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In 2022, the show Wednesday took the world by storm with its twisted and unconventional take on family life. And at the center of it all, there was Wednesday Addams – a character that quickly became an icon in her own right.

But how well do you really know this dark yet lovable character? Are you a true fan or just a casual viewer? Put your knowledge to the test with our list of Wednesday Addams “Trivia” questions!

So, grab your spooky snacks and get ready to dive into the peculiar world of Wednesday Addams.

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How to Play Wednesday “Trivia”

Playing “Trivia” is easy! To start, gather your friends, choose a category (Wednesday Addams is, of course, a great choice), and select a trivia master between your friends.

The trivia master will read out the first question to the first team/player. The team/player has a limited amount of time to answer the question. If they get it right, they earn points; if not, the other team/player gets a chance to answer.

After all the questions have been asked, the team/player with the most points wins!

Best Wednesday “Trivia” Questions for Fun

Love this freaky and ghoulish character? Test your knowledge with these top Wednesday Addams “Trivia” questions, who knows – you might just be the ultimate fan!

1. What is Wednesday’s favorite weapon?

  • A sword
  • A crossbow
  • A knife
  • Her words
Show answer

A crossbow

Her favorite toy is a crossbow, and she loves to use it for target practice.

2. What is the name of Wednesday’s pet spider?

  • Arachne
  • Spidey
  • Homer
  • Lucifer
Show answer


Wednesday’s beloved pet spider is named Homer, who seems to have a special bond with her.

3. What is the name of Wednesday’s school?

  • Spooky High
  • The Academy of Creepy Kids
  • Nevermore Academy
  • Haunted Prep
Show answer

Nevermore Academy

Wednesday attends Nevermore Academy, a school for gifted children with a love for all things dark and unusual.

4. What is Wednesday’s favorite color?

  • Red
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Green
Show answer


Wednesday loves the color black, and it reflects in her wardrobe and room decor.

5. Who does Wednesday have a crush on?

  • Pugsley Addams
  • Lucas Beineke
  • Thing
  • No one
Show answer

Lucas Beineke

In the musical adaptation of the Addams family, Wednesday has a crush on Lucas, causing some tension between her and her father.

6. What is Wednesday’s signature hairstyle?

  • Two long braids
  • A ponytail with a bow
  • One long braid
  • Long, straight hair
Show answer

Two long braids

Wednesday’s signature hairstyle is two long braids, which she often decorates with bows or ribbons.

7. What is Wednesday’s favorite holiday?

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
Show answer


As the queen of all things spooky, Wednesday loves the holiday Halloween. She even compares it to her birthday in terms of importance.

8. What is Wednesday’s favorite school subject?

  • Chemistry
  • History
  • Art
  • Literature
Show answer


Wednesday has a love for chemistry and often uses it in her pranks or experiments.

9. Who is Wednesday’s best friend?

  • Pugsley Addams
  • Morticia Addams
  • Lucas Beineke
  • Thing
Show answer

Her brother, Pugsley Addams

Despite their sibling rivalry, Wednesday and Pugsley have a close bond and are often seen collaborating in their mischievous plans.

10. What is the name of Wednesday’s giant carnivorous plant?

  • Audrey II
  • Petunia
  • Venus
  • Morticia
Show answer

Audrey II

In the musical adaptation, Wednesday owns a giant carnivorous plant named Audrey II, after her cousin.

11. What is Wednesday’s favorite horror movie?

  • Halloween
  • The Exorcist
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Friday the 13th
Show answer

The Exorcist

Wednesday’s favorite horror movie is The Exorcist. She even quotes lines from it to scare off unwanted visitors.

12. What is Wednesday’s signature quote?

  • “We’ll always be together.”
  • “I’m not perky.”
  • “People are scared of what they don’t understand.”
  • “Normal is an illusion.”
Show answer

“Normal is an illusion.”

This iconic quote from Wednesday reflects her unconventional and nonconformist nature.

13. What is Wednesday’s favorite pastime?

  • Playing with her dolls
  • Reading books on witchcraft
  • Torturing her brother, Pugsley
  • Plotting revenge against those who wronged her family
Show answer

Plotting revenge against those who wronged her family

Wednesday has a strong sense of loyalty towards her family and will go to great lengths to protect them and seek revenge on those who wronged them.

14. In which year did the first “The Addams Family” TV series air?

  • 1964
  • 1970
  • 1982
  • 1991
Show answer


The first “The Addams Family” TV series aired in 1964, introducing the world to Wednesday and her eccentric family. Follow this link for more TV “Trivia” Questions and facts!

