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Would you rather watch your favorite movie all day or eat ice cream for breakfast? Welcome, kids! Get ready to have fun with the classic Would You Rather game.

This conversation-starter game provides hours of fun for children, allowing them to think critically and express their opinions confidently. Keep reading to learn how to play, and don’t forget to check out our collection of family-friendly questions!

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How To Play Would You Rather 🤓

Are you ready to expand your imagination and think outside the box? Play in pairs or groups and get to know each other better.

Step 1: Before you start, sit together in a circle. Figure out how the rotation will go around. There are endless possibilities, but clockwise might be the easiest. Just make sure everyone gets a turn at some point.

Step 2: The first person asks a Would You Rather question to a player of choice. For example: Would you rather eat a hot chili or a raw garlic clove?

Step 3: The player chooses between the two options. Sometimes, you may not like them, but you must still decide. In this case, select the lesser evil.

Make the game more dynamic by posing your questions to the whole group. Let the others explain their choices and get to know their perspectives. Either you create your own questions or you use our list filled with 100+ fun questions for kids!

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You can’t wait to try out the game? No worries, check out our app versions right away. You can either download the app on your phone or play directly in your browser!

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Funny Would You Rather Questions For Kids 😂

These funny Would You Rather questions will even make the grumpiest laugh! They are great for long trips, family gatherings, and hanging out on a rainy day.

1. Would you rather lie to your teacher or your parents?

Remember, teachers will change, but your parents won’t!

2. Would you rather have grass for hair or a carrot for a nose?

With grass as hair, you can perfectly hide in nature!

3. Would you rather eat your favorite candy daily or find 5 dollars under your pillow every morning?

If it was only that easy to earn money!

4. Would you rather eat a dead bug or a live worm?

Can I at least season them before?

5. Would you rather have no elbows or no knees?

Either way, sports classes will be very different!

6. Would you rather not shower again or never brush your teeth again?

I’d go for a shower. I love water!

7. Would you rather have a flying bicycle or a personal robot?

Can a personal robot fly me to places too?

8. Would you rather travel to the past or the future?

To the future! I can’t wait to get my robot!

10. Would you rather clog the toilet at your school or your friend’s house?

I’m always up for some sneaky shenanigans at school!

11. Would you rather get grounded for a week or do the dishes for a week?

I choose to be grounded as long as I can still play my favorite video game!

12. Would you rather make farting sounds every time you walk or burb any time you stand up?

Imagine one day at school!

13. Would you rather be unlucky but intelligent or lucky but dumb?

Even the most brilliant person is lost without luck, so I’d choose to be dumb!

14. Would you rather have giant hands like Hulk or tiny feet like a dwarf?

Imagine a snowball fight with huge hands!

15. Would you rather wear diapers or change someone else’s diapers?

No question, I’d rather wear them!

16. Would you rather turn into a dog or a cat for a day each week?

I’d be a dog because cat food is gross!

17. Would you rather always have an itchy spot you can’t reach or feel like you have to sneeze?

Both sound horrible. I wouldn’t even wish that for my worst teacher!

18. Would you rather eat a bucket of apple cores or 20 banana peels?

I would try either of them once before I’d make a decision!

19. Would you rather brush your teeth with toilet water or hot sauce?

Hands up, who’s a fan of spicy food?

20. Would you rather be able to shrink to the size of a bug or become the size of a whale?

Imagine having the super strength of a whale!

21. Would you rather drink sour milk or eat only blue foods for the rest of your life?

I don’t mind its color as long as I can still eat my favorite food!

22. Would you rather meet Santa Claus or Harry Potter?

Harry! I always wanted to try out a magic wand!

23. Would you rather have a hamster-sized cat or a cat-sized hamster as a pet?

Both ways, it would look adorable.

24. Would you rather have to fart or spit every time you laugh?

How about farting and spitting simultaneously?

