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Magical worlds, enchanting characters, and heartwarming stories – you’re never too young or too old to love Disney. And what better way to celebrate your love for all things Disney than with a fun game of Disney “Would You Rather”?

From classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella to newer favorites like Moana and Elsa, these 40+ Disney-themed “Would You Rather” questions will have you and your friends debating over difficult decisions in no time.

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Play Disney “Would You Rather” Online

Why carry the stress of coming up with questions when you can easily play Disney “Would You Rather” online? Thanks to the internet, you and your friends can now enjoy over 1,000 “Would You Rather” questions at the click of a button.

All you have to do is download the free app or visit our website that offers various “Would You Rather” questions and voila! A perfect game for any fun-loving group.

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How to Play Disney “Would You Rather”

Playing Disney “Would You Rather” is simple. Gather your friends, family, or fellow Disney fanatics and get ready for some tough decisions!

First, decide the player who goes first and the order after that. The first player then asks the group a “Would You Rather” question, giving two equally challenging options to choose from.

For example, “Would you rather be a Disney villain for a day or a sidekick for life?”

The other players take turns answering the question until everyone has answered. If you can’t decide or want to explain your choice, feel free to do so! Who knows, this might even lead to some interesting debates and discussions.

Unique Disney “This or That” Challenge

But wait, there’s more! If you’re looking for a twist on the classic “Would You Rather” game, try this unique Disney “This or That” challenge. Choose between two Disney options and see how your preferences align with others!

1. Would you rather watch Toy Story or The Lion King?

Both classics, that’s difficult.

2. Would you rather ride Space Mountain or Splash Mountain in Disney World?

Adrenaline rush or splashdown?

3. Would you rather eat a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar or have a Dole Whip in Disney World?

Two iconic and delicious treats, but which one is your favorite?

4. Would you rather live as an animal in the jungle like Mowgli or as a mermaid under the sea like Ariel?

The ultimate “land vs. sea” dilemma.

5. Would you rather have your own personal genie or fairy godmother?

Genie’s power has no limits, but Fairy Godmother is always there to help!

6. Would you rather fight alongside the Avengers or wield a lightsaber with the Jedi?

With the Avengers, you’d confront earthly and intergalactic threats, whereas the Jedi path brings a galaxy far, far away to your doorstep.

7. Would you rather swim in the ocean with Nemo and Dory or fly through the sky with Peter Pan?

Explore the wonders of the deep blue sea or embrace the freedom of the boundless skies?

8. Would you rather be as rich as Scrooge McDuck or as inventive as Gyro Gearloose?

Wealth to swim in or a mind spinning with groundbreaking inventions?

9. Would you rather have the comedic ability of Genie or the magical powers of Maleficent?

Make everyone laugh with phenomenal cosmic powers or channel the darker side of magic?

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10. Would you rather be known for your super strength like Hercules or for your bravery like Simba?

Mighty powers to protect or courageous heart to inspire?

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11. Would you rather be a skilled archer like Hawkeye or have the gadgets and tech of Iron Man?

Precision from a distance or advanced armor at your fingertips?

12. Would you rather attend a feast at Beast’s castle or a tea party in Wonderland?

Dine in an enchanted castle or sip tea with Wonderland’s most eccentric residents?

13. Would you rather train with Mulan in the Chinese army or sail the seas with Captain Hook?

The question beckons—will you join the ranks and learn the art of combat, or set sail on the high seas with a crew of pirates?

14. Would you rather have the culinary skills of Remy the rat from Ratatouille or the magical baking touch of the fairy Flora in Sleeping Beauty?

Would you prefer to whip up gourmet meals with a Parisian flair or enchant treats with a sprinkle of fairy dust?

15. Would you rather explore outer space with Wall-E or journey through the internet with Ralph and Vanellope?

Adventure beyond the stars or dive deep into the digital world? The choice is yours! 🚀 😄

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Classic Disney “Would You Rather” Questions

Ready to embark on a magical journey with some of your favorite Disney characters? These thought-provoking dilemmas will transport you back to beloved Disney movies and characters, making your decision even harder!

1. Would you rather watch new Disney or classic Disney?

Classic Disney being Hannah Montana, Kim Possible, etc. While new Disney is Amphibia, Sydney to the Max, etc.

2. Would you rather binge-watch Disney Princess movies or underrated Disney movies?

The underrated movies are Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Treasure Planet, Goofy Movie? Those were great movies.

3. Would you rather be Cinderella or Snow White?

Having an abusive step-family and losing your shoe or living with 7 other men?

4. Would you rather watch Kim Possible or Totally Spies?

Talk about Girl Power!

5. Would you rather be the main star on Suite Life of Zack & Cody or Hannah Montana?

Imagine living in a hotel. That would be THE life.

6. Would you rather be a wizard on Wizards of Waverly Place or be Raven on That’s So Raven?

To be a wizard/witch or psychic? I think it would be so cool to have my own wand, though.

7. Would you rather be on Phineas & Ferb or Gravity Falls?

What kind of summer vacation would you want to have?

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8. Would you rather be an animal on The Lion King or The Little Mermaid?

Which animal kingdom would you rather be a part of?

9. Would you rather be Russell on UP or Miguel on Coco?

Which adventure would you like to experience?

10. Would you rather work at Monsters Inc. or at Gusteau’s?

Be a professional scarer or a chef at Gusteau’s?

