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Butterflies in your belly when you meet this very special person? Sorry, I meant even when you just think of her… You don’t know what to say or how to behave? Don’t complain, admit that it’s beautiful to be in love! And you know that it’s time to take the next step… Go on your first date, of course! You don’t know where to take him/her? You’ve come to the right article.

Relax and don’t worry, the Psycats are here to get you ready for your first date. In addition to the best ideas, we’ll give you good advice and strategies to make it go smoothly.

Good first date ideas

First of all, here comes the most important advice: Be yourself. There is no point in playing a role to impress someone. So, for girls who don’t like wearing makeup - it’s totally acceptable to go on a date without it, yes! And for the sweatpants-wearing hood boy, there’s no point in putting on a button shirt because you’ve caught a chick in heels. Either she likes you as you are, or let go.

Let’s start with some good ideas, which we chose strategically. That’s to say with the aim not only to create a good atmosphere but also to bring you closer. Yes, also physically, if that was the question. Here we go!

Date at the funfair

There are activities for everyone at the fair. If you and your date aren’t afraid of anything, you can try crazy stuff like vertical rides. If you prefer a quiet ride on the ferris wheel, there’s nothing to stop you from looking for your happiness on this one… Especially since it’s romantic with this magnificent view!

What matters is that you both agree. So don’t take tickets in advance for a Reverse-bungee, if it’s so that the guy/girl starts to vomit… This would remain an unforgettable date, but not for the right reason.

And what’s the good strategy behind this? First of all thrills bring one closer. And secondly, laughter is almost guaranteed (still assuming that no one vomits).

Little briefing: First you propose (this also applies to cotton candy and roasted peanuts - there’re people on a diet, people with allergies, people with toothache - we understand each other, you propose before you buy). Then all you have to do is enjoy.

And think about a little detail: During certain seasons the fairgrounds are very crowded. If your date doesn’t like crowds, rather read on to find an alternative…

A date for the lil’ chefs

Why not propose to go to a cooking workshop? Be careful, you must first take certain precautions. If you know that he/she is overweight and on some crazy ass diet, go to the next proposal. Besides, he/she could take it badly. If he/she is just a little round and loves the curves (and I imagine that you do too), go ahead, propose this little date between food lovers.

But first find out what foods your future sweetheart doesn’t eat, to avoid falling into the trap. Then be careful to find a workshop that offers to create a dish that he/she wants to try. If he/she is vegan and you eat a beefsteak every day, don’t hide it, but just try to take an interest in his/her way of life. And try out this little quinoa dish, which could change your life forever.

Firstly because cooking brings you closer. Eating too. I can already see you gently blowing on a spoon to propose your sauce to your date… Be careful not to spit on it.

Another positive point; Once a dish has been successfully cooked during the workshop - why not propose to do it again at home another time? And if what was on your plate was not only ugly, but also disgusting - at least your date won’t have the unpleasant surprise once you’ll cook at your home… And you’ll certainly have had a good laugh.

Why the classic date at the movies isn’t that bad

Somebody will certainly ask us why we put this with the good ideas. Here’s why: You also have to think of the shy people, who don’t know quite well how to start a discussion. With a movie it’s easy. Think of two geeks, who find themselves with their round glasses, film enthusiasts. Maybe you look in two eyes just like that, in front of you, in the mirror. First of all, don’t worry, today wearing glasses is a sign of style. Then maybe you’re wondering how to become cooler, but your date likes you just the way you are. Leave the lenses in their box, they start to burn after a while in front of the screen.

Talking about the screen - so for two geeks there’s nothing more exciting than the premiere of a movie they love. Or the day after the premiere, doesn’t matter. And if you know that your date is into that, but you aren’t - why not discover his/her world for one night? We don’t advise you to pretend to be a part of this community, if you aren’t. You can simply explain that it’s usually not your thing, but that you’d like to see how it goes.

If you’re afraid to find interesting topics to discuss, this date is a great idea. A movie’s a good icebreaker. At the end of it you’ll certainly have something to say. Unless you run into someone who falls asleep at the cinema - yes, such people do exist - so, as usual, ask for your date’s opinion first.

The other positive point: You are in the dark, quite close, maybe in the last row… You can imagine what I’m talking about, so why don’t you go and watch the program right now?

Fun first date ideas

It’s so important to laugh in a relationship! Trust us, when we ask people how it is that they are so good together, they often tell us simply because they have a good laugh with their partner. We feel good when we laugh, it’s a hormone thing. For more details ask Google, Dr.Psycats knowledge on hormones is exhausted at this point.

Beware, we don’t advise you to make weird jokes all night. Try to find out what kind of humor your date is in. What we offer you here are date-ideas that put you in a good mood.

