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If you are still looking for a fun game to lighten up your next party, worry no more! With these card-drinking games, you are settled to have a night full of fun!

This list of card-drinking games will surely fulfill every partygoer’s wishes. But if you are looking for a selection of all our party games, then check out our collection!

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1. Give and Take

Feature image for the drinking game Give and Take

You are about to have a party night with your friends, and you want to get drunk with fun? The Give and Take drinking card game will fulfill your needs. This boozy gameplay imitates the game of truth or dare by using cards.

How to Play Give and Take

The only things you need to play are a deck of cards, a group of at least three people, and of course: alcohol. One person will start as the dealer.

Firstly, they will shuffle the deck and give each player four cards face up. Now, the dealer makes two rows of 6 cards face down. One row is designated as the “give or dare” side and the other as the “take or truth”. If you choose to drink instead of completing a dare or answering a question, you will have to drink. Each card in the rows represents the number of seconds you will have to drink. The length increases from card to card.

The dealer flips over the first card of the “take or truth” row to start the game. Whoever has a matching card must answer a question or take a drink agreed upon by the rest of the playing group. A card matches when it has the same card value as the revealed card.

For example: When a heart Jack is revealed and a player has a spade, Jack, then the cards match.

After the player is done, the dealer flips over the first card of the “give or dare” row. Whoever has a matching card may choose one player that has to drink, and in return, they receive a dare from the person they chose.

Alternatively, the player with this card can also avoid completing a dare by taking the drink for themselves. The game finishes after all cards in both rows have been revealed.

Note: In case two or more people have the same card value, it goes to a battle of rock, paper, scissors. The winner has the choice of answering a question or drinking. The loser(s) must take a sip. A replacer must be chosen from the deck if no one has a matching card.

Give and Take Drinking Game Rules

Each card from one to six in the rows increments the drinking time. For better understanding, we have made a little breakdown of the drinking game rules for you here:

1. The first card of each row represents 2 seconds.

If you choose not to answer a question or complete a dare, you have to drink for 2 seconds. From row to row, you now add another 2 seconds.

2. The second card represents 4 seconds.

If you choose not to answer a question or complete a dare, you have to drink for 4 seconds.

3. The third card represents 6 seconds.

If you choose not to answer a question or complete a dare, you have to drink for 6 seconds.

4. The fourth card represents 8 seconds.

If you choose not to answer a question or complete a dare, you have to drink for 8 seconds.

5. The fifth card represents 10 seconds.

If you choose not to answer a question or complete a dare, you have to drink for 10 seconds.

6. The sixth card represents chugging your drink.

If you choose not to answer a question or complete a dare, you have to finish your drink. This is definitely the hardest one.

👉 If you want to know more about this truthful game and add some more rules to make it even more interesting, head over to our Give and Take article!

2. Circle of Death - Drinking Card Game

Feature image for the drinking game Circle of Death

Circle of death is also known as Kings Cup and is a classic drinking game that will get the vibe onto another level! It’s one of the most famous drinking games and is played worldwide. So if you want some social drinking game, Circle of Death will serve our needs.

How to Play Circle of Death

The players perform actions based on the card drawn and will surely get drunk while having loads of fun! To start, all players sit around a table and put a large cup of beer in the center. Now, the dealer spreads out all cards around the cup.

The game starts as soon as a player picks the first card. Each card represents an action that must then be executed by the player who uncovered that card. Once the player finishes, the round continues clockwise.

We recommend playing the game with at least four people to increase the fun! However, it works fine with two or three people as well.

Circle of Death Game Rules

All cards in Circle of Death have their meaning, so make sure to understand it. You can come up with these meanings by yourself, or you take our suggestions:

1. King

King’s Cup: The first three players who draw this card pour their drinks into the King’s Cup in the middle of the table. The 4th person that gets this card must finish the mixed drink.

2. Queen

Categories: Once you draw this card, you can create a category, and the person to your right must name things that fit into it.

This continues around the table until someone can’t think of anything anymore. That person must drink.

For example: You name oscard winners and say Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, or Jennifer Lawrence.

3. Jack

Make A Rule: This is the most powerful card, as you can create a new rule for the game or remove an existing one. If a player breaks a rule, they must drink!

For example: Everyone needs to speak in a french accent from now on, or everyone must raise their left hand when they drink. You can get creative in this one.

4. Ten

Social: Everyone has to drink!

5. Nne

Rhyme: The player says a word, and the player to their right has to say a word that rhymes. It’s not allowed to use the same word twice.

