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Super Smash Bros Drinking Game Equipment

You may have guessed it, you’ll need one copy of Super Smash Bros. We always play it on the Nintendo Switch, but you can also turn the classic N64 game or even the Gamecube version into a perfect drinking game.

Super Smash Bros Drinking Game Setup

Boot up your console, start the game and you’re ready to go. We recommend to prepare all the drinks in advance, because it will get super messy if you trying to refill your beer in the middle of a fight.

Super Smash Bros Drinking Game Rules

The rules for the Super Smash Bros Drinking Game are simple and straightforward: Play it as normal. But now comes the fun party that turns the game into a drinking game:

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Take a drink when…

  • if you lose a life
  • if you get hit by a bomb
  • if you get hit by a Pokéball
  • if you throw a Pokéball and you got a Goldeen
  • if you throw yourself off the gamefield aka suicide
  • if you get KO’d by a baseball bat

All chug their beer when…

  • a gigantic cat covers the entire TV screen
  • a name is being chanted (because they’re dominating)

And what happens after each round?

After each game, the number of kills each player has is the number of drinks they can give out to other players. Also, the loser has to throw away empty cans as well as refilling other player’s drinks. We also encourage wagering drinks on who will win the game, or giving out drinks based on the order everyone finishes in.

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Dangers of playing Super Smash Bros the Drinking Game

As with any drinking game you should of course take care how much you drink. Also watch out for your consoles while getting drunk!

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