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Funny Fish Puns

Ever read something that good that you just can’t forget it? Here, we have a list of funny fish puns that will be hard for you to forget.

While they say that fish have short-term memory, you will definitely remember how funny these fish puns are! Enjoy this list of fish puns!

1. Here for puns? Are you ready to take the bait?

The only bait I’m willing to sink my teeth on.

2. The topic of fish will always be fin-teresting for me.

There are so many different types of fish out there! What’s your favorite type?

3. Oh, my cod. That was hilarious!

Cod. Could this have been any more obvious?

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4. Whenever you get nervous, just count to five slowly. It will help you cam down.

I want to calm down, but I don’t want to shut off completely!

5. War is never the answer. Be a paci-fish-t.

War is never the answer. Especially on the ocean.

6. You are a pain in the bass.

I knew shaking my bass in front of you would annoy you.

7. I can’t believe I met you. I’m your biggest fin!

You helped keep me afloat during one of my darkest days!

8. This is o-fishally one of the best days ever!

I’m o-fishally glad you are having a blast.

9. How are you liking these fish? Think you can have betta than this?

You betta believe that I can! Let’s go fishing!

10. These puns are so silly. It always krakens me up!

The sillier it is, the larger the kraken.

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Birthday Fish Puns

Know someone whose birthday is approaching soon? Why not greet them in the fishiest way possible? But in a good way of course! All of these belong to our favorite fish puns.

Catch your friends off guard and make them smile with these birthday fish puns!

1. Best fishes on your birthday!

It’s nice spending your birthday in a school of friends.

2. Hope you have a reel-y good day today.

This day is so good that I’m hooked!

3. It’s 12 midnight, that means It’s o-fishally your birthday.

Make the most out of the 24 hours that people have to be nice to you.

4. It’s your birthday. Let’s make a splash!

Time to head to the pool for a birthday pool party.

5. Watery gonna do for your birthday later?

Maybe we can go fishing together to a river bank? I’ll pretend that I’m an old, grumpy fisherman!

6. Happy birthday, my old chum.

You’re so addictive, you make me wild!

7. Sea you at the birthday party later.

Sea you and all your fins!

8. Let’s have all the fin in the world today!

I’ve always wanted to try fin soup!

9. Some-fin is special today. It’s your birthday!

Thank you! I’m riding this birthday wave!

10. Is there any-fin you want for your birthday?

No, everything you’ve done is fintastic already!

Funny Fish Names Puns

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose…and you know how it goes. Well, what’s in a fish name? There are so many kinds of fish in the world that the possibilities of fish jokes and puns are endless!

If you know the names of different kinds of fish, you’ll giggle at this list of funny fish name puns! Enjoy these funny fish jokes and fishing puns! Get ready for your next fishing trip!

1. The goldfish is into old songs like songs from Tank Sinatra!

Can you hear it? He’s singing the song in his goldfish bowl!

2. Who is the fishes’ favorite talk show host? Oprah Finfrey!

They can’t get enough from the queen of talk under the sea!

3. Fish are friends, not food. They are not your nemo-sis.

I remember a share said this in a shark’s anonymous gathering once.

4. This is dolphin-itely one of the silliest puns you’ll hear.

And I have no regrets. The sillier the pun, the better.

5. What’s the favorite movie of fish? Little Fish Sunshine

But I have to say I prefer all the movies with James Pond… Ah. I mean James Bond! Great joke about fish!

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6. Make sure you keep your friends close and your anemones closer.

Anemones are far from a clown fish’s enemy, however. Anemones are their homes!

7. Share some of your chips. Don’t be shellfish!

I know how to share food. I’m pretty shell-fless. No one likes someone who’s selfish!

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8. Who is every fish’s favorite celebrity? Fin-gelina Jolie.

Sounds like a cat fish! I think I might know her from Aquarium Raider.

9. Have you heard of the King of Rock and Roll, El-fish Presley?

You ain’t nothin’ but a hound fish! Where is his fish band?

10. I really like Billie Ei-fish! Her song Bad Fish is so good!

What a famous fish! I like her green hair. It reminds me of the sea!

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Clever Fish Puns

While you may not realize this, fish are actually more intelligent than how they look. Why? Because they live in schools! Yes I know, a fish is such a strange and crazy water animal.

Check out this list of clever fish puns that will make you think twice! Get ready for a fish pun battle!

1. My brother tried to gill-t me into giving him the last ice cream popsicle.

You could have gill-ted him back. Sounds like a smelly fish!

2. We fish you a Merry Christmas!

May it be filled with waves of laughter from tons of fish.

3. Are you willing to place a bait or are the stakes too high?

Two puns in one!

4. As long as you believe in it hard enough, any-fin is possible.

You’ll be able to swim through any-fin.

5. Where do ladyfish keep all their stuff? In an octopurse!

Is their favorite high-end designer back, Louis Fish-tton? Such an expensive fish!

6. DJ, drop that bass!

Because you know I’m all about that bass, no treble.

7. Best fishes on your anniversary!

Only the best fish for my dear.

8. The moment he stepped into the room, he knew he was skating on fin ice.

Only a fin sheet of ice is between him and a cold icy drop.

9. When you fish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are.

Be the big fish in this sea of little fish.

10. What is a fish’s favorite bread? A sea-namon roll.

With raisins or without? I have a complicated relationship with nature’s candy.

11. Why did the fish blush? Because it saw the bad-tempered shark’s bottom!

What a fishcious rumor! That’s current news under the salt water.

12. What is the most expensive fish? A goldfish.

And why is a goldfish orange? Because the water makes them rusty!

13. How much money does Gill Gates have? About a gillion dollars.

Even more than Gill Clinton!

14. What happened to the cold jellyfish? It set!

It was just too cool. Typical for a teenage fish!

15. Why do fish companies never work? They have to scale back non-stop.

I bet the fastest fish could solve the problem!

16. Did you know the secret about the fish and the banker? They’ll give you a loan shark.

Maybe you could find them at some fish markets!

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Fish Puns Love

If you’re looking for puns about love and roe-mance, you should check out fish puns about love of course. You will definitely hook in your special someone and make them smile with these fintastic puns.

If your partner finds any of these fish puns cute and funny, they might even post it on their Instagram which makes your pun Instagram-of-fishal! Enjoy this complete list of cute fish puns!

1. The rush of meeting a new love will always be fin-tastic.

Love is fin-damental in life.

2. I didn’t know you felt this way, but I’m in love with salmon else.

I already have someone else. Sorry, love confessions don’t always lead to happy endings.

3. Can salmon call the doctor? You just took my breath away.

I feel like I’m a shy fish out of the water!

4. My love for you will last a krill-ion years.

Hear that? It’s not just a thousand. Not just a million. It’s a kirll-ion years.

5. I enjoy your company. I have so much fin when you’re around!

I’m glad you have fun when I’m around! Being with you is fun for me too!

6. You’re so so-fish-ticated!

I’m just a modern fish living in this fish bowl called life.

7. You are the fin-cess, and I am your knight in shining armor.

Save me from the dangers of the sea by clearing out pollution, my knight.

8. You’ve got me hooked!

That’s one of the bad fish puns. I’m sure it was made by the laziest fish ever!

9. You are the gill of my dreams.

Does that mean you can’t breathe without me?

10. I like you as much as I like my morning caf-fin.

I know I make your heart race!

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