15. What is Wednesday’s relationship with her mother?

  • They are best friends
  • They have a strained relationship
  • Morticia is scared of Wednesday
  • They tolerate each other
Show answer

They have a strained relationship

Despite their love for each other, Wednesday and her mother Morticia sometimes clash due to their different viewpoints and personalities. However, they always come back together in the end.

14. What is Wednesday’s favorite type of music?

  • Classical
  • Heavy metal
  • Pop
  • Country
Show answer

Heavy metal

In the musical adaptation, Wednesday admits to having a love for heavy metal music, much to her family’s surprise.

15. What does Wednesday say upon meeting someone new at Nevermore?

  • “Greetings.”
  • “How do you do?”
  • “What’s your damage?”
  • “I find you strangely fascinating.”
Show answer

“I find you strangely fascinating.”

Wednesday might not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to making friends, but when she does take an interest, it’s with her classic, cryptic charm, deciding the person is “strangely fascinating.”

16. How does Wednesday show someone she cares?

  • She bakes them cupcakes
  • She smiles at them (a rare occurrence!)
  • She includes them in her experiments
  • She writes them a poem
Show answer

She includes them in her experiments

In true Wednesday style, if she decides to include you in her experiments, you just might be in her inner circle. Watch out for those chemistry sets!

17. What animal is Wednesday particularly fond of?

  • Snakes
  • Ravens
  • Black cats
  • Octopuses
Show answer


With an affinity for the macabre, ravens are a perfect match for Wednesday’s enigmatic personality—plus, they’ve got that gothic look down pat!

18. What role does Wednesday aim for in the school play?

  • The hero
  • The damsel in distress
  • The misunderstood monster
  • The invisible person
Show answer

The misunderstood monster

Wednesday would naturally gravitate towards playing the monster, sympathizing with its plight of being misunderstood by normal society. It’s the role she was born to play!

19. What is Wednesday’s view on romance?

  • It’s a distraction
  • It’s a weakness
  • It’s inevitable
  • It’s a mysterious adventure
Show answer

It’s a mysterious adventure

Though she would never admit it publicly, to Wednesday, romance is like a mysterious adventure, dark and full of potential perils—or at least that’s what it seems like she thinks when hanging around Lucas.

20. On what occasion would Wednesday be seen smiling?

  • When she gets a new pet spider
  • While performing a particularly successful experiment
  • When she’s plotting something diabolical
  • When it’s a full moon
Show answer

When she’s plotting something diabolical

Let’s be honest, the corners of her mouth might just curl up when Wednesday’s brilliant, wicked plots start to come together. It’s the little things!

21. What insect is Wednesday obsessed with?

  • Butterflies
  • Centipedes
  • Praying mantises
  • Ladybugs
Show answer

Praying mantises

Praying mantises, with their quietly calculating gaze and lethal demeanor, captivate Wednesday—after all, they’ve got the whole ’looks can be deceiving’ vibe down.

22. What type of weather makes Wednesday’s day?

  • Sunshine and rainbows
  • Foggy and overcast
  • Thunderstorms
  • Light drizzle
Show answer


Nothing says a perfect day for Wednesday quite like a booming thunderstorm—it’s like Mother Nature herself providing a soundtrack to her ominous mood.

23. What pet name does Wednesday use for the people she tolerates?

  • Darling
  • Creature
  • Mortal
  • Cretin
Show answer


“Cretin” might not sound endearing for most, but coming from Wednesday, it’s practically a term of affection.

24. What is Wednesday’s favorite form of dance?

  • Ballet
  • Tango
  • Tap dance
  • She does not dance
Show answer


The tango, with its passionate yet dark undertones, captures the essence of movement for Wednesday—it’s dramatic and tells a story, much like herself.

25. What is Wednesday’s choice of beverage at a party?

  • Punch with an extra kick
  • Lemonade
  • Black coffee
  • Anything as long as it’s in a black cup
Show answer

Black coffee

Wednesday keeps it simple and intense with a strong black coffee, no sugar or milk to mask the pure bitterness—amazing for late-night plotting.

26. What does Wednesday collect as a hobby?

  • Stamps
  • Skulls
  • Vintage poison bottles
  • Porcelain dolls
Show answer

Vintage poison bottles

While other kids might collect stamps or coins, Wednesday is more likely to collect vintage poison bottles—they’ve got that mix of elegance and danger she just adores.

