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While being online all the time is the norm these days, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun while you’re offline. Playing party games face to face with your family and friends is a great way to lessen your screen time while keeping yourself entertained.

Whether your favorite games include playing popular board games that require critical thinking skills or not, you will have lots of fun playing our list of games that are perfect for teenagers but can also be played by kids, tweens and adults!

Best Board Games for Teens

If you think finding that perfect game is a huge challenge, don’t worry! There are lots of board games available in the market, and you will surely find the best fun group games that you can enjoy with your friends or family members.

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We’ve put together a list of the best board games for teens because these games can get pretty hilarious. Some games can even be played with your entire family!

There are family-friendly games, educational games, silly games, and all sorts of games for you to try! Instead of staying glued to your phone all the time, get a breath of fresh air by playing casual board games with your friends. Plus points: the board games on our list are easily available on Amazon!

1. UNO Flip!

Available on
  • Player count: 2 - 10 players
  • Duration: 30 minutes or more
  • Ages: for ages 7 years and up

UNO Flip is a twist on the timeless card game classic, UNO. This strategic card game version introduces a new exciting rule where players can flip their cards over to the other side. This means that you won’t know who wins the game since you have a completely new deck of cards on the other side!

Exciting? We know! Grab an UNO Flip set of cards and get ready to go head to head against your friends when you play this hilarious, fast-paced game! This just might become your favorite board game of all time!

How to play UNO Flip!

The base game of UNO Flip is still the original UNO card game mechanics. Players will take turns matching cards on their hands with the current card on top of the deck. The objective of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all their cards. Special cards can be used for you or against your opponents. Skip, Reverse, Wild Cards–are just some of the game changing special cards you can use.

What’s new with UNO Flip is the Flip card. When someone uses the Flip card, the entire game will do a complete 360. Your cards, the draw, and the draw deck will be flipped over and reveal an entirely new set of numbers and colors called the “dark” side.

If someone uses the Flip Card again, then they repeat the same process and switch back to the “light” side. This is a game where anything and anyone can win even by a small edge on the dark or the light side of the deck. As always, don’t forget to shout “UNO” when you get down to your last card!

Reasons to buy:

  • Great twist on the classic game of UNO that fans of the original game will enjoy
  • Loads of fun and chaotic game to enjoy with friends
  • Portable card deck that you can easily play anywhere

Reasons to avoid:

  • This game takes more time to learn than the original UNO
  • Game duration can take too long sometimes

2. Exploding Kittens

Available on
  • Player count: 2 - 5 players
  • Duration: 15 minutes or more
  • Ages: for ages 7 years and up

If you have wacky friends or a crazy family with a warped sense of humor, Exploding Kittens is an exciting game that you’ll have a blast playing! As one of the more modern card games in our collection of board games, this is a fun game for teens and adults that is a must to check out!

Did you know that Exploding Kittens started as a web comic then became a kickstarter project in 2015 and raised $8.7 million dollars?!It turns out a lot of horrible people (Kidding!) were excited to play this card game with its sick jokes, easy-to-learn game play and fast-paced game style.

If you enjoy lighthearted fun with a smidge of dark humor, then this card game may be for you. Just like the game’s tagline “for people who are into kittens and explosions”, this is an exciting game where players try not to end up with an exploding kitten card!

How to play Exploding Kittens

Players start with a hand of seven random cards and a Defuse card. Players will then take turns playing the number cards on their hands and take a card from the draw pile.

Any player who takes an Exploding Kitten card will then explode and will be out of the game–unless they use the Defuse card. Defuse cards can only be used once, so if you run out of Defuse cards then you have no other way but to explode. The last player standing (unexploded) wins the game!

Reasons to buy:

  • Portable and easy to bring around and play anywhere
  • Despite the fast pace and cute art design, Exploding Kittens is a deep strategy board game.
  • Quick game and easy to learn
  • Great for those with who have a quirky sense of humor–enjoying kittens explode

Reasons to avoid:

  • This card game has a limit of only 5 players, which will be difficult if you want to play with a big group.
  • This game is about exploding kittens–so some people might find the warped humor on the cards distasteful.

3. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Available on
  • Player count: 3-8 players
  • Duration: 10 - 30 minutes or more
  • Ages: for ages 8 years and up

If you’re looking for a card game to add to your list of family games that will also work as a fast-paced party game with friends, make sure to try out the Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza card game.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is a funny game that can turn chaotic when you play with your friends or family. This simple card game is easy to learn and easy to set up too. You don’t have to spend a long time trying to figure out the rules, since the rules are as simple as they can be.

This card game tests which players have fast reflexes and can be the fastest one to slap their hand on the table if they get a card that matches the word they said aloud which could be any of the following: “Taco”, “Cat”, “Goat”, “Cheese”, or “Pizza”.

