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A good laugh can simply be enough to get rid of one’s blues or cheer you up! Laughter has also been shown to be able to reduce stress-hormone levels, reduce pain and boost the body’s ability to fight off invaders. ย So it is no wonder that laughter makes for good medicine!

The following article is for all cat lovers out there! Here you can find not only clever cat puns names and funny cat puns for everyday life but also more cat content for Christmas, Halloween, and even for birthdays!

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Funny Cat Puns

What other way to enjoy cats with none other than funny cat puns! If you are looking for hilarious jokes to make your day brighter then look no further, because we have you covered!

Here’s our list of cat jokes puns that will trigger people’s funny bones.

1. Remember, every meow-ment counts.

Words to live by.

2. Look at what the cat dragged in!

As long as it’s not a huge rat, I’m all good.

3. What accessory does a cat like to bring around the most? A purr-se.

I bet their favorite brand is Cate Spade!

4. I never fur-get to get catnip.

Why do cats like catnip so much?

5. My catโ€™s favorite color is purr-ple!

I happen to like Persian green.

6. What kind of sports car does a cat drive? Fur-rari.

Check out the wheels on this cat!

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Cat Name Puns

Ever heard of a silly cat name pun? If you haven’t, then you’re missing out. Hearing silly puns made from names will either make you groan or giggle in response.

Here, we have a list of funny cat pun names you can enjoy. Read on and see if these cat name puns will make you chuckle or make you sigh!

1. The catโ€™s favorite pop singer is Kitty Purry!

One of her famous songs is Cat-nifornia Girls!

2. Who was the catโ€™s favorite US president? Barack Oba-meow.

His wife is Michelle Oba-meow. Well, to be honest, that was a bad cat joke.

3. Who are catsโ€™ favorite actress? Catalie Portman!

They love her in Black Swan. I mean Black Cat!

4. Tabby or not tabby is a famous quote from William Shakes-purr.

To meow, or not to meow? That is the question.

5. What is the name of The Cat Who Lived? Harry Paw-ter.

Did he have a paw-shaped scar on his forehead?

6. That cat is so handsome. We should call him Brad Kitt!

Heโ€™s the Brad Pitt among all the cats! Another bad joke!

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Cat Love Puns

We should let our loved ones know how much we appreciate them every day. Why not send a family member or your special someone one of these silly cat love puns?

These puns are so adorable that anyone will love them! Even cat haters will be purring in no time!

1. I love you. I think we should get meow-rried.

I have 9 lives and I wanna spend each one of them with you!

2. Purr-haps we can cuddle?

Purr-haps we can.

3. I really like your purr-sonality.

And I think you are purr-fect!

4. I love you the meowst.

That’s one of my favorite cat jokes of all time!

5. Your voice is like meow-sic to my ears.

Wanna hear my heart purr?

6. When Iโ€™m with you, Iโ€™m feline good.

I hope you feel good when youโ€™re with me too!

Want something more universal?

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Cat Christmas Puns

Are you a cat person? Then spread joy in December by sharing some of these cat Christmas puns as your holiday greetings!

Wish people a merry meow-mas with these Christmas-themed cat jokes and puns!

1. Have a Meowy Christmas!

May it be filled with fluffy cuddles and sweet purrs!

2. Christmas deals are the best! They offer you “buy one, get one furry!”

These are good deals!

3. Merry Christmas and a Happy Mew Year!

Extra points if you say “Mew” in a really small and cute voice.

4. All I want fur Christmas is you!

Sang by Mariah Cat-rey.

5. โ€˜Tis the season tabby jolly! Fa la la la la la la la la!

This has got tabby one of the cutest puns here!

6. Do kittens wait for gifts from Santa Claus during Christmas? No, they wait for Santa Paws!

They need to be good to get presents!

Cat Valentines Puns

Do you love someone so much you can’t express yourself in regular words? Well, why not express yourself with cat puns?

Use any of these cat valentines puns to make your boyfriend or girlfriend grin like a Cheshire cat from all the cuteness!

1. You look fur-miliar. I think I saw you in a dream.

Was it during a cat nap?

2. Every day you look so purr-ty.

You look purr-fect to me too.

3. Can I take meowt for dinner later?

Sure, let’s get some seafood! But not cat food, please!

4. You whisker me away.

Maybe I’ll whisker some eggs and bake you a cake.

5. Hey, I just met you and this is crazy but hereโ€™s my number. So call me meow-by?

I know all the lyrics to this Cat-ly Rae Jepsen classic!

6. I want tabby with you!

I want to be with you too!

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Halloween Cat Puns

Are you afraid of black cats? Well, you don’t have to feel scared of these Halloween cat puns!

Give people a paw-some time laughing as they figure out the punchlines of these Halloween cat puns!

1. What movie do cats like to watch during Halloween? The Purr-ge!

Isn’t Cindy Clawford starring in this movie? Or was it Luke Skywhisker and Nathaniel Pawthorne?

2. What chocolate do cats want the most for Halloween? Cat-bury!

Remember cat’s shouldn’t eat chocolate!

3. Her cat costume was so nice it was paw-some!

Was she dressed as a furry cat or as Catwoman?

4. What is a ghost kittenโ€™s favorite dessert? Mice cream!

I can only respect this interesting choice of flavor!

5. Where did the cat mummy rise from? The cat-tacomb.

The cat mummy probably holds the world record for the longest cat nap!

6. What is a horror movie about cats? Paranormal Cativity!

Itโ€™s completely terrifying!

Cat Birthday Puns

Humans may not have nine lives like cats as the saying goes, but we know how to make the most out of life! That’s why we know how important it is to celebrate our family and friends’ birthdays!

If you want to make your birthday greeting more unique and special, share any of these sweet cat birthday puns!

1. Happy Purr-day!

The day when I first purr-ed my way into the world.

2. Since today is your birthday, I hope you have a mice day!

As long as it’s a mice day and not a rat day, I’m good!

3. Hope you have a paw-sitively great day on your birthday!

I like the paw-sitive vibes I get from this one!

4. What is a cat’s favorite birthday cake? A chocolate mouse!

Is it chocolate flavored or mouse flavored? Probably both!

5. Looks like the catโ€™s out of the bag… Itโ€™s your birthday!

Was the cat’s bag a Cate Spade purr-se?

6. Turn up the mew-sic. Letโ€™s get this paw-ty started!

Cats know how to party during birthdays!

Bonus: Cat Noir Puns

Cat Noir is a fictional character from the animated television series Miraculous! The Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Cat Noir is the superhero alter ego of Adrien Agreste who uses a magical ring to transform into Cat Noir.

Whether youโ€™re familiar with Cat Noir or not, these puns will make you smile! Here are some of the funniest Cat Noir puns!

1. Stop stewing in mew-sery.

Get out of the house instead of staying at home in misery.

2. Iโ€™m paw-sitive that weโ€™re perfect for each other, my lady.

Why does this make me blush?

3. I feel absolutely ap-paw-ling.

Wanna grab some milk and talk about it?

4. Nothing is fur-ever.

Never say never!

5. The feeling of sadness is paw-fully familiar.

It’s bound to get better eventually, keep those whiskers up!

6. Listen, I’m feline more generous than usual today. So cool down and we’ll call it quits, okay?

This sounds so cool!

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