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Running out of things to talk about with your crush? Or simply looking for a way to spice up your conversations with friends? A flirty “Would You Rather” game is the perfect solution for both!

This game is a playful way to get to know someone or your friends on a deeper level. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a little bit of harmless flirting? These flirty 50+ “Would You Rather” questions are guaranteed to bring out the romance in any conversation!

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Play “Would You Rather” for Couples Online

Want to spend less time thinking of questions and more time having fun? Play “Would You Rather” online with your crush or significant other and unlock over 1,000+ flirty, funny and thought-provoking questions now!

All you have to do is download the app or play the game on our webite, and you’ll be ready to start flirting in no time. Plus, with so many questions available, you can keep the fun going for hours on end!

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How to Play Flirty “Would You Rather” For Couples

Getting started is easy! “Would You Rather” is a simple game where you give two options and the other person has to choose one. But of course, since this is a flirty version, we’ve added some sizzle to the traditional game.

First, decide who will go first and take turns asking each other these fun questions.

For example: “Would you rather have a romantic dinner under the stars or go on an adventurous hike together?”

Then, the other person has to choose between the two options and explain why. Be sure to answer honestly – that’s where the real fun begins!

After both of you have answered, switch roles and keep the game going. The more questions you ask, the more flirty and fun it gets!

Flirty “Would You Rather” Questions for Couples

Ready to get flirty? If you’re looking to add spice to your relationship or simply want to flirt with your crush, try out these flirty “Would You Rather” questions!

1. Would you rather do it with the lights on or off?

Both options can be very exciting and hot.

2. Would you rather be on top or bottom?

This can tell you a lot about your compatibility.

3. Would you rather be alone with your crush or have all of your friends around when you’re with your crush?

Sometimes being with just each other, especially for the first time, can be really nerve-wracking!

4. Would you rather have your first date indoors or outdoors?

Both could be a lot of fun with the right planning!

5. Would you rather have a car date or a Netflix & chill night?

Car dates are a great way to have some uninterrupted time!

6. Would you rather kiss in public or in private?

Like PDA?

7. Would you rather go all day without your phone or all night without sleeping?

Imagine all those missed messages versus all that late-night mischief!

8. Would you rather wear your partner’s clothes for a day or have them wear yours?

Twinsies alert! How cute would you look in each other’s outfits?

9. Would you rather have a pillow fight or a tickle fight?

Feathers might fly, and giggles are guaranteed — are you ready for the challenge?

10. Would you rather have a bad hair day on your date or have them show up an hour late?

Patience is a virtue, but so is hairspray, my friend!

11. Would you rather cook dinner together or order in from the best restaurant in town?

Are you the next dynamic duo in the kitchen, or is it a night for culinary delights sans effort?

12. Would you rather serenade your crush or perform a magic trick for them?

Either way, you’re setting the stage for some captivating talent!

13. Would you rather have a spontaneous road trip or a well-planned vacation?

Spontaneity can be thrilling, but hey, planning has its perks (and maps) too!

14. Would you rather never get a text from your crush or receive a bad text?

👻 Ghosted or roasted – pick your poison!

15. Would you rather always speak your thoughts out loud or never speak again?

Words can be oh-so revealing, but silence is golden… or is it just plain awkward here?

16. Would you rather be caught in the rain on a date or have your date splash water on you unintentionally?

Get ready to dance in the rain or brace for a mini splash zone – your choice!

“Would You Rather” Questions for Boyfriend

Playing “Would You Rather” with your boyfriend is a great way to have some flirty fun while getting to know each other better. Try out these flirty “Would You Rather” questions for your boyfriend and see where the conversation takes you!

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1. Would you rather cuddle on the couch or dance in the club?

How romantic.

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2. Would you rather eat stuff off one another or do roleplay?

Choose between food fun or getting into character together.

3. Would you rather have a lazy but trusting partner or a jealous but hardworking one?

Sometimes it’s a trade-off.

4. Would you rather be funny but unattractive or be extremely attractive but boring?

Humor vs. looks – which one wins in your book?

5. Would you rather be the big spoon or the little spoon?

Spooning is always a cozy option.

6. Would you rather have a romantic slow dance or a wild party together?

Are you in the mood for romance or ready to let loose?

7. Would you rather go on a trip to an exotic beach or explore a new city?

Two different types of adventure – which one are you both up for?

8. Would you rather have a sweet and sincere partner or a passionate and intense one?

Can’t go wrong with either, but which type do you prefer?

9. Would you rather experience love at first sight or develop love over time?

A fairytale beginning or a slow burn – what’s your love story?

10. Would you rather have a partner who loves to cook or one who loves to bake?

Food is the way to the heart, but what kind of food do you prefer?

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11. Would you rather receive a surprise gift or have your partner plan a whole day for just the two of you?

Gifts are great, but quality time is priceless.

12. Would you rather be in a committed relationship or play the field for a while longer?

Are you ready to settle down or still exploring your options?

13. Would you rather have a partner who is good with words or good with actions?

Communication vs. action – which one do you value more?

14. Would you rather have a partner who is always late or one who is too early all the time?

Better late than never, but being on time has its perks too.

15. Would you rather be with someone who shares your interests or someone who introduces you to new things?

A partner in crime or someone who broadens your horizons – which one do you prefer?

