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Would You Rather spend a boring evening with your partner or turn your night together into a spicy adventure? If you like the second choice, you’ll be excited about this article. Get ready for the dirty version of Would You Rather!

Would You Rather is one of the most famous conversation starter games for all ages. The goal is to get to know each other on a deeper level by asking the right questions.

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How to Play Would You Rather

Are you ready for a night that will make you discover new facts about your friends? Get great conversations started by asking engaging Would You Rather questions. There is no winner or loser. So are you ready to make your party more interesting?

This game is one of the simplest out there. You only need a couple of friends and some good questions to ask.

Step 1: Gather your friends and sit together in a circle! Make sure that everyone can hear each other.

Step 2: Figure out how the rotation will go around! The order isn’t important. What’s essential is that everyone gets a turn; it’s more fun that way.

Step 3: Start asking your questions! We know it can be challenging to think of questions on the spot. To help you out, we put a list of fun questions together.

For example: Would you rather make out in the back of a car or at the cinema?

When the first player asks the question, the others choose one option. The decision should be tricky because the more difficult the choice is, the more interesting the answer will be. And that’s what makes the game exciting!

Step 4: Set ground rules! Games like this can quickly get out of hand. Make sure you set ground rules and talk about boundaries before you play. All players should feel comfortable during the game!

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Spicy Would You Rather Questions

Get ready and find out who is the kinkiest of your friends! Here is our list of the best spicy Would You Rather questions for adults.

1. Would you rather live a dangerous life or work in a strip club until the end of the day?

Tricky first question, but can you decide?

2. Would you rather cuddle or make out?

Wouldn’t it be nice to do both?

3. Would you rather be able only to have kinky sex or romantic sex?

Be aware that both options count for the rest of your life!

4. Would you rather be on top or bottom?

Dominance is not for everyone.

5. Would you rather pay or be paid to have sex?

There are many ways you can earn money with sex!

6. Would you rather do it in a public place or at your parents’ house?

Think about who you would rather not be caught by.

7. Would you rather have your hair pulled or have your butt slapped?

Having short hair makes this question very interesting.

8. Would you rather do it with the lights on or off?

It depends if you find it sexier to see silhouettes or your partner’s body.

9. Would you rather have a naughty picture going viral or live without pizza?

Choose wisely!

10. Would you rather seal a first date with good sex or a passionate kiss?

Holding your action back can make the excitement of what’s up to come even greater.

11. Would you rather have a threesome with your partner or with two strangers?

For adventurous couples, this question might be easy to answer.

12. Would you rather know when your parents are having sex or have them know when you’re having sex?

That’s a dirty game question! Either situation could be uncomfortable for anybody.

13. Would you rather go skinny dipping in the ocean or the pool?

The question is, what else is in the water?

14. Would you rather be stuck at a boring hen party or have a terrible birthday party where no one shows up?

Hmm… are the hens at least nice or pretty?

15. Would you rather be with someone with bad breath forever or lose your sense of smell?

Tough! You wouldn’t believe how much our sense of smell matters!

16. Would you rather have a hickey or give someone a hickey?

Sometimes it’s nice to leave a little memory for the other person.

17. Would you rather cuddle with your partner every day or shower with your partner every day?

Hopefully, you will either have a comfortable couch or an oversized shower!

18. Would you rather be horny 24/7 or only once a year?

Both sound intense!

19. Would you rather have sex with shoes on or sex with socks on?

High heels can be sexy, though!

20. Would you rather give up having sex or masturbating for a month?

The younger generations will decide differently!

21. Would you rather have sex in your parent’s bed or your room while your parents are at home?

Is it hot or mostly creepy? You decide!

22. Would you rather get caught while having sex or kissing a sex doll?

The question is whether you mean the kiss or was it just for fun.

23. Would you rather watch your partner masturbating or let your partner watch you masturbate?

Are you able to multitask, or do you have a preference?

24. Would you rather catch your parents having sex or be caught having sex by your parents?

Both situations aren’t great, but hey, we’re all human.

25. Would you rather have sex with your celebrity crush or your first crush?

Imagine what if your school crush became a celebrity?!

26. Would you rather suck at foreplay or suck at sex?

Tough! But at least you don’t suck at both!