This continues from person to person until someone can’t think of a rhyming word or takes too long to answer. That person has to drink.

For example:

  • Nina says, “I choose the word Fear.”
  • Maria responds with, “Clear!”
  • Daniel follows with, “Beer!”
  • Lisa chimes in with, “Hear!” But then Nina can’t think of another rhyme, so she has to take a drink.

6. Eight

Drinking Mate: Choose a player to drink beside you for the rest of the game. They will drink whenever you do.

When another 8-card is drawn by one of the mates, they choose another player, and all three have to drink. It’s also possible to merge with another pair this way. The ties to this rule are only canceled if all game players become mated.

7. Seven

Thumb Master: If you draw a 7, you become the Thumb Master. As Thumb Master, whenever you put your thumb on the table, all other players must race to do likewise. The last player to put their thumb on the table loses and must drink.

The drawer of this card is allowed to do this at any point. They remain the thumb master until the next 7 is drawn, or the game ends.

8. Six

For the Girls: All the female players have to drink.

9. Five

For the Boys: All the guys must drink.

10. Four

Give 2, take 2: You and a player of your choice take 2 sips each.

11. Three

Me: If you draw this card, you have to take a drink.

12. Two

Give 2: Either one player of your choice must take 2 sips, or two players must take one. You decide.

13. Ace

Waterfall: When an ace card is drawn, each player starts drinking their beverage simultaneously as the person to their left. No player is allowed to stop until the player before has stopped.

Play Circle of Death Online

Check out our app if you want to play Circle of Death now. You can download it on your phone!

👉 In case you want to know about Circle of Death, follow the link!

3. Electricity - Drinking Card Game

Feature image for the drinking game Electricity

In the Electricity Card Drinking Game, players must form a current for the game to flow, similar to actual electricity. No more days of thinking about fun drinking card games. With this electrifying game, you and your friends will have a good time!

How to Play Electricity

The goal of this game is to create a current and get the booze going. All you need is a minimum of four players, one to two decks of cards, and 3-4 beers per person.

How is a current created? Once a player reveals a card that matches the previous player’s card. The game ends when all cards of the deck have been drawn, or you run out of beer, whichever comes first.

Electricity Game Rules

The game begins when the first player draws a card from the deck and reveals it to everyone. The person to their left then flips over the next card. An electric current is formed if it matches in number, suit, or face. If this occurs, those involved must take a drink!

Cards can match in three categories:

  • In number (e.g., two 6s)
  • In suit (e.g., two hearts)
  • In face (e.g., two queens)

How much they have to drink depends on the flipped card. There are variations, but the easiest way is to equal the number on the card to the seconds the players have to drink. Ace would count for one, King for 13 seconds of drinking. It’s as easy as that.

👉 You want to get the flow right? Then take a look at the detailed rules and everything there is to know about the Electricity card game!

4. Indian Poker

Feature image for the drinking game Indian Poker

The Indian Poker drinking game is light-hearted and easy to learn, making it perfect for playing while drunk. The rounds are short, so it’s a great way to extend your buzz!

How to Play Indian Poker

Indian Poker aims to end with the highest card possible. To be able to play this game, you need nothing more than a pack of cards and some drinks.

To start the game, one player deals out one card to each player, face down. Every player needs to ensure they never see their own card’s value. Now everyone holds their card to their forehead.

Based on what other players’ cards reveal, each person chooses whether to stay in or fold for that round. After the player on the dealer’s left makes a decision, everyone else does so in a clockwise fashion. Subsequently, the cards are placed on the table. The winner of the round is the player with the highest card value, which would be an Ace.

Every player that folded and has a lower card than the winner has to drink 2. Any folding player with a higher card than the winner has to drink their card value.

Losers who didn’t fold drink according to how much lower their number was compared to the winner’s card. The winner shuffles the cards and is the dealer for the next round!

👉 Do you feel like this game is something for you? Then you might also want to read through the article to get all the information you are looking for.

5. UNO as Drinking Game

UNO playing cards

Did you know that the famous card game UNO can also be played as an adult drinking card game? We have the perfect recipe for turning this family-friendly card game into an adults-only party favorite.

How to play UNO as Drinking Game

The goal is to be the first person without any cards! If you’re playing UNO as a drinking game, you’ll notice that it’s very similar to regular UNO, except action cards become drinking rules.