16. Would you rather have a partner who is spontaneous or one who plans everything out?

Spontaneity can be exciting, but there’s something to be said for structure too.

17. Would you rather have a partner who is always honest or one who tells white lies to spare your feelings?

Honesty is the best policy, but sometimes a little white lie can be kinder.

18. Would you rather have a partner with a great sense of humor or one who is very serious and reserved?

Laughs or deep conversations – which do you value more in a partner?

19. Would you rather have a partner who is spontaneous or one who is always organized and on top of things?

Two different personality types – but which one meshes better with yours?

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20. Would you rather be with someone who travels often for work or someone who stays close to home?

Long distance relationship or more time together?

“Would You Rather” Questions for Girlfriend

If you’re looking to add some excitement and flirtation to your conversations with your girlfriend, try out these “Would You Rather” questions. Who knows, you may learn something new about each other and have some fun in the process!

1. Would you rather go on a romantic date or an adventurous one?

Sweep her off her feet!

2. Would you rather have a partner who is romantic or one who surprises you with spontaneous fun?

Both sound wonderful!

3. Would you rather receive a handwritten love letter or a bouquet of flowers?

A classic.

4. Would you rather have a partner who is good at cooking or good at massages?

Food for the soul or food for the body – which one do you prefer?

5. Would you rather wake up to breakfast in bed or be taken out for brunch?

Food is always a good idea.

6. Would you rather have a cozy night in with movies or an exciting night out at a concert?

Which scenario sets your heart racing?

7. Would you rather get matching tattoos or have a special song?

Decide on your forever.

8. Would you rather go for a hike together or have a beach day?

Pick your kind of paradise.

9. Would you rather have a deep conversation or a lighthearted laugh-out-loud chat?

It’s your call for the evening.

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10. Would you rather share secrets under the stars or in a dimly lit café?

What’s your intimate setting?

11. Would you rather have a partner who writes poems about you or songs for you?

How do you like your love expressed?

12. Would you rather go on a double date or have a private picnic?

Choose your preferred way to dine.

13. Would you rather dress up for a fancy event together or stay casual for a laidback gathering?

Select your style for the night.

14. Would you rather have your partner plan a surprise date or plan one together?

The thrill of the unknown or the joy of collaboration – what’s your preference?

15. Would you rather build a fort with blankets or go on a late-night drive?

Both pave a path to fun!

16. Would you rather share an ice cream cone or a milkshake?

Choose your sweet indulgence.

17. Would you rather have a candlelight dinner at home or at a restaurant?

Where does romance blossom for you?

18. Would you rather have a picnic in the park or a barbecue in your backyard?

Decide your ideal spot for a feast.

Select your cultural adventure, fun!

20. Would you rather take dance lessons together or sing karaoke duets?

How do you share the spotlight?

Kinky “This or That” Questions for Couples

Ready to spice things up in the bedroom? These “This or That” questions are perfect for couples looking to explore their kinkier side.

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1. Would you rather be tied up or do the tying?

Get ready for some BDSM fun!

2. Would you rather use handcuffs or silk scarves during sex?

One offers restraint, while the other adds a sensual touch.

3. Would you rather have sex in the shower or in a hot tub?

Water can add an extra element of excitement.

4. Would you rather use blindfolds or restraints during foreplay?

Both can heighten the senses and build anticipation.

5. Would you rather role play as strangers or as your favorite movie characters?

Let your imaginations run wild!

6. Would you rather try out a new sex toy or stick to the classics?

Experimentation can be fun, but sometimes sticking to what you know can be just as pleasurable.

7. Would you rather have sex in a public place or in the comfort of your own home?

Just make sure it’s safe!

8. Would you rather engage in light bondage or experiment with temperature play?

Exploring new sensations can add an exciting dynamic to intimacy.

9. Would you rather receive a sensual massage or give one?

The art of touch can be both relaxing and arousing.

10. Would you rather incorporate food into your foreplay or keep dining strictly to the dinner table?

Indulge in a sweet and sexy twist!

11. Would you rather whisper dirty talk in your partner’s ear or send them provocative texts?

Communication can be key in the heat of the moment.

12. Would you rather have a quickie at an unexpected time or have a long, planned-out night of passion?

Sometimes spontaneity sparks the hottest flames.

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13. Would you rather dress up in leather or lingerie?

Choose your style of seduction.

14. Would you rather play with wax play or ice cubes during sex?

Choose your temperature – hot or cold.

15. Would you rather explore your partner’s body with feathers or with a flogger?

Sensation play can be tantalizing or tantalizingly intense.

16. Would you rather have sex with the lights on or in total darkness?

Visual stimulation versus the mystery of touch.

17. Would you rather have noisy sex that your neighbors might hear or silent sex that requires inventive ways to muffle the noise?

Volume can be part of the excitement.

18. Would you rather visit a sex club together or keep your escapades private?

To share or not to share in the company of others.

19. Would you rather incorporate edging or go straight for the orgasm?

The journey or the destination?

20. Would you rather play truth or dare with naughty consequences or spin the bottle with risqué tasks?

Games can add a playful twist.

These “Would You Rather” questions for couples are sure to spark some interesting conversations and help deepen your connection with your partner. Here’s a list of naughty and dirty “Would You Rather” Questions!

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