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Although you’re already very close with your friends, there will really be times when you run out of things to talk about. Spending a lot of time together tends to exhaust all topics you can think of!

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That is why we prepared this list of questions that you can use while talking to your best friends. These will surely open up topics you never thought you can talk about!

Funny Questions

Crazy friends are the best type of friends! People who are of the same ridiculous wavelengths as you provide the best company.

1. Who are you and why are you at my front door?

You just love to make fun of your best friends the moment you see them, right?

2. If you die right now, what would you leave me in your last will?

This funny joke might crack you both up but your ridiculous friends will still answer you in details of all the things he will leave for you…like all his debt!

3. Can I have some money?

When your friend asks you “How much?” then it’s your lucky day!

4. If you were chair, who would you like to sit on you?

A naughty question asked by a naughty friend requires an equally naughty answer!

5. If you were to choose, would you rather lose a leg or an arm?

This ridiculous yet tough question will really make your friend lose his/her mind.

6. Who is the first person on your hit list?

A good friend would confess who she/he hates and you can both hate that person together!

7. Which crime will you likely commit?

Who knows? You might be partners in crime!

8. Do you wanna build a snowman?

Your friend can be the Elsa to your Anna!

9. Do you have a useless talent?

Make sure you let them perform that precious talent of theirs.

10. What’s the worst excuse for not showing up you’ve ever made?

Maybe we can try using that excuse on you next time.

Deep questions

Opening up to your friends will make you feel much better. They can be your outlets in this world full of pressures and responsibilities.

1. What do you think is the most important thing mankind invented?

You’ll have different answers depending on what you value in life.

2. What’s the best way to move on from a heartbreak?

Your friends might suggest for you to cut your hair, eat lots of chocolates, or clean your room!

3. What was the most crucial turning point in your life?

This will make your friend really think about life in general.

4. What do you pray for everyday?

You’ll realize that your friends are also human beings who dream the same dreams as you do.

5. Do you believe in love and marriage?

No judgments here, just try to listen to why they are trying to say.

6. Does hard work really beat talent? Why do you think so?

This will let you know if your friend also values hard work.

7. Do you agree that quality education is the answer to poverty?

It’s just a question worth asking.

8. Can you forgive someone who has cheated on you?

This will really tell a lot of your friend’s personality.

9. Which book or movie has influenced you the most?

Then later, you can also try reading the book or watch the movie together!

10. What is the meaning of life?

This question will forever be hard to answer.

Questions about work

1. How long do you plan to work for your current employer?

When others ask this question, you tend to lie and say ‘long term’ but when your BFFs ask this, you’re not afraid to tell the truth.

2. Is everything okay at work?

Your friend will appreciate your concern. You never know, they might just be waiting for someone to ask them how they’re doing!

3. Are there any single hot guys/girls at your office?

This question is something you’ll look forward to, especially if the answer is YES.

4. What is your boss like?

This question will make you start comparing bosses which is a really fun topic.

5. Is the pay at your company enough?

You can hear this question from friends who are looking for jobs and are planning to apply at your company.

6. Are you truly happy with your job right now?

Concerned friends just want what’s best for you and will support you no matter what.

7. What do you really want in life?

This can be a follow up question to number 6. Friends will encourage you to follow your dreams!

8. Do you think I can do better?

Here’s a question you can ask your friends when you need that extra push and confidence in your career!

9. Can you work far from home?

Every concerned friend who will miss you when you’re away will ask this!

10. Do you approve of romance in between officemates?

Uhmmm, why not? Lol. Kidding aside, this is one issue in the workplace that everyone talks about a lot!

Questions about Relationship

1. What’s the best kind of love?

You’ll be amazed at how varied your answers will be!

2. What’s the ultimate secret to a great relationship?

We all need some tips from each other.

3. Who’s your greatest love?

We all have that special person wherever they may be.

4. Can you sleep without resolving about the fight you just had with your partner?

We can all learn from this, you know.

