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Gather ‘round for some festive fun this Thanksgiving with a fun game of “Would You Rather”! This classic party game is sure to keep the entire family entertained and get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Whether you’re playing with friends, family or colleagues “Would You Rather” is always a hit! Play this game while you’re waiting for dinner to be ready, or to keep the little ones occupied while you get all of the sides cooked up!

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Play Thanksgiving “Would You Rather” Online

Enjoy this classic party game, made more accessible and more fun online! Our online version of Thanksgiving “Would You Rather” will keep you and your family laughing all night long, with easy-to-access questions made just for any occasion!

All you need is a reliable internet connection, download our free app or access our website to get started. We’ve got over 1,000 “Would You Rather” questions to choose from, so there’s never a dull moment.

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How to Play Thanksgiving “Would You Rather”

Thanksgiving “Would You Rather” is a social game that’s easy to play! Simply gather around with two or more players, and decide which player goes first.

The first player will then pose a question with two options to the rest of the group.

For example, “Would you rather eat pumpkin pie or apple pie for dessert?”

The other players must then choose which option they would rather do and explain their reasoning behind their choice. This is a fun way to get to know each other’s preferences for the holiday!

Thanksgiving “Would You Rather” PDF

Need Thanksgiving “Would You Rather” questions for your next holiday get-together? Download our free printable PDF with fun and thought-provoking questions. May the best decision maker win! 🍁🦃🍂

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions PDF

“Would You Rather” Questions for Thanksgiving

Ready to get in the Thanksgiving spirit? Here are 40 festive “Would You Rather” questions to ask your family and friends for some Thanksgiving fun:

1. Would You Rather have pumpkin pie or apple pie?

Ah, how do you choose between of the best pie flavors?

2. Would You Rather split the wishbone with your parent or your sibling?

Who knows what they’re wishing for right? What if your mom wishes that you’d do more chores around the house? 😨😂

3. Would You Rather watch the Thanksgiving parade live or through the TV?

As much as I love the Thanksgiving parade and the joy it brings me, I’d much rather stay at home to keep us safe 😌

4. Would You Rather wash the dishes or clean up the table for Thanksgiving?

Imagine the pile of dishes that you’d have to wash 😱

5. Would You Rather have only a small piece of Thanksgiving turkey or one whole Turkey all for yourself?

Could you feel yourself already bloating by just thinking of this question? 😋

6. Would You Rather have mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes?

I personally have a sweet spot for mashed potatoes, so that’s the only way to go for me!

7. Would You Rather eat indoors or outdoors?

Outdoors dinners seem like a fun way to spend time together 😌

8. Would You Rather have a grand family gathering or just spend it with your immediate family?

Having a grand family gathering might bring about a lot of issues for some families, so maybe having dinner with the immediate family would be safe.

9. Would You Rather have a getaway or spend Thanksgiving at home?

Having a getaway or even a small vacation always seems like a great idea! It’s the perfect way to give yourselves the break that you all need.

10. Would You Rather cook the Thanksgiving feast with your mom or dad?

My mom mostly cooks at home, but my dad has a way to make everything seem fun!

11. Would You Rather play a scavenger hunt with the family for Thanksgiving or play Would You Rather?

My family’s more of a “sit down and let’s have a great conversation” type of family. So I guess playing Would You Rather would be the more obvious choice here.

12. Would You Rather spend the day grilling food with the family outside or baking stuff with the family indoors?

Grilling with a cold beer in my hand? Now that sounds so relaxing!

13. Would You Rather have a themed Thanksgiving dinner or none at all?

What if the family decides to come up with the craziest theme? 😱

14. Would You Rather spend Thanksgiving with your family or friends?

For context, it would be for this year.

15. Would You Rather write down the things you’re thankful for or say them out loud for everyone to hear?

There are some things that I’d rather not have my whole family know about, so maybe writing them down is more comfortable.

16. Would You Rather be seated at the kids’ dining table or with the adults?

I’d much prefer to sit at the adults’ table, but I don’t want to risk hearing unnecessary comments from my aunts or uncles. So kids table it is! 😁

17. Would You Rather celebrate Thanksgiving for a week or celebrate Christmas for a week?

Can’t decide which is my favorite holiday 😤

18. Would You Rather be assigned to clearing out a 50 lb pumpkin or be the one to catch a live turkey with your bare hands?

Both tasks seem tiring, so just pick one!

19. Would You Rather have to eat without cranberry sauce or without gravy?

How do you even have a Thanksgiving dinner without either one of these 😩

20. Would You Rather have been a Pilgrim or a Native American on the first Thanksgiving?

Might be a cool experience either way.

21. Would You Rather write a five-page essay on the things you’re thankful for or wear a Pilgrim costume to school for one whole week?

Puh, that’s a tough one!

22. Would You Rather eat all the leftovers from Thanksgiving for a month or never be able to eat Thanksgiving food again?

I suppose that it’s better to at least have food on the table.