25. Would you rather be Spiderman or the Black Panther?

As spiderman, I’d climb up on anything!

26. Would you rather have your grandmother’s hairstyle or wear your grandmother’s clothes for the rest of your life?

Fashion always repeats itself, so why not be a trendsetter?

27. Would you rather wear jeans one size too small or two sizes too big?

Remember, you will likely grow into oversized clothes!

28. Would you rather be locked in a room with 500 snakes or 500 mosquitos?

Even when I’m not locked in a room, I can not stand either of them!

29. Would you rather dust all shelves with your tongue or clean your pet with your tongue?

I love my cat, but I’m sure she’s better at cleaning herself with her tongue than I am!

30. Would you rather get caught eating a booger or scratching your butt?

Be glad if they don’t see you doing both simultaneously!

Silly Would You Rather Questions for Kids

This list of silly questions will help you to break the ice! These questions are great to brighten the mood or level up your party.

1. Would you rather have your tears come out as chocolate milk or sneeze cheese?

I like cheese as well as chocolate, but because it’s coming out of your body, it’s making me rethink things 🤢

2. Would you rather use a dirty, smelly public toilet or one with spiders?

It depends on where the spiders are!

3. Would you rather eat a whole jar of mayonnaise or drink a cup of vinegar?

Both are disgusting, but the mix may taste nice.

4. Would you rather eat chicken-flavored cookies or onion-flavored ice cream?

Chicken cookies sound alright. Who else would give them a try?

5. Would you rather have one extra butt cheek or two noses?

Having a butt that enormous makes it challenging to find a fitting seat!

6. Would you rather have yellow teeth or a piece of food stuck between your front teeth?

I’d always prefer the less permanent evil!

7. Would you rather watch TV ten hours per day or play board games?

Even though I love TV, ten hours sound tiring!

8. Would you rather ride your pet goat or be able to fly with your hang glider to school?

That’s almost as good as having superpowers!

9. Would you rather jump into a pool of Nutella or Peanut Butter?

Where are the nougat fans? I’m already in my swimwear!

10. Would you rather have a horsetail or a unicorn horn?

A horn could be helpful, I assume!

11. Would you rather fart glitter or burp confetti?

I’d choose the option with my favorite color!

12. Would you rather live on a deserted island or in an amusement park?

If I could have my roller coaster, I’d take the park!

13. Would you rather be able to read people’s minds or be able to talk to animals?

If I could speak to animals, I could finally ask them things I always wanted to know!

14. Would you rather be able to time travel or have a pause button to stop time?

If you could stop time, you could control everything and everyone around you.

15. Would you rather never have to sleep again or never have to eat again?

I probably wouldn’t mind if I were a god, but as an average person, both scenarios sound horrible!

16. Would you rather have ten good friends or one best friend?

Having lots of friends is nice, but having that one best friend you can always rely on is even better.

17. Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or have another pair of eyes on your back?

Having two sights sounds confusing. I’d choose to breathe underwater!

18. Would you rather have X-ray vision or night vision?

If one of the options also changes my eye color to purple, I will go for it!

19. Would you rather use a leaf or a newspaper instead of toilet paper?

I hope not to be allergic to any of them!

20. Would you rather be a pigeon or a rat?

If I could cook as well as Remi in Ratatouille, the answer would be clear!

21. Would you rather always have a stuffy nose or always have one clogged ear?

I wouldn’t say I like both feelings.

22. Would you rather never eat anything sweet again or never eat anything salty again?

That’s tricky! I love both! However, I could not survive a morning without my hot chocolate.

23. Would you rather always feel cold or always feel hot?

Who wouldn’t love the feeling of endless summer?!

24. Would you rather always have your underwear stuck between your butt cheeks or have shoes that are too small?

Both sound like a part of growing up!

