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A sitcom classic that has withstood the test of time, Seinfeld continues to be a beloved show for many fans. The iconic characters and their hilarious antics have left a lasting impression on pop culture.

So, how well do you know the show? Test your knowledge with our collection of 20+ Seinfeld “Trivia” questions! From easy fun facts to more challenging ones, this list covers a wide range of topics from the show.

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How to Play Seinfeld “Trivia”

Playing Seinfeld “Trivia” is easy and fun! To begin, gather your friends and family, or play solo. Divide your group into teams or go head-to-head to see who knows the most about Seinfeld.

Choose a trivia master who will read the questions out loud, time the rounds, and keep score. The trivia master asks the first team/player the first question and they have a limited amount of time to answer.

Once they give their answer, the trivia master reveals if they are correct or not. If they get it right, they get a point. If they don’t or they didn’t give an answer on time, the other teams/players get a chance to steal the point. The game continues until all the questions have been answered. The team/player with the most points wins!

Best Seinfeld “Trivia” Questions for Fun

Want to have the best time playing Seinfeld “Trivia”? Try any of our top pick for Seinfeld “Trivia” questions, perfect for a fun and lighthearted game night with friends or family.

1. What is Jerry’s favorite cereal?

  • Cheerios
  • Frosted Flakes
  • Count Chocula
  • Fruit Loops
Show answer

Fruit Loops

His preferred breakfast cereal is Fruit Loops. In the episode “The Frogger,” Jerry even jokes about how he’s going to have a bowl for dinner.

2. What was the original title for Seinfeld?

  • The Chronicles of Jerry
  • Jerry and Friends
  • Stand Up Sitcom
  • The Seinfeld Chronicles
Show answer

The Seinfeld Chronicles

Before being shortened to just Seinfeld, the show was originally titled The Seinfeld Chronicles for its first two seasons. Check out more show-related questions in our TV “Trivia” Questions article!

3. What’s the name of Elaine’s on-again, off-again boyfriend who’s known for saying “Giddy up”?

  • Crazy Joe Davola
  • Kenny Bania
  • David Puddy
  • Newman
Show answer

David Puddy

Elaine’s boyfriend, David Puddy, had a penchant for saying “Giddy up” as an enthusiastic affirmation, much to the amusement (and sometimes annoyance) of the gang.

4. Kramer is known for his get-rich-quick schemes. Which of the following is NOT one of his inventions?

  • The Bro/Manzier
  • The Coffee Table Book about Coffee Tables
  • The Pizza Place where you make your own pie
  • Perfume that smells like the beach
Show answer

Perfume that smells like the beach

While Kramer had a multitude of bizarre ideas, the perfume that smells like the beach was actually an idea that Kramer ridiculed but was later stolen by Calvin Klein.

5. George is caught eating something out of the trash in one episode. What was it?

  • An eclair
  • A chocolate bar
  • A donut
  • A piece of cake
Show answer

An eclair

In a moment of weakness, George was spotted retrieving a barely nibbled eclair from the top of the trashcan, an action that sparked much debate among his friends.

6. Which of these characters is “Master of their domain”?

  • Jerry
  • Kramer
  • Elaine
  • George
Show answer

All of them claim to be, at least for a while!

In the contest to see who could be the “master of their domain,” each character claimed to be in control, although one by one they eventually confessed their defeats.

7. What kind of soup does the ‘Soup Nazi’ refuse to serve to Elaine?

  • Mulligatawny
  • Chicken Noodle
  • Wild Mushroom
  • Jambalaya
Show answer


Elaine is denied her favorite Mulligatawny soup after displeasing the infamous ‘Soup Nazi’ with her casual demeanor and request for free bread.

8. What is the name of the coffee shop where the group frequently hangs out?

  • Monk’s Café
  • Central Perk
  • Regal Beagle
  • Café Nervosa
Show answer

Monk’s Café

Monk’s Café is the gang’s go-to spot for coffee and conversations about life’s peculiar dilemmas – not to be confused with the haunts of other sitcom crews!

9. What alias does George invent for himself after being inspired by ‘The Prognosis Negative’?

  • Art Vandelay
  • Buck Naked
  • H.E. Pennypacker
  • Kel Varnsen
Show answer

Art Vandelay

George frequently uses the persona of Art Vandelay, an architect or importer/exporter, to get out of - or into - all sorts of peculiar scenarios.