UNO Drinking Game Rules

UNO Drinking Game is more fun when different drinking rules are assigned to each action card. To better understand how the rules work, we have a list ready for you to follow:

  1. Take one drink if you either forget the rules of the dynamic cards or ask a question.
  2. Drink if you are reversed or skipped.
  3. Take one drink if you play an identically numbered card as the person before you.
  4. Once you cannot play a card from your hand, you’ll have to pick up a card. If you can play that card, you’re safe, and if not, you have to drink.
  5. Drink twice if you play a Draw-Two card.
  6. Everyone has to drink when you put down a Draw-Four card!
  7. Forgetting to shout “UNO” when having only one card results in 4 drinks.
  8. If you play a suspension card, the player of your choice must drink.
  9. The player with the most cards at the end of the game will have to finish their drink.
  10. If you put down a blank wild card, you can make up any rule!

👉 If you are looking for additional tips about the adult version of UNO, then take a look at our article

6. Pyramid

Feature image for the drinking game Pyramid

Pyramid is a great memory card drinking game to start the party. So gather your friends, grab some drinks, and get ready to battle it out over who will be the Pyramid champion!

How to Play the Pyramid Drinking Game

The players need to remember the cards they were dealt. They then give out drinks based on whether someone is bluffing or if they have a matching card in the pyramid. The pyramid is flipped over one by one as part of the game.

Pyramid Drinking Game Rules

The dealer sets the deck of cards face down in a 6-5-4-3-2-1 pyramid format and then deals each player four cards, face down. Each player looks at their four cards for 5-10 seconds without revealing them to anyone and puts them face down again.

Now the pyramid’s cards are turned over one row at a time. As each card is flipped, players give drinks or shot glasses to others based on either the other person having that card or by bluffing.

If another player assigns you a drink, you can either call their bluff or drink the designated sips and keep playing. If you call their bluff, the player assigned the drink has one guess to find that card in their hand.

Note: If a player is caught bluffing, they flip the card over and discard it. They will be given a new card to replace it, face down.

The pyramid determines how many drinks are given out, with the bottom row giving one drink and the top row representing six. If someone calls out a bluff and they’re wrong, they have to drink twice.

👉 Do you want to know all the details about the card game Pyramid? Then check out the complete article about the Pyramid rules.

7. Bullshit - Drinking Card Game

Feature image for the drinking game Bullshit

If you’re a great liar, the Bullshit Drinking Game is the best game for you to have a crazy time. Can you bluff your way to victory? If not, we’ll tell you all there is to know about this classic party game so that maybe, you won’t get drunk in record time.

How to Play the Bullshit Drinking Game

Bullshit aims to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible. The dealer shuffles the deck and hands out the cards, clockwise, one at a time, until the deck is finished.

The player to the dealer’s left starts by playing one or more cards from their hand, face down, on the table. The first card(s) played must be an ace (or aces) as it counts as “one”. As each player plays their card(s), they must announce what it is; for example: “two aces”.

The following player must play one card (or more) from their hand, which is higher than the preceding one. The card with the highest card value is a king. Once a King is played, only an Ace can be put on top to “loop back to the beginning”. The next card would have to be at least a two.

At some point, it will happen that none of your cards match the criteria. Then you must lie and play any card(s). It is on the other players to decide whether or not they believe you.

Players who think you are bluffing can challenge you, which means you have to show them your cards. If you get caught, you either add all the cards from the table to your hand or drink. If the other person is wrong, they will face the same consequences. The first person with no more cards in their hands is the winner.

👉 Did we make you curious, and you want to know all tips and tricks about the Bullshit game? Then read through our bullshit drinking game article!

8. Asshole - Drinking Card Game

Feature image for the drinking game Asshole

Asshole, also called President, is a turn-based card-drinking game that is enjoyed by people all over the world. Although it may sound simple, it is a complex and competitive party game guaranteed to bring loads of fun to your next house party.

How to Play the Asshole Drinking Game

The game aims to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible to not become the ‘Asshole’. To start the game, you need a deck of cards, a minimum of four players, and some drinks.

The game is played around a hierarchy. The roles go from President, Vice President, and regular people to Vice-Asshole and Asshole. The first thing to do is to sort out the Jokers and deal out one round of cards.

This will determine everyone’s rank for the first round: The person with the lowest card is the Asshole, and the one with the highest card is the King. If two people have the same card value, they must draw again.

Once everyone has their role, it’s up to the Asshole to sort out the Jokers, shuffle the deck carefully and deal out the cards. Every player should get the same number of cards, and depending on the number of people; each person should get either 6 or 7 cards.

The President always goes first, placing down a card. Followed by the Vice President, and the next players in the hierarchy. You must place down a card with a higher value during your turn.

