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What is Beer Ball?

The Beer Ball game is a fast-paced drinking game where teams take turns throwing a ping pong ball at the other team’s beer cans. It is similar to Beer Pong since it’s a game that also combines alcohol and a ping pong ball!

The main difference is that instead of trying to shoot a ping pong ball into cups filled with beer, the goal in Beer Ball is to hit beer cans instead.

How to Play Beer Ball

Prepare your game set up before you start your Beer Ball drinking game. Make sure that you have a large table, unopened beer cans and a ping pong ball.

To play Beer Ball, you need to have two teams with two or four people each. Both teams take opposite sides of a large table. Each team should have two unopened beer cans in front of them.

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The game officially starts as teams take turns throwing a ping pong ball at the opposing team’s beer cans. If a player hits a can, they must quickly open the beer can in front of them and drink it asap.

The player stops drinking the beer when the opposing team retrieves the ping pong ball and slams it onto the table. The team that drinks all the beer first wins the game!

The main premise of the game is pretty simple, but it can get pretty nerve wracking once you start playing! The trick is to both drink and move quickly!

Beer Ball Rules

Ready to play some Beer Ball? You and your friends will have a blast getting caught up in the quick pace of this game and getting drunk much sooner than you expected!

The Beer Ball rules are quite easy to follow. It’s a game that’s mainly about how fast you can move and how accurately you can throw while drinking!

Here are the rules when playing Beer Ball.

1. For the first round, teams should decide on which team first then both teams take turns throwing a ping pong ball at the other team’s beer cans.

You can have a coin toss, or you can even have team representatives race to finish a can of beer. The one who finishes their beer first gets to decide their turn! Now, that’s one way to pre-game!

2. Teams take turns throwing a ping pong ball at one of the two cans on the other team’s side of the table.

This is to see which players have good aims!

3. If the ball connects with a can, the player that threw it may open and chug their beer until the opposing team whose can was hit picks the ball up and touches it to the table.

Once the ball has touched the table, the beer drinking must immediately stop. You can also add a rule where the player who touches the ball to the table has to yell, “stop”!

4. If the ball hits the can and then rolls on the table, it still has to be picked up and touched to the table by the team that was hit.

As long as the ping pong ball touches the table, the player who is chugging beer must stop drinking immediately.

5. The first team to finish all of their beers wins the game!

As a reward, they get to go first in the next round.

It’s recommended that four players play at a time, but if your setup allows it, you can play with 6 or even 8 (just divide the group in half) - the rules don’t change either way.

Games Like Beer Ball

There are many other party ball beer games like Beer Ball. All are fun to play and will be a fantastic addition to any party! Games that make use of ping pong balls easily come to mind, but there are other drinking games that may not use ping pong balls, but are still similar to Beer Ball in spirit!

If your heart is set on playing something like Beer Ball, you will leave these other party ball beer games too!

1. Beer Pong

Beer Pong is an obvious game that comes to mind when you think of games like Beer Ball. They even both sound the same! Beer Pong is a popular drinking game that never goes out of style! Whether you’re playing or just watching a game of Beer Pong, you will love the exciting atmosphere that a game brings!

You can play Beer Pong as 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. The teams play across from each other with a large table between them. Both teams should have five cups half-filled with beer in a triangle (3-2-1) formation in front of them.

Here’s how to play Beer Pong.

1. Both teams take turns trying to shoot a ping pong ball into one of the opposing team’s cups.

This is a test to see how accurate you can aim!

2. Once a ball lands in a cup on the other team’s side, someone from the other team drinks the cup of beer where the ball landed. The empty cup is also taken off the table.

If a ball is not able to land in one of the cups, nothing happens.

4. The game continues with players aiming to land a ping pong ball into their other team’s cups until one team has no cups left on their side.

The team that successfully hits all of the other team’s cups wins the game!

5. The losing team drinks the rest of the cups.

Try not to lose!

👉 Check out more Beer Pong rules!

2. Slap Cup

Slap Cup is another party ball beer game that is similar to Beer Pong. Instead of playing in teams like in Beer Pong, Slap Cup is played individually which makes it more fast-paced and chaotic!

Here are the rules for playing Slap Cup:

1. Put about 20+ cups half-filled with beer on the middle of a large table.

All the players should stand around the table.

2. Two players on opposite sides try to bounce a ping pong ball into their own cups.

Once the ball lands in their cup, they pass it to the person on their right. If anyone makes a shot on their first try, they can pass the cup and ping pong ball to anyone in the table.

3. If you and the player to your left are both bouncing balls into your cups at the same time, and the player to your left bounces his ball into his/her cup first, he/she can slap your cup away.

Try to bounce your ball into your cup as quickly as possible!

4. You then need to drink a fresh cup of beer from the middle of the table.

Bounce your ball into the cup that you just drank from.

5. The player who slapped your cup skips you and passes their ball and cup to the player on your right.

This continues until all the cups are gone!

6. The game ends once all the cups are gone.

The last player to get his cup slapped away drinks the “Death Cup” filled to the top with beer!

👉 Read more about Slap Cup rules and mechanics!

3. Quidditch Pong

Have you ever dreamed of playing quidditch from the Harry Potter books? While there are no flying brooms in real life, don’t worry! You can bring your quidditch dreams to life with Quidditch Pong instead!

By the name itself, you can see that this game is a fun combination of quidditch and Beer Pong. Just think of it as adding a Harry Potter theme to a game of Beer Pong! To play Quidditch Pong, you’ll need to have 4 to 6 players.

A Quidditch Pong setup includes a large table, three golden hoops, ping pong balls, one golden snitch and cups half-filled with beer! Don’t worry! You can easily create these materials at home!

Here’s how to play Quidditch Pong.

1. Each team will have 10 cups of beer in front of them (4-3-2-1 formation) with the hoops placed on the middle of the table.

Similar to regular Beer Pong, each team will try to land a ball into one of the opposing team’s cups.

2. If a ball lands in one of the cups, someone from the team where the ball landed has to drink the beer in the cup.

The cup also gets taken off the table.

3. If a player shoots the ball through one of the golden hoops, and it lands on one of the cups, the opposing team will have to drink two cups instead of one!

The two cups will also be taken off the table.

4. For ping pong balls that through a hoop, these can be swatted away by the opposing team’s bludger (using their hands).

Watch out for the bludger!

5. Teams are allowed to do four magical “spells” per game, two per team mate. Spells must be called before shooting a ping pong ball.

The spell will take effect depending on if a ball successfully lands in one of the opposing team’s cups.

Here’s an example of a magical “spell”:

Accio: You may move a single cup to any spot on the table. (Excluding the Golden Snitch)

6. Teams earn points throughout the game.

The first team to get 100 points wins!

Here are some example of points that can be made:

10 points: for a regular make

20 points: for making a shot through any of the three goals, which can be legally swatted by the other team’s bludgers (hands)

20 points: for bounce shots that go in, which can also be defended by the other team’s bludgers

👉 Check out more rules and magical “spells” in this Quidditch Pong guide.

More Fun Drinking Games

Still looking for other drinking games to play aside from what we have mentioned here? That’s ok. There are still a lot more games that you can try out with your friend!

👉 Check out these insanely fun drinking games that will liven up any party!

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