Try accrobranche for a double dose of vertigo

Here is an idea for nature, forest and adrenaline lovers! Many forest amusement parks offer you to climb trees and keep your balance on ropes. Everything is safe, so don’t panic! So even if your date sees you fall, it wouldn’t be the end of the world… especially since it’s human and he/she might like that. Here we come to another important thing: On the first date we sometimes try to be perfect. Obviously we want to show our best side. Except that we all know that everyone has flaws. By showing them, we also show that we are simply real. So if you fall down, don’t get upset. Laugh and get back up… or, if your date is already lying in the dirt - roll around for a little more fun… Just don’t put on your fetish clothes unless you don’t mind getting them dirty…

Ask your date if he/she is afraid of heights before booking… In the worst case you would rather opt for the kids’ course. What’s certain is that you will have the opportunity to behave like kids yourself - action and crazy laughs are guaranteed. And don’t forget that adrenaline is getting one closer, so be ready to take the first step if you got the opportunity…

Even more action at the laser-games

This game is for those who have always wanted to try paint-ball, but are too afraid of getting hurt. And for everyone else. At least those who love a little action.

What is it exactly? Basically you play war with laser or infrared guns. You can play alone or in a team, often in a dark and smoky maze. Sometimes there are mirrors or other little traps. The games last between 15 and 30 minutes. The goal is, of course, to ‘kill’ the opponents. Except that sometimes the number of shots is limited, so people won’t shoot anyhow anywhere without a game strategy. Usually there are more than two people.

By playing against others (usually you play against strangers who are there at the same time), you’ll see directly, if you make a good team. It’s a lot of fun and in most places not very expensive.

Try out improv theater

I admit that you have to be really brave to dare an improv class as a first date. Unless you’re both already used to being on stage or very extroverted. No? Sometimes you just have to be daring. What is certain is that it will make you laugh.

This activity might indeed be a bit awkward at first - especially if you’re not used to talking in front of others. But once you’re in it, you might discover a whole new side of yourself. Really try to take it seriously and put yourself in your character. You might even get lucky and come across instructions, which bring you closer to your date. And why not continue this little role-play after the session?

Let’s be honest; you could just get really embarrassed. But in that case you’ll always have the memory of the weird, dramatic teacher or the guy who wanted to show off in front of the others - or whatever weird person you might come across. It’s up to you to see if you and your date can handle this kind of activity.

First date ideas at night

If you work, your date will probably be at night. At least in winter, when it gets dark very early… Except that one is not obliged to go to the cinema (dedication to the geeks with their stylish glasses!) or in a dirty bar just because it’s night. It’s totally okay if you like dirty bars, by the way. Anyway, why not make it a little more original than that? Why not…

Check out the first club where your date went to

Of course you have to be in the place where he/she started to go out. Ahh, you feel old all of a sudden. Might as well dive into memories for a little more nostalgia.

What’s the point? Even if you’ve changed with time, your past is part of your life. It’s not only, but also our past that makes us who we are. This date works in the two ways if you grew up in the same city. Thanks to your memories, you find a lot of things to tell each other. Like “There, in the parking lot we hid our bottles of 5€-wine” or “At the time I had a fake ID so badly made, that even my grandmother would have noticed it without her glasses”… so lots of laughter are guaranteed. Depending your age you may not know anyone in the crowd anymore. So you can do anything - dance any way you want on the bar or even get kicked out. What’s guaranteed is that you’ll learn something about your sweetheart through this date.

A spooky night walk

That’s for fans of detective books and horror series.

In a lot of cities there are people who organize scary night walks. Someone tells you, for example, where a known murderer killed one of his victims. Sometimes the guide is in disguise, which is even better for the spooky mood.

So apart from the scary part, you often learn a bit of the history of the city you’re in. So it’s a cultural activity at the same time. And don’t forget that the adrenaline brings you closer! Then at the end one of you may be so scared that he/she won’t want to go home alone anymore… Opportunity to seize!

Try a dance initiation

Many bars (often Latino bars) offer free dance initiations. So that was already the first positive point compared to a real dance class - you don’t pay. And these initiations are often shorter than classes, so if you really suck, at least it goes by quickly.

Hopefully that’s not the case. Or if it is, at least you and your date are still having fun. Just try not to step on his/her toes. If the date doesn’t go well, you’ll have a good excuse to leave right after the initiation. If, on the other hand, it goes really well - you could always offer to stay in the bar to practice with your new dance-partner!

