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Fifa is probably one of the best video games that you can turn into a drinking game. As we already drink alcohol while playing the game, we thought why not make a drinking game out of it. So here are the rules for the Fifa drinking game:

Equipment for the Fifa Drinking Game

  • Fifa
  • PC, Xbox, Playstation
  • Alcohol

Fifa Drinking Game Rules

Here are the most basic rules for Fifa as a drinking game:

  • Take a drink when the time is stopped (corner kicks, free kicks, penalty shots, offside)
  • Drink 2x for receiving a yellow card
  • Drink 3x for receiving a red card
  • Finish your drink if you injure another player
  • If enemy team scores, drink 2x
  • Double all drinks during extra time
  • If you lose the game, take a shot

Dangers of playing Fifa as a drinking game

If you love alcohol and Fifa, this game will get you in trouble. Watch out for your alcohol consumption and know your limits!

✍️  October 19, 2019

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