The rules are a lot simpler than it sounds, and the cute art design is a fun bonus. This can be a fun party game for people that want to play something light and fun without having to do any critical thinking at all!

How to Play Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

To start a game of Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, players will first evenly distribute the cards among everyone. Every individual player must then place their deck face down on the table without looking at their cards.

The first player then picks the topmost card on their deck and says “Taco.” The next player will continue and then say “Cat”, the third will say “Goat,” and so on saying the entire “Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza.”

If a player discards the same card that they say out loud, then everyone playing must then slap their hands on the middle pile, and whoever is the slowest will get all the remaining cards!

There are also additional rules such as no flinching, keep the pace and don’t hesitate, don’t forget your word, among others.

This is a game with cards that will challenge your mind and test how focused you can be. You are not allowed to mess up! That one second where you lose focus may be the moment you lose the game!

Reasons to buy:

  • Quick and fast-paced game you can play anytime you want
  • This competitive game is chaotic but fun.
  • Will test the limits of your focusing skill
  • Rules are easy to pick up.

Reasons to avoid:

  • If you’re looking for a game with more challenging mechanics, this one is not for you .
  • Slapping too hard may cause red hands!

4. Monopoly Crooked Cash Board Game for Families and Kids

Available on
  • Player count: 2 - 6 players
  • Duration: 30 - 90 minutes or more
  • Ages: for ages 8 years and up

Monopoly is a classic board game that has been around for ages. True tabletop game fans have played the classic Monopoly game and other versions at some point. Even casual players have an idea of Monopoly’s game objective which is to become the best real estate mogul by buying and selling properties.

The Monopoly Crooked Cash board game for families and kids comes with a twist that fans of the original will also enjoy. This version of the game has fake or “crooked” chance cards and cash hiding among your stash. Players will have to find out where these crooked cards and cash are and get more money!

How to Play Monopoly Crooked Cash Board Game for Families and Kids

The rules are similar to the original Monopoly classic board game but with some twists. It also comes with a game board, game pieces, chance and property cards, and play money.

In the Monopoly Crooked Cash board game, players will encounter “crooked” cash and “crooked” chance cards. They will also get decoders which they can use to weed out the fake money and cards hiding in plain sight. What makes this game fun and interesting is the way you look for the fake cards by using the decoder. It’s fun to use a magnifying decode and check the cash for any fakes!

If you see Mr Monopoly with a mask on the image beneath the magnifying glass, then that cash is a fake! Whoever finds the fake cash gets to keep it, and the player who used the fake cash has to use other cash from their pile instead.

The game ends when all properties on the board have been purchased. All players will then collect rent from the bank from their bought properties. The fake money is still worth its face value at the end of the game. Look for that crooked cash, and collect as much as you can to win!

Reasons to buy:

  • Great twist on the original Monopoly game
  • Game time is shorter than the original game.
  • This game requires more strategy than the original.

Reasons to avoid:

  • Properties are more limited since this version only has hotels and no houses
  • Checking for crooked cash with the decoder may be a fun twist, but can get drawn out after using it multiple times.

5. Trivial Pursuit: Classic Edition

Available on
  • Player count: 2-6 players
  • Duration: 45-90 minutes or more
  • Ages: for ages 16 years and up

If you think you’re good at trivia games, then this board game may just be for you. The Trivial Pursuit: Classic Edition, is a family favorite and is usually one of the choices during family game night. This trivia game franchise has spawned so many spin offs from your favorite series, movies, and more, but its classic edition will always be a hit.

In this edition of the game, you will get 2,400 trivia questions from generic categories. Since this is a game from the 80s, this version will imitate that good old 80s feel with the retro looking game board and game pieces.

If you’re looking for a fun game for adults or teens, Trivial Pursuit: Classic Edition is an incredible board game that still tops the list to this day.

How to Play Trivial Pursuit: Classic Edition

This is a redesign of the original classic game that was first released in the 80s. It comes with the same mechanics, but now has updated trivia questions. During the game, players will move around the game board while answering questions from different categories.

Each player who lands on a category space will get a question from that category. They will only earn a wedge if they answer the question correctly. The end goal of the game is to collect all the 6 different colored wedges and get that final trivia question correctly.

If you think you’re smart and know a lot of random trivia, then this board game may just be your ticket to show off! Or who knows, maybe you think you know the answer, but you don’t!

Reasons to buy:

  • Fans of trivia games will enjoy this timeless classic with updated questions.
  • This game is great for families, with questions suited for the general public.
  • Questions are targeted towards casual trivia fans, so you don’t have to be a trivia genius to enjoy playing this game.

Reasons to avoid:

  • Some of the questions will reflect modern day which includes social media questions.
  • If you are an avid fan of trivia games, you may find some of the questions on the easier side.

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