25. Would you rather always get the hiccups every time you feel nervous or get nosebleeds every time you laugh?

Sounds like a vicious cycle to me. Imagine being in a tense situation, and you get hiccups. Once you try to ease the situation and laugh, your nose starts bleeding…

26. Would you rather have bushy eyebrows or nose hair that never stops growing?

I hate the feeling of something in my nose! I’d rather look like an angry bird!

27. Would you rather have a dog with a human face or a dog with human hands for paws?

If he has a human head, could he also speak like a human?

28. Would you rather pee yourself in class or at a supermarket?

At least it’s not very likely anyone knows me at the supermarket!

29. Would you rather have a bucket stuck on your head or a cement block stuck on your foot?

Be clever! Nobody said how small the bucket can be!

Good Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Good Would You Rather questions are great to start the game. They are suitable for any situation! Especially for new players, they will work as guidelines.

Try them out and make your conversation more exciting!

N e w !
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1. Would you rather be Rapunzel or Elsa from Frozen?

I always wanted to have super long hair!

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2. Would you rather be a speedy swimmer or a fast runner?

Imagine winning every race! That would be so cool!

3. Would you rather spend a day with Bugs Bunny or Mickie Mouse?

Whatever you choose, this would be a fun day!

4. Would you rather get a free lifelong Netflix subscription or Amazon Prime membership?

I’m totally into the Netflix series!

5. Would you rather never watch movies or never listen to music again?

I can’t imagine a life without music!

6. Would you rather have curly hair or have the color of your hair change depending on your mood?

I’d pick changing hair colors! Then I’d never have to dye my hair!

7. Would you rather eat breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?

I love cereal and could eat them any time of the day! The answer’s clear to me!

8. Would you rather have a book with the correct answers to all your questions or a cup that can summon any liquid and has infinite refills?

That book is, in reality, called the internet.

9. Would you rather lose a game against your best friend or your sibling?

Losing a game against your siblings is worse than against your arch-enemy.

10. Would you rather only shout or whisper any time you say something?

Keep in mind either everybody or nobody can hear you.

11. Would you rather only wear black clothes daily for the rest of your life or only wear at least four colors daily?

I love colors. The more, the better!

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12. Would you rather be the funniest or the wealthiest person in town?

I’d rather be funny because I’d never be bored with myself!

13. Would you rather sing or dance in front of the entire middle school?

I’d rather sing because then I can have background dancers!

14. Would you rather be a firefighter or a police officer?

Both of these careers are important and super exciting!

15. Would you rather live in a place where it is always dark or always light outside?

If only there were a place to live where I could try out the feeling!

16. Would you rather be able to live 100 years in the past or the future?

I’d rather live in the era of dinosaurs.

17. Would you rather sit with a resting lion or an alligator for ten minutes?

I’d stay with the alligator and sit high in a tree.

18. Would you rather get up very early or stay up very late?

It’s technically the same time, but not the same feeling!

19. Would you rather live on a desert island or in a zoo?

Imagine, it would be like having all zoo animals as a pet!

20. Would you rather create a new holiday or develop a new sport?

There can never be enough holidays!

21. Would you rather control fire or water?

Any trip with friends into nature would become super exciting!

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22. Would you rather remember everything you have seen or remember everything you have heard?

I’ve always wanted to have a photographic memory! I would pass school easily!

23. Would you rather instantly become an adult or stay the age you are now for another two years?

I’d rather be a child because taking over responsibility as adults do doesn’t sound like fun!

24. Would you rather stay in bed all day or stay up all night?

Can’t I do both?

25. Would you rather be a dog sitter or a babysitter?

For a nice tip, I’d do both of them.

26. Would you rather not use the internet for a month or not have breaks at school for a month?

No breaks? It sounds like detention during class!

27. Would you rather have Christmas every day or your birthday every day?

I wouldn’t mind being the birthday queen every day!

28. Would you rather only be able to walk on all fours or only be able to walk backward?

Walking on all four permanently sounds painful!

