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Grab a butterbeer, some friends and get ready for a magical drinking adventure with Harry Potter and his companions.

Equipment for the Harry Potter drinking game

  • Harry Potter Movies
  • A lot of time!
  • Butterbeer, beer or other alcohol

The Harry Potter Quiz

Of course, before you start with the Harry Potter drinking game, you’ll have to find out who among you knows best about Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron. Find it out with the Harry Potter Quiz:

๐Ÿ‘‰ Harry Potter Quiz

Harry Potter drinking game rules

In the beginning you should choose some of the described actions where everyone has to drink. For larger rounds it is particularly fun, if you divide into the individual houses and each house must drink in certain scenes.

The drinking game is suitable for any Harry Potter movie.

Tip: Take only beer, because otherwise you will be drunk in no time.

If the following actions in the movie happen you have to drink a sip.

Beginners - these actions are virtually the lumos under the rules

  • If Ron does something awkward.
  • When someone is riding on a broomstick.
  • When talking about Quidditch.
  • When a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor dies.
  • When Hufflepuff gets house points.
  • When Hufflepuff house points are deducted.
  • When Ravenclaw gets house points.
  • When Ravenclaw house points are deducted.
  • When Harry enters the Gryffindor common room.
  • If Hermione saves Harry.
  • If Voldemort is called as he can not be called his name.
  • If Snape is suspected something bad has happened.
  • If Filch is looking for someone, but can’t find the person.
  • When a Horcrux is destroyed.
  • If Ron is hungry again or eats something.
  • When the house trophy is awarded.
  • If Hermione points out during an hour.
  • If Harry hurts scar.
  • When Hermione cites a book. (For this it would be appropriate to exen the glass immediately)
  • When Dementors show up.
  • When Luna Lovegood is once again dressed in colorful clothes.
  • When Harry and / or Dumbledore rummage through others’ memories.
  • When Nagini shows up.
  • When a Hogwarts is staged from the outside.
  • When a painting speaks.
  • When a house spirit emerges. (Double the number of sips for the headless nick)
  • When it is mentioned how safe Gringots is. (Drinks on ex when Gringots was robbed)
  • If McGonagall does something great or saves the day.
  • If Hermione goes to the library again

Advanced - Butterbeer starts to flow here

  • Drink when someone says Harry Potter.
  • When someone mentions Dumbledore while he is not there.
  • If Gryffindor receives house points.
  • When Gryffindor house points are deducted.
  • When Slytherin gets house points.
  • When Slytherin house points are deducted.
  • If Snape looks angry.
  • When Hedwig turns up.
  • When Siruis speaks from a fire.
  • When the Invisibility Cloak is used.
  • When an Expecto Patronum is conjured.
  • When Hagrid finds a magical animal cute.
  • When someone pronounces the “Expelliarmus” spell.
  • When someone pronounces the “Lumos” spell.
  • When someone conjures a “Patronus”.
  • When Harry mentions his dead parents.
  • If Malfoy pejoratively says “Potter”.
  • When someone speaks about the order.
  • When Fred and George play a joke.
  • When a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher does something stupid or evil.
  • When Dobby shows up.
  • When a goblin looks grim.
  • When Harry is compared to his parents. (Drink on ex if someone tells Harry he has his mother’s eyes).

Professional mode - if you want to get drunk and don’t want to finish the movie

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  • If somebody says Harry.
  • If someone says Ron.
  • If someone says Hermione.
  • If someone mentions Hogwarts.
  • When someone pulls a wand.
  • When someone speaks a spell.

Absolutely insane mode - if you really just want to drink and have no idea who this Harry Potter actually is

  • If somebody says Harry.
  • If someone says Ron.
  • If someone says Hermione.

Harry Potter Group Drinking Game Edition

If you are watching Harry Potter with a group of people and can not agree who belongs in which house, here’s an idea how you can make the drinking game into group drinking game:

Form two or more groups: Each group can choose a character. Whenever the chosen character is visible on the screen, the group must drink.

It’s extremely unwise to choose Harry, Ron or Hermione here.

Dangers while playing the Harry Potter drinking game

Harry Potter is an absolutely magical experience and one of the best movie series of all time. With alcohol, the fantastic magic world becomes even more realistic. But as always you should take care when consuming alcohol. Do not try to drink as much as Hagrid, you are probably not a giant and should therefore pay attention to your limits.

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