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What do you need for the Friends drinking game? 🍻

  • Friends stream
  • a long drink of your choice (e.g. beer, wine)
  • one or more players
  • shots, shots, shots!

Everybody drinks a shot if you hear…

  • “How you doin’?”
  • “I know.”
  • “Oh my god!” (Two shots, if Janice is speaking.)
  • “Smelly Cat”
  • “We were on a break!”

Friends drinking game gameplay 🎮

If you’re thinking our guide for is over yet you’re wrong. Our Friends drinking game hasn’t even started: At first, every player picks one of the six main characters: Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Pheobe. If you are fewer players or brave enough, you can choose more than one person as well. And if you want to get faster to the finish line, everybody can drink for each Friends character too. So now every player has chosen at least one of the characters.

You drink for Ross if…

  • he talks about dinosaurs.
  • he corrects someone.
  • he stutters or seems insecure.
  • he proposes. (Or if he marries. Or if he gets divorced.)

You drink for Rachel if…

  • she mentions Barry.
  • Gunther worships her.
  • she drinks a coffee.
  • runs her fingers through her hair.

You drink for Joey if…

  • he gets something wrong.
  • his sex life is mentioned.
  • he screws up an audition.
  • he eats something or talks about food.

The best thing about our Friends drinking game: The amount of drinking opportunities depends on season and episode. We recommend, you pick a random episode, so nobody can cheat.

You drink for Chandler if…

  • he tells a bad joke.
  • his parent issues are mentioned.
  • someone thinks he is gay.
  • someone talks about his job.

You drink for Monica if…

  • she starts to clean everything.
  • her being overweight as a child is mentioned.
  • she is overambitious.
  • she cooks.

You drink for Pheobe if…

  • she sings.
  • she talks about her tragic childhood.
  • she is spiritual.
  • she says something weird.

One thing is certain: The Friends drinking game will be loved by newcomers and old fans of the show. You don’t like Friends? It doesn’t matter, you’ll have enough reasons to drink. If these guidelines aren’t enough for you, you can expand them easily. Have Fun!

✍️  February 7, 2020

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