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Puns are wordplay made by taking multiple meanings of words and phrases to get a humorous effect. These wordplays need to strike a balance between being relevant to the holiday and still being clever.

Holiday puns can be clever and humorous while still remaining relevant to the holiday. The following article will give you great examples of Holiday-themed puns!

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Halloween Puns

Spiderwebs, spooky movies, zombies, ghouls, and vampires—what do these things remind you of? Why Halloween, of course! When October comes along, you are either busy thinking of your Halloween costume or decorating your house with spider webs and jack-o-lanterns!

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Want to spice up a Halloween party? Why not have some fun with Halloween puns too? For example, if you are dressed up as a mummy, you can have a silly mummy pun as your catchphrase for the night!

Make people laugh or cringe with these Halloween puns!

1. With Halloween around the corner, the vampire was feeling fang-tastic!

Who doesn’t like Halloween!

2. Why do ghosts love elevators? It lifts their spirits.

Can’t ghosts float?

3. What makes vampire kisses so difficult? They’re a pain in the neck.

It must be bloody fine though.

4. What music do mummies like to listen to? W-rap music.

I do like some Eminems!

5. What is a go-to vacation spot for ghosts? Mali-boo.

Sounds frighteningly relaxing!

6. Why do ghosts make good cheerleaders? They have high spirits.

I bet they’re light on their feet too!

7. Why do witches love Halloween? They can be witch each other.

I want to be witch you too!

8. Who was Dracula’s date to the prom? His ghoul friend.

Better love story than Twilight.

9. What’s a ghost’s favorite dessert? I scream.

It must go right through them!

10. What is a witch’s favorite school subject? Spelling.

Same vibes as Sabrina Spellman.

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Christmas Puns

When the brr months of the year start to creep up, you’ll also start to feel the Christmas holiday spirit in the air. While this season is all about the Christmas spirit, you can make the holiday extra special with some Christmas puns that people won’t ever fir-get!

You may have heard of a Christmas wish list, but have you heard of the Christmas pun list? We have collected a list of winter holiday puns, you will help spread Christmas cheer, keep the grinches away, and see everyone grinning from ear to ear!

1. What did the Christmas tree say after it was fully decorated? I’m feeling real pine right now.

What a well-dressed tree!

2. How do you tell someone you love them during Christmas? You say “I love you from head to toe.”

Say this while standing under mistletoe and it will be absolutely adorable!

3. What did the pine tree say to the long line of last-minute Christmas shoppers? This will be a tree-mendous waste of time.

This is why I do early Christmas shopping!

4. What is a snowman’s favorite cereal? Snowflakes.

Would this be considered snowman cannibalism?

5. What did Santa Claus and his wife name their daughter? Mary Christmas.

Would his son be named Marlon Christmas?

6. What did the snowman say to the little boy that made him? You’re the best person I snow.

This one is so sweet I cried a little.

7. What did Santa Claus say to his rebellious daughter? Claus I said so!

Parenting must be difficult even for Santa Claus.

8. What did the tree ornament say to his friend? I like it when we hang out.

They must only see each other once a year!

9. What did the snowman tell the other snowman? I’m snow bored.

This is snow true.

10. Why did the elf get mad at his friend? His friend was being elfish!

Christmas is supposed to be an elf-less holiday.

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Thanksgiving Puns

Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to be thankful. Either you’re thankful that there’s no work, or school, or just that you get to spend it with the company of your family and friends.

While home-cooked meals are the highlight of Thanksgiving dinners, why not bring something extra to your potluck with a stash of funny holiday puns? Make your family laugh with the silliest holiday puns that you can think of!

Be the star of your Thanksgiving dinner by sharing some of these hilarious thanksgiving puns!

1. I like apple pies so much I only have pies for it.

Pies see the love for pies.

2. As long as it’s Thanksgiving, I know I’ll have a jam.

I like jam berry much.

