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Am I under the curse of the Confundus Charm, or are you just mind-blowing? If you’re looking for the best Harry Potter pick-up lines, then better keep reading!

It doesn’t matter if you’re like to pick up the girl next door or the cute boy from your Biology class, these Harry Potter themed pick-up lines are perfect for every occasion. Some of them are super cheesy, some of them are really dirty but all of them are pretty funny!

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Best Harry Potter pick-up lines

The following pick-up lines are the best Harry Potter themed pick-up lines out there! And I can guarantee you, we did a looooong research! Enjoy!

1. Damn it, I really should learn Occlumency, because I can’t get you out of my thoughts.

Oh, that’s kind of cute! Or may be cheesy? But this saying is certainly very effective. That’s why it’s one of the best sayings!

2. Baby, you must be magical because I’ve fallen under your spell!

Who wouldn’t like to be described as magical?

3. I’m not trying to impress you, but I say Voldemort out loud.

WOW! How brave! I still always call him “You-Know-Who”!

4. Hey, my name is James. Will you be my Lily?

I think my heart just melted. The line also works the other way round, of course!

5. Always.

Yes, I know. It’s not really a pick-up line. But if you’re a real Potterhead, you would fall for it!

Dirty Harry Potter pick-up lines

Please remember: The following dirty Harry Potter pick-up lines are meant for entertainment. Of course, it’s funny when you laugh about these lines with your friends. But don’t expect a positive response if you want to hook up with your dream boy or girl!

1. OMG! Please call Ollivander! My wand has finally found its master!

Well… This one is only suitable for guys.

2. Do you know what? I could make you moan like Myrtle in no time.

Very, very classy!

3. I think my vagina is a Horcrux. Will you destroy it?

And this dirty Harry Potter pick-up line is only for girls. Who knows maybe it will actually work?

4. Are you interested in exploring my Chamber of Secrets?

Would you like to know what the Chamber of Secrets is in this context? Well, let your imagination run wild!

5. I would love to make some magic together! My wand is already ready for you.

Another line for guys. And again, a really classy one!

Harry Potter pick-up lines cute

Being cute is adorable. So, guess what word best describes cute pick-up lines? Exactly, adorable! Keep reading the following cute Harry Potter pick-up lines and start being adorable!

1. Are you a Snitch? Because I’ve been watching you for hours now and I have to say: You’re the finest catch!

Uuh, a little bit cheesy. But really cute!

2. If you were a Dementor, I’d become a criminal just to get your kiss.

Let’s not think about the fact that a Dementor’s Kiss is actually something really cruel…

3. Is this train the Hogwarts Express? Because I can feel that you and I are heading somewhere magical.

So, you can always try this pick-up line when you’re on the train!

4. If I would look into the Mirror of Erised, I’d see you and me together forever.

Sounds more like a proposal!

5. Do you know what I would need in my Room of Requirement? You. And nothing else.

That’s actually really cute!

Cheesy Harry Potter pick-up lines

Do you fancy a few cheesy lines right now? Perfect! Then the following cheesy Harry Potter pick-up lines are made for you!

N e w !
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1. You may be a muggle, but that body is magical!

Who doesn’t like to have a magical body?

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2. Excuse me, are you Oliver Wood? You must be because I know a Keeper when I see one.

That’s funny because a Keeper is a keeper. Did you get it? Yes? Great!

3. Am I under the Imperius curse? Because I swear I’d do anything for you!

What did Britney sing? I am a slave 4 U!

4. I just talked to the Sorting Hat and he said that I definitely belong in your house!

Now you know what to do the next time you need a place to stay!

5. Are you a Dementor? Because you just took my breath away.

Let’s forget for a few seconds that dementors are actually making us relive our worst memories…

Funny Harry Potter pick-up lines

What’s better than laughing? Nothing! Check out the following funny Harry Potter pick-up lines and start laughing!

1. Your smile is like the Expelliarmus Charm for me: Simple but disarming!

That’s really funny and cute!

2. Want to learn to speak troll? I’ll have you grunting in no time.

Nothing to add here!

3. Could it be possible that you’re a basilisk? Because when I caught sight of you, I froze. And I swear your kisses would be like poison to me.

Who wouldn’t like to be called a monster? But at least a basilisk is really powerful!

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4. Mind if I Weasley my way into your pants?

Classy, really classy.

5. You don’t even have to say ‘Lumos Maxima’ to turn me on.

Well! I will definitely try this pick-up line once!

Harry Potter pick-up lines clean

Let’s keep it simple. The following lines are clean Harry Potter pick-up lines. Enjoy!

  1. Are you a Snitch? Because I’ve been been Seeking you my whole life!
  2. Accio hottie! Wow, I didn’t expect it to work! But here are you!
  3. You may not be the boy who lived, but you can still be my chosen one.
  4. Have you tried some Felix Felicis? Because I bet you’re about to get lucky tonight!
  5. Oh, I feel that my wand has choosen you!
  6. You can’t be a muggle! Because you cast a spell on me.
  7. Wanna go manage some mischief together? I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.
  8. I’m not Luna, but I swear I know how to Lovegood!
  9. What do you say we disapparate out of here?
  10. Woah, is this the firewiskey or are you just too hot?
  11. Save a broom for the enenvironment! Ride a Quidditch player!
  12. If you speak Parseltongue, I will let my snake out for you!
  13. I may not be Harry Potter, but I know that I’m your chosen one!
  14. Being with out you is torture! It fells like being under the Cruciatus Curse!

I bet you enjoyed our Harry Potter themed pick up lines! Don’t be shy and try them out!

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