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Dating can sometimes be confusing. Many people miss cues that a girl they like intentionally gives out.

How would you know if a girl likes you back? When should you take a chance and ask her out?

These conversation starters and questions can help you with this dilemma.

20 Questions to ask yourself and the girl you like

If you notice more than one of the following signs, the girl you like may be into you as well. Take this quiz to find out.

1. Does she get out of her way to hang out with you?

Does the girl you like spend as much time as possible with you?

2. When you’re out with a group of people, such as a party, does she beeline straight for you when she arrives?

If the other people in your group seem invisible to the girl you like and you’re the first person she goes to, then the odds are in your favor.

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3. Do you catch her staring at you?

If this has happened more than once, then it is likely she’s waiting for you to look and smile back.

4. Has she ever complimented you before?

Some girls flirt by sending compliments to the one they like. This could be as simple as noticing your hair or new shoes, so better be aware when this happens.

5. Does she try to make a conversation longer by asking a lot of questions?

This is a good clue that she’s digging up more info about you and trying to spend more time with you as subtle as possible. Take note.

6. Has she ever put your hand on you?

Some girls use their hands to show affection. From a simple pat on the shoulder or back, to a quick brush on your hand, these are signs that they like you.

7. Does she smile at you often?

Some girls can be shy, so they may not interact much even if they like you. But smiles are harder to hide. You’ll notice this if you’re around her.

8. Is she interested in the same hobbies as you?

What you may not know is that the girl who likes you may have found out about YOUR interests, just so you could have more things to talk about.

9. Has she ever bought you a gift for no reason?

Does she give you baked goods? handmade stuff? Or things you love? Even if it wasn’t your birthday?

10. Does she tease you relentlessly?

Some girls flirt by teasing. If the girl you like is mocking you or laughing at you, it could be a clue that she’s shielding her feelings over you.

11. Have you noticed your crush touching her hair often?

Body language experts would agree that if a girl touches her hair around you, it’s most likely that she’s flirting.

12. Do you text each other?

Were you able to get her number already? If not, why not? If yes, does she reply to your texts regularly? Does she call or text first? These little things matter. Pay closer attention to how your crush tries to communicate with you.

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13. Has she been avoiding talking about other guys?

She may not be giving you obvious hints, but this could mean she’s telling you that she’s single and available.

14. Has she ever tried to make plans to get you all by herself?

Quality time is important for people getting to know each other. If you find the girl you like making plans to get you alone, this is a good sign. Make extra effort to meet her halfway.

15. Do you notice her wanting to be introduced to your friends?

A girl who likes you would want to impress your friends as well. She’s making an effort to get to know your crowd.

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16. Is she always ready to join you in any activity you recommend?

It could be as boring as going to the library. Or hitting the supermarket. But for a girl who likes you back, this means alone time with you.

17. Does she make you laugh often? Or always laugh at your jokes?

You do know that humor makes the heart grow fonder, right? If you’re laughing your hearts out and you’re enjoying each other’s company, it should be a given that she likes you back.

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18. Do you find her friends awkwardly grinning at you when you’re in the presence of the girl you like?

In this case, she most likely talks about you with her friends and they approve your union.

19. Does she ask stories about your family?

If you notice her getting interested with stories about your family and childhood, it’s another clue that she likes you.

20. Are you sure you are not in the friend zone?

This is tricky to some people, but you have to learn how to differentiate being chummy with being flirty.

Here’s how to find out if you’re stuck in the friend zone and how to get out of the friend zone.

5 Questions to ask the girl you like

What do you like best about a partner?

If you ask this question, you’re in luck if you think she’s describing you through her answers.

Why are you angry or ignoring me?

Sometimes, a girl who has a crush on will get angry (or even ignore you completely) if they get hurt or offended about something you did or said. This may totally surprise you, but it is pretty common behavior.

Can I meet your friends?

If you haven’t met her friends and she is willing to introduce you to her world, then buckle up. This is a major clue that she’s all in.

Can I take a picture with you?

Try to get a selfie with her often and see if she always agrees. Even girls who don’t like taking selfies would agree if their crush asked them to.

Are you single?

Before anything else, ask directly if the girl you like is available. If she likes you back, she’ll probably make it clear to you that she is single and ready to mingle.

What’s your score?

How many questions did you answer “YES” to?

  • If you scored 15 or less, take time to learn more about the girl you like. Make sure you open up to her as well, so she could get to know you at a deeper level in the process.
  • If you scored 16 or more, then you pass the “Should I ask her out” quiz with flying colors. There’s a good chance that the girl you like also likes you back. So go on, and make a move.

Good luck!

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