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If you’re bored of the same old beer pong game at every party, make things more fun with the “Vietnam War” drinking game. This unique twist on the classic game will make you play on the offense and defense, all while enjoying your favorite drinks.

Whether you’re a beer pong pro or a newbie, this drinking game rules are easy to learn and can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

So gather your friends, grab some drinks, and prepare for an epic battle in which only one team will emerge victorious.

❗️ Disclaimer: The “Vietnam” drinking game is created for entertainment purposes only. Please remember that it mentions a severe historical event. Play with care, as it might bring up strong feelings.

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How to play “Vietnam” Drinking Game

The “Vietnam” drinking game involves two teams of two players but can also be played with more people and larger teams. Here’s what you’ll need to play:

  • A smooth playing surface
  • 13 beers, non-alcoholic beer, or other drinks
  • 20 solo cups
  • Ping-pong balls

After you’ve set up the playing area, follow these steps to play the “Vietnam” drinking game:

1. Divide into teams

Split up into two teams, the US and Vietnam, both get 10 cups. Team US arranges their cups in a triangle.

Vietnam places its cups anywhere it likes on the side of the table. The US team fills their cups with five beers, while the Vietnam team fills them with 8. Team US goes first.

2. Start throwing!

Each side in the “Vietnam” drinking game gets 3 shots and turns. The difference from Beer Pong with this game is that when cups from the US team are hit, the US team must drink the cup and then replace it.

3. Win the game

The “Vietnam” drinking game ends when all Vietnam cups are hit or the US team surrenders. The losing team must drink the remaining cups!

“Vietnam” Drinking Game Rules

Want to know the specific rules and tips for making the most out of your “Vietnam War” drinking game experience? Follow these guidelines:

Vietnam: Rapid Fire

This special attack gives the Vietnam team 2 minutes to fire shots repeatedly. Alternatively, this can be used as an endgame special, which the Vietnam team can call after all Vietnam cups have been hit.

Vietnam: Strike

Each Team Vietnam player gets to use this special attack once per game. If they make a cup after calling strike, then all the surrounding cups on the US side are also considered hit.

Vietnam: Backup

The US Team has to add an additional layer to their triangle (five more cups to the back). The 5 cups in the back cannot be replaced when hit.

US: Clear Sight

Team Vietnam must shoot with their eyes closed or blindfolded until one player makes a successful shot. They are allowed to open their eyes in between turns.

US: Line Attack

Each Team US player gets to use this special attack once per game. They may call it at the beginning of their shot, and it expires after the shot is taken.

If they make the shot, they may draw an imaginary line from the cup they made, as long as the line crosses two edges of the table. All cups, even friendly cups, in that imaginary line are considered hit.

With these additional rules and special attacks in play, your “Vietnam” drinking game is sure to be a unique and exciting experience. Just remember to drink responsibly and have fun! Cheers! 🍻

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