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What is the FIFA Drinking Game?

Before we talk about the FIFA drinking game, you have to know what FIFA is first. FIFA which stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association is the most prestigious football tournament in the world. Different countries and famous football players participate in this World Cup.

It’s so popular that it spawned a video game simulation series! The FIFA game franchise is a football simulation game where you can play as one of your favorite footballers and compete against your friend online. It’s a pretty fun game that you can easily turn into a drinking game with lots of alcohol and friends who are game for anything!

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When playing the FIFA Drinking Game, players will have to take drinks from their cups every time they make a mistake. And let’s be honest, this is a FIFA game, so you’re gonna make mistakes. You can either drink alone, or drink as a team. Whatever your choice is, you’re in for a blast!

How to Play the FIFA Drinking Game

To play the FIFA Drinking Game, make sure you have your console (PC, XBOX or PS4) and a copy of a FIFA game. Of course, don’t forget your alcohol too! Let your competitive nature come out once the game gets going and the alcohol starts flowing!

Here’s how to play the FIFA Drinking Game.

1. Decide who will play among your group.

The FIFA game simulation only lets you connect a maximum of 4 controllers, so only 4 people can play at the same time. You can form teams and rotate who will be playing in each round.

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If there’s anyone who doesn’t want to play, just let them sit back and bet on which team they think will win, and watch the chaos unfold before their eyes!

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2. Set up your game, get your drinks ready, and play that first match!

Remember that how much you drink will depend on how well you play the game, so the worse you are at playing, the drunker you’ll get!

3. The mistakes you make will have a corresponding punishment to go along with it.

If you hit the ball out of bounds, be prepared to drink once from your cup!

4. Drink and have fun!

Be mindful of your alcohol limit and don’t drink more than you can handle. You want to spend your time having a good time not throwing up!

The FIFA drinking game is a great way to enjoy yourself whether you are a huge football fan or even just someone who’s looking for something fun to do with friends. This is a great and unique take on drinking games which lets you combine console gaming and drinking in one super fun activity!

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FIFA Drinking Game Rules

When it comes to playing the FIFA Drinking Game, there is a basic set of rules to follow. The rules depend on when specific actions happen during the game.

Take a look at some of these FIFA Drinking Game rules:

1. Take a drink whenever the time is stopped.

This includes corner kicks, free kicks, penalty shots, and offside.

2. Drink twice every time you receive a yellow card.

This is a warning!

3. Drink four times every time you receive a red card.

You deserve it for getting a red card in the first place!

4. Finish the drink if you injure another player.

Chug that bottle down!

5. Drink once if you foul the opponent.

Maybe you can try playing nice?

6. Drink once if you hit the ball out of bounds.

Of course you have to be punished for this.

7. Drink twice if the enemy team scores.

That’s right, don’t let them score!

8. During extra time, double all the drinks.

It’s not a drinking game unless you get drunk.

9. If you lose the game, take a shot.

Try to win as much as you can!

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10. Drink twice if you miss a penalty kick.

How can you miss that shot?

11. If you are spectating and you bet on the wrong team, finish your drink.

Just because you are spectating, doesn’t mean you get to sit this one out!

Drinking Games like FIFA

After experiencing the FIFA Drinking Game with your friends, you might be looking for other games to try out. Don’t worry because we have a lot more drinking games for you to play!

Here’s a list of drinking games that will keep you and your friends entertained and drunk!

1. UNO Drinking Game

FIFA may be a game that you probably didn’t expect could be a great drinking game. Well, we have another game to add to that unexpected drinking game list! Did you know that the popular family card game UNO can also be a drinking game?

How to Play the UNO Drinking Game

Before you learn how to play the UNO Drinking Game, you should know how to play regular UNO first. The UNO Drinking Game is played just like how you would play regular UNO except there are additional rules thrown in. These rules will of course make you and your friends drink throughout the game!

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Here are some UNO Drinking Game rules that you can add to your game:

  • Drink whenever you draw the same color or number as the player in front of you.

  • If you pick a Draw-Four card, you can make everyone drink!

  • If you pick a Draw-Two card, the next player who draws will drink twice.

  • If you pick a Draw-Two card that’s the same color as the previous card, you will drink twice!

  • If you pick a suspension card, you can choose any player to drink.

Check out more rules and instructions on how to play this not-so family friendly card game!

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2. Lord of the Rings Drinking Game

The next game on our list is not based on a video game. This time, it’s based on a movie! The Lord of the Rings movie franchise is perfect for a drinking game that you can play from the comfort of your living room couch!

If you and your friends want to just sit on the couch and chill while having a drinking session, why not play the Lord of the Rings Drinking Game? If you have plenty of time to relax and watch movies with your friends, then switching to drinking while binge watching should be a breeze!

How to Play the Lord of the Rings Drinking Game

If you love watching movies and drinking, learning how to play the Lord of the Rings Drinking Game will be a piece of cake! The main objective when playing this game is to drink whenever certain rules come up. The rules can be based on specific movie scenes, what characters do or say, or whatever rule you can make up!

Here are some rules based on movie scenes:

1. Drink whenever Sam does all the work.

You know he does a lot for his bro, Frodo.

2. Drink whenever Gollum says, “My Precious”

That ring really is precious though!

3. Drink whenever Gandalf is being too dramatic.

“You shall not pass!”

4. Drink every time someone unsheathes their sword.

You’ll be drinking a lot!

5. Drink whenever there’s a close up of someone’s dirty fingernails.

Someone give them a mani-pedi!

6. Drink whenever a hobbit screws up.

But they’re so adorable when they screw up!

7. Drink whenever a member of Boromir’s family screws up.

One does not simply watch Boromir’s family screw up without drinking.

8. Drink whenever there’s a panoramic shot.

New Zealand… I mean Middle Earth is beautiful.

  1. Drink whenever the Eye of Sauron shows up. It’s so creepy that it will make you want to drink!

  2. Drink whenever Gandalf smokes his pipe. He didn’t smoke a lot, right?

Here are some rules based on a movie character’s actions:

  • Drink whenever Frodo:

  • looks stressed

  • trips over his own feet

  • gets affected by the ring

  • Drink whenever Sam:

  • says “Mr. Frodo”

  • is lying down

  • is mean to Gollum

  • Drink whenever Legolas:

  • blinks

  • fires an arrow

  • makes an obvious remark

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More Drinking Games

If you still can’t get enough drinking games, there are still a lot more games for you to explore!

👉 Here are more fun drinking games to check out!

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