10. Jerry and George pitch a TV show to NBC. What is the show about?

  • Nothing
  • A group of friends in New York
  • A family-run business
  • A high school teacher
Show answer


Turning the sitcom trope on its head, Jerry and George boldly pitch a show about “nothing,” much like the life episodes we see them navigate through Seinfeld itself.

11. What’s the name of the cologne that Kramer promotes, which smells like you’ve just come from the beach?

  • Ocean
  • The Beach
  • Sea Breeze
  • The Ocean
Show answer

The Beach

The cologne named “The Beach” is a brainchild of Kramer’s eccentric character, and he’s quite miffed when Calvin Klein adopts the idea without giving him credit.

12. Who does Elaine describe as being “sponge-worthy”?

  • Jerry
  • David Puddy
  • The Wiz
  • Billy
Show answer


After the market discontinues her preferred form of contraception, Elaine has to deem her dates “sponge-worthy” to determine if they’re worth the limited supply she has hoarded.

13. In the episode titled “The Race,” who does Jerry race to prove he’s the fastest runner?

  • Kramer
  • George
  • Newman
  • Duncan Meyer
Show answer

Duncan Meyer

Jerry races against his old high school rival, Duncan Meyer, in a bid to reassert a contested claim of being the fastest runner from their youth.

14. Who wins the contest to buy the last chocolate babka at the bakery?

  • Jerry and Elaine
  • George and his date
  • Newman
  • Another couple
Show answer

Another couple

In an almost athletic quest for the fabled chocolate babka, Jerry and Elaine lose out to another couple due to a clerical error involving a “lesser babka” – the cinnamon babka.

15. What is the name of Jerry’s alter ego who wears a velvet tracksuit?

  • Velvet Jerry
  • Jerry the King
  • H.E. Pennypacker
  • Jerome
Show answer


Jerry adopts the suave and leisurely persona of “Jerome” when he dons a luxurious velvet tracksuit, giving in to the irresistible softness and casual elegance of velvet.

16. What causes Jerry and Kramer to switch apartments—and personalities?

  • A neon sign
  • A loud neighbor
  • A rooster
  • Construction noise
Show answer

A neon sign

A blindingly bright neon chicken sign from the new Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant across the street causes Kramer and Jerry to swap domiciles, along with their distinctive traits.

17. What fictional movie title is frequently referenced throughout the series?

  • Chunnel
  • Prognosis Negative
  • Blimp: The Hindenburg Story
  • Rochelle, Rochelle
Show answer

Rochelle, Rochelle

“Rochelle, Rochelle” is a recurring fictional film within the show that’s described as “a young girl’s strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.”

18. How does Newman describe broccoli before throwing it out of Jerry’s apartment?

  • As a “vile weed”
  • As “the devil’s vegetable”
  • As “nature’s mistake”
  • As “a green monstrosity”
Show answer

As a “vile weed”

Newman loathes broccoli, going so far as to call it a “vile weed” before tossing it out of Jerry’s window and into the street below.

19. What is the name of Kramer’s handsome friend who believes himself to be cursed?

  • Crazy Joe Davola
  • Bob Sacamano
  • Mickey Abbott
  • Lloyd Braun
Show answer

Mickey Abbott

Mickey’s streak of bad luck has him convinced that he’s been cursed, leading him to wear a helmet for protection and avoid any situation involving “three” – the number he believes brings bad luck.

20. What does Kramer try to smuggle into Cuba?

  • Cigars
  • Rum
  • Coffee beans
  • Mangoes
Show answer


Kramer gets a tip that Cuban cigars are “the best in the world,” and he tries to smuggle them into the country, ultimately getting himself and Jerry detained by airport security.

21. Who is famous for their dance moves described as “a full-bodied dry heave set to music”?

  • Elaine
  • Jerry
  • Kramer
  • George
Show answer


Elaine sets the dance floor on fire with her one-of-a-kind dance moves, which are as unforgettable as they are unreplicable – her legendary jig is fondly known as “the Elaine dance.”

22. What type of fruit does Kramer get banned from purchasing at Joe’s Grocery store?

  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Apple
  • Cantaloupe
Show answer


After one too many fruit-related incidents, Kramer is forever banned from Joe’s, making his fruit salad days a thing of the past – no soup for you, and no mango either, buddy!