There are plenty of tutorials on the net. If you want to see the basic steps before you start, nothing stops you from doing so…

Cute first date ideas

You’re already totally in love even before the first date? Then you need more than action, adrenaline or fun. In this case you need a really cute idea. Here’s what we got for you:

A doggy-walk

Dogs aren’t called a man’s best friend for nothing. There are so many activities to do with this crazy four-legged animal. If you’re the proud owner of such a beast, you know very well that people don’t stop talking to you on the streets because of him/her. Because he’s not only cute, he’s also so funny. So if you live with your hairy best friend, you already got the solution for your date: Just suggest a walk or maybe a run, if your date is sporty enough. As long as she/he is not allergic…

If you don’t have one, why not help an association to walk the poor rescued animals? It has to be organized in advance, you can’t just show up and say “Hey, today I’m taking one of your dogs out” - but if you plan it and you take care of finishing all the registration paper-stuff before your date, it’s possible. Be careful, we don’t advise you to register just for your date and never come back… Think before you make a commitment! And maybe your love for animals will lead you to change their little world.

Plunge back into a childhood memory

What is your best childhood memory? We don’t say that your childhood must have been perfect to have a best memory. Maybe it was a movie. The moment when The Lion King was released in 3D for example was a great moment for a whole generation.

Maybe it was a place. For example a park or a lake where you spent a lot of time and you would like to share it with a special person.

Now all you have to do is find out what THE magic memory of your date is. You could go to a toy museum or just play on slides like when you where little. Do your investigation to let your date share his nostalgia with you!

Casual first date ideas

Just like your date, you already have enough to do and think about during your day. Work, maybe a family member who needs you or who is bothering you… So you really don’t have the time or motivation to plan a complicated, away-from-home date. Maybe you just want to stay next door, because after a long week you’ve already had enough action. What you need is a casual date idea. For example, you might want…

A Psycatgame-session

On our website there are loads of games that are perfect for a first date. At least if you’re looking for a funny first date with lots of honesty. From Truth or dare to Would you rather? - we have a wide range of games that will teach you more about the person you met. It may not be that romantic, but very practical: you can ask intimate questions without being the one who comes up with delicate subjects. This idea allows you to speed things up and quickly find out if your date is compatible with you and your lifestyle. And don’t forget that you can stay where you want to without driving miles. And it’s free.

A date at the market

Markets (also flea markets) are more and more trendy. You can find so many of them - food markets to taste home-made products, flea markets with vintage objects… Think about which one might be right for your date. If you are a late riser you should find a night market. Or you go to the one in the early morning after your date that started with the dance initiation the day before…

Cheap first date ideas

A little earlier we said that you have to be yourself on your first date, remember? We haven’t had time yet to talk about the man who wants to pay for everything, but at the end of the month his fridge is empty. That’s bullshit, guys. Although it might impress some girls first (rather materialistic, it must be said…) - later you’ll have to stop this strategy. Trust me, just say you don’t have any money. And if she takes it the wrong way, at least it happens on the first date and not after a few months.

Admit that we already got you a lot of cheap or even free ideas. The psycatgames-session, the market (well, unless it’s so good that you get out your wallet directly…), the dance initiation (except for the drinks…), the walk with the dogs… Just to tell you that many beautiful things are for free. As long as you go out with a cool person, who doesn’t expect you to give her a lot of presents. Here are two more little ideas that fit these criteria:

A romantic picnic

When the good weather comes, people huddle together on the terraces of the more or less expensive restaurants. More or less good too.

If you looked closely you must have found three problems in this beginning of the story. Number one: Being stuck to other people. You don’t just hear their boring discussions, but also their arguments. Still if that’s all it was - but no, they hear you too! It’s hard to declare your love when you feel you’re being watched from all sides. That’s the first reason why you should go on a picnic.

Also you know better what you’re eating. And it’s much cheaper. Moreover a picnic has this romantic side. We all immediately think of an old movie a bit kitschy. After all, it’s up to you - you might as well let the romantic side go and play one of the epic games of our site, as mentioned above. In any case you will be less bothered by the mouths and ears of others.

Go to see a vernissage

Finally a little more culture for our nerds. Well, in reality a vernissage is not necessarily so intellectual as that. First of all it depends on the artist. Look him/her up quickly to at least know if s/he creates works that you or your date like. Secondly you don’t have to play an art critic trying to find a hidden message behind a red spot. Just to tell you that a vernissage is perfect for all kinds of people.

You will see if you and your date have the same tastes or not. You have a topic of conversation right in front of you - whether it’s beautiful or ugly.

Then the last two positive points: Most vernissages are with free entry. Often with free champagne. Maybe you also have that homy who pretends to be intellectual, just to get drunk without paying. We don’t say that’s the purpose. But it’s a very nice point to remember.

First date ideas in winter

Winter is magical! Depending on where you live more or less cold also … So you can’t necessarily keep the same dating-ideas in mind… Finally you could try the picnic and hope that your date is so cold, that he/she throws him/herself in your arms directly. But in my opinion it remains a slightly risky plan. If I was you I’d rather go for…


That’s just too beautiful, too elegant, too magical. Too wintery, too kitschy, like a Christmas movie, just an activity totally apart. Whether you do it well or not - just really don’t care. Well, I admit, if you can’t move two meters forward without falling on your butt, it could become embarrassing. It could also hurt. But as long as you can make it around the rink, it’s a bliss.

