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Wanna bet? “Horse Race” is a classic game of chance and luck, but instead of betting with money, you’ll bet with shots of your favorite drink!

This is a fun and chill drinking game perfect for parties, gatherings, or even a night in with friends. No stressing over the rules and complicated gameplay with the “Horse Race” drinking game; just pure fun!

So gather your friends, grab a deck of cards and some drinks, and let’s get ready to race!

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How to Play the “Horse Race” Drinking Game

Ready to start betting on your “horse”? Here’s what you need to know when playing the “Horse Race” drinking game!

Step 1: After setting up the “Horse Race” track, have the members pick who will be the race leader. The race leader will be in charge of revealing the cards on the deck.

Step 2: Each player will pick a horse (or suit) to bet on. Players will bet using alcohol. Either bet half a glass of beer or any spirit shot glass – it’s your choice!

Step 3: The race will proceed when the leader flips the first card from the deck. Whatever the card’s suit, the horse on the race track will take a step forward.

For example: The race leader unflips the 5 of hearts, the hearts suit horse card will move 1 step along the course.

Step 4: When all horses have made it to the first track, the first unflipped card from the 7-card course will be revealed. Depending on the suit of this card, the horses will have to take a step back on the course.

For example: All horses have made it to the first track, and the first track card is revealed to be the 2 of spades. The horse with the spades suit will have to move a step backward.

Step 5: Each time all horses move up a level along the 7-card course, the corresponding card from the racecourse will be revealed. Make sure to keep your eye on the horses!

Step 6: The first horse that makes it past the final card will be deemed the winner of the race! The race leader will continue going through the course until the first horse makes it past the 7th card of the course. The winner is the first horse that goes past the final card!

Step 7: The players who bet on the losing suit will have to drink their alcohol bet. The winner, on the other hand, can distribute double the amount of their bet to another player. There can be multiple winners in the “Horse Race” drinking game, so beware!

Additional tip: If you and your friends want to make it more interesting, you can add a rule that whoever’s horse takes a step back on the course will have to drink half a glass of beer or an entire shot glass!

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“Horse Race” Drinking Game Rules

Like most others, the “Horse Race” drinking game has its own rules. The game’s main objective is to bet which horse will complete the course first correctly. To find out how this works, check out the rules below!

1. Complete all your equipment.

Make sure you have the equipment you need to play. You should prepare a standard deck of 52 cards and lots of alcohol that will be used for all the betting that will take place!

Remember to prepare alcohol based on the number of people who will be playing. For the “Horse Race” drinking game, you should have at least four people.

2. Pick out the “Horses”.

Among the set of cards, each player picks a card, which will be their “horse”. You can select Ace, Jack, or anything you would like. These “horses” should be placed on a table facing up side by side with each other.

3. Shuffle and cut the cards.

Shuffle the cards and pick 7 random cards to place on the table. These cards will symbolize the racetrack.

4. Cut and shuffle the remaining deck of cards

After you have shuffled the remaining cards, place them face down on the table. These cards will be flipped later on by the race leader.

5. The “horse” card will only advance when a card with the corresponding suit is flipped from the deck of cards.

The first “horse” with eight corresponding suit cards will win the race!

The “Horse Race” drinking game is a fun and easy drinking game that only requires cards and lots of alcohol! It’s perfect for any occasion, so gather your friends and try it out today. Have fun!

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