23. How does Jerry describe the smell of his car after an unfortunate incident with a valet?

  • Like a “stink bomb”
  • As “beastly”
  • Like “a bouquet of B.O.”
  • Like “body odor Olympiad”
Show answer

Like “a bouquet of B.O.”

Jerry’s car becomes a rolling canister of eau de no-no after a run-in with a particularly pungent valet, leaving him to navigate the hazards of a stench so rich, it comes with its own personality.

24. What is George’s father’s mantra for keeping calm?

  • “Serenity now!”
  • “Hakuna Matata”
  • “Take it easy”
  • “Chill out”
Show answer

Serenity now!

Frank Costanza’s attempt at tranquility is as subtle as a foghorn, with the phrase “Serenity now!” becoming the family’s unofficial and often ironic motto for those not-so-zen moments.

25. In what ludicrous way does Kramer decide to cook his clothes?

  • Using a pizza oven
  • Steaming them in the shower
  • Baking them in the oven
  • Boiling them in a pot
Show answer

Baking them in the oven

Leave it to Kramer to leave us in stitches with his whacky domestic adventures, this time “baking” his clothes as if they’re the season’s hottest cookies, because who doesn’t love the smell of fresh laundry and pie crust in the morning?

Difficult Seinfeld “Trivia” Questions for Experts

Love and know everything about Seinfeld? These difficult Seinfeld “Trivia” questions will test your knowledge and separate the true masters from the amateurs.

Remember to maintain a lighthearted, fun, and slightly daring tone as you dive into these challenging questions!

1. What is Jerry’s apartment number?

  • 5A
  • 3B
  • 4C
  • None, it is never mentioned.
Show answer


Jerry’s apartment number is revealed to be 5A in the episode “The Robbery,” when Jerry mentions that his address is “129 West 81st Street, Apartment 5A.”

2. What is the name of Kramer’s coffee table book about coffee tables?

  • “Coffee Tableception”
  • “A Surface to Reflect On: The Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables”
  • “The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Tables”
  • “Table Manners: A Comprehensive Look at Coffee Tables”
Show answer

“A Surface to Reflect On: The Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables”

Kramer’s best-seller book about coffee tables is titled “A Surface to Reflect On: The Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables,” and it even includes a fold-out coffee table inside.

3. What did Jerry trade his car for?

  • A van
  • A suit
  • A boat
  • A motorcycle
Show answer

A “van”

Jerry trades his car for a van in the episode “The Old Man,” but quickly regrets it when he realizes that the van is owned by a serial killer.

4. What is the name of George’s alter-ego?

  • Art Vandelay
  • Lance Hardwood
  • Koko The Monkey
  • Dr. Van Nostrand
Show answer

Art Vandelay

George often uses the alias “Art Vandelay” to get out of awkward situations or impress women, but it always seems to backfire on him.

5. What is the name of Elaine’s boss at Pendant Publishing?

  • Mr. Peters
  • Mr. Lippman
  • Mr. Kruger
  • Mr. Pitt
Show answer

Mr. Lippman

Elaine’s boss at Pendant Publishing is named Mr. Lippman. He is known for having a distinctive sneeze and being obsessed with his water pick.

6. What does George claim to be in order to get out of work?

  • A marine biologist
  • An architect
  • A pro golfer
  • A famous rapper
Show answer

An “architect”

In the episode “The Marine Biologist,” George uses his fake identity as an architect to impress a woman and get out of work. Unfortunately, he is forced to live up to his lie when he must save a whale that has been beached on the shore.

7. What is the name of Jerry’s dentist?

  • Dr. Tim Whatley
  • Dr. Martin Von Nostrand
  • Dr. Cosmo Kramer
  • Dr. Ben Ellis
Show answer

Dr. Tim Whatley

Jerry’s dentist is named Dr. Tim Whatley, and he often makes inappropriate jokes and references to other Seinfeld characters during his appointments.

8. What is the name of the restaurant where Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer spend most of their time?

  • Monks
  • Joe’s Pizza
  • The Bistro
  • The Soup Kitchen
Show answer


The gang’s go-to spot for coffee and conversation is Monk’s Café, known for its infamous oversized muffin tops and the occasional appearance of “The Soup Nazi.”

9. What is the name of Jerry’s arch-nemesis?

  • Newman
  • Bizarro Jerry
  • Crazy Joe Davola
  • Sue Ellen Mischke
Show answer


Jerry’s sworn enemy is his mailman Newman, who constantly plots against him and finds ways to get even for any perceived slight.

