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The world of Minecraft has attracted many players and a lot of its avid players are so fond of the game that they even use the language of the game in their real lives. Are you one of those fans of the game? Attract other fans like you by using the best Minecraft pick-up lines in your conversation in order to score some major plus points and build that common between the two of you!

Best Minecraft pick-up lines

Are you trying to make a great impression and wanting to amaze others by coming up with witty pick-up lines to make them smile? Only the best pick-up lines will make everything work for you so check them out and pick what will most likely get the other person talking…

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1. You must be a bag of dirt because I dig you.

You won’t be digging only mines for today.

2. I think you’re a creeper ‘coz you make my heart explode.

This line would flatter whoever you say it too!

3. You must be a pumpkin because an enderman loves you.

Every Minecraft fan knows how much endermen love pumpkins!

4. A torch like you lights up my world!

Don’t you just wanna melt?

5. Oh you are a witch, I’m under your spell.

You’d be amazed at the response your lover or friend would have for this line.

6. You must be Steve because you’re so cute.

Need I say more?

7. I think you’re the nether because you’re hot.

Emphasizing how hot a nether can be is too easy but turning it into a compliment is quite amazing!

8. Oh you are my ultimate mob grinder!

If you truly are a Minecraft fan, you’ll totally get this.

9. If I’m a creeper then you’re the moon. I’m gonna cry, because you’re gonna leave me soon.

This will move you to tears!

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10. I’m into you as if you’re diamond armor.

Diamond armors are soooo pretty!

11. You must be a glowstone because you light up my world!

Glowstones are just simply beautiful!

12. I’m falling for you like I’m falling for gravel.

Your date would be over the moon.

13. I want to pick you up tonight and take you away like an Enderman would.

Let’s see how she reacts to this!

14. If I’m a zombie then you must be the sun because you set me on fire!

This is how to tell someone that they overwhelm you.

15. You light up my cave like a scorching torch!

You gotta specify which cave you’re talking about with this one!

16. I think I’ll need to get my pickaxe to dig the diamond out of your eyes.

This might be a pretty weird way to tell someone you like their eyes but you get the point, right?

17. Redstone is red, Lapis is blue. I’m willing to sacrifice my diamonds all just for you.

Hands down, one of the best lines ever!

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Funny Minecraft pick-up lines

Feeling lucky today? Try to make others laugh and crack up with these hilarious Minecraft pick-up lines and jokes that will surely turn their frowns upside down!

1. You could pass as a skeleton because you’re super thin!

Others might think this is funny but most will take it as a compliment!

2. Hey, You! We’d be perfect as a couple of NPCs on the set of Minecraft Monster’s, Inc.

Meant to be NPCs together…forever!

3. You and I, let’s explore new territory together!

And you can do just that while playing Minecraft together! Fun!

4. Let’s go on a date! You can come over to my place so that I can prepare a feast of roasted pork and golden apples.

These are about the best food you can find on Minecraft!

5. Take off that armor and let me see your skin underneath it all.

A little bit sexy and naughty but it’ll do just the trick to make their skin tingle!

6. Are you a pressure plate? Because you turn me on.

It’ll make them laugh or flatter them, either way, it’ll be major plus points for you.

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Dirty Minecraft pick-up lines {#dirty-minecraft-pick-up-lines} ⛏

Feeling a little naughty and up for a bit of green jokes spice up the mood with your friends and partner? Now, you can make each other laugh, blush and feel crazy with these dirty Minecraft pick-up lines! For open-minded friends only!

1. I think you’re a chest and I need to put a lot into you.

Get ready for some action!

2. If you were a pig, I would put a saddle on you and ride you all night.

Who needs a horse if you’ve got a pig, right?

3. You must be a redstone torch because you’re activating my sticky piston.

If the sticky piston is activated, brace yourself for impact!

4. You must be a slimeball because you make my piston sticky.

Sticky piston? Need I say more?

5. If you were an enderman, I would wanna look at your eyes.

So romantic and sensual…

6. You must be a bone meal because you make my wood grow!

That’s another way to put it…

7. I’d wanna tame you and ride you forever.

It’s gonna be a long ride, folks!

8. You must be an obsidian because they said you like it hard.

Hardcore obsidians all the way!

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9. We should go to my house and try to change your spawn location.

Whatever that means…

10. I want to take you back to my base and then explode my creeper in your mine tunnel.

It’s a very visual pick-up line and I think it’ll do the trick!

11. You must be a tree farm because every time I see you… I easily get wood.

A lot of lines about wood here, right?

12. I may not be a professional miner, but I promise I can make your bed-rock.

You’re gonna to bed a miner tonight!

13. Let me do all the digging; just sit back and relax.

Chillin’ like a villain!

14. Chop my wood with your mouth.

My pleasure!

15. It’s time to fertilize your crops with my bonemeal.

Fertilize away!

16. I’m TNT, If you touch me, I’m definitely going to explode!

And everything else will be history…

17. The creeper in your pants looks like it’s happy to see me!

Mighty fine!

18. We should both enter the love mode and breed.

Make love, not war!

19. My face might be up here but my diamond sword is down here.

Just follow the arrow downwards.

Most of these pick-up lines can only be used in certain situations and you need to make sure that your friend is open-minded enough! Only legit and true Minecraft fans can appreciate the wit and beauty of these questions. You’d be talking nonstop about the game in no time and you’d be surprised how effortless you will connect with each other!

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