27. Would you rather have sex with only one person for the rest of your life or a new partner every year?

This question might be very dependent on the person’s experience.

28. Would you rather talk dirty during sex or not speak at all?

Sometimes silence is golden.

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Naughty Would You Rather Questions

Do you like to talk openly about sex life with your friends? Great, then these naughty questions are made for you! They will make any event an incredible experience to remember for a lifetime.

1. Would you rather have sex in the morning or evening?

It depends if you’re a morning person.

2. Would you rather have kinky sex or vanilla sex?

The most important thing is that both partners have the same intentions.

3. Would you rather never have sex again or never use the internet again?

I guess this question depends on which people you’d have the opportunity to have sex with.

4. Would you rather masturbate with a sex toy or without a sex toy?

Have you tried out some toys already? That makes it easier to decide!

5. Would you rather like a circumcised or uncircumcised penis?

Some people have preferences due to their religious beliefs.

6. Would you rather masturbate with or without porn?

This question is exciting if you’ve got people together from different cultures. Use the opportunity to discuss your opinion.

7. Would you rather masturbate together with your partner or alone?

Both can be appealing at times.

8. Would you rather have sex standing up or missionary?

This can be a challenging or easy question, depending on the location you have sex at.

9. Would you rather get an erotic massage or cook dinner with your partner?

Either way, both activities are great ways to spend quality time with each other!

10. Would you rather do sexting or have phone sex with your partner?

All long-distance relationships are experts when it comes to those questions.

11. Would you rather have drunk sex or stoned sex?

Not everyone reacts the same way to these substances!

12. Would you rather read an erotic novel or watch an erotic film?

This question is fascinating when various generations are present!

13. Would you rather abstain from porn or sex for a month?

People who never watch porn find this question very easy!

14. Would you rather have mediocre sex regularly for the rest of your life or have unforgettable sex only once a year?

It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality.

15. Would you rather have sex in the bath or shower?

Both have their benefits, so it’s hard to tell.

16. Would you rather watch a man or a woman in porn get horny?

Be honest. Remember, everyone has got dirty secrets.

17. Would you rather date someone who is a bad kisser or not performing well in bed?

Where do you put your focus?

18. Would you rather get pregnant right now or never get pregnant?

Be aware that raising a human being is a life task!

19. Would you rather be with someone who is miserable in bed but makes you laugh or with someone who is excellent in bed but incredibly dull?

You can only compromise on so much.

20. Would you rather watch your partner having sex with another person, or would you let your partner watch how you have sex with another person?

Some adults would be surprised how changing up their relationship can bring back the sparkle.

21. Would you rather have a new partner every week or one partner for the rest of your life?

Remember, not every person is made for monogamy.

22. Would you rather have sex only three times a year, where you are guaranteed to orgasm, or have sex as often as you want but never orgasm again?

Unlucky ones have already experienced any of these options. They are welcome to share their story now!

23. Would you rather give up kissing or sex forever?

It depends on your erogenous zone. What would you reckon?

24. Would you rather be teased with ice cubes or hot wax?

It might be dependent on which element you are more drawn towards.

25. Would you rather be kissed on the lips over and over or be kissed all over?

It’s hard to decide which option to choose if both feel equally as great!

26. Would you rather be handcuffed or blindfolded during sex?

Either way, you’d get to live out your “Fifty Shades of Grey” fantasy.

27. Would you rather sleep with someone ten years older than you or someone ten years younger?

You may find an answer for yourself if you think about the partners you’ve had so far.

28. Would you rather marry a wealthy playboy or go on an adventurous getaway with a mad genius?

Aren’t both appealing options?

29. Would you rather have great sex with the ugliest person you know or very bad sex with the most beautiful person in the world?

We’re not talking about babies!

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Extremely Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Do you want to take the game to the next level? Then you will be excited about these filthy questions! Check out this list and be ready to irritate and be irritated.

1. Would you rather date someone who takes five seconds or five hours to orgasm?

If the foreplay is hot, then time becomes secondary!

2. Would you rather receive or give an erotic massage?

Hard to decide if you have never had one!

3. Would you rather shit on your partner or vomit on your partner?

Unless you have a fetish, these questions can be super tricky!

4. Would you rather use an electric toothbrush or a shower head to masturbate?

Or even both? No judging!