3. Thanksgiving is the holiday to get stuffed!

I stuff my belly with jokes, puns, and food!

4. My aunt made a joke that was so plucking hilarious!

Was it a holiday pun?

5. I get the longer end of the wishbone so much it’s a snap.

I wish my wishes were this easy!

6. Just when you think I’m done eating? You ain’t seen stuffing yet.

Ain’t no dinner like a Thanksgiving dinner.

7. Our Thanksgiving dinner is pumpkin our family will talk about for years.

There’s always pumpkin (something) memorable that happens during dinner.

8. My nephew hasn’t showered in days, and he’s starting to smell fowl!

He must be marinating himself!

9. What is Mom’s number one rule during Thanksgiving dinner? No fowl language is allowed.

You’ve got to be plucking kidding me.

10. Why did the turkey not eat dinner? They were already stuffed.

So in other words, the Turkey was dinner?

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Valentine’s Day Puns

When you think of Valentine’s Day, chocolates, flowers, and romantic dates easily come to mind. It’s a day to be sweet to your special someone and express how much you adore them! There are different ways we can show your love, be it through a song, writing them a card, taking them out for dinner, or giving them some flowers.

One way to make your Valentine’s Day unique is by making your date laugh with some Valentine’s Day puns! You know what they say, nothing brings people closer than laughing over the same joke.

We have a list of Valentine’s Day puns that are perfect for February 14, but feel free to use them anytime! Make every day feel like Valentine’s Day with these sweet, cheesy, and funny Valentine’s Day puns!

1. What did the pig say to his girlfriend? Don’t go bacon my heart.

I may be pig-headed but I do like me some bacon.

2. What did the cow say to his girlfriend? I love you dairy much.

I like this as much as I like cheese!

3. What did the keyboard say to his crush? You are my type.

His heart must have been beating at 200 words per minute!

4. What did the lightbulb say to his girlfriend? You turn me on.

These puns are making me feel very single right now.

5. What did the element say to the other element? I think we have great chemistry.

If this line doesn’t work, I don’t know what does!

6. How does a Star Wars fan confess? Yoda one for me!

May the force be with you, young padawan!

7. You’re so deep in my heart I dig you a hole lot!

How deep is your love?

8. Why do barista couples work out so well? They’re a matcha made in heaven.

Every barista’s dream.

9. Why do cheese and bread go so well? They’re fondue each other.

This pun leaves a savory yet sweet taste in your mouth!

10. How do coffee lovers love each other? They love each other a latte.

This is why I love Valentine’s season a latte.

Easter Puns

The Easter Bunny is a popular fixture when we think of the Easter holidays. They say that this cute bunny hops around during the Easter season to give treats and eggs to children.

Make your Easter celebrations extra special with some Easter puns and jokes that will make kids and adults LOL!

Here we have some cute puns that are egg-xactly what you need to make your Easter holiday more fun!

1. What is a punny way to greet Easter? “Ears to a great Easter!”

Looking forward to using this one!

2. Why do we look forward to Easter? Because it’s an egg-citing day.


3. Why were the kids especially excited for this year’s egg hunt? It was eggs-travagantly prepared!

If I were them I would be really eggs-cited too!

4. The rabbit was so excited for Easter he carrot believe it.

The Easter bunny is my childhood best friend.

5. After celebrating Easter, everyone will be eggs-hausted.

All these egg puns are enough to egg-xasperate me.

6. There are too many egg puns, it’s not even bunny.

These egg puns are just endless!

7. Every Easter the Easter Bunny gets a lot of eggs-ercise.

Who wouldn’t with all that hopping around!

8. What is the Easter Bunny’s favorite music genre? Hip hop.

I should have seen this pun coming!

9. Why was the bunny blushing? Because some-bunny was thinking of him.

Ah, that bunny thing called love.

10. What do you think of these Easter puns? They crack me up.

These puns are cracked out!

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