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Teens are all about parties and living life to the fullest. They’re a force to be reckoned with and there’s no stopping these youngsters on their quest of being the infinite life of the party. They love dancing, singing, partying and playing like there’s no tomorrow. Life is a party and it’s up to you what games you wanna play.

Speaking of games, here are some amazing Games for Two that you can play with your family and friends.

Teenagers don’t always abide by the rules but they sure love to follow the rules of their all-time favorite games. Here is a list of the best party games for teens:

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1. Charades for Teens

Charades is a word-guessing party game for all ages but it’s always ten times more fun when teens play it because teens are always hyped and got lots of fun ideas on how to act out a word. Teens especially love it because of the competition, noise and ridiculous actions they make during the game.

How to Play Charades

Charade is a literary game wherein a person tries to dramatize and act out a word without talking or making a sound while the other people try to guess the word.

Play Charades Online

Can’t wait to play Charades? Follow these links to either play the online version or download the Charades apps:

Play Charades online

Teens Charades Ideas

Can’t think of words to use for your next game of Charades? Check out these unique words that would make for an awesome game and challenge the volunteer as he/she acts out the word that everyone’s trying to guess:

  • Mermaid
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Ice Cream
  • Alcohol
  • Jukebox
  • Emily in Paris
  • Netflix
  • Game of Thrones
  • Banana Split
  • Teddy Bear

2. Truth or Dare for Teens

Here is another teens’ favorite party game which is so convenient to play. You can literally play it anytime, anywhere. You can turn it into a drinking game and combine it with Spin the Bottle! You can also play it with only two players and just take turns. Of course, the more players, the merrier! What you need to prepare is a list of Truths and Dares so that you can save time.

How to Play Truth or Dare

This game is pretty easy to play. Each player should sit in a circle. In the middle of the circle should be an empty bottle. For each round, the bottle is spun and whoever is on the receiving end of the bottleneck should pick between “Truth or Dare?”.

If the player picks “Truth”, the rest of the group should agree on a question that the player should answer truthfully or honestly. This way, the player is put on the hotseat and remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the question. The type of questions range from personal to funny to embarrassing to ridiculous! Just remember that the ultimate goal of the game is for everyone to have a good time. You don’t want anyone to feel bad after one round. If he or she can’t answer the question, the player can opt to pass. A pass will mean a shot (if you’re playing a drinking game) or a consequence or a dare.

If the player picks “Dare”, the rest of the group should agree on a challenge or consequence or task for the player. Failure to do the challenge will mean a shot for him if you’re turning the game into a drinking game.

Do you want more infos on this game? Check out our Truth or Dare article!

Play Truth or Dare Online

Wanna play Truth or Dare now? You can play it online with our app or download your very own for your Android or iPhone!

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Truth or Dare Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

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Best Truth or Dare Questions for Teens

Uh-oh! Are you running out of time thinking about which question to ask or task to dare the player? We got you covered with the best Truth or Dare questions you can try at your next party game:

1. Who would you marry in this group?

Some hopefuls would secretly be hoping it’s them.

2. Sing a Taylor Swift song for the group.

Bring out the inner Swiftie in you!

3. What’s the last lie you’ve made?

Nobody’s perfect but make sure you’re among friends!

4. Kiss the most attractive person in the group.

It’s time for some smoochin’!

5. What is the craziest thing you’ve done lately?

Well, everyone’s level of craziness is different so don’t expect other people’s crazy to be the same as your crazy.

6. Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend?

This is another controversial question. Make sure you’re playing with people you can trust before you answer.

7. Tell the group a made-up story with all the sound effects and facial expressions.

It would be easier if you’re a natural story-teller.

8. Would you rather live at a condo in the city or at a house in the suburbs?

This question is tough and would probably end up with everyone sharing their opinion, too.

9. Slap two people in the group.

If it’s someone you don’t like, don’t hold back. Just kidding!

10. Dance like it’s the last day on Earth for three minutes straight.

Time to show those dance moves, darling!

Hungry for more Truth or Dare questions and tasks for your party game? Follow this link for more: Truth or Dare for teenager!

3. Never Have I Ever for Teens

This is one of the ultimate favorite party games. There are a lot of variations of this game but the simplest and easiest drinking game version is what everyone loves. All you need are the players sitting in a circle and you’re ready to go!

Since this is a drinking game, you’ll need booze like vodka, beer or tequila (or whatever’s available).

How to Play Never Have I Ever

A player starts the game by saying “Never have I ever… (followed by something he/she has never done before)” and then everyone who has done it must drink.

The game goes on around the circle in a clockwise motion and the next person makes the statement. It can go on and on until players want it to. This classic party game has definitely created a lot of fun memories and happily intoxicated friends.

Play Never Have I Ever Online

Wanna play Never Have I Ever now? You can play it online with our app or download your very own for your Android or iPhone!

