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It’s that time of year again where we gather with our loved ones to celebrate the holiday season. And what better way to add some festive fun to your gatherings than with a game of Christmas “Would You Rather”?

If you’re in charge of planning Christmas activities this year, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 40+ Christmas Would You Rather questions that are sure to bring joy and laughter to your celebrations. So, get ready for some festive fun!

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How to Play Christmas “Would You Rather”

Christmas Would You Rather is the perfect icebreaker game for your Christmas celebration. In this social game, players ask questions and choose between two Christmas-themed options.

To begin, pick a player to start, and this player will say a statement such as, “Would You Rather…” followed by two impossible choices.

For example: “Would you rather spend Christmas alone or with your worst enemy?”

The other players will then take turns picking one of the two choices. You can’t say both, either, and you can’t pass, so choose wisely! After all the players have chosen their answer, the game continues with another player asking a new question.

The game continues like this until you run out of questions or until everyone has had enough fun. You can even add a twist and have players explain why they chose their answer!

Play Christmas “Would You Rather” Online

If coming up with questions for your game of Christmas “Would You Rather” isn’t your style, we’ve got you covered. Our online version of the game features over 1,000 “Would You Rather” questions, and for free!

All you need to do is gather your family and friends around a device, download our apps or open our website, and let the fun begin. With endless possibilities, you’ll never run out of laughter and joy!

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Fun Christmas Would You Rather Questions

Playing Christmas “Would You Rather” is even more fun with festive questions. To help you get started, here are some fun Christmas “Would You Rather” questions to add to your list:

1. Would You Rather spend days preparing the Christmas feast or spend a whole day cleaning up the entire house after Christmas?

I hate cleaning up. But if I mess up the food somehow, I’m sorry in advance 🙏

2. Would You Rather meet Santa Claus or Jack Frost?

Jack Frost sounds like such a fantastic person to hang around with, but I’d love to see how things work at Santa’s factory!

3. Would You Rather say “Merry Christmas” in all languages or memorize all of the Christmas carols?

Being able to say it in all languages sounds so cool 😱

4. Would You Rather give away $25 to a stranger or be forced to give $100 to someone you don’t like?

Whatever it is, Christmas is all about giving 😊

5. Would You Rather live as an elf or live as Santa Claus?

It might be cool to fly worldwide in just one night.

6. Would You Rather only be able to eat candy canes or gumdrops?

Why can’t we have both? 😩

7. Would You Rather participate in a Secret Santa or volunteer at a shelter?

I honestly love the thrill of participating in Secret Santa!

8. Would You Rather spend Christmas at home or in an Airbnb?

Nothing beats spending Christmas at home, though I would love to avoid cleaning the whole house.

9. If you had to choose only one, Would You Rather watch The Grinch for Christmas or all Home Alone movies?

As a kid, I loved Home Alone! It is the coolest movie 😎

10. Would You Rather celebrate Christmas for a whole year or only once every five years?

You know what they say, “too much of a good thing is not good for you.” If you celebrate it every day, it won’t be special anymore.

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11. Would You Rather be best friends with Santa’s elf or have Rudolf as a pet?

You’ll never lose your pet if it were Rudolf! That red nose could be helpful.

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12. Would You Rather laugh like Santa Claus forever or always wear bells on your feet like an elf?

You’ll never be able to win at Hide and Seek if you had bells on you 😂

13. Would You Rather be the only person who gives out gifts for Christmas or the only person who receives them?

I’d feel bad if I were to see the look on everyone’s faces if I was the only one opening presents.

14. Would You Rather catch Santa Claus kissing mommy or never have Santa drop by your house?

I’d never be able to get that image out of my head 😨

15. Would You Rather be tasked to untangle all the Christmas lights or be the person who irons out wrapping paper?

Either task would take forever, so what’s the difference anyway?

16. Would You Rather swim in eggnog or live in a real-life gingerbread house for a week?

I can’t decide.

17. Would You Rather ride with Santa Claus on his sleigh or Rudolf’s back?

Riding on Rudolf’s back would be such a thrill, but I’d love to hear all the stories that Santa has for me!

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18. Would You Rather spend Christmas with the entire family or with three celebrities of your choice?

I have my whole life to be with family; being given a chance to spend it with celebrities, on the other hand, would be AMAZING 😱

19. Would You Rather make 2,000 Christmas cookies or decorate 200 Christmas trees?

Baking is tiring work!

20. Would You Rather go to work/school in a Santa costume or an elf costume?

I bet I can make elf costumes seem cute 😋

21. Would You Rather be stripped away of your Christmas Break or your Summer Break?

I can handle doing work over Summer, but studying on Christmas? That’s a big no 😠

22. Would You Rather pick someone hard to shop for during Secret Santa or find out that no one picked your name for Secret Santa?

I generally need to improve at shopping for people.

23. If you had a time machine, Would You Rather choose to experience what Christmas was like in the past or how it would be in the future?

The future! What if we had holograms? Think of how cool that would be!

24. Would You Rather donate your time or your money during the Christmas season?

You can always make more money but never take time back.

25. Would You Rather wear ugly matching Christmas sweaters and have that as your postcard photo, or get chickenpox and have pictures of those as your postcard photo?

Don’t worry; that’s what Photoshop is for!

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26. Would You Rather spend Christmas alone or with your worst enemy?

Oh, that’s a tough one!

27. Would You Rather have Christmas in summer or Christmas in winter?

There’s something magical about Christmas during winter, but a summer Christmas could be interesting…

28. Would You Rather receive one amazing gift or multiple okay gifts?

Quality over quantity, right?

29. Would You Rather have Christmas tree needles scattered all over the floor or step on a forgotten ornament?

Both would be a pain to clean up — ouch!

