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It’s that wonderful time of the year again, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a good old-fashioned Christmas movie? But why stop there when you can take it up a notch with some festive drinks and a fun drinking game?

You heard that right – we’ve curated a list of the top 7 Christmas movie drinking games for 2024. So gather your friends, stock up on your favorite drinks, and get ready for a jolly good time!

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Remember: The following drinking games are only for adults and for fun! Make sure all participants drink responsibly and stay hydrated.

1. Home Alone Drinking Game

A classic for the holiday season, Home Alone never fails to bring out the inner child in all of us. In this movie, Kevin McCallister is accidentally left behind when his family goes on vacation.

And with this drinking game, you’ll be feeling even more merry and bright! Who knows, you may even end up feeling like an 8-year-old again.

How to Play Home Alone Drinking Game

Playing the Home Alone drinking game couldn’t be easier. Simply prepare your drinks, gather your friends, and follow these rules:

1. Every time someone gets hurt, take a drink.

Oh, oh, that happens a lot.

2. Every time Kevin is ingenious, take a drink.

You’ll love drinking every time Kevin is clever and outwits the bad guys.

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3. Every time someone says “McCallister”, take a drink.

That name is said a lot in the movie. Have fun with this one!

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4. Every time someone is drinking in the movie, take a drink.

I hope you chose your favorite beverage to drink while watching…

5. Every time the burglars break something, take a drink.

Just think of all the broken windows…

6. Every time Kevin screams, take a drink.

This one is sure to make you parched.

7. Every time you see a reindeer, take a drink.

Just watch out for Rudolph.

8. Every time a character speaks French, take a drink.

You never know when French will come up.

9. Every time someone says “Kevin”, take a drink.

Take a sip every time the main character’s first name is mentioned, is really evil…

10. Every time a spider appears on screen, take a drink.

This Christmas movie is not for arachnophobes.

11. Every time you hear Christmas music, take a drink.

Get into the holiday spirit with every festive tune.

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12. Every time Kevin sets a trap, take a drink.

This one will keep you on your toes!

13. Every time a Christmas tree is in the scene, take a drink.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches…

14. Every time someone slips on ice, take a drink.

This one is sure to make you feel the chill.

15. Every time Kevin talks to himself, take a drink.

Because alone time is the best time, right?

2. Elf Drinking Game

The Elf drinking game is perfect for those who love a good holiday comedy. Buddy the Elf, played by Will Ferrell, is on a mission to find his true identity and spread Christmas cheer.

And what better way to spread cheer than with a drink in hand? Let’s see how to play the Elf drinking game:

How to Play Elf Drinking Game

The Elf drinking game is as easy as spreading syrup on spaghetti. You don’t need any special equipment, just your favorite drinks and these simple rules:

1. Every time Buddy says “impossible”, take a drink.

This elf is determined to do everything perfectly.

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2. Every time Buddy talks to animals, take a drink.

He may be an elf, but he sure doesn’t understand animals.

3. Every time someone says “Buddy”, take a drink.

We love drinking every time the protagonist’s name is mentioned.

4. Every time you hear sleigh bells, take a drink.

Be careful, these bells are everywhere.

5. Every time Buddy does something funny, take a drink.

Ferrell had us laughing in this movie.

6. Every time someone says “Christmas”, take a drink.

It’s a joyous holiday!

7. Every time someone is drinking in the movie, take a drink.

That’s our favorite rule!

8. Every time Buddy eats something with syrup, take a drink.

Buddy’s sweet tooth will surely keep your glass busy.

9. Every time Buddy’s adoption story is mentioned, take a drink.

This rule adds a touch of sentimentality to the game.

10. Every time Buddy is out of place in a scene, take a drink.

His naivety and lack of knowledge about human customs will surely lead to many sips!

11. Every time Buddy tries to hug someone, take a drink.

His love for hugging will get you gulping down your drink quicker than you think.

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12. Every time Buddy screams “Santa”, take a drink.

We assure you, you’ll be yelling along with him by the end of the movie.

3. A Christmas Carol Drinking Game

This one’s for the fans of a classic Christmas movie. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has been adapted into numerous films over the years, and it’s a heartwarming tale that never gets old.