If you don’t have skates, don’t worry, you can rent them on the spot, usually really cheap. At least much cheaper than skiing. The only important thing is to really dress warmly, because otherwise the fun can quickly come to its end. So if you plan this for your surprise date, at least think about telling your crush to bring his/her biggest jacket, hat and gloves. You wouldn’t want him/her to get sick and on top of that it would be your fault…

A date in the mountains

I admit that a little bigger budget is needed here. At least for a ski or snowboard date, this would be more expensive than the ice-skating. But since we don’t do this every day (well - I speak for the majority of people…), we can, for once pay a bit more, can’t we?

If you’re both a little less athletic, why not try bobsledding? It gets you moving anyway, but it’s certainly less exhausting. With as much fun - because we can guarantee that you’ll fall in the snow at least once. Hopefully it’ll make you laugh as much as your date and you’re having a blast!

And don’t forget the little extra at the end: There’s surely a nice hut next door to taste a little winter punch… Cheers!

First date ideas in summer

Here we are, finally on holidays - or at least on weekends. The sun is shining, warms your skin and your heart. A bit like that person you just met and with whom you’d like to spend a lot more time. And hopefully s/he feels the same! Here’s what you could propose in summer:

Go to the river

Here’s an idea for nature lovers: You certainly have a river not too far from your home. Just going there already calms the spirits and certainly gives you interesting topics of conversation. Moreover, they are rather cool places, which is practical during this hot period.

Here are two ideas for a little more action: First the canoe. To discover it you could already do a session with a club or simply try it out just you two. There aren’t too expensive inflatable canoes available, if you prefer to equip yourself directly. Inflatable doesn’t mean that it breaks as soon as it hits a rock.

What should you look out for? Choose a river you know. It would be a shame to get stuck in nowhere with your date. (except if it’s an approach strategy) Finally it can become dangerous depending on the current. Be careful and also choose a sporty date to avoid getting stuck in the branches ;)

For places with very little current, paddling is also great fun. You’re usually alone on a board, so in approach thermal the canoe could be more practical. But however it remains a very fun and dynamic activity. In any case the two are worth trying!

Go hiking

This is an activity that can be adapted to all sporting levels. If you are really badass, why not go for a whole day with a map and a compass?

Otherwise I’d say that you just have to follow the little arrows (and not the crosses) on the hiking trails. Good shoes, water (or a small beer?), then off you go. If you have a very different level, keep your patience. If you find yourself two kilometers behind your date, don’t be too angry and if it’s the opposite, stop and wait for him/her. Basically, do your best to keep it a shared pleasure. You should at least find some time to chat and take some nice pictures in nature.

Indoor first date ideas

If it rains for weeks or it gets dark very early, you’re not necessarily up to do outdoor activities. Inviting someone to your home that you don’t really know yet, is not the best idea neither. Here are some alternatives:

An escape game-session

This activity is best suited for people who love riddles and action. It’s like being in a video game yourself.

At the beginning you’re given several themes - for example a zombie- or a detective story. Then the story is told in a quick way. Usually you’re told that you’re stuck for some reason - if you stick to the zombie theme it could be an invasion. The goal is to get out of the blocked area within the time limit. It’s about an hour (which goes by very, very quickly). For beginners we really advise you to choose the first level, since with the adrenaline and the action around you you might have trouble concentrating. Without forgetting the presence of your crush.

The price varies according to the size of the group. So with two of you, you’re bound to pay a little more. But since this activity is really special, it’s worth it!

Go to see an aquarium

In many cities there are large aquariums. Ask a little bit about it in advance. So as not to sponsor the holding of depressive whales circling around. But today many aquariums really care about the well-being of their fishes.

Once chosen, all you have to do is make sure that your date is at least a little interested in the marine world before taking him/her there. Then you will find yourself surrounded by impressive animals and beautiful colors. That’s magic!

A bowling match

Here is an activity that goes with almost everyone. Whether you suck or you’re really super good at it - it’s just fun. And even when you’re inexperienced, you can still get a chance to hit a strike. Most of the time there’s already a nice vibe. And if you’re fed up with it, you can always sit down with a little (or big) drink. Small advice: If you are just too good at this game and your date isn’t at all, let him/her win it from time to time… Don’t frustrate him/her.

Are you the king/queen of dating? Have you already finished a dating marathon and tried all of these ideas? Just check out our Best Dating Ideas for even more choices! For the others, all you have to do is choose what’s best for the person who makes your heart beat faster. The whole psycat-team wishes you the best date of your life!

✍️  January 12, 2021

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