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What you’ll need to play the LOTR Drinking Game

Two variants to play the LOTR Drinking Game:

You can choose between those two game variants. The first one is a set of rules. For example, you have to drink everytime Frodo says ‘Sam’. The second variant is the ‘Pick-A-Character’ ruleset. Every player picks a character and everytime the characters does something on-screen, the player must drunk. You can also combine both game variants to get drunk even faster.

Rules for the LOTR Drinking Game

At the following scenes and or moments you’ll have to drink.

Pro-Tip: We recommend to pick beer for this game, because you’ll drink a lot of alcohol.

  • Take a drink when Frodo says ‘Sam’.
  • Take a drink when Sam says ‘Mr Frodo’.
  • Take a drink whenever anybody mentions the One Ring.
  • Take a drink any time Gollum hacks ‘Gollum! Gollum!’
  • Take a drink every time somebody pulls out a sword.
  • Take a drink every time you talk along with the dialogue.
  • Take a drink whenever a bad guy dies (good god).
  • Take a drink whenever Gollum says ‘my precious’.
  • Take a drink every time Legolas says something vague and portentous.
  • Every time there is a close up of the Eye of Sauron.
  • Take a (small) sip every time Frodo’s stressed-out, ring-possessed face looks like… something else.
  • Take a drink every time Frodo trips over his own feet. By the end, you should look as haggard and beaten as he does.
  • Take a drink whenever Frodo and Sam have a bromance moment.
  • Take a drink whenever you see somebody’s filthy, chewed finger nails (unless they’re yours).
  • Take a drink whenever the name of a person, place or thing is said in an ominous and portentous voice.
  • Take a drink whenever someone repeats the name of something dangerous after the first person said it.
  • Take a drink every time someone complains about what a different species did or didn’t do several centuries ago. Particularly Thorin Oakenshield.
  • Take a drink whenever a hobbit screws up.
  • Take a drink whenever Gandalf turns up and just makes things okay. For extra difficulty, do that with The Hobbit.
  • Take a drink every time the opening line from “Dies Irae” plays in the music.
  • Take a drink whenever a member of Boromir’s family screws up.
  • Take a drink whenever someone says “One by one” or “You know (of)…” in Fellowship of the Ring
  • Take a smoke anytime Gandalf smokes his pipe.
  • Take a drink whenever Gandalf’s eye twitches.
  • ☠️ Hardcore: If you have a death wish, take a drink every time there’s a close-up of the ring.
  • ☠️ Hardcore: If you feel like living dangerously, take a drink whenever a character says a line that was at worst unremarkable when the films came out, but has become Narm due to Memetic Mutation.

Pick-A-Character Rules

This keeps things a bit simpler and gentler. Everyone picks a character, then only drinks when their characters’ prompts occur.


  • The ring affects his behavior
  • He says “Sam”
  • He trips over his own feet


  • He says “Mr Frodo”
  • He’s mean to Gollum
  • He supports a Frodo who has once again fucked up or is having a Heroic BSoD


  • He kills something
  • He’s doubtful of his ability to be the rightful king of Gondor
  • He smiles like an idiot


  • He fires an arrow
  • He says something vague
  • He stares into the distance


  • He says “dwarf” or “elf”
  • He talks about using his axe (to kill stuff)
  • He’s used as a comic relief (Beware of the Director’s Cut!)

The forces of Mordor

  • When Sauron appears
  • When a Nazgûl screeches


  • He says “Precious”
  • He says “Gollum”


  • He does something that makes him look like a bad guy
  • He says something about how powerful he could be if he had the ring
  • When he dies (because, be honest, whether it makes you laugh or cry you always wait for that moment), or appears/is mentionned posthumously.

The Orcs

If you’re as brave as they are - at approximately two-thirds of any battle)

  • One of them dies onscreen
  • One of them says or does something entirely stupid
  • When the Orc army slaughters a bunch of good soldiers

Pippin and Merry

  • They begin to grumble about food
  • They do something intelligent for once
  • One of them exposits for the benefit of the audience
  • One of them asks a question which prompts another character (Gandalf, Elrond, etc) to exposit for the benefit of the audience


  • He acts arrogant towards Gandalf
  • He expresses contempt for Wormtongue


  • He acts creepy towards Éowyn
  • He backstabs someone (figuratively or literally)


  • He gets emotional about his kingdom/age/family
  • He’s reluctant to get involved in the war with Mordor


  • She wants to fight for Rohan but her family won’t let her
  • She acts awkward around Aragorn because she has a crush on him


  • He throws a spear at something
  • He gets on or dismounts from a horse


  • He rescues Merry and Pippin from something
  • He expresses his hatred of orcs (burarum)


  • He does something he doesn’t want to, because his father demands it
  • He acts nice to one of the hobbits


  • He acts like a jerk to Faramir and/or compares him to his dead brother
  • He gets jealous of Aragorn
  • When he dies (because be honest, you always wait for that moment too), and if you dare, every time he screams while dying.


  • He’s overprotective towards Arwen
  • He glares at someone, or nothing in particular
  • His voice tone and/or facial expression makes him sound/look like a bad guy, but it’s just Hugo Weaving.


  • She says something mystical and profound
  • One of her gifts to the Fellowship helps save the day
  • She gives a mysterious and introspecting look at anything or anyone


  • She mopes around Rivendell while her fiancé is risking his life to defeat Sauron
  • She appears in a dream or flashback that Aragorn has
  • She says something in elvish because it looks cool

If you wanna go fancy

Run time of all the movie combined in this set is 681 minutes. So almost a whopping 12 hours marathon. I’ve never managed to get through all of them in one day. But I will definitely keep trying!

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