How to Play A Christmas Carol Drinking Game

Getting started with the A Christmas Carol is easy as counting from 1 to 3. Just remember to have your favorite drink in hand and get ready to sip along with Scrooge:

1. Every time Scrooge is drinking, take a drink.

He loves his alcohol, that’s for sure.

2. Every time you see the ghost of Christmas past, take a drink.

You’ll love drinking every time the ghost of the past appears.

3. Every time the ghost of Christmas present appears, take a drink.

He’s always popping up to give Scrooge a scare.

4. Every time the ghost of Christmas future appears, take a drink.

He’s the most feared of the ghosts, for sure.

5. Every time the bell tolls, take a drink.

This drinking game is sure to have people stumbling!

6. Every time someone mentions Tiny Tim, take a drink.

The poor young lad is always on Scrooge’s mind.

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7. Every time Scrooge changes his ways, take a drink.

He goes from bad to good! A great happy end for everyone!

8. Every time someone says “Humbug”, take a drink.

Scrooge’s signature word will definitely make this game more fun.

9. Every time you see a Christmas feast, take a drink.

The Christmas spirit is in the food as well!

10. Every time Scrooge dismisses his clerk, Bob Cratchit, take a drink.

Old Scrooge certainly has a difficult personality at the start.

11. Every time Scrooge mumbles to himself, take a drink.

His grumbling soliloquies are a source of many sips.

12. Every time you hear a Christmas Carol, take a drink.

A sip for every carol amplifies the festive cheer!

4. Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game

Hallmark Christmas movies are a beloved tradition for many during the holiday season. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying their popularity and the warm fuzzy feeling they give us.

So why not add a little extra fun to your viewing with the Hallmark Christmas Movie drinking game?

How to Play Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game

Grab your favorite festive drink and snuggle up on the couch for a night of Hallmark movie magic. Just follow these rules and you’ll be feeling jolly in no time:

1. Every time you see an animal, take a drink.

This drinking game is sure to have you feeling tipsy.

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2. Every time someone goes holiday shopping, take a drink.

Yes, you’ll need to buy lots of drinks for this game!

3. Every time someone says “Christmas”, take a drink.

How often do you think the word “Christmas” is said in a Christmas movie? I guess very often…

4. Every time you hear bells, take a drink.

Yes, even if it’s a car or a train with bells!

5. Every time there is a cheesy snow scene, take a drink.

We all love a good cheesy snow scene.

6. Every time you see mistletoe, take a drink.

Kissing under the mistletoe is a Christmas tradition, after all.

7. Every time someone tries to set up their single parent, take a drink.

Lots of Christmas movies are the Parent Trap all over again!

8. Every time someone plans a holiday trip, take a drink.

Why does everyone always travel in Christmas movies? And don’t forget, there’s always a last-minute change!

9. Every time a small business owner defeats corporate greed, take a drink.

And the female main character is always a corporate businesswoman, a journalist, or a housewife.

10. Every time there is an almost-first kiss, take a drink.

You know the drill. They always get interrupted!

11. Every time a couple slow dances, take a drink.

And of course, the music always has to be sappy!

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12. Every time a character has a Grinch-like boss who doesn’t like Christmas, take a drink.

Remember, the best way to deal with a grinch is to drink lots of eggnogs!

13. Every time there is a holiday wedding or engagement, take a drink.

“Will you marry me?” “Yes.” Cheers

14. Every time there is a family moment, take a drink.

What a creative drinking game!

15. Every time a person with the first name Joy or Noel appears, take a drink.

There’s bound to be at least one of these characters in a Christmas movie!

16. Every time someone goes ice skating, take a drink.

It’s always a classic Christmas activity.

17. Every time a rich person helps a common person because of the holiday, take a drink.

It’s the season of giving, after all!

18. Every time someone comes up with the perfect gift, take a drink.

“Oh, I have the perfect gift for you.” Gets mistletoe

19. Every time there is a baking competition, take a drink.

Who doesn’t love a good baking competition?

20. Every time someone drinks hot cocoa, take a drink.

If you need a break from all the alcohol, maybe replace your drink with hot cocoa for some time.

21. Every time an adult sees their high school sweetheart again, take a drink.

Beware, if all the movies are true, you might run into your high school sweetheart during the holidays!

22. Every time there is a snowball fight, take a drink.

This drinking game includes watching lots of physical activities!

