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If you know that the person you’re dating or courting is a huge Star Wars fan, then, it’s a no-brainer that she’ll fall for the quotes and lines related to the characters and the movie itself! You just need to know stuff about the movie to formulate such epic lines that are guaranteed to make any science fiction geek’s heart swoon…

Or you can skip to the good part and just pick from these Star Wars pick up lines that we have prepared just for you! Pick the type of line you want that will be appropriate for what vibes you’re trying to give off and express!

Cheesy Star Wars pick up lines

Wanna make her smile and feel oh-so-giddy inside? These cheesy Star Wars pick up lines will do just that!

1. Are you the droid I’ve been looking for?

R2-D2 or C-3PO? This one will make her laugh but also flatter her!

2. Can you be the Han Solo to my Leia?

Their love story might not have made it but fans love their flirtatious relationship all the same!

3. You are so Endor-able!

The moon might not be known to be adorable but she’ll get your point!

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4. Come with me, don’t let Han fly solo.

You would be shocked at how many Han Solo lines you can come up with!

5. The flames of Mustafar can never be hotter than you.

She’ll blush, I tell you.

6. Brace yourself ‘coz I’m a Batuu ask you out!

If this ain’t smooth, I don’t know what would be!

7. You’re more stunning than a blaster!

This type of flattery could earn you some major points.

8. Knock, knock! Who’s there? Yoda. Yoda who? Yoda Wan for me!

This is going to leave her mouth hanging open.

9. I’d gladly switch to the dark side as long as you would, too.

Unconditional love. You and me against the whole damn universe, baby!

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10. Your name must be Skywalker because you Luke so good!

Ladies, your man will blush when you tell him this line.

Cute Star Wars pick up lines

Feeling lucky today? It’s the best day to try these cute Star Wars pick up lines that will make her swoon!

1. You are the Obi-Wan for me, baby!

She is going to giggle endlessly for this!

2. The gravitational field of your eyes captures me instantly.

Hands down, any girl would for this.

3. You make me believe in this thing humans call love.

Another stormtrooper way of saying I love you.

4. I can feel the Force with you.

Force equals love, darling, in case you’re wondering.

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5. Damn lover, you R2 fine!

Text this to your lover and he or she would be so flattered. R2D2 is glad to help!

6. Let’s make all our fantasies come to life!

Hmmm… what are you waiting for?

7. I think I’ve been searching for love in Alderaan places… until I found you.

This line will make her heart flutter.

8. You and I will rule the galaxy side by side.

Another line for the books!

9. The Force is strong with you, I can tell.

Another subtle way to tell someone you’re attracted to him/her.

10. Your beauty shines like a lightsaber, I can see it from across the room.

She is going to like this one, whether she admits it or not.

Funny Star Wars pick up lines

Show off your goofy and geeky side with these funny Star Wars pick up lines that will surely make her laugh her ass off!

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1. You are one Yodalicious thing!

Yoda can be pretty adorable in his own special way.

2. What’s the color of your lightsaber?

Only green-minded stormtroopers can understand.

3. The magnitude of my sex appeal cannot be repelled.

It might be cocky but with the right amount of sarcasm, it can be funny as hell.

4. How’d you fit a lightsaber into your pocket? Oh I see, you’re just too happy to see me!

Another lightsaber joke to make your day!

5. Let’s go yub nub all night!

Another way to say you’re planning to take her to bed tonight!

6. Come feel the insides of my tauntaun with your lightsaber.

This is a bit dirty and also hilarious as f*ck!

7. You can be my Na-boo forever, baby.

Awwwwe, ain’t that sweet?

8. Even though I’m not Luke’s father, I can be your daddy tonight.

Get ready, little girl.

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9. I’m a Master Jedi and my tricks will blow your mind.

Another cocky yet funny joke to deliver!

10. I like how hairy your Chewbacca is!

This might be weird but you get it, right?

Dirty Star Wars pick up lines

Feeling sexy yet geeky? These dirty Star Wars pick up lines will undoubtedly set the mood for you and your princess!

1. Princess Leia’s buns have nothing on yours.

Let your imagination do all the comprehension for this one.

2. Brace yourself for my probing, Earth Woman!

Welcome his probing with open arms…or legs!

3. I can’t wait to see and touch your Naboobies!

Need I say more?

4. There is a great disturbance in my downstairs area.

Something must be boiling in your pants, maybe?

5. You can Lando in my Calrissian.

Only true Star Wars fans can get this one.

6. Pretend to be Darth Vader and put all your force in me.

You can never be more explicit than this…

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7. I like it Hoth and heavy!

Sounds good if you like it, too!

8. They say I can cause death star orgasms. Wanna know if it’s real?

I think I’d want one of those!

9. Size matters not.

Yoda really is full of wisdom on this one.

10. You make me want to violate the Jedi Code.

F*ck the code! I’m going to let my emotions burst and do what gives me pleasure!

Pair these lines with the right amount of confidence and right timing, you can be a Master Jedi when it comes to winning the heart of the galaxy! Yoda will be mighty proud of you how much you’ve worked to score that sexy Star Wars fan you have set your eyes upon!

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Once again, May the force be with you!

✍️  May 10, 2021

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