App icon Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

Play Never Have I Ever online

Best Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens

The game could be dragging if in the middle of your turn, you black out and don’t know what to say. Well, check out this best list of Never Have I Ever questions for teens:

1. Never have I ever smoked in my life.

Teens are known for experimenting on this so some of your friends will surely take a shot for this one.

2. Never have I ever kissed a girl.

You’d be shocked if a girl drinks for this one.

3. Never have I ever lied to my Mom.

Lol. They’re all gonna groan because who else hasn’t, right?

4. Never have I ever gone out of the State.

Maybe you can all plan to travel together after!

5. Never have I ever been a part of a school play.

Some teens who are part of the drama club will surely take their shots!

6. Never have I ever been to the Principal’s office.

Lucky for you! How about everyone else?

7. Never have I ever been pranked.

Admitting this one will surely give your friends the idea to prank you.

8. Never have I ever seen a horror movie at the cinemas.

Go watch one with the gang!

9. Never have I ever had a pet.

You’ve missed one of life’s greatest joys!

10. Never have I ever played this game before.

Have you been living under a rock?

Do you wanna know more statements for this game? Follow this link: Never Have I Ever Questions!

4. Would You Rather for Teens

This verbal party game is one of the simplest there is. You can just be sitting around somewhere during the party, eating your food or sipping your drinks and you can still continue to play this one. It’s a getting-to-know-you game that’ll facilitate the players to socialize with each other.

How to Play Would You Rather

All you need to do is ask each player during his or her turn a question that starts with “Would you rather…?”. The questions basically ask the players to choose between two things without thinking. They should blurt out the first thing that comes to their mind.

Wanna know more about the game? Follow this link and have some fun: Would You Rather!

Play Would You Rather Online

Wanna play Would You Rather now? You can play it online with our app or download your very own for your Android or iPhone!

Play Online

App icon Would you rather?
Would you rather? Rated 4.9 stars out of five stars

Best Would You Rather Questions for Teens

Can’t think of what to ask your friends for this game? Here is a list of the best Would You Rather questions you can use for your next party:

1. Would you rather do yoga or crossfit?

The debate would be endless among your fitness and wellness enthusiast friends.

2. Would you rather fall in love with an ugly but kind person or an attractive but rude person?

The world is not perfect so pick only one!

3. Would you rather date Taylor Swift or Hailey Steinfield?

The boys will be out of their mind!

4. Would you rather date Elon Musk or Henry Cavill?

They couldn’t be more different from one another. Are you all for the looks or the money?

5. Would you rather eat pizza or donut everyday?

Both are very unhealthy choices but you gotta pick one!

6. Would you rather steal from your Dad or your Mom?

Who are you more afraid of?

7. Would you rather kiss a frog or kiss your archenemy?

Personally, I’d go for the frog!

8. Would you rather visit the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre?

The French will be appalled that you can choose one over the other.

9. Would you rather be Princess Diana or Duchess Camilla?

This is pretty tough since one is adored but dead and the other is tagged a villain but very much alive.

10. Would you rather drink coffee or tea?

No judgments here!

Those ain’t enough, right? Follow these links for more Would You Rather for Teens!

5. Most Likely To for Teens

Last but definitely not the least is another game that is also simplicity at its finest. This party game is another verbal getting-to-know-you game that tests how much the group knows each other in order to figure out who is most likely to…

How to Play Most Likely To

All you need to do is gather around and take turns asking “Who is most likely to…?”. Each person will then share their vote/opinion and together they’ll figure out the most likely person.

Still need more infos about this game? Follow the link and have some fun: Most Likely To!

Play Most Likely To Online

Wanna play Most Likely To now? You can play it online with our app or download your very own for your Android or iPhone!

Play Most Likely To online

App icon Most Likely To
Most Likely To Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

Best Most Likely To Questions for Teens

Can’t think of the next question to ask for this game? Worry no more, we’ve got the best Most Likely To questions to get you started:

1. Who is most likely to become president of the country?

Someone with charisma and principles.

2. Who is most likely to become a murderer?

This is gonna crack everyone up.

3. Who is most likely to fall on their face?

Someone totally known to be clumsy and have jelly legs or four eyes.

4. Who is most likely to marry their high school boyfriend/girlfriend?

Most of the time, this has an automatic answer from the group.

5. Who is most likely to do something stupid yet become famous for it?

Overnight YouTube sensation here we come!

6. Who is most likely to become the next Ed Sheeran?

Can anyone really top Ed?

7. Who is most likely to become drunk first?

Low alcohol tolerance is a pain in the ass.

8. Who is most likely to have straight A’s?

Another question with an automatic answer!

9. Who is most likely to get married first?

Nothing wrong with that!

10. Who is most likely to lose his/her phone?

Being forgetful is more normal than you think.

There you have it! In every party, remember that the night is young and so are you! It’s never too late to start playing a game! Game face on!

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