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23. Every time someone makes up new holiday traditions, take a drink.

Every family has its own holiday traditions, right?

24. Every time the movie ends on a happy note, take a drink.

Merry drinking!

25. Every time a character experiences a holiday ‘miracle’, take a drink.

Often in these movies, when all seems lost, a Christmas ‘miracle’ happens.

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas Drinking Game

Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is a classic holiday movie loved by all ages. In this movie, we watch as the grumpy and bitter Grinch learns the true meaning of Christmas.

But why not add some extra fun to your viewing with a drinking game?

How to Play “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” Drinking Game

Get your favorite holiday drink and gather around the TV for some Grinchy fun. Just remember to keep your drink in a safe spot so the Grinch doesn’t steal it!

1. Whenever someone says “Grinch”, take a drink.

Prepare for frequent Grinch references throughout the movie, so you’re sure to be sipping your favorite drink often with this first rule!

2. Whenever someone rhymes, take a drink.

This classic Dr. Suess rhyming style makes this movie so fun and silly, so be sure to take a drink every time you hear someone rhyme something on the screen!

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3. Whenever the Grinch smiles or laughs, take a sip.

The Grinch’s character is meant to be comedic, so keep an eye out for his signature big grin or hearty laugh to take a sip of your drink.

4. Whenever Cindy Lou Who says something good, take a drink.

Cindy Lou Who is the perfect example of innocence and goodness in this movie, so be sure to toast her every time she says something sweet!

5. Whenever the Grinch plays a prank, take a drink.

The Grinch is known for his elaborate tricks and schemes, so be sure to toast him whenever he pulls one of his classic moves!

6. Whenever you hear a Christmas song, take a drink.

This holiday movie wouldn’t be complete without all the classic Christmas tunes, so keep an eye out for any singing and take a drink when you hear one!

7. Whenever you see the Grinch’s mountain, take a drink.

The Grinch’s mountain is an iconic symbol of the movie, so cheers with a drink whenever you see it on screen!

8. Whenever someone opens a gift, take a drink.

The Christmas cheer in this movie is infectious, so be sure to toast everyone who receives a gift with a drink!

9. Whenever the Grinch has a flashback from his past, take a drink.

There are plenty of powerful and emotional moments in this movie, so be sure to toast each one with a drink!

10. Whenever Cindy Lou’s dad explains the true meaning of Christmas, take a drink.

This powerful and emotional scene is the heart of this movie, so make sure you are prepared with a full drink to toast it!

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11. Whenever the Grinch talks to his dog, Max, take a drink.

The Grinch and Max have quite the unusual relationship, so toast to their unique bond every time they have a conversation.

12. Whenever the Grinch complains about the noise of Christmas, take a drink.

The Grinch is notoriously grouchy about the joyful noise of Christmas. Celebrate his grumpiness with a sip each time he complains.

13. Whenever the Whos in Whoville sing a Christmas carol, take a drink.

The holiday spirit is ever-present in Whoville. Join in the musical cheer by taking a drink when they strike up a carol.

14. Whenever the Grinch’s heart grows, take a drink.

These moments are the turning points for the Grinch’s character, so make sure to honor them with a drink.

15. Whenever the Grinch tries to steal Christmas, take a drink.

These are the moments we’ve all been waiting for, so watch closely and drink when the Grinch gets up to his old tricks!

6. The Polar Express Drinking Game

Based on the beloved children’s book, “The Polar Express” has become a holiday classic for all ages. Follow along as a young boy embarks on an extraordinary journey to the North Pole and learns about the magic of Christmas.

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There’s nothing like watching this heartwarming movie with some hot cocoa or eggnog, but why not add some extra fun with a drinking game?

How to Play “The Polar Express” Drinking Game

Gather your friends and family, pour your favorite holiday drinks, and hop aboard the Polar Express for a magical night of drinking and watching.

1. Whenever the train whistles, take a drink.

The iconic sound of the Polar Express train whistle is sure to keep your drinks flowing!

2. Whenever someone says “Santa Claus”, take a drink.

The big man himself is a major part of this movie, so raise your glasses every time his name is mentioned.

3. Whenever someone mentions the “North Pole”, take a drink.

It’s the final destination of our journey, keep your spirits high with a sip each time it’s mentioned.