27. What is Wednesday’s go-to method for relieving stress?

  • Yoga
  • Gardening
  • Archery
  • Playing the harpsichord
Show answer


With her beloved crossbow often by her side, it’s clear that a bit of target practice with archery is likely Wednesday’s idea of a Zen moment.

28. Who would Wednesday likely consider a role model?

  • Cleopatra
  • Marie Curie
  • Elizabeth I
  • Joan of Arc
Show answer

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, with her strength, conviction, and touch of rebellion, would resonate with Wednesday’s own unyielding spirit and defiance of conventions.

29. What is Wednesday’s favorite plant in the greenhouse?

  • Roses
  • Venus flytraps
  • Poison ivy
  • Nightshade
Show answer

Venus flytraps

Venus flytraps are just the type of plant Wednesday would find fascinating—a beautiful danger with a deceptive appearance, much like her own charms.

30. If Wednesday had to join a club, which would she choose?

  • Chess Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Paranormal Society
  • Literature Club
Show answer

Paranormal Society

The Paranormal Society would be an impeccable fit for Wednesday, as a place where her interests in the unusual and supernatural could really blossom—plus, there might be some ghost stories to swap!

31. Which subject would Wednesday absolutely crush at school?

  • Potions
  • Calculus
  • Gymnastics
  • Telepathy 101
Show answer


Potions? You bet! Wednesday would have a blast mixing up concoctions that would make even her ancestors proud. She’s all about finding the perfect blend of ‘wow’ and ‘whoa’! 🧪✨

32. Who would be Wednesday’s unlikely best friend at school?

  • The head cheerleader
  • The talking portrait in the hallway
  • The school mascot
  • The lunch lady
Show answer

The talking portrait in the hallway

Imagine the whispers and secretive chuckles between Wednesday and the talking portrait—a duo that could totally stir up some mystery in the hallways. What’s better than a friend who’s quite literally part of the wall? 🖼️😉

33. Which extracurricular activity would Wednesday start at her school?

  • An apothecary club
  • Ghost hunting squad
  • Sunny Smiles Club
  • Botany and grave-digging collective
Show answer

Ghost hunting squad

Let’s face it: a Ghost Hunting Squad led by Wednesday would have the waitlist wrapping around the school twice, and could you even imagine the field trips? Spectacularly spooky! 👻🕵️‍♀️

34. What would be Wednesday’s ultimate prank at school?

  • Turning the swimming pool into a giant jello mold
  • Swapping the PA system with haunted house soundtracks
  • Changing all the class schedules to Sumerian
  • Nothing; pranks are beneath her
Show answer

Swapping the PA system with haunted house soundtracks

Wednesday switching the PA system with haunted house soundtracks would have the entire school jumping out of their skins—literally! Talk about an unforgettable Monday morning announcement. 😱🔊

35. What’s Wednesday’s costume of choice for the school masquerade ball?

  • A fashionable vampire
  • An elegant witch
  • Ghost of a famous historical figure
  • She’d go as herself – that’s scary enough
Show answer

A fashionable vampire

Imagine Wednesday gliding in as a fashionable vampire, fangs and all – talk about a neck-biting statement! It’s stylish, it’s classic, it’s… a little bit thirsty. 🧛‍♀️💃

36. Where would Wednesday hideout during a game of hide and seek?

  • Inside a coffin in the prop room
  • Camouflaged in the botanical gardens
  • Behind the curtain of the auditorium stage
  • She’d stand in plain sight, unnerving all who seek
Show answer

Inside a coffin in the prop room

Cramming into a coffin in the prop room? Totally typical Wednesday maneuver, and hey, might as well catch a few z’s while everyone’s looking elsewhere. It’s like a mini vacation… from the living! ⚰️😴

37. What secret skill does Wednesday possess that no one expects?

  • She’s a surprisingly good stand-up comedian
  • She can make roses bloom with a stare
  • She’s an underground DJ with a cult following
  • Knitting – scary sweaters are her specialty
Show answer

She’s a surprisingly good stand-up comedian

A stand-up comedian with a twist of terror? That’s our Wednesday! She’s got a graveyard’s worth of killer punchlines that will slay the crowd – laughter to die for, anyone? 🎤😂

38. How does Wednesday ace her history presentations?

  • Impersonates historical figures with eerie accuracy
  • Brings ancestors back for a Q&A session
  • Uses scary visual aids to keep the class engaged
  • Writes a rap about the historical events
Show answer

