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What is the Civil War Drinking Game?

The Civil War Drinking Game is a lot similar to Beer Pong, but since it’s a “war”, players get to be more strategic while playing.

It’s a 3 versus 3 drinking game that involves shooting ping pong balls into cups of beer. Sounds simple, right? If you ever played beer pong before, you basically get the idea of the Civil War Drinking Game, but it’s more fast-paced and competitive!

What makes the Civil Ward Drinking Game different from Beer Pong is that players don’t need to take turns at shooting ping pong balls. Any team/player can shoot any ball at any time!

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Get ready to go to “war” when you play this game with your friends!

How to play the Civil War Drinking Game

When playing the Civil War Drinking Game, there should be two teams with 3 people each. Each team must face each other across from a big table like you would in a Beer Pong game.

Here’s what you’ll need for a Civil War Drinking Game:

1. Cups

Each player can have 3 or 6 cups in front of them which are arranged in a triangle format. You would have a total of 36 cups in one Civil War Drinking Game match.

2. Ping Pong Balls

Each team will start out with two ping pong balls first. You can use the standard orange ping pong ball, or neon ones for an added flair to your match!

3. Drinks

You can half-fill the cups with beer, water, soda or juice if you want! There’s no stopping you from using only beer, but people might get drunk too quickly if you do that!

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4. Once the game starts…

Players will throw ping pong balls into the enemy cups and whichever cup the ball lands in, the enemy team will have to drink the entire cup and remove it from the table or turn it over.

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Civil War Drinking Game Rules

What makes the Civil War Drinking Game extra challenging are the special rules throughout the game. Trying to keep up with the rules while playing a fast-paced game will make players feel they’re truly battling it out!

Here are some Civil War Drinking Game rules to take note of:

1. Anything goes.

Once a player throws the ball, it can be picked up by any team and used. This means that anything goes and there are no β€œturns” in playing a Civil War match.

Once a team picks up a ping pong ball, it will be their turn to play. This also includes passing the ball off to their teammates at any point of the game.

You can pick up the balls from the floor, table, etc. This is war!

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2. Drink from your cup if the enemy shoots a ping pong ball into one of your cups.

Whenever the enemy team lands a ball into any of your cups, you must drink from it while the game is ongoing. Once you finish your cup, flip it upside down to indicate that it is empty.

Remember, there’s no stopping during a game! You have to be quick on your feet at all times!

3. If all your cups are off the table, you are eliminated from the game.

Once a player’s cups are emptied and flipped over, the enemy team will then try to push the flipped over cups off the table.

If the other team successfully pushes the cups off the table, the player will be eliminated from the game. The remaining players can still continue and hopefully take home the win!

4. Same cupping is allowed.

Same cupping is always in play during a match. A team can completely eliminate an enemy player by successfully shooting two ping pong balls into the same cup at the same time.

5. Be the last man standing.

The game will be over when a team loses all their β€œlives” or all their cups. This is a team game, so the last team with a player standing will be the winner!

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Drinking Games like Civil War

The mechanics of the Civil War Drinking Game is easy enough to follow because it’s similar to other popular drinking games. If you want other drinking games like Civil War, here are some games that you should consider.

1. Beer Pong Beirut

We’ve mentioned Beer Pong or Beer Pong Beirut a lot because of how similar it is to the Civil War Drinking Game. In fact, there are many other drinking games that are variations of Beer Pong. That’s how popular it is!

Just like the Civil War Drinking Game, Beer Pong is all about shooting ping pong balls into beer-filled plastic cups!

How to Play Beer Pong

Before you start to play Beer Pong, make sure to have a big table, ping pong balls, cups and lots of drinks.

2 or 4 players can play this game as solo or duos. Each side should have 6 cups in front of them arranged in a 3-2-1 formation.

The main objective is for players to take turns shooting their ping pong balls into one of the other team’s cups. If they’re able to successfully shoot a ping pong ball into a cup, the opposing team has to empty the cup then take it off the table.

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This goes on until one team takes out all the cups!The losing team will then have to drink all the remaining cups!

Beer Pong Rules

Ready to start your game of Beer Pong? Check out these additional Beer Pong rules that will make your game more exciting!

1. Double Hit

If both members of a team successfully shoot their ball into the enemy team’s cups, the successful team can throw another ball again.

2. Same Cup

If a team successfully shoots a ball into the same cup, that team will automatically win the game. Like the previous rule, the losing team must drink all the remaining cups!

3. Rearrange

A team can ask the enemy team to rearrange the cups if they want. You can only ask to rearrange once per match.

4. Distraction

Players can distract the enemy team by any means they want as long as they don’t directly block the trajectory of the ball or cover the cup completely.

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2. Kings Cup

Kings Cup is one of the best card drinking games that is guaranteed to be a hit whether it is played by two people or more. Here’s our list of must-try drinking games for two!

Although you don’t need a ping pong ball to play Kings Cup like you would in Civil War, it’s still an awesome drinking game that will get you drunk and laughing the whole time!

What you need to know about Kings Cup is that this game requires players to drink based on the cards they draw from the deck. Each card has an assigned rule that all players must follow.

Looking for other card drinking games like Kings Cup? πŸ‘‰ Check out this list of card drinking games!

How to Play Kings Cup

To play Kings Cup, you will need a standard deck of cards. Make sure to have your alcoholic beverage of choice and a large cup that will serve as your Kings Cup.

Place the Kings Cup in the middle of the table, and surround it with the cards face down. Players will take turns turning over the cards on the table, and each card has a corresponding action that players must do.

For example: Ace Card = Waterfall

Everyone drinks starting with you.

Kings Cup Rules

What makes King Cup so entertaining are the various rules that players must perform. Some are easy. Some are tricky, but no matter what you do, you’ll definitely get drunk by the end of the game!

Try out some of these Kings Cups rules:

1. No Laughing

If you laugh at any point during the game, you can’t show your teeth! If you show your teeth, you must drink.

2. No Phones Allowed

If any player touches their phone during the game, the one who broke the rule must take a drink!

3. Buffalo Club

The Buffalo Club rule is when players need to hold their drink with their non-dominant hand. If a player is caught holding a drink with their dominant hand, they have to drink!

Other Card Drinking Games for Two

Kings Cup is not only a party game for friends, it can also be tweaked to suit couples. Try tweaking the rules the next time you have a date night with your partner!

πŸ‘‰ Here are other fun card drinking games for couples!

Play Kings Cup Online

Don’t have playing cards with you? Try playing Kings Cup online instead! We have created a browser game version of Kings Cup that will show you a complete deck including all the rules and cards.

Play Kings Cup online

You can also download our Kings Cup app to your mobile phone or tablet or desktop.

More Drinking Games

There are still so many games that you can try. All you need is to have a willingness to try out all sorts of games and lots of alcohol, of course!

Remember to drink responsibly! Drinking games are fun and all, but safety should always come first!

πŸ‘‰ Take a look at these insanely fun drinking games!

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