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Equipment for the drinking game horserace

  • A deck of cards
  • Alcohol
  • 4 and more players

Horserace setup

Place all four jacks (visible) next to each other at the top edge of the table. These symbolize the 4 horses.

Besides those four jacks seven cards are placed down on the table. Those seven cards are the racetrack. The entire structure has an L-shape.

Choose a race leader who reveals the cards.

Card Setup:

Procedures and rules for the drinking game Horserace:

Each player picks a horse (a jack) to bet on. The first bet is half a glass of beer or any other alcohol of the players choice.

The player must first drink his own bet.

If the player picks the winning horse, he can distribute double the amount of his bet to another player.

The first card of the deck (not the horsetrack!) will then be revealed.

If a spade card is drawn, the jack of spades may take a step forward.

When all horses have moved up a field, the first card of the racetrack is revealed. If this card is a heart, the jack of hearts must take a step backwards.

The game continues until one of the horses has made it past the seventh card of the racetrack(the finish line).

All those who have bet on the winning horse at the beginning, can distribute twice their bets to the other players.

For example if you have bet half a glass of beer, you can distribute a whole glass of beer. Either to all players or just one.

But beware! If another player has also bet on the winning horse, he may also distribute twice his bet amount.

Additional rules for Horserace

Should a player have to go back a field because his suit has been revealed, he must drink a shot.

Other optional side bets:

Of course, players can bet with each other, which horse will finish last. The wager can be agreed upon by the individual players.

It is especially popular here to play for more shots. Jägermeister and Tequila are particularly suitable for this bet!

Dangers in the drinking game Horserace:

As fun as the drinking game horserace is, as always, be careful when dealing with alcohol and know your limits!

Our Rating

Horserace Drinking Game

Horserace Drinking Game will definitely spice up your next party. Based on how complex, how easy it is to play and how drunk you will get, we give it 4.8 out of 5 stars. We hope you enjoy Horserace Drinking Game as much as we do!

4.8 out of 5 👌

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