23. Would You Rather be thankful for all the mistakes you made or for all of your accomplishments?

It’s important to learn from your mistakes, as that’s what helps you grow! But then again, accomplishments play a big part in life as well.

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24. Would You Rather wash your hair with mashed potatoes or bath yourself in gravy?

All I can think about with this question is “icky, icky, icky!”

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25. Would You Rather have your Thanksgiving meal at 10 AM or at 10 PM?

Imagine how early you’d have to get up to prepare the food.

26. Would You Rather have a Thanksgiving feast on a tropical beach or in a cozy cabin in the mountains?

Sunny shores or snowy retreat? Time to make your dream Thanksgiving destination come true!

27. Would You Rather have a pie-eating contest or a turkey-leg eating contest?

Prepare for some messy and delightful fun!

28. Would You Rather have a Thanksgiving without football games or without parades?

Tough choice for those who love both traditions!

29. Would You Rather discover a new delicious Thanksgiving dish or stick to the classics?

Adventure on your plate or tradition on your taste buds?

30. Would You Rather be a turkey or a pumpkin for Thanksgiving’s mascot?

A tough call between gobbling and glowing!

31. Would You Rather have a Thanksgiving-themed costume party or a karaoke night?

Dress up or sing your heart out? The party’s yours to choose!

32. Would You Rather have a magical button that refills your plate with Thanksgiving food or one that grants you a wish?

Endless feasting or one grand wish—decisions, decisions!

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33. Would You Rather celebrate Thanksgiving on a spaceship traveling to a new planet or in a time machine visiting the first Thanksgiving?

Futuristic feast or historical rendezvous?

34. Would You Rather have a pet turkey that joins your family every Thanksgiving or a magical talking cornucopia that produces any food you desire?

Quirky companions for a memorable holiday!

35. Would You Rather have a Thanksgiving where everything goes perfectly but no one can remember it, or one full of mishaps but everyone cherishes the memories?

Picture-perfect or hilariously chaotic—choose your story!

36. Would You Rather host a Thanksgiving potluck with your friends or participate in a cooking challenge with celebrity chefs?

Cooking camaraderie or culinary showdown?

37. Would You Rather experience Thanksgiving in a different historical era or in a parallel universe?

Time travel or interdimensional exploration—your feast, your rules!

38. Would You Rather have a talking turkey as your dinner guest or a live pumpkin as your conversation partner?

Gobble up the humor or squash some fun puns!

39. Would You Rather have a Thanksgiving tree adorned with gratitude notes or a giant Thanksgiving-themed puzzle to solve together?

Branching out with thanks or piecing together joy?

40. Would You Rather have Thanksgiving without your smartphone or without any desserts?

Disconnect from screens or from sweetness—how will you savor the holiday?

👉 Are you a Thanksgiving expert? Test your knowledge with our Thanksgiving Trivia Questions and show off your holiday know-how!

“This or That” Thanksgiving Quiz

Want more fun during Thanksgiving? Test your preferences with our “This or That” Thanksgiving quiz! See how your choices compare with others. 🤔

1. Turkey or Ham?

Both are delicious!

2. Gravy on everything or just on the mashed potatoes?

Is there really a wrong way to enjoy gravy? 🤔

3. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?

Can I have both please? 🥧

4. Stuffing inside the turkey or baked in a separate dish?

Do we even need to ask? 😉

5. Football game or parade?

Why not watch both at the same time! 🏈

6. Black Friday shopping or staying home and relaxing?

Depends on how much turkey I eat! 😂

7. Making hand turkeys or carving pumpkins?

Time to get creative!

8. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows or without?

The more marshmallows the better! 🍠

9. Eat Thanksgiving meal at 2 PM or 7 PM?

Why not eat all day long? 🍴

10. Make a wishbone wish or let someone else have it?

Sharing is caring, but I really want that wish too! 🙏🏼

11. Have turkey-shaped dinner rolls or regular rolls?

Gobble up the cuteness!

12. Cranberry sauce from a can or homemade?

As long as there’s cranberry sauce, I’m happy! 🍒

13. Pecan pie or pumpkin cheesecake?

Tough choice between these two delicious desserts! 🤤

14. White meat or dark meat?

I’ll take any meat, thanks! 🍗

15. Greet everyone with a hug or a handshake?

Spread some Thanksgiving love! ❤️

16. Eat leftovers for breakfast or dinner?

Why not both? Leftovers are the gift that keeps on giving! 🎁

17. Watch the Macy’s parade or local parade?

Parades are always a good time! 🎉

18. Make a gratitude list or write thank you notes?

Gratitude is always in style.

19. Wear stretchy pants or dress up for the occasion?

Thanksgiving outfit goals: comfy and cute!

Thanksgiving is a time for good food, family and friends, and fun traditions. Whether you prefer mashed potatoes or gravy, football or parades, the most important thing is to cherish the moments and be grateful for all that we have. Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🦃🍂

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