that you’re not only interested in him, but you also get a peek at how he reacts.

His response to your flirtatious comments will give you subtle signs and hints of his feelings for you. Show him your fun and flirty side, and see how chemistry flows between both of you.

Show him that you’re interested through body language

Just a little tap or a subtle touch will let your crush know that you’re interested in him. Point your body towards him when you two are talking to show how invested you are in your conversation. It’s also a signal that you’re attracted to him.

Don’t be obsessive

Don’t be creepy and send him a lot of obsessive texts. No one wants that. If you want to remain a viable candidate for your crush, being overly attached will only send him running to the hills away from you. Don’t scare him off by throwing yourself at his feet.

Don’t be too obvious

Some people may get turned off if they find out someone likes them a lot. While you like your crush and want him to like you back, don’t be too obvious about your feelings. Remember to keep your cool and act chill when around your crush. Doing stupid stuff that lets him in on how much you like him, may just give him a negative impression of you.

Don’t talk about old relationships

If you and your crush are just starting out in the getting-to-know-you phase, avoid talking about old crushes, dates, or breakups you had in the past. Talking to your crush about old relationships is a quick-fire way to get yourself in the friendzone.

Be friends with him

Building a foundation of friendship with your crush is the most natural way of getting your crush to like you. By starting out as casual friends you’ll be able to get close to him without additional pressure. Just make sure to avoid being too good friends with him or you’ll end up in the friendzone, which will be a hard hole to climb out of.

Listen to him

Make sure that you listen to your crush, not the other way around. While talking about yourself is fun, having a conversation centered on yourself is not the best way to make a good impression.

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Ask him questions. Make him feel like that you are engaged in your conversation and that you genuinely want to know more about him. Remember the things that you talk about casually.

If he mentioned he had a project due soon, follow up on how it went a few days later. This will make him appreciate that you listen during your conversations.

Ask him for a favor

Asking someone for help will make them feel needed. If you’re looking into getting to know your crush more, why not ask them for a little favor? Asking him to help you out will make him have unconsciously positive feelings about you.

Ask him for advice

Just like asking your crush for a favor, you can also ask him for some advice. Asking your crush for some advice will make them feel their opinion is valued.

Maybe after he gives you advice, you can let him know how well it worked out for you. That will put him in a good mood for helping someone out.

Don’t force a conversation

While it may be tempting to keep your conversation with your crush going, there may be some dull awkward moments too. If you ever reach this point in your conversation—don’t force it. Learn when to end the conversation on a good and light note that will keep him curious and waiting for the next one.

Don’t enter the friend zone!

While a good relationship can come from friendship—this isn’t always the case. Let your crush see that you are cute, gentle, and feminine and not just another one of the bros. When it comes to your crush, no one wants to get stuck in the friendzone.

If somehow you do end up in the friend zone, here are some of our tips on how to get out of it!

Be yourself

Don’t forget to always be yourself. You want your crush to like you, but don’t lose yourself in the process. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not when it comes to flirting with your crush. You want your crush to like “you”, not the version of “you” that you think he will like.

Here are some tips to help you show that you are being yourself:

Make eye contact

When you are talking to your crush, make sure that you always keep eye contact with him. Whenever he is sharing a story or talking about something he is interested in, show him genuine interest as well by paying attention.

Don’t look away, or look down when you’re talking to him, and definitely avoid using your phone. If you don’t give him 100% attention, it will make him think that you aren’t interested in whatever it is he is talking about and that you would prefer to be somewhere else.

Keeping eye contact with your crush will make you appear confident, and confidence is always attractive.

Show him your smile

Smiling is such a simple thing to do, but it works. Saying Hi to him while flashing a smile as you walk past him will surely catch his attention.

A smile shows him a sign that you are friendly and approachable. Who wouldn’t want to be around that kind of person? A big bright smile is always an attractive asset. People are easily drawn to others who have a positive bright outlook in life. By showing your crush a simple smile he might develop positive feelings towards you.

Share your imperfections

Nobody’s perfect. Sharing some of your insecurities, like that pimple on your forehead, shows that you are humble and relatable. If you want your crush to open up more to you, show him that you’re an imperfect human too.

Dress up

While physical appearance is only skin deep, there’s still something about being striking enough to catch someone’s eye. You don’t need to overdo it by caking on a lot of heavy make-up, heels, sexy tight-fitting clothes—the whole shebang.

Nothing is more appealing than a simple but sexy impression. When you wear something nice, you are also more likely to feel more confident about yourself. Have a little thought on your personal styling to give your crush that long-lasting impression.

Smell good too!

Aside from looking good, you have to smell good too. Imagine walking past your crush along the hallway and he gets a whiff of that irresistible scent—that’s one way of making a good impression.

Just try not to go overboard with strong scented perfume or cologne. A simple and fresh smell will already get him to notice you.

Don’t be afraid

While it’s nice and all to be “cool” in front of your crush, playing hard to get can sometimes backfire on you. Nothing is more frustrating than being in the “confused” zone.

Being honest with your crush will open a better line of communication. While it may be scary to confess, being honest with your feelings will let him know that you are interested in him.

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Don’t overthink

While crushing on someone, different kinds of thoughts may come rushing to your head. “Was my joke too weird?”, “Did I laugh too loud?”, “Was my comment okay?”

Thinking too much will only send you into a crazy spiral of insecurity. Just relax and take it easy. Overthinking every word, action, or statement you said or did will do more harm than good. Your crush is a human being. So just chill, keep a cool head and let things run their natural course

Don’t forget your self-worth

While you can use all of these tips to get your crush to like you, don’t forget your own self-worth. Crushing on someone hard may make you forget yourself, but remember that there is more to you as a person.

There is a lot to like about you and if your crush can’t see that, then that’s his problem and not yours.

Just try

Crushing on someone who doesn’t even know you exist can cause headaches and heartaches. It’s frustrating when he barely glances in your direction. Instead of allowing yourself to wallow in self-pity, you should get his attention!

Even if this is something you’ve heard a thousand times before, you should still keep this in mind — If you never try, you’ll never know!

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