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Throwing a Virtual Christmas Party is an excellent way to bring people together in celebration of the holidays! Not only do companies celebrate Christmas online, but also some families or friends who don’t live in the same city. Generally, there’s nothing better than celebrating time with your loved ones. Enjoy these virtual holiday party ideas!

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas For Friends

Celebrate Christmas together with your friends! If you and your friends can’t see each other in person this year, it’s still possible to celebrate together! A virtual event is the best way to make sure your celebrations won’t be missed. The following are our favorite virtual party ideas for friends!

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1. Watch a Christmas Movie Together!

Are you in love with Christmas movies? Watch them with your friends during an online movie night! Watch a classic or simply start streaming one of the most popular ones on Netflix or another streaming platform. This is a great bonding time to share with your friends.

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2. Play Virtual Christmas Games!

Let’s face it, one of the best things about this time of year is the celebrations with your loved ones! It can be difficult to spend time with them during this season, so why not play a game together online to get into the holiday spirit? Make sure to check out all the good video conference platforms to find out what fits you! If you’re looking for the right virtual holiday games, a good idea would be the holiday edition of Movie Charades.

👉 Follow this link to find the Best Virtual Holiday Party Game for your party!

3. Create Christmas Virtual Cards!

One of the best holiday traditions is giving and receiving Christmas cards! Another simple way to keep in touch with your friends during this time is by creating some Christmas cards. With online card-making tools, you can create a special card for each friend and send it through inboxes.

Virtual Work Christmas Party Ideas

Hold a virtual work Christmas party to boost your company culture! What better way to celebrate the season than with co-workers? If you’re planning on throwing an online party, here are some ideas to create the most magical experience for everyone. Enjoy these ideas for virtual office parties for remote teams!

1. Design a Virtual Party Banner!

Create an online banner with all your co-workers’ avatars. The banner will show the date of the event, as well as a specific hashtag to use whilst sharing updates on social media networks. This way, everyone will feel like they’re actually participating in the corporate holiday party. Let’s make the party fun!

2. Host a Virtual Christmas Party!

Throwing a virtual celebration is really easy with today’s technology. All you need to do is to set up the location of the party in an online video conferencing platform, such as Skype or Google Meet. Then, all your co-workers need to do is log in at the same time! You can hold a group chat, play online games, including a secret Santa, or simply watch some Christmas movies together in your online meeting. Make sure to include funny party activities!

3. Do a Virtual Escape Room!

An idea to bring a sense of adventure and friendly competition to your virtual work Christmas party is by hosting an Escape Room. Simply find a business in your area that offers this service, book it for enough time to host the party, and create a prize for the winners!

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Virtual Christmas Party Ideas For Families

Prepare a virtual Christmas party for your family! Nowadays, it can be hard to organize a party with all of your relatives due to time and distance. However, there are some creative ways to celebrate together during the holiday season from afar. Here is an idea of how you can pull off the perfect virtual family Christmas celebration!

1. Make Virtual Christmas Photos!

Set up a virtual photoshoot for your family during the online event! It’s best to use a virtual photo booth to do so. Make this virtual holiday event special by creating a permanent memory of this special new family tradition. Then, share them on social media to bring everyone together and celebrate the festive spirit!

2. Host a Trivia Quiz night!

Another idea to bring your family together and share a memory is by hosting a Trivia Quiz night. It’s best to form teams of two or three so that you can compete against other families. Keep the quiz simple and fun! Make sure you all have a reliable internet connection!

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3. Enjoy a Virtual Christmas Dinner Party!

This is one of the best virtual experiences for every family! Start by cooking together virtually or ordering your favorite food, then decorate your dining space with some simple Christmas decorations. If you’re all old enough, you can also turn this party into a  holiday cocktail party. Then enjoy your delicious food together! You can even play festive music in the background to create a cheerful atmosphere in the virtual meeting. I hope you’ll have a wonderful time!

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas For Students

Create a virtual Christmas party for students! This is a great way to keep in touch with all your friends during the holiday season. If you’re planning on hosting a virtual college or university Christmas party, keep reading for some virtual classroom Christmas party ideas!

1. Play Truth or Dare Together!

Truth or Dare is a fun game to play with students. This is one of the best holiday activities to get your party started! You can ask each person in the chat about their Christmas plans and then create a dare for each of the party guests to do in turn. Make sure to include holiday-themed questions and dares in your game!

👉 Follow this link to get to know more about Truth or Dare!

2. Throw a Virtual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

This idea will bring fun and laughs to everyone! Simply find some tacky Christmas sweaters online, wear them together during the party, and take some funny photos. Upload them on social media afterward for everyone to see. You can also vote for the ugliest sweaters and honor the winner with some gifts. Enjoy your ugly sweater party!

3. Play Never Have I Ever Game Together!

This game is great for making new memories with your college friends! Simply ask everyone in the chat to make a statement beginning with, “Never have I ever…” and follow it up by sharing your experiences. Make sure you all have a stable internet connection!

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