29. Would you rather have no fingers or no toes?

Can you still keep a proper balance without your toes?

30. Would you rather get stuck in an elevator with your crush or favorite celebrity?

I’d rather hope neither of them has claustrophobia!

31. Would you rather be able to control the weather or traffic?

I’d pick the weather! Snowball Fights all year round!

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32. Would you rather go to the dentist or the headmaster?

I like the dentist because of the sweets you get afterward!

Clean Would You Rather Questions For Kids

You want to play Would You Rather with the whole family? We’ve collected the best and most innocent yet exciting questions suitable for all ages!

Check it out and play together with your siblings, grandparents, or even teachers!

1. Would you rather be a doctor or a fantastic teacher?

Imagine, as a teacher, you would technically go to school for your whole work life!

2. Would you rather be a street cat or the cat of your family?

It depends on the country! In some cultures, cats are considered food!

3. Would you rather always have a pebble in your shoe or have a permanent lousy haircut?

I wonder if girls and boys decide differently!

4. Would you rather fly with a hot air balloon or a magic carpet?

Who else loves carpets? I was always jealous of Aladdin!

5. Would you rather be a superhero that no one knows or a super villain everyone knows?

If I’m the super villain famous for kidnapping sweets, I’d be proud to be known!

6. Would you rather own ten puppies or ten kittens?

Any clumsy animal is adorable.

7. Would you rather go bungee jumping or skydiving?

What’s safer is the question.

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8. Would you rather have an unlimited supply of ice cream or chocolate?

Take chocolate ice cream and get the advantage of both!

9. Would you rather be immortal but continue to age or stop aging but die in your 50s?

I can’t imagine what a 1000-year-old human would look like!

10. Would you rather be the smartest kid in school or be the best kid at sports in your school?

Sport is my passion. Who cares about grades?

11. Would you rather be reincarnated as a bird or a fish?

I love to fly, so I can easily decide!

12. Would you rather become an astronaut or work as a video game producer?

As a game producer, you could share your work with others!

13. Would you rather not feel physical pain or not feel emotional pain?

What are the pros and cons of both options?

14. Would you rather be able to travel time or stop time?

How would you use your superpower?

15. Would you rather climb Mount Everest or cross the Sahara Desert?

You could rent a camel if you choose to cross the Sahara Desert.

16. Would you rather never be able to see yourself again or never be able to hear your voice again?

Speaking is easier if you hear your voice.

17. Would you rather find a cure for cancer or invent something that reverses climate change?

In both cases, you would go down in history.

18. Would you rather find true love or find your dream job?

A fulfilling relationship or a fulfilling job?

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19. Would you rather never be able to leave your house or only be in your home for five minutes at a time?

In summer I could spend all day outside!

20. Would you rather become prom king/queen or meet Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber because then I could take him to prom!

21. Would you rather be a famous actor or singer?

As an actor, I could play any role of my wildest dreams!

22. Would you rather lose the ability to speak or say everything you think?

Sign language is still an option, and it’s pretty awesome!

23. Would you rather be able to type very fast or be able to read very quickly?

Some computers can already read what’s written!

24. Would you rather win one million dollars right now or ten million dollars in 10 years?

I’d rather take the money now because who knows what the future brings?

25. Would you rather live without watching movies or without listening to music?

I could still watch YouTube, right?

26. Would you rather cuddle a baby polar bear or a baby grizzly bear?

As long as they are still babies, I’d be happy either way.

27. Would you rather live underwater or in space?

Doesn’t matter as long as I still have my closest friends with me!

28. Would you rather have hands instead of feet or feet instead of hands?

The more hands, the better!

29. Would you rather eat a million candies or a million chips?

If you eat that much junk food, let me know how you feel afterward…

There they are, the best and most fun Would You Rather Questions for kids! You can be sure kids will have a blast trying to answer these. If you are excited to explore more party games, we recommend checking out our other articles!

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