10. What is the name of Jerry’s favorite cereal?

  • Cheerios
  • Lucky Charms
  • Frosted Flakes
  • Kix
Show answer

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Jerry’s favorite cereal is revealed in the episode “The Opposite,” when he says, “I love this stuff. It’s the taste that makes you want more.”

11. Where does Elaine work when she moves to St. Louis?

  • American Express
  • The New York Yankees
  • The post office
  • J. Peterman
Show answer

J. Peterman

Elaine leaves her job at Pendant Publishing and moves to St. Louis to work for the eccentric catalog entrepreneur J. Peterman, known for his dramatic storytelling and unique sense of style.

12. What is the name of Jerry’s neighbor who he calls “Fragile”?

  • Mr. Marbles
  • Babu Bhatt
  • The Soup Nazi
  • Crazy Joe Davola
Show answer

Mr. Marbles

Jerry’s neighbor, a ventriloquist named Sid who Jerry nicknames “Fragile” for his delicate mannerisms, becomes the subject of an elaborate prank involving a dummy named Mr. Marbles in the episode “The Doll.”

13. What is Kramer’s first name?

  • Cosmo
  • Kevin
  • Keith
  • Carl
Show answer


Kramer’s first name is revealed to be Cosmo in the episode “The Slicer” when his mom calls him by his full name. However, he often goes by Kramer or K-Man as well.

14. What is the name of the diner where George’s girlfriend works?

  • Reggie’s
  • The Bistro
  • Monk’s
  • Joe’s Pizza
Show answer


George dates a waitress named Miranda who works at Reggie’s, a diner that he and Jerry frequent. Things go awry when George tries to get free pie from her and ends up getting her fired.

15. What is the name of Jerry’s neighbor who he often bumps into?

  • Bob Sacamano
  • Mr. Lippman
  • Crazy Joe Davola
  • Newman
Show answer


Jerry’s nemesis, Newman, also happens to live in his apartment building and they frequently cross paths. Newman is often up to no good and Jerry always seems to be caught in the middle of it.

16. What is the name of the woman who Jerry and George pitch their TV show to?

  • Elaine
  • Susan
  • Marla
  • Jodi
Show answer

NBC Executive, “Jodi”

Jerry and George pitch their show to a skeptical executive named Jodi who doesn’t seem convinced that “a show about nothing” would be successful. However, she eventually greenlights the show and becomes a recurring character throughout later seasons.

17. What is the name of Jerry’s favorite superhero?

  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Spiderman
  • The Green Lantern
Show answer


Jerry’s love for Superman is seen throughout the series, with references and memorabilia scattered throughout his apartment. He even wears a Superman t-shirt in many episodes.

18. What is the name of Elaine’s on-again, off-again boyfriend who works at Pendant Publishing?

  • David Puddy
  • Tim Whatley
  • Morty Seinfeld
  • Jake Jarmel
Show answer

Jake Jarmel

Elaine’s pretentious writer boyfriend Jake Jarmel is known for his “big hands” and constantly correcting her grammar. They have a tumultuous relationship, breaking up and getting back together multiple times throughout the series.

19. What does George’s father do for a living?

  • He is a retired salesman
  • He is a lawyer
  • He is an accountant
  • He owns a hardware store
Show answer

He owns a hardware store

George’s father, Frank Costanza, is the hot-headed owner of “Frank’s Little Beauties,” a small appliance and novelty item shop. He often gets into arguments with Jerry’s father, Morty Seinfeld, who is a retired salesman.

20. What is the name of Kramer’s crazy friend who thinks he’s on “The Tonight Show”?

  • Bob Sacamano
  • Lloyd Braun
  • Crazy Joe Davola
  • Brody
Show answer


Kramer’s eccentric friend, Brody, is convinced that Jerry’s apartment is actually the set of “The Tonight Show” and constantly tries to perform his comedy routine for Jerry. He also believes he’s a genius inventor and creates crazy contraptions like a coffee table book with actual legs.

Keep rewatching and reliving all the hilarious moments from Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, and their wacky friends and enemies. Until next time, remember to always order your muffin tops at Monk’s Café and never let Newman deliver your mail!

Ron Howard, please don’t sue us. But if you do, we’ll settle it over a round of “Moops” in court. See ya later, alligator!

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