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All stuffed having a great meal together? Or maybe you’re all sitting around waiting to have dinner. Regardless, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to play a small game together!

How to play Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a social game that prompts everyone to choose between two options presented to them. It could be something completely different, or just two options that are simply hard to choose from.

Everyone should get a turn in asking a Would You Rather question to be fair. So it’s easier to decide on how the turns will go. Commonly, it goes in clockwise order. Once that’s settled, the game can begin!

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Would You Rather Questions for Thanksgiving

Unsure of what to ask during this part of the game? No worries! We’ve made a small list of Would You Rather statement suggestions that could kick things off for everyone!

Here are 25 Would You Rather questions for Thanksgiving!

1. Would You Rather have pumpkin pie or apple pie?

Ah, how do you choose between of the best pie flavors?

2. Would You Rather split the wishbone with your parent or your sibling?

Who knows what they’re wishing for right? What if your mom wishes that you’d do more chores around the house? 😨😂

3. Would You Rather watch the Thanksgiving parade live or through the TV?

As much as I love the Thanksgiving parade and the joy it brings me, I’d much rather stay at home to keep us safe 😌

4. Would You Rather wash the dishes or clean up the table for Thanksgiving?

Imagine the pile of dishes that you’d have to wash 😱

5. Would You Rather have only a small piece of Thanksgiving turkey or one whole Turkey all for yourself?

Could you feel yourself already bloating by just thinking of this question? 😋

6. Would You Rather have mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes?

I personally have a sweet spot for mashed potatoes, so that’s the only way to go for me!

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7. Would You Rather eat indoors or outdoors?

Outdoors dinners seem like a fun way to spend time together 😌

8. Would You Rather have a grand family gathering or just spend it with your immediate family?

Having a grand family gathering might bring about a lot of issues for some families, so maybe having dinner with the immediate family would be safe.

9. Would You Rather have a getaway or spend Thanksgiving at home?

Having a getaway or even a small vacation always seems like a great idea! It’s the perfect way to give yourselves the break that you all need.

10. Would You Rather cook the Thanksgiving feast with your mom or dad?

My mom mostly cooks at home, but my dad has a way to make everything seem fun!

11. Would You Rather play a scavenger hunt with the family for Thanksgiving or play Would You Rather?

My family’s more of a “sit down and let’s have a great conversation” type of family. So I guess playing Would You Rather would be the more obvious choice here.

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12. Would You Rather spend the day grilling food with the family outside or baking stuff with the family indoors?

Grilling with a cold beer in my hand? Now that sounds so relaxing!

13. Would You Rather have a themed Thanksgiving dinner or none at all?

What if the family decides to come up with the craziest theme? 😱

14. Would You Rather spend Thanksgiving with your family or friends?

For context, it would be for this year.

15. Would You Rather write down the things you’re thankful for or say them out loud for everyone to hear?

There are some things that I’d rather not have my whole family know about, so maybe writing them down is more comfortable.

16. Would You Rather be seated at the kids’ dining table or with the adults?

I’d much prefer to sit at the adults’ table, but I don’t want to risk hearing unnecessary comments from my aunts or uncles. So kids table it is! 😁

17. Would You Rather celebrate Thanksgiving for a week or celebrate Christmas for a week?

Can’t decide which is my favorite holiday 😤

18. Would You Rather be assigned to clearing out a 50 lb pumpkin or be the one to catch a live turkey with your bare hands?

Both tasks seem tiring, so just pick one!

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19. Would You Rather have to eat without cranberry sauce or without gravy?

How do you even have a Thanksgiving dinner without either one of these 😩

20. Would You Rather have been a Pilgrim or a Native American on the first Thanksgiving?

Might be a cool experience either way.

21. Would You Rather write a five-page essay on the things you’re thankful for or wear a Pilgrim costume to school for one whole week?

Puh, that’s a tough one!

22. Would You Rather eat all the leftovers from Thanksgiving for a month or never be able to eat Thanksgiving food again?

I suppose that it’s better to at least have food on the table.

23. Would You Rather be thankful for all the mistakes you made or for all of your accomplishments?

It’s important to learn from your mistakes, as that’s what helps you grow! But then again, accomplishments play a big part in life as well.

24. Would You Rather wash your hair with mashed potatoes or bath yourself in gravy?

All I can think about with this question is “icky, icky, icky!”

25. Would You Rather have your Thanksgiving meal at 10 AM or at 10 PM?

Imagine how early you’d have to get up to prepare the food.

Looking for more suggestions?

If you happen to have stumbled upon this article but it’s not Thanksgiving, you can head over to this link to find Would You Rather statements that you can ask at any time throughout the year! It has funny questions, questions for couples, and even talks about the drinking version of Would You Rather!

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