5. Is it true that the happiest couples start as friends?

This is always worth talking about. Your friends can share how their relationships started, too!

6. What do you like or love most about your partner?

You must have a lot of answers!

7. What can help keep the spark in a relationship?

Cuddles? Love letters? Dates? Sex?

8. How do you show affection for your partner?

There are different types of lovers, you’ll get to know which types your friends are!

9. When was the last time you said “I love you”?

Others might not be as vocal as you are so don’t be shocked if saying it is not as frequent for them as it is for you.

10. Is it really necessary to know everything about your partner’s exes?

Your feisty friends would definitely say yes!

Questions about Hobbies

1. What is your favorite hobby?

The most cliche but important question in this category.

2. What book made you cry the most?

Don’t be shy about it. You never know your friends also cried over that story, too!

3. Who is your role model character in your favorite story or movie?

We won’t judge your preference so spill!

4. What do you usually do before you sleep?

Some pray, some read, some binge-watch and others just stare at the ceiling, which one are you?

5. Which sport do you enjoy playing?

You never know when a friend is hiding that secret sporty side of him or her!

6. What is your go-to movie on Saturday nights?

You can all watch it afterwards together!

7. Which hobby would you have if you were super rich?

Don’t we all just wanna dream?

8. Which movie has moved you to become a better person?

Facing the Giants? The Green Mile? Get ready for some real tear-jerkers!

9. Which is your favorite Nicholas Sparks movie?

Fall in love once more with some romance classics!

10. Which is the most boring hobby in your opinion?

Is there such a thing as a boring hobby? You’re about to find out!

Questions about Pets

1. What is the name of your pet?

You’re going to be amazed at how creative pet names can be!

2. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought for your pet?

Some people are just crazy about their pets.

3. Who is your favorite pet?

No matter how many times you say that you love all your pets equally, you will still have your favorites, and that’s fine.

4. What’s one animal you wish you could have as a pet?

Maybe you’d like a pet tiger or a pet elephant?

5. What’s the weirdest name you’ve given a pet?

Some use food names, old people names and even numbers!

6. Do you have a cute photo of your pet?

This will end up with all of you sharing pictures and gushing over your pets.

7. Which among your pets is the most expensive one?

If your pets were just given to you, just try to search online how much it would be to buy it.

8. What’s the most human thing you let your pet do?

Some sleep in their own beds, some actually walk like humans, some can even talk!

9. What are your pet’s favorite toys and games?

Share your tips!

10. How do you deal with your pet when it’s in a bad mood?

We’d love to hear about them!

Questions about Family

1. How’s everything at home?

This is a normal question between good friends.

2. Are your parents still pressuring you to do what they want you to do?

You can easily open up to your friends about this.

3. Did you get the chance to meet your great grandparents?

Not everyone gets the chance to meet their great grandparents, this can lead to a fascinating story.

4. Are your parents strict?

You’ll end up comparing your experiences but in the end, you’ll realize you love your parents no matter what.

5. What is your happiest memory at home?

Talking about this will make you all realize how great the feeling is to be with your family.

6. Would you like to have kids someday?

You won’t have the same opinions so try to be open-minded.

7. How did you get your name?

Your parents probably have told you about the origin of your name so tell your friends about it!

8. Do your parents usually trust you?

If your parents do, lucky for you! Just remember that they love you, that’s why they’re doing what they’re doing.

9. Do you clean your own room?

Don’t be shy if you don’t, we all have bad habits!

10. How often do you visit your grandparents?

Upon sharing with your friends, you’ll realize that spending quality time with your grandparents is very important.

Effective, entertaining and easy communication make great friends! Sometimes all we really need in order to brighten our day is to talk with our friends, forget our problems and just have fun!

Looking for more conversation starters and fun questions you can ask your friends and families? Follow this link! Conversation Starters

✍️  October 28, 2020

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