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What equipment do you need for Chandelier

Full Chandelier Set:

You can get a full set to play Chandelier on Amazon for only $11.99:

Red Cups + Ping Pong Balls

How many players do you need for Chandelier?

You will need 4 people. Two people on each team.

Chandelier setup

Players spread out evenly around the table. All of the cups (except the two shooting cups) are placed in the center of the table and filled with alcohol (with one death cup filled to the brim). Two players opposite each other begin the game with one ball and one empty cup each.

Rules of Chandelier

Chandeliers (ball & cup) version is played in a rapid fashion, similar to Quarters, where each players goal is to shoot the pong ball into the empty cup as quickly as possible and then pass the cup off. If the cup is made on the first shot attempt, it can be passed anywhere on the table, otherwise, it’s passed to the player on the left. In making a shot on the first try you can screw people over in one of two ways, by passing the cup behind the person who has the other cup, or by passing it in front of that same person.

When a shot is made and the person to the left is still shooting, their empty cup is smacked off the table, forcing that person to pull a cup from the mid-table pool and drink it (quickly!) in order to have a new cup to shoot their ball into.

The game continues at a rapid-pace until all cups from the middle pool are gone. And of course, whoever gets their cup smacked last drinks the death cup!

Potentially confusing rules:

  • Only the person to your right can make you drink
  • you can’t lose the game, you continue to drink and shoot into the new cup until you make your shot

Dangers of playing Chandelier

It is always important to take care when dealing with alcohol. Chandelier is certainly one of the most entertaining drinking games. We hope you enjoy Chandelier.

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