The Asshole Drinking Game Rules

If you’re the President, you’ll have the most power! But if you’re the Asshole, you’ll always go last and have to follow the other players’ orders. Therefore make sure to understand the game’s rules so that you can become the master of the other players’ destinies!

Playing Cards: Once a card has been played, the next player must play a card with a higher value. However, playing the same card previously put down is not allowed.

The player who goes first or starts a new hand can drop two identical cards. The next player must drop two matching cards of a higher value if this is done.

Players can also pass on their turn, but if everyone passes during a round, a new hand begins, and the person who dropped the last card will begin the new hand.

Card Values: The Ace is the highest card, and 3 is the lowest. Card 2 is special because the entire pile is cleared once it’s played. The player who dropped the 2 then begins the next hand.

Roles and Positions in the Asshole Drinking Game

The order in which players get rid of their cards determines each player’s position for the next game. Keep reading to find out more about the roles in the Asshole drinking game:

1. President:

  • Before each game, the President can request two cards from the Asshole in exchange for two of their worst cards.
  • Has the first turn of the next game.
  • Can force players to drink at any time, regardless of the reason.
  • Can tell the servants to bring them more drinks as needed.

2. Vice-President:

  • The Vice-President takes a card of choice from the Vice-Asshole in return for the Vice-President’s worst card.
  • The Vice-President has the turn after the President.
  • The Vice-President can make anyone except for the President drink at any time.

3. Normal People:

  • Normal people can force Assholes and other Normal People to drink.

4. Vice-Asshole:

  • The Vice-Asshole has the turn second to last.
  • The Vice-Asshole can force the Asshole to drink.

5. Asshole:

  • The Asshole has the last turn.
  • Must refill and bring the others drinks when needed.
  • Must clear the piles when the and is over and deal the cards.

👉 You can’t wait to know everything about the classic drinking card game Asshole? Then read the article and try it at your next party night!

9. Spoons

Feature image for the drinking game Spoons

The Spoons drinking game is a fast-paced, fun way to get drunk with friends. Cards are quickly passed one at a time among players until someone has 4 of a kind, causing everyone to grab spoons in a mad rush!

How to Play the Drinking Game Spoons

The aim is to take a spoon when a player gets four-of-a-kind using the cards they have. If somebody doesn’t manage to take a spoon, then they lose the game.

You need a minimum of 3 people to play the Spoons game, but you can have up to 12 players. Put all the spoons in the middle and make sure there is 1 spoon less than the number of players.

Get a deck of cards and put one set of 4 matching cards (for example, 2s, 3s, 4s, & 5s) per player back into the deck. Shuffle the remaining cards, then deal four to each player.

Rules for Spoons

The key to success is paying close attention and reacting quickly! Here are the drinking game rules:

  1. One player will serve as the dealer during each round. They will be responsible for calling out “pass” and marking when each player must pass a card to the next player (left by default, unless “pass right” is called).
  2. In each round, every player gives one card to the player on their left until they end up with four cards of the same kind.
  3. Remember to pass the cards face-down to the next player.
  4. You can grab a spoon when you have four cards of the same kind or when you see another player doing so.
  5. The player that was too slow and didn’t catch a spoon is the loser and must drink!

👉 Sounds like your kind of game? If you want to know all the details about the Drinking Card Game Spoons, here you will find all the extra information you’ve been looking for!

10. Fuck the Dealer

 Feature image for the drinking game Fuck the Dealer

Fuck the Dealer is an excellent drinking game for two people. The best thing? It can be played nearly anywhere using only a deck of cards.

How to Play Fuck the Dealer Drinking Game

The Fuck the Dealer drinking game is a card-based game where players take turns guessing the value of the top card. Also known as Screw the Dealer, this game makes players act as dealers while others try to guess what they’re holding.

To figure out who goes first, every person gets a card. The player with the lowest card becomes the dealer. Note that 2 cards are the lowest, while ace cards are the highest.

Then the dealer puts the deck of cards face-down in the middle. The dealer asks the player to their left what suit they think the next card will be from hearts, spades, clubs, or diamonds.

If the guesser answers correctly, they become the next dealer, and the previous dealer takes a drink. If the player answers wrong, they drink.

The dealer asks the same player the question: What is the value of the top face-down card on the deck (2-10, ace, king, queen, or jack).

If the player guesses right, the dealer drinks and the player becomes the new dealer. However, if the player answers wrongly, they drink, and the dealer asks the next question. This rule also applies to the dealer’s next question: Does the next card in the card deck have a higher or a lower value than the last revealed card?

