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Looking to make your parties more exciting? Tired of the same old boring Flip Cup games? Bring competition and team spirit to your next gathering with the “Civil War” drinking game.

If you’re a fan of Beer Pong, then you’ll love “Civil War.” It’s faster-paced and involves more strategy, thus the “war” aspect. Plus, it’s a great way to bond and make memories with your friends.

❗️ Disclaimer: The “Civil War” drinking game is created for entertainment purposes only. Please remember that it mentions a severe historical event. Play with care, as it might bring up strong feelings.

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How to play “Civil War” Drinking Game

When playing the “Civil War”, you need two teams with three people each. Each team will face each other across like you would in a Beer Pong game.

Here’s what you’ll need for a “Civil War” Drinking Game:

1. Cups

Each player can have 3 or 6 cups in front of them, arranged in a triangle format. So, you should have 6 or 12 cups for both teams to start the game.

2. Ping pong balls

Each team will start with two ping-pong balls. You can use the standard orange balls or neon ones for an added flair to your match!

3. Drinks

You can half-fill the cups with beer, water, soda, or juice! There’s no stopping you from using only beer, but people might get drunk too quickly if you do that!

4. A large table

To play the “Civil War” drinking game, you’ll need a big table with enough space for both teams to stand on either side.

5. Start throwing!

Players, all at the same time, will throw ping-pong balls into the enemy cups, and whichever cup the ball lands in, the enemy team will have to drink the entire cup, remove it from the table, or turn it over.

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6. Win the game!

The first team to eliminate their opponent’s cups wins the “Civil War” drinking game!

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But wait, there’s more! The losing team must finish any remaining drinks on the winning team’s side.

“Civil War” Drinking Game Rules

The special rules throughout the game make the “Civil War” Drinking Game extra challenging. Trying to keep up with the rules while playing a fast-paced game will make players feel they’re genuinely battling it out!

Here are some “Civil War” Drinking Game rules to take note of:

1. Anything goes.

Once a player throws the ball, it can be picked up by any team and thrown against the other team’s cups! This means that anything goes, and there are no “turns” when playing a Civil War match.

Once a team picks up a ping pong ball, it will be their turn to play. This also includes passing the ball off to their teammates at any point of the “Civil War” drinking game.

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You can pick up the balls from the floor, table, etc. This is war!

2. Drink from your cup if the enemy shoots a ping pong ball into one of your cups.

Whenever the enemy team lands a ball into any of your cups, you must drink from it while the game is ongoing. Once you finish your cup, flip it upside down to indicate it is empty.

Remember, there’s no stopping during a game! You have to be quick on your feet at all times!

3. If all your cups are off the table, you are eliminated from the game.

Once a player’s cups are emptied and flipped over, the enemy team will then try to push the flipped-over cups off the table.

If the other team successfully pushes the cups off the table, the player will be eliminated from the “Civil War” drinking game. The remaining players can continue and hopefully take home the win!

4. The same cupping is allowed.

The same cupping is always in play during a match. A team can completely eliminate an enemy player by successfully shooting two ping-pong balls into the same cup simultaneously.

5. Be the last man standing.

The “Civil War” drinking game will end when a team loses all their “lives” or cups. This is a team game, so the last team with a player standing will be the winner!

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With its fast-paced action and strategic gameplay, the “Civil War” drinking game is perfect for a fun and competitive night with friends. Be sure to follow the rules and drink responsibly! Cheers to a great party!

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