Impersonates historical figures with eerie accuracy

Wednesday’s method of choice? Channeling those historical figures personally. Her impersonations are so uncanny, you’d think she had a time machine… or a seance. Now that’s bringing history to life! 👻🎭

39. How would Wednesday redecorate her dorm room?

  • Fill it with various types of cacti
  • Turn it into a Victorian-era parlor
  • Hang portraits with eyes that follow you
  • Minimalist goth – just black everything
Show answer

Hang portraits with eyes that follow you

Oh, Wednesday would absolutely adore hanging portraits with eyes that follow you. That way, she could always keep an eye out – literally. Plus, a bit of paranoia adds character to the room, doesn’t it? 🖼️👀

40. What would be the title of Wednesday’s autobiography?

  • “Shadows and Wit: My Not-So-Sunny Days”
  • “Living Life on the Dark Side”
  • “Staying True to My Roots (They’re in a Cemetery)”
  • “Of Braids and Blades: The Wednesday Story”
Show answer

“Of Braids and Blades: The Wednesday Story”

“Of Braids and Blades: The Wednesday Story” would be a total page-turner. Picture it: each chapter a new twist, a fresh dark dive into the enigma that is Wednesday. Now, who wouldn’t want a signed copy of THAT? 📖✒️

Wednesday Addams Trivia Facts That Will Amaze You

Need more Wednesday Addams in your life? Here are some bonus facts about our favorite goth gal to keep you entertained and amazed! Just don’t get too creeped out… or do, she’d probably love it. 🦇

1. Wednesday’s full name is Wednesday Friday Addams.

Yep, you heard that right. According to creator Charles Addams’ original comic strips, Wednesday’s full legal name is Wednesday Friday Addams. Now that’s one way to make sure no one confuses which day of the week she was born on! 📅

2. She has a pet black widow spider named Homer.

Not exactly what most people would consider an ideal pet, but for Wednesday, a black widow spider is the perfect companion. She even brings him to school in some versions of the franchise – talk about a conversation starter! 🕷️🏫

3. Her favorite color is black, obviously.

From her clothes to her home decor and everything in between, Wednesday is all about that black life. Can you even imagine her wearing anything else? It’s just not Wednesday without a little bit of black! 🖤

4. She’s skilled in sword fighting.

Not only does Wednesday have a dark sense of humor, but she also has some serious talents when it comes to wielding weapons. In the movie “Addams Family Values,” she shows off her impressive sword fighting skills during summer camp. 🔪

5. Her favorite school subject is chemistry.

Unsurprisingly, Wednesday has a fondness for all things macabre – including chemistry! Whether it’s concocting potions or setting up some explosive experiments, she’s always ready to get her hands dirty in the name of science. ⚗️

6. She’s great at keeping secrets.

Wednesday is known for being mysterious and having a bit of a dark side, but she’s also an expert at keeping secrets. So if you ever need someone to confide in, Wednesday would be the perfect choice – just be prepared for some unconventional advice. 🤫

7. She’s a master of deadpan humor.

Wednesday may not be one to smile often, but when she does, it’s usually because she’s cracked a morbid joke. Her deadpan delivery and dark sense of humor are what make her such an iconic character – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 😂

8. She’s not a fan of sunshine.

As the ultimate goth girl, it’s no surprise that Wednesday is not a fan of sunlight. In fact, she often wears long sleeves and carries an umbrella to protect her from the dreaded sun’s rays. Who needs Vitamin D when you’ve got all that darkness anyway? ☀️

9. She has a crush on a psychopath.

In the “Addams Family” musical, Wednesday develops a crush on Lucas Beineke, who is later revealed to be a psychopathic killer. But hey, at least she’s true to her spooky self and chooses someone with similar interests! 😍

10. She’s always down for some family bonding… in a graveyard.

While most families go on picnics or movie nights, the Addams family has their own unique way of bonding – spending time in a graveyard. It may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but for Wednesday and her family, it’s just another day in the afterlife. 🌳☠️

Wednesday Addams may be an enigma, but one thing’s for sure: she’s got some seriously spooky skills and a wicked sense of humor. Whether it’s crushing potions class or pulling off the ultimate prank at school, Wednesday is always up for a challenge.

And while she may seem like the odd one out to some, to her fans, she’s just the perfect blend of creepy and cool. So here’s to Wednesday Addams, the ultimate queen of darkness – may she always reign supreme! 👑🖤

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