30. Would You Rather have a perfectly decorated Christmas tree that’s fake or a poorly decorated real tree?

You can’t beat the scent of a real Christmas tree, but a perfectly decorated one is hard to resist…

31. Would You Rather eat nothing but fruitcake for a day or have no dessert at all on Christmas?

That’s a tough call, but who can resist the sweet allure of dessert?

32. Would You Rather have a snowball fight with Jack Frost or a sleigh ride with Santa Claus?

A snowball fight could be fun, but who wouldn’t want to see the world with Santa?

33. Would You Rather have a star or an angel at the top of your Christmas tree?

Both are great, but which tops it for you?

34. Would You Rather have a silent night on Christmas Eve or a loud and lively one?

Sometimes, peace and quiet can be the best present of all.

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35. Would You Rather help Mrs. Claus in the kitchen or Santa in the workshop?

Each one sure has its own charm, doesn’t it?

36. Would You Rather have a green or a white Christmas?

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas, or does a green one sound more appealing?

37. Would You Rather have Christmas without presents or birthday without birthday cake?

It’s hard to imagine both, isn’t it?

38. Would You Rather drink hot cocoa or eggnog on a cold Christmas night?

Both are quite comforting in their own ways.

39. Would You Rather have gingerbread cookies or candy canes?

Both are classic Christmas treats. But if you had to choose…

40. Would You Rather wear Christmas pajamas all day or a Christmas sweater?

Imagine spending all day in your comfiest Christmas attire. Isn’t that just perfect?

41. Would You Rather have Rudolph’s red nose or Dasher’s speed?

One makes you light up the night, the other gives you the gift of speed. Choose wisely!

42. Would You Rather sing carols in front of your neighbors or wrap presents for them?

Both activities spread the Christmas cheer, but which one would you prefer?

43. Would You Rather stay up late on Christmas Eve or wake up early on Christmas Day?

There’s much to do on both days, but which do you prefer?

44. Would You Rather be a character in ‘A Christmas Carol’ or in ‘The Nutcracker’?

Both stories are Christmas classics, but where would you like to have your adventure?

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45. Would You Rather have a Christmas feast with the characters from ‘Frozen’ or ‘Polar Express’?

A Christmas meal with some of your favorite characters… who could say no to that?

46. Would You Rather receive coal from Santa or a fruitcake from your Secret Santa?

Oh, what a dilemma!

47. Would You Rather be in charge of putting up the Christmas lights or taking them down?

Both tasks can be quite a hassle, but which would you rather do?

48. Would You Rather volunteer at a homeless shelter on Christmas or donate toys to children in need?

Both are noble deeds, but if you had to choose one…

49. Would You Rather have a Christmas movie marathon or go caroling around your neighborhood?

Imagine a night of classic Christmas movies or a night filled with carols. Which would you prefer?

50. Would You Rather make snow angels or build a snowman?

Choosing between these two winter wonders can be quite tricky, can’t it?

“This or That” Christmas Quiz

Want to know what makes Christmas so special for you? Take this quick “This or That” quiz and find out!

1. Would you rather go to work/school in a Santa costume or an elf costume?

Both would be fun conversation starters.

2. Would you rather have a white Christmas or a green one?

Dreaming of a snowy winter wonderland, or is a green Christmas more your style?

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3. Would you rather receive one expensive gift or several smaller ones?

Quality over quantity, or do multiple presents bring more joy to your heart?

4. Would you rather attend a Christmas party or host one?

Either way, there will be plenty of festive fun!

5. Would you rather decorate your house with colorful lights or elegant candles?

Both bring a warm and cozy ambiance to the holiday season.

6. Would you rather watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “A Christmas Story” on repeat?

Each has its own charm, but which movie could you never tire of watching?

7. Would you rather eat Christmas dinner with your family or a group of close friends?

No matter who’s at the table, it will be filled with love and laughter.

8. Would you rather have a real or fake Christmas tree?

The debate continues… which one do you prefer?

9. Would you rather have your Christmas shopping done early or leave it until the last minute?

Are you a planner or a procrastinator when it comes to gift buying?

10. Would you rather receive an unexpected gift from someone special or give one yourself?

It’s always great to see the joy on someone’s face when they open the perfect present. But it’s also nice to be surprised!

11. Would you rather have a Christmas without any snow or any presents?

A tough choice, but which one would you pick if you had to?

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12. Would you rather listen to classic Christmas carols or modern holiday tunes?

The nostalgic warmth of traditional carols or the upbeat energy of more recent songs?

13. Would you rather spend Christmas day cooking a big feast or have someone else cook for you?

Cooking can be stressful, but it also brings people together. Which option do you prefer?

14. Would you rather travel to a warm destination for Christmas or stay at home in the cold?

Escaping the chilly weather or embracing it?

15. Would you rather have a Christmas tree full of handmade ornaments or store-bought ones?

Either way, the tree will be filled with memories and love.

16. Would you rather spend Christmas day ice skating or building a snowman?

Both are classic winter activities, but which one would you love to do on Christmas?

17. Would you rather have a big family Christmas or a quiet Christmas with just your immediate family?

The more the merrier, or cozy and intimate?

18. Would you rather have your favorite Christmas food as an appetizer or dessert?

It’s hard to choose when there are so many delicious options!

These festive Would You Rather questions are sure to bring some laughter and lively discussions to your Christmas celebrations! Whether you choose between holiday-themed dilemmas or amusing choices, there’s never a dull moment when playing this game with family and friends.

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So go ahead and add a playful twist to your Christmas festivities with these entertaining prompts! Happy holidays! 🎅🏼🎄

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