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We love scary movies on Halloween!

These games will give you and your friends the perfect scare while watching who gets wasted first!

What you need for a Halloween Movie Drinking Game

First, gather your friends (virtually even) for a night and be sure everyone has enough drinks to last all night long.

If you want to be a bit creative, you can choose or recommend a drink that matches the horror film. For example, you can go with an alcoholic drink that looks like blood or poison green. Bloody Mary, anyone?

Second, choose the perfect horror movie.

There are many different kinds of horror films. You have the supernatural, the psychological thriller, the gritty and gory, the one with witchcraft and dark magic, and the one that will keep you awake all night.

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Since everyone has their own personal preference, choose one which will scare the wits out of your friends and leave them flat on the floor–scared and drunk.

Once you have the basics covered, you can now set the rules before you officially begin your movie drinking game.

Halloween Movie Drinking Game Rules

Get creative in setting the rules of your drinking game. Your rules can be based on the following:

  1. What happens on the screen / what characters do in the movie
  2. Reactions of the people watching the movie
  3. A combination of the two!

Based on the reactions of people watching the movie

  • Anyone caught closing your eyes, looking away, or hiding their face during a shocking scene must drink a full glass.
  • Anyone who leaves the room for a quick run to the toilet must drink a gulp when they return.
  • Anyone who complains about the quality of the film must take 1 sip.
  • Anyone who shouts at a character or says curses must take 3 sips.
  • Anyone who screams because they were surprised must drink a full glass. Everyone else must drink a sip.
  • Anyone who spontaneously expresses what happens next must drink a gulp from someone else’s glass.
  • Anyone who rustles too loud with the chip bag or someone farts must drink a drink from someone else’s glass.
  • Anyone who laughs at a scene that’s not supposed to be funny must drink a full glass and a half.

Based on what happens on the screen or to the characters in the movie

  • Everybody takes one sip every time someone dies before the opening credits. You can change this a bit.
  • If a woman dies, all the female participants take a sip of their drink. If a man dies, all the men drink.
  • Every time the phone rings and a mysterious caller is on the line, everyone has to drink. If the phone doesn’t work, everyone takes a full glass.
  • Everyone takes one sip every time someone runs away to flee the attacker/killer.
  • Another sip, if he/she runs upstairs to escape.
  • Another sip, if he/she trips inexplicably while running away.
  • Every time technology fails for no good reason such as the phone does not work, or the gun does not have a bullet, everyone has to drink a sip.
  • Every time the car doesn’t start, everyone takes two sips. Another two sips if the killer is hiding in the backseat, or he suddenly appears by the window.
  • If a female character leaves to investigate a strange noise, all the men participants drink two sips.
  • If a male character does it, the women drink.
  • Every time someone suggests the group to split up, everybody drinks a full glass.
  • Every time there’s an unnecessary underwear shot, all the men participants drink a sip from a woman’s glass.
  • Another sip, if that big lingerie reveal comes moments before the woman wearing it dies.
  • Every time 2 people hug, kiss, or a sex scene develops, the couples in your group chose to drink a gulp from their glasses.
  • A bonus activity: if someone undresses, everyone has to take a piece of clothing.
  • All players who have the same or similar hair color as the character who dies must drink a full glass.
  • When a male character dies, all men have to drink a full glass. When a woman dies, then all the women drink.
  • Whenever the character(s) make a stupid decision that is already clear that is leading to ruin, all must take 3 sips from their glass.
  • Every time the killer appears on the screen, everyone takes a gulp of their drink.
  • At least 30 minutes before the movie, everyone has to give a hint who the killer is and write his/her guess on a post-it.

Anyone who guesses the killer correctly does not have to drink.

Everyone who guesses wrong must drink a full glass at the end of the movie. Bottoms up!

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Halloween Movie Drinking Game for a Specific Movie

There are so many movies where you can create fun drinking rules for your Halloween Movie Night. Here’s our list of movies and their drinking rules that you can use for your party.

Get Out (2017) Drinking Game

Drink when:

  • Anyone says “Brother”
  • Rod (the friend) says “Sex Slave”
  • Anyone notes skin color
  • Someone dies
  • Every time the phone rings

Midsommar (2019) Drinking Game

Drink when:

  • Anyone says “May Queen”
  • Anyone speaks Swedish
  • Anyone dies or goes missing
  • Anyone drinks something
  • You see the yellow hut

Happy Death Day (2017) Drinking Game

Drink when:

  • Tree wakes up
  • Tree is killed
  • Tree’s phone rings
  • You see the mask

A Quiet Place (2018) Drinking Game

Drink when:

  • Anyone puts a finger to their lips
  • There’s a loud sound
  • You hear the high-pitched frequency
  • Someone does a sign language
  • Someone screams in the movie

Zombieland (2009) Drinking Game

Drink when:

  • A rule flashes on the screen
  • They break something
  • Someone drinks or smokes
  • When Bill Murray appears
  • When Bill Murray is killed

These are just some movie drinking game suggestions to make your Halloween both scary and fun! You can mix and match however you want.

Halloween Movie Trivia Quiz

Love movies? You can also test how well you and your friends know your favorite movies for Halloween!

To play Halloween Movie Trivia Quiz, divide your guests into teams, ask your questions, and let them compete on who gives the correct answer first.

Halloween Movie Trivia Questions

  • In which movie did the line, “I see dead people.” come from? Sixth Sense
  • What did the gang of friends call themselves in Stephen King’s ‘It’? Loser’s Club
  • What is the name of the actor who plays Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs? Anthony Hopkins
  • What’s The Conjuring researchers’ last name? Warren
  • What is the name of the writer-actor-comedian who directed the movie Get Out? Jordan Peele

If you’re a movie buff, making up questions will be a breeze. Challenge your friends, and see if their movie knowledge is up to par!

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Other Halloween Games

After watching movies, take a break and play other games! Here’s our Top Halloween Drinking Games that you can check out!

We can’t say sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie when you’re watching scary movies, but you’ll still have a great time anyway! Have fun staying on the edge of your seat on your Halloween Movie Night!

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