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Spin the Bottle | The Online Kissing Game
Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle Game

Spin the bottle is a kissing game often played by teenagers and young adults at parties. While getting close to each other, it’s also perfect to get to know each other with various truth questions. But the main goal still remains to kiss each other.

How to play “Spin the Bottle”

The game is played by several players who sit or stand in a circle. A bottle is then placed on the floor in the center of the group. One player spins the bottle and must kiss the person whom the bottle points when it stops spinning. Alternatively, the person to whom the bottle is pointing must kiss the person at the rear end of the bottle.

Online version of “Spin the Bottle”

In the online version of “Spin the Bottle”, one player clicks on the bottle or on the “spin the Bottle” button. The bottle then stops and shows one action the player has to do. With this version there are more options and tasks involved to make the game even more fun. You can also change the bottle design by clicking on the top right. Have fun playing “Spin the bottle”!

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