11. Would you rather be a car in Cars or be one of the emotions on Inside Out?

Don’t know which is cooler, to live AS a car or to live IN someone’s brain? 😱

12. Would you rather be part of the Parr family on The Incredibles or be part of the toys in Toy Story?

It would probably be so cool to be part of either family.

13. Would you rather memorize all the lines in A Bug’s Life or Finding Nemo?

A Bug’s Life is such an underrated movie.

14. Would you rather be Elsa or Maleficent?

Both characters were greatly considered as a villain at the beginning of each movie but ended up becoming a fan favorite.

15. Would you rather binge-watch all of Disney’s animated films or all of their live-action movies?

Either way, you’ll always be in for a treat.

16. Would you rather go to Disney World Tokyo or Disney World California?

I’m sure both places are great!

17. Would you rather spend all day eating food at Disney World or be able to ride all the attractions only once?

I don’t want to be a spoilsport… But if you eat all of this, you will definitely get sick afterward.

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18. Would you rather be controlled through your hair by a rat or magical creatures in your brain?

At least I won’t have to worry about the creatures pooping in my head. They might not even poop at all!

19. Would you rather be a character in Wreck-it Ralph or in WALL-E?

Both movies portray such a cool and futuristic feel. I think I’d choose Wreck-It Ralph. Can you imagine meeting Mario?

20. Would you rather go to Neverland with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell or to Treasure Planet?

When I was a kid, these two places were definitely on my bucket list. Still are! (If only they were real) 😂

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“Would You Rather” Disney Princess Questions

Ever dreamt of being a Disney princess as a child? Now’s your chance to choose which magical world you would rather be a part of! Would you rather live in the ocean as Ariel or rule over Arendelle like Elsa?

1. Would you rather be Cinderella or Snow White?

Be known to lose her shoe or to live with 7 men?

2. Would you rather live in a place that snows 24/7 or live by the beach?

If you chose “snow”, hey there Elsa! Otherwise, you’d be a great Moana!

3. Would you rather have your voice be taken away or your freedom?

I personally wouldn’t be able to handle not having my voice 😣

4. Would you rather have a partner that has a flying carpet or one that’s a beast?

It would probably be easier to walk through the crowd with a carpet that can walk on its own rather than to walk hand in hand with a beast.

5. Would you rather have a raccoon as your sidekick or a flounder fish?

A raccoon would probably be super cool to have by your side.

6. Would you rather have a big fluffy dress or a long and silky one?

I honestly think I’d look elegant either way.

7. Would you rather save the whole Kingdom from Huns or a wild bear?

Live out the story of Mulan or Merida?

8. Would you rather have a mermaid tail or be accidentally turned into a frog?

Which creature would you rather be?

9. Would you rather be with Prince Eric (from Little Mermaid) or with Eugene Fitzherbert (from Tangled)?

These two Princes are definitely fan-favorites.

10. Would you rather have a fairy godmother or enchanted household products as a guardian?

Someone who grants all of your wishes or just having a cool set of friends?

11. Would you rather have your adventure take place out at sea or out in the woods?

Moana or Merida?

12. Would you rather have Jasmine’s pet, Rajah, or Merida’s pet, Angus?

Both are such majestic and gorgeous creatures! Although I personally think I’d choose Rajah.

13. Would you rather live in New Orleans or in Motunui?

As a music lover, I think I would thrive in New Orleans with Tiana.

14. Would you rather be intellectual like Jane Porter from Tarzan or empowering like Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame

I am glad you have to make this decision!

15. Would you rather be best friends with Tinker Bell or Little Mermaid?

Let’s go, magical creatures! 💫

16. Would you rather have Rapunzel’s long, magical hair or Elsa’s ice powers?

If you had to possess an extraordinary ability, would you prefer the flowing, healing hair of Rapunzel or the power to control ice and snow like Elsa?

17. Would you rather have the ability to talk to animals like Pocahontas or be able to communicate with nature like Elsa?

Which extraordinary connection would you prefer to possess?

18. Would you rather go on a magical carpet ride with Aladdin or explore the depths of the ocean with Moana?

The choice is yours, and either way, you’re in for an extraordinary adventure!

19. Would you rather join Quasimodo in ringing bells high atop Notre Dame or join Rapunzel painting walls?

I’m afraid of heights. So, there’s only one option for me.

20. Would you rather have a chameleon like Pascal or a dragon like Mushu as a loyal companion?

I find both creatures incredibly cute!

21. Would you rather embark on a thrilling pirate adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow or go on a space odyssey with Buzz Lightyear?

Choose your path, swashbuckling shenanigans or infinity and beyond!

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22. Would you rather have tea with the Mad Hatter or enjoy a spaghetti dinner with Lady and the Tramp?

Is it time for a mad tea party or a romantic Italian meal under the stars?

23. Would you rather dance the night away at Prince Charming’s ball or swing through the jungle with Tarzan?

Get ready to choose between a grand royal dance or an adventure amidst the treetops!

24. Would you rather be able to turn everything you touch into ice like Elsa or have the super speed of Dash from The Incredibles?

Will you be the master of the frozen realm or the fastest kid on the block?

25. Would you rather wear a dress crafted by Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother or one designed by the Incredibles’ Edna Mode?

Decide if you want the classic enchantment or modern, superhero flair!

Whether you’re a Disney fan, a lover of animated films, or just looking for some fun new activities, these questions are sure to entertain and ignite your imagination. So gather some friends, break out the popcorn, and get ready for a magical experience in the wonderful world of Disney!

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