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Friends is one of the most popular TV shows of all time. It’s an American sitcom that follows the lives of 6 friends in their twenties while living in New York city. Although the show ended in 2004, it is still well-loved by people who watched it when it first aired and people who discovered what a gem it is after it aired thanks to reruns on cable TV and online streaming platforms!

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What is the Friends Drinking Game?

All you have to do when playing the Friends Drinking Game is to drink whenever certain scenes come up. Combine binge-watching and drinking, and you’re in for a hilarious time with your friends!

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How to Play the Friends Drinking Game

Want to learn how to play the Friends Drinking Game? It’s a drinking game that is quite easy to follow. The players have to drink whenever certain scenes come up during an episode.

Before you start playing, decide on how you’ll be drinking. Do you want players to take shots of vodka or tequila, or sips of beer? It’s up to you! Just make sure that all the players are comfortable with the amount of alcohol. You don’t want people getting drunk too early and having to end the game earlier than expected.

You also need to decide on how your Friends Drinking Game will go. There are two types of ways you can play the Friends Drinking Game:

  1. The Character-Based Friends Drinking Game
  2. The Scene-Based Friends Drinking Game

Friends Drinking Game Rules: Character-Based

Which Friends character do you most relate to? Are you a Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, or Ross?

If you and your friends want to play the Friends Drinking Game based on the characters, players must pick a Friends character and drink based on the rules assigned to them! Try out these character-based Friends Drinking Game rules.

If you choose Chandler…

Are you a Chandler? Then the following rules are for you!

1. Drink whenever he tells a bad joke.

Can he not be any funnier?

2. Drink whenever he drops his sarcastic, cynical facade.

Chandler’s a softie.

4. Drink whenever someone thinks he is gay.

Chandler can get Brian from payroll!

5. Drink whenever he mentions his parents’ divorce.

They announced their divorce over Thanksgiving dinner.

If you choose Monica…

Aww, she is definitely the right decision! Keep reading!

6. Drink whenever she starts to clean everything.

Can she come over to my house?

7. Drink whenever she is being overambitious.

I see the vein!

8. Drink whenever she cooks.

She’s a chef! Of course, she’ll be cooking!

9. Drink whenever someone mentions that she used to be fat.

Today, this will be called fat shaming.

10. Drink whenever Monica introduces a date.

Everyone hated the psychiatrist!

If you choose Phoebe…

So, you’re a weirdo like Pheobe? Great! These rules will please you and your weirdness.

11. Drink whenever she sings ”Smelly Cat”.

This is a classic!

12. Drink whenever she talks about her tragic childhood.

It’s played for laughs, but it’s actually dark if you think about it.

13. Drink whenever she dates a weirdo.

At least, she ended up with Mike!

14. Drink whenever she brings up her deceased mother.

Phoebe’s mother died by suicide from carbon monoxide poisoning when she was 14 years old. Later, she finds out that her real mother is still alive.

15. Drink whenever she mentions her sister, Ursula.

Ursula is like Phoebe’s evil twin.

If you choose Joey…

The handsome heartbreaker: Our Joey! Maybe he’s not the smartest of them all, but you just have to love him.

16. Drink whenever he says, “How you doin’?”

Joey is a hottie. That’s why he gets away with such a cheesy line.

17. Drink whenever he doesn’t understand something that should be totally obvious.

Joey has a good heart.

18. Drink whenever he says something stupid.


19. Drink whenever he has an audition.

We all rooted for him to get his big break!

20. Drink whenever he becomes territorial about food.

Joey doesn’t share food!

If you choose Ross…

All those who have chosen Ross read on from here. The following rules are related to our Science Boy aka Ross!

21. Drink whenever he gets jealous.

He really had trust issues.

22. Drink whenever he says, “Pivot!”

This was hilarious!

23. Drink whenever he talks about dinosaurs.

He’s a Paleontologist!

24. Drink whenever he corrects someone.

It’s one of his less flattering quirks.

25. Drink whenever he gets married.

You’ll be drinking three times then!

If you choose Rachel…

And finally, read on if you choose Rachel. Have fun!

26. Drink whenever she mentions Barry.

The groom she ran away from.

27. Drink whenever someone calls someone “Honey”.

She calls a lot of people, “honey”.

28. Drink whenever she takes someone’s coffee order.

She didn’t get a lot of coffee orders right when she started working as a waitress.

29. Drink whenever she says something that shows how spoiled she is.

Rachel’s a big daddy’s girl.

30. Drink whenever she mentions high school.

Of course, she was popular in high school.

Friends Drinking Game Rules: Scene-Based

There are many funny and touching moments in Friends that are bound to make you laugh or cry! When you play the Friends Drinking Game, now you’ll get drunk while watching too!

Here are Friends Drinking Game rules if you are playing it based on which scenes come up. Make sure to pay attention and make your own friends drink whenever any of these scenes are shown on screen!

1. Any of the friends drinks a coffee.

If it’s during the earlier seasons, there’s a chance Rachel got their order wrong!

2. A celebrity makes an appearance.

I can’t believe Julia Roberts guest-starred!

3. The hallway between Monica/Rachel’s and Chandler/Joey’s apartment is shown.

Doesn’t it make you wish you had friends living in the apartment next door?

4. The exterior of Central Perk is shown.

Who’s looking for their own version of Central Perk in their neighborhood?

5. Any two or more main characters hug.

Awww… they really are friends!

6. Gunther moans to himself how much he loves/wants Rachel.

Who can’t help falling in love a little with Rachel?

7. Any of the main character’s parents show up.

Their parents will also make you crack up!

8. Janice does her famous laugh.

It’s sooo annoying.

9. All six main characters play a game (poker, Twister, Happy Days Game, etc.).

Did you know that the Poker game scene happened because they played Poker in real life?

10. Phoebe’s brother does or says something weird.

You’ll be drinking a lot with this one.

11. Monica’s mom says something passive-aggressive.

How can she say Monica pulled a “Monica”?!

12. Someone mentions “Ugly Naked Guy”.

Haven’t you wondered what exactly makes him so ugly?

13. Any of the six main characters kiss a non-main character.

They all led very active dating lives.

14. Chandler and Joey are chilling on their armchairs.

I want one!

15. Janice says, “Oh my god!”


16. Marcel the monkey shows up.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight! Those who know, know.

17. Any of the main characters sleeps with another main character.

The first time Chandler and Monica slept together was shocking!

18. Chandler’s actual job is revealed.

Hint: it’s not transponster!

19. Paolo shows up.

Remember sleazy Paolo?

19. Anyone breaks up with someone.

It’s great to break up when Phoebe does a break-up.

20. Dr. Green is nice to Ross.

That rarely happens.

21. There is a flashback.

The high school flashback scenes are funny!

22. Someone mentions “Regina Phalange”.

That’s Phoebe’s made-up name.

23. Ross says Rachel’s name instead of Emily during their wedding.


24. Rachel wears a skirt.

She looked good in them!

25. Any of the main characters are at work.

It’s always surprising when you see them at work after all the time they spend at the coffee shop.

Drinking Games for Two

While the Friends Drinking Game is awesome for playing with a group of friends, you can also play this even with just two people. Just keep in mind that if you’re playing a 2-player Friends Drinking Game, you’ll get drunk a lot faster!

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