4. When the ticket conductor says “All aboard”, take a drink.

The call of the conductor is your cue to take a sip.

5. Whenever you see a falling snowflake, take a drink.

The beautiful holiday scenery is a perfect occasion for a toast!

6. Whenever someone questions the existence of Santa, take a drink.

Christmas belief is a strong theme in this movie, keep your belief (and drink) strong with a sip each time it’s questioned.

7. When the main character shakes a bell, take a drink.

A key piece of the story, raise a toast when the bell rings.

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8. Whenever hot chocolate is served, take a drink.

Keep up with the drink service on the Polar Express with a sip of your own!

9. When you hear the phrase “Believe”, take a drink.

It’s the central theme of the movie, honor it with your drink.

10. Whenever a gift is opened, take a drink.

Gifts are a big part of Christmas, celebrate each opening with a sip.

11. When a character sings a Christmas carol, take a drink.

Join in the holiday spirit by taking a drink when the carols begin.

12. Whenever you see Santa’s sleigh, take a drink.

It’s a magical sight that calls for a magical toast!

13. Whenever the train crosses a magical, precarious bridge, take a drink.

The thrill of these moments is palpable, so why not add an extra touch of excitement with a quick sip of your drink?

14. When someone says the word “Christmas”, take a drink.

This celebration is at the heart of the film, so each mention is definitely worth a toast.

15. Whenever you see the Northern Lights, take a drink.

The stunning auroras add a touch of magic to the journey, making them a perfect reason to raise your glass.

7. A Christmas Story Drinking Game

“A Christmas Story” is another holiday classic, filled with hilarious moments and iconic scenes. Follow along as young Ralphie tries to convince his parents and Santa that a Red Ryder BB gun is the perfect gift for Christmas.

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Get ready to laugh and drink along with this beloved movie.

How to Play “A Christmas Story” Drinking Game

Nothing says Christmas like watching this movie with some spiked eggnog or a festive cocktail. Gather your friends and family, and get ready to sip along!

1. Whenever Ralphie’s parents say his full name, take a drink.

Good luck with that!

2. When Ralphie’s father wins the ‘major award’, take a drink.

Celebrate his peculiar victory with a joyous sip of your own!

3. Whenever Ralphie daydreams about the Red Ryder BB gun, take a drink.

Ralphie’s dreams are your signal to indulge in a dreamy sip of your beverage.

4. Each time the leg lamp is turned on, take a drink.

This infamous lamp deserves a toast each time it’s lit.

5. Whenever Ralphie’s little brother Randy is being picky about food, take a drink.

Randy’s food antics are worth a laugh, and a sip.

6. When the dogs ruin the Christmas dinner, take a drink.

Raise a toast to the unfortunate, yet hilarious, misadventures of the Parker family.

7. Each time Ralphie swears, take a drink.

Let’s echo Ralphie’s shocking moments with a gasp and a gulp!

8. Whenever Ralphie’s father battles with the furnace, take a drink.

His combat with the furnace is worth a warm sip of your drink.

9. Whenever there is a mention of the ‘soft glow of electric sex’, take a drink.

This peculiar description demands a sip of amusement.

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10. When Ralphie’s friend gets his tongue stuck to the pole, take a drink.

This infamous scene is definitely worthy of a toast.

11. Whenever the Bumpus hounds make an appearance, take a drink.

Their rambunctious energy is a signal for you to take a sip of your drink.

12. When Ralphie’s friend Flick is ’triple dog dared’, take a drink.

This iconic dare scene is a cue for a celebratory sip.

13. Whenever Ralphie wears his pink bunny suit, take a drink.

This hilarious attire deserves a toast each time it’s donned.

14. When Santa says, ‘You’ll shoot your eye out’, take a drink.

Santa’s classic line is your cue to take a hearty sip of your holiday drink.

15. Whenever the narrator, older Ralphie, chimes in with his adult perspective, take a drink.

His nostalgic storytelling adds a unique flavor to this holiday classic, perfect for prompting a sip of your favorite festive beverage.

Make your holidays merry and bright with these fun Christmas movie-drinking games. Whether you choose to watch “The Polar Express” or “A Christmas Story”, these party and drinking games will surely level up your film nights.

So gather your friends and drinks, and get ready to toast to the holiday spirit! Cheers!

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