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Equipment for the Bullshit Card Drinking Game

  • Deck of cards
  • 1+ Beers per game
  • 4+ players

Setup for the Bullshit Card Drinking Game

All players sit in circular fashion around the playing table, while the dealer deals out all of the cards, evenly split amongst the players, in face-down piles.

Rules for the Bullshit Card Drinking Game

Each player picks a stack of cards, and the person to the left of the dealer begins the game by playing their Aces (faced down). They are at liberty to lie about the number of Aces they have, meaning if they have 1, they can put down an Ace and another card if they please (if they have 0 Aces, they have no choice but to lie).

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Note: Players must verbally call out what they play each turn (ex: “Two Aces”). If a player calls bullshit, the cards are flipped over and based on whether or not it was in fact a lie, either the player that called bs or the bullshitter must drink as well as take the cards.

Each turn, the next player must play the next lowest card from what was previously played, meaning if an Ace was just played, the following player plays their Kings, as so forth. Once Twos are played, the game starts back at Aces, and continues as usual.

There are no rules against someone waiting to play their turn and working with other players to figure out if the person that went prior was bullshitting, keep in mind though players can also lie about what cards they’re holding.

The game continues in this circular fashion until someone gets rid of all their cards first and wins, thus forcing everyone else to finish their drinks.

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Dangers of playing Bullshit

Bullshit can be a lot of fun. However, as always you should be aware of the consumption of alcohol and its limits. Drink with caution!

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