After three false answers, the dealer changes and can select who they want the new dealer to be.

Fuck the Dealer Rules

You don’t like the rules we’ve mentioned before? Don’t worry! You can make up your own to spice up the game.

We suggest tweaking the game with the following elements:

  1. If the player guesses right on their first try, the dealer drinks 4 times instead of only 1.
  2. If the player gets it right the second time, the dealer drinks 2 times.
  3. If the player gives a false answer to the second question, they take the number of drinks based on how different their guess was from the card in question.
  4. After successfully dealing cards to three players, the dealer may pass the deck to any player.
  5. If all 4 suits of a card have been used, all players drink.

👉 Do you feel like Fuck the Dealer is a game you’d enjoy? Then check out the whole article with all the rules and tips around this fun game

11. Ride the Bus

Feature image for the drinking game Ride the bus

Ride the Bus is a great drinking game for everyone that loves guessing. Because of its simple mechanism, everyone who wants to join spontaneously will surely quickly know the way around, making it perfect for any party.

How to Play Ride the Bus

The game’s goal is to make the correct guess on your cards so that you don’t end up as the bus driver. The game is played in five rounds. The loser of the fifth round has to be the bus driver at the end. You only need a deck of cards and drinks for every player to play.

Once the setup is ready, it’s time to deal out four cards face down to the players.

1st Round: What’s the color?

Each player must guess the top card’s color on their stack. If they guess wrong, they have to drink; otherwise, the person is safe.

For example: If you say “black” and your card is a diamond 10, you have to drink.

2nd Round: Higher or Lower?

Every player has to guess whether the next card on their stack is higher or lower than the card they turned up in the first round. If the guess is incorrect, they have to drink.

For example: Let’s say you had a diamond 10 in your first round. Then you say “lower”, get a heart king, and you drink.

3rd Round: Inside or Outside?

All players guess whether the number of the next card is inside or outside their previous cards. If a player guesses wrong, they have to drink.

For example: Let’s say your first two cards were diamond 10 and heart king. If you say “outside” and get a cross 7, you don’t drink.

4th Round: What’s the suit?

In this last round, every player has to guess the suit of their last card. Just as it was in the rounds before: If you’re wrong, you must drink.

For example: If you say “heart” and your card is a cross queen, you drink.

5th Round: Pyramide Round

Firstly the dealer lays down a pyramid of face-down cards. Starting with four cards as the base, 3 cards above, 2 cards, and finally one at the top.

The drink values increase from row to row. Therefore cards on the bottom of the pyramid count for one drink each, and the single top card counts for four sips.

All players gather up the four cards from the rounds before. Now the dealer uncovers one card at a time, starting with the bottom row and continuing to the top. If one of the revealed cards has the same value as a player’s card, they may stack it on top and distribute sips to their fellow players.

The goal is to discard every card in your hand. At the end, the player with the most cards is the loser and becomes the bus driver.

6th Round: Riding the Bus

To ride the Bus, you must place 16 cards face-down in a diamond shape. That means, 1 card, then 2 cards, 3, 4, 3, 2, and then 1 card again.

If a picture card like an Ace, King, Queen, or Jack is uncovered, the player takes a sip for every already revealed card. Once the bus driver has finished drinking, they start the ride again. However, each already uncovered card will be replaced with a new card before they continue.

This circle repeats until the player eventually manages to uncover seven non-picture cards in a row or until the deck is finished.

👉 Do you want more? Here can you find out more about the Ride the Bus game.

We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as you’ll enjoy playing the games. So, what are you waiting for? Gather some friends, break out the booze, and get ready for a fun night! And as always, be responsible about the consumption of alcohol! Cheers!

FAQs about drinking card games

1. What drinking game can you play with cards?

There are various card-drinking games, from easy to tricky. Which game you want to play might also depend on the number of people you are and how quickly you want to get drunk.

2. What is a drinking card game?

Drinking card games are card games that combine drinking and entertainment. Usually, you have to drink when you lose or make a mistake during the game. The goal is to get drunk with your friends while having fun and challenging each other.

3. What is the most fun card game to play?

The most fun card game, in general, is UNO, as it has been around for decades and is known by young and old. The best thing about it? It can also be turned into a drinking game, so it’s a perfect ice breaker for parties when you’re unfamiliar with the guests.

4. What card games can you play in a pub?

Games like Poker, Black Jack, or Kings can easily be played at a pub, and you only need a few people to start the game. If you want to make new friends in the pub, they can join these games quickly since they are well-known drinking card games.

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