5. Would you rather use a whip during sex or have sex on a live stream?

You’d be surprised what people say to this question!

6. Would you rather sell dirty panties online or work on a sex hotline?

Money might influence your decision! In both businesses, you can make money!

7. Would you rather have a finger in your butthole or put a finger in someone else’s butthole?

Would you consider trying it out, or are you disgusted by only the thought of it?

8. Would you rather wear lace lingerie or a latex bondage outfit?

Do you become curious already?

9. Would you rather tie up someone or be tied up by someone during sex?

Remember that nothing’s illegal as long as everyone involved enjoys it and nobody gets harmed.

10. Would you rather have a threesome with two women or two men?

Both, or rather nothing at all?

11. Would you rather spit or swallow?

We all know what is meant by that.

12. Would you rather do it against the wall or on the bed?

When in doubt, try it out.

13. Would you rather give a lap dance or receive it?

Come on. There’s no need to be shy. Show them your killer dance moves!

14. Would you rather do it with protection or without?

Consider the consequences before you decide!

15. Would you rather have sex with someone who never showers or brushes their teeth?

This question is both dirty and dirty-dirty.

16. Would you rather be restrained or do the restraining?

This can tell you many things about how your partner is in bed.

17. Would you rather make out with a stranger or with your best friend?

This question could reveal if you have a secret crush on your best friend!

18. Would you rather have sex with your clothes on or shower with your clothes on?

This one might end up in an exciting discussion!

19. Would you rather have sex with someone over 6 feet tall or with a bad body odor?

The answer comes easy when you love their personality!

20. Would you rather have a one-night stand or a bubble bath with a stranger?

Hard decision! What size was the bubble Bath again?

21. Would you rather reveal your naughty search history or work as an exotic dancer for one day?

This one might be easier to answer as an extrovert or an actor.

22. Would you rather choke someone during sex or be choked by someone else during sex?

Again, it depends very much on your personality type!

23. Would you rather use an anal plug or love eggs?

You better inform yourself if you don’t know what is mentioned.

24. Would you rather wear a chastity belt for a year or be someone’s sex slave for a year?

That’s a tough one.

25. Would you rather wax your back hair or your balls hair?

Ouch anyway! You can be glad if you’re a girl!

26. Would you rather have your genital area pierced or tattooed?

It depends if you’re shaved.

27. Would you rather have a threesome with your ex or with your partner’s ex?

A little tension can be hot sometimes!

28. Would you rather have a bad body figure or body hair all over?

As long as it’s not both, right?

29. Would you rather only walk around in body paint naked for the rest of your life or be paid for sex?

Nothing wrong with a bit of art on your body!

30. Would you rather satisfy your date in a bar unobtrusively by hand or orally in a parking lot?

What a naughty question! But isn’t it satisfying to act against the law sometimes?

31. Would you rather wear a stranger’s underwear once or your dirty underwear for one week?

Pretty dirty. Could you decide?

32. Would you rather have an anus or vagina as your mouth?

In some cultures, vaginas are precious, so reconsider for a moment.

33. Would you rather have no breasts or three breasts?

Imagine you have three babies! It could be convenient indeed!

34. Would you rather post nudes of yourself on Instagram or lose all your money?

You could earn a lot of attention or get a bad reputation with nudes, so choose wisely!

35. Would you rather have an orgasm every time you sneeze or yawn?

It depends if you’re allergic.

36. Would you rather have knives as fingers or penises as fingers?

Your profession might have a significant impact on your decision.

37. Would you rather have a thick and short penis or a slim and long penis?

Don’t be tempted to make your decision based on the medicinal progress! Plastic surgery is no option in this hypothetical situation!

38. Would you rather moan strangely or make an ugly face whenever you come?

At least you’re not doing both.

39. Would you rather have a small penis that can ejaculate or a giant penis that cannot ejaculate?

All girls now would not swap gender if they had to make a decision.

40. Would you rather be fingered anally or fisted vaginally?

Don’t worry. It’s ok not to always agree with others!

41. Would you rather have a threesome or a gang bang?

The more, the merrier, some say.

Now that you have the hang of it, you can continue with your creative questions. Be aware that these questions might lead to something more. If you are interested in more party games, then check out our other articles!

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