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Equipment for the Star Wars Drinking Game βœ…

Different Star Wars Drinking Game Versions

If you just wanna have sum fun while watching Star Wars, you may want to go with the Simple and Easy Version. But for most hardcore fans, this drinking game version just doesn’t do it’s justice. That’s why we have also created The Ultimate Star Wars Drinking Game for the die-hard fans out there.

Either way, we hope you enjoy the movies as much as we do! Cheers to George Lucas, now let’s get into it! πŸ€“

Star Wars Drinking Game Versions

Choose which version you would like to try out πŸ‘‡

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The Original Star Wars Drinking Game

The original Star Wars Drinking Game even dates back to 1977, when the very first Star Wars movie was released. Very few know, that the first movie was just called “Star Wars”, and was only later retitled Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. Since then, people, and mostly the internet, kept adapting and tweaking this classic friday evening banger, until the version formed into something similar like this one.

The rules are as follows πŸ‘‡


  • Whenever you see a wipe transition
  • Whenever someone says “I’ve got a bad feeling about this
  • Whenever the Millennium Falcon doesn’t jump to lightspeed as expected
  • Whenever you hear the Wilhelm Scream
  • Whenever the numbers “1138” or “2187” are referenced
  • Whenever Darth Vader force-chokes some poor guy
  • Whenever The Imperial March plays
  • Any time a character mentions The Force
  • Any time a Skywalker whines 😭

Take a shot:

  • Whenever Greedo shoots first (Why are you watching this version, anyway? You must be punished. Double Shot.) πŸ”«
  • Whenever a large, spherical space weapon is obliterated by rebels
  • Whenever a Force Ghost appears / is heard
  • Whenever somebody has their hand / arm chopped off
  • When anyone screams “Noooooooo!
  • When anyone says “It’s a trap!

If these rules aren’t enough you can go all-out with the extended version, complete with useless CG characters:


  • Anytime someone does an unnecessary flip
  • Whenever someone turns a lightsaber on or off
  • Whenever a random, unnecessary CG character shows up in the Special Editions
  • Whenever tractor beams are used

Take a shot:

  • Every time Jar Jar Binks steps in poop
  • When anyone says “Midichlorians
  • Anytime characters enter a wacky space bar 🧐

The Ultimate Star Wars Drinking Game - 2021 Edition

And here it is. The Ultimate Star Wars Drinking Game for every hardcore fan. This is the updated 2021 Star Wars drinking game version. Mix and match at your leisure and enjoy yourselfs! 🍺

  • For every film: When you see a lightsaber, drink a shot. Two if it is purple. Three if it is not that Jedi or Sith’s lightsaber, to begin with.
  • First of all, toast when the opening music is playing.
  • The From a Certain Point of View game: Again, in the original trilogy, whenever Obi-Wan or Yoda do this to Luke.
  • Take a drink every time a character wins a lightsaber duel with a blue lightsaber.
  • Every time someone has a bad feeling about something, drink.
  • Every time an otherwise impossible problem is solved because R2 was there to do something.
  • Every time a character loses a limb.
  • For true alcohol poisoning, take a drink every time “The Force” is mentioned
  • Down the whole bottle if it’s to say that “The Force is with you” or some other variant of the phrase.
  • If it’s Chirrut Imwe, do this only once for the entire chant. Otherwise, you will be dead before he’s finished.
  • In The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, take a swig whenever Jar Jar kriffs something up.
  • Take a shot every time the series ignores the laws of physics (i.e. Space Is Noisy)
  • When watching the special editions, take a shot every time you spot a change, two if it is blatantly obvious, three if it offends you.
  • Every time Vader Force-chokes one of his own officers, drink.
  • Every time Hux gets Force-choked, drink.
  • Every time someone with the last name Skywalker whines, take a drink.
  • During the prequels, take a drink every time the dialogue gets painful. This may make them more enjoyable depending on your feelings towards them.
  • In Attack of the Clones, during the infamous “I killed them all” scene, all participants must act along. The least hammy rendition has to finish their drink.
  • Every time there is a disturbance in The Force, drink.
  • Every time someone exclaims “Noooooooooo!”, drink.
  • Every time someone is mind-controlled, drink.
  • Whenever someone tries to get something off Han, drink.
  • Drink whenever Han brags about the Falcon.
  • Drink whenever R2-D2 saves someone’s life.
  • Drink whenever C-3P0 loses a body part.
  • Take a sip when a Stormtrooper misses a shot. Any more than that and your grandchildren will be born blind drunk.
  • Drink whenever George Lucas says “issue” or “issues” in the DVD commentary for any of the six movies.
  • Take a drink every time you hear the Wilhelm Scream.
  • Take a drink every time you see PadmΓ© or one of her decoys in a different outfit.
  • Take a drink whenever Anakin changes the subject
  • Take two drinks if he changes the subject to PadmΓ©
  • Take a drink every time Finn whines about whoever he’s with wanting to go back to Jakku.
  • Drink any time anybody makes fun of Jakku.
  • In Rogue One, throw back a shot every time a named character is killed.
  • Also take a drink every time Krennic gets berated by his superiors, clashes with Tarkin, shot at, or humiliated in any other way.
  • Finish your drink when he dies by way of Death Star Superlaser to the face.
  • Every time a character says “Your thoughts betray you,” or some variation of the phrase.
  • Every time someone in The Last Jedi trolls someone else, drink.
  • Take a tiny shot every time The Last Jedi subverts your expectations. It’s recommended that you have an ambulance on speed dial if you do this.
  • Down your drink when Chewie rips someones arms out of their sockets.
  • Drink every time Obi-Wan complains about flying.
  • If Han shoots first, at all, finish your drink.

Star Wars Group Drinking Game πŸŽ‰

There are some additional bonus rules if you’re watching Star Wars with a bigger group of friends. With those rules you can blast this already awesome game into the stars while getting completely wasted.

Star Wars Group Drinking Game Rules βœ…

Split into groups. Every group chooses a character. Whenever chosen character got some screentime, drink a shot. This version will escalate pretty quickly. So we recommend thgsat you only use beer to play this drinking game version of Star Wars.

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Danger of playing the Star Wars Drinking Game ⚠️

We get it. Star Wars is your favorite movie, as it is also ours. And we are also super excited to combine Star Wars with some beer and booze. But, as with every drinking game, know your limits while drinking. And please don’t drive after you’ve been drinking!

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