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Horror movies and drinking games, that’s like vanilla ice cream and chocolate sprinkles, like sandy beach with palm trees, like Christmas with snow - both fit together incredibly well together. The simple reason: both are about who is flat on the floor first! 😉

But seriously: horror movies are just great for drinking games, if only because the genre elicits some viewers violent reactions , And even the most trashy horror movies, where one cliché is the other, can be a lot of fun, if you have enough genie at home, sitting with the right friends and playing the horror movie drinking game according to our horrible rules!

A perfect occasion for a Horror movie drinking game at the movie night is Halloween. Matching the theme, there are also Halloween drinking games. But be honest: if it’s up to us, you should definitely play the horror movie drinking game a lot more often than once a year on Halloween!

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That’s what you need for the horror movie drinking game

A horror movie

Well, of course the right horror movie! Here are several options: either take an absolute classic, such as Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, Halloween, Friday the 13th or Scream.

Or you head to your favorite online video library and pick a horror that sounds the worst, most trashy and absurd. For maximum fun and thorough diaphragm massages at the horror movie drinking game, this is often not the worst option! 😉

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The right choice of alcohol

Enough alcohol that all players like. It is also funny if the drink matches the horror film, for example, looks like blood or is poison green.

5 terribly good rules for your horror movie drinking game

In the horror film drinking game, the tickle of anxiety couples with alcoholic enjoyment.

There are two types of rules:

some relate to what happens on the screen, that is, in the movie, others to the reactions of those present. In our experience, the mixture is what makes the special charm!

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12 Horror Movie Drinking-Game Rules Everyone Must Drink

  • Every time a loud or eerie sound suddenly sounds to scare the viewer but nothing bad happens, everyone has to take a sip. Who flinches or yells, drinks twice!

  • Every time the phone rings and a mysterious caller is on the line everyone has to drink!

  • Every time someone in the movie drinks alcohol, everyone has to take a sip.

  • When drowning in ex horror movie, all players have to empty their glass in one go.

  • Every time a person screams in the movie, everybody has to drink.

  • Whenever one of the main characters receives an urgent warning of the evil, but simply does not want to hear it, they all have to take 3 punches as a substitute.

  • Every time in the movie without good reason technology fails, for example, the phone, the electricity, the car, the lawnmower, have to drink all three sips.

  • Every time 2 people smooch together, a romance or sex scene develops, 2 couples have to find each other and the glass of the other exen!

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  • Whenever one of the victims grabs a kitchen knife or a stabbing weapon, everyone must drink.

  • Every time someone goes down to the basement, up the loft, into a secret passage or a hidden room, everyone has to take a drink!

  • Everyone has to except their glass when someone you thought was dead, later comes back alive.

  • When someone in the movie undresses, everyone has to take off a piece of clothing and take a deep sip from the glass to make up for the heat loss.

13 horror movie drinking game rules where victims have to drink

Before the movie begins, everyone puts their driver’s license on the table. You decide who has the stupidest photo on it. The one who is the victim and has to drink at every scene in which the victims flee in the car.

  • Anyone caught closing their eyes in a shocking scene, looking away or hiding their face, must immediately take 3 big punishments.
  • Every time someone complains about the quality of the film, he has to drink 2 punishments. And who complains about this rule must exen a full glass!
  • Whenever the character (s) make a stupid decision that is already clear that it is leading to ruin, all 3 must take sips.
  • Every time one of the players says shit, he has to drink a gulp.
  • In addition, all players must drink a drink that has the same or similar hair color as the victim. (Of course, only bald heads in baldness).
  • It’s Bromance time! Two guys are celebrating their friendship, patting each other on the back, hugging each other or bumping their breasts in the office check. Guys, grab a Bro, cross your arms fraternally and take a deep sip of your Bromance.
  • Two women are bitching. Girls, find each other in pairs and drink the glass of the other empty as tussily as possible.
  • When a male character dies in the movie, all men have to drink when a woman dies, then all women drink.
  • After 20 minutes at the latest, everyone has to give a hint who the killer is and record a number on a post-it he puts next to him. Anyone who typed the killer properly triumphs at some point: for each player must drink as many shots as he wrote down and in addition the number that the winner has noted. All who typed correctly do not have to drink anything.
  • Anyone can spontaneously express a guess, what happens next. If he is right, all the others have to drink 3 gulps, he is wrong he drinks the same 6. (Only applies if everyone does not know the movie).
  • If you rustle too loud with the chip bag or something flips or farting loud, must immediately take a punishment.
  • Anyone who laughs at a scene as the only one must take a punishment.

With these tough horror movie drinking game rules, even the worst movie is an experience.

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