Spin the Bottle

Play the classic party game "Spin the Bottle" online and let fate decide your next move! Spin the virtual bottle and see who it lands on.

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Play the classic party game “Spin the Bottle” online anytime and anywhere!

Forget about searching for an empty bottle, and worrying about coming up with good dares. Our virtual bottle takes care of everything, so you can focus on having fun with your friends!

Play “Spin the Bottle” Online

Playing “Spin the Bottle” has never been easier: Simply choose a category, spin the virtual bottle, and let fate decide your next move!

With two different spiciness levels, “Spin the Bottle” online is perfect for both bold players and shy ones!

Most Popular “Spin the Bottle” Categories

Pick a category that matches your mood:

1. Flirty

Light touching and teasing, perfect for breaking the ice.

2. Spicy

Things are getting hot in here! From French kissing to body shots, this category is for the bold and adventurous.

How to Play “Spin the Bottle” Online

Playing “Spin the Bottle” Online is easy and fun! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Gather all players

Gather your friends, crushes, or whoever you want to play with, and sit in a circle. The more the merrier!

2. Choose a category

Decide on a category that everyone is comfortable.

3. Put your device in the center

Put your device in the middle of the circle, so everyone can see the virtual bottle.

4. Spin the virtual bottle

Take turns spinning the bottle by tapping the button. When it stops, the person it’s pointing to has to follow the prompt on the screen.

For example, “Give the person in front of you a kiss on the cheek.”

5. Keep spinning

Keep playing and spinning the bottle for as long as you want!

“Spin the Bottle” Game Rules

Keep the game fun for everyone by following these simple rules:

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