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Acting weird is not the only way to be weird. You can also be weird through your words. Weird conversations are very entertaining and refreshing. No one wants to talk about serious stuff all day long!

That is why we prepared this list of the best weird questions that will amuse your family and friends.

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Say goodbye to dragging days, you will be in for good laughs and conversations like no other!

Top 30 Weird Questions

1. What is your favorite sleeping position?

Some studies say that some side sleeping is better for snorers so might as well share what your favorite position is and what you think is best!

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2. What do you think about while you’re in the toilet?

Others watch movies on their phones, others preoccupy themselves with a book, you’ll love to hear how your friends keep their minds busy while doing their business. And you should try doing what they’re doing next time!

3. What is your favorite pooping position?

Yes, there is more than one position for this. You will be shocked at how many possible positions there are! And you’ll be shocked to know that the best pooping position is squatting on the toilet because it most effectively empties your bowels!

4. How many underwear do you own?

Who knows? You might own a whole wardrobe full of different undergarments that would shock everyone! Maybe you’d like to model them for your friends, too?

5. Have you ever had a bad haircut?

Why even think about having that haircut in the first place, right? This will let everyone share how they managed to show up and hide their disappointment with the salon or barber she/he went to!

6. Have you ever peed in your sleep?

You must have dreamt of water or got too excited in your sleep. Don’t worry, it’ll all be for the benefit of your family and friends who will be listening to your story. Don’t worry, you might have your revenge if your friends will pee because of laughing so hard at it.

7. Have you ever pooped in your pants?

It doesn’t matter if it happened ten years ago or last week. Once you’ve done this, there’s no way you’re forgetting it! It’s not your fault if you have, dearie! You’ll be in for quite a laugh with this one.

8. Have you ever dreamt of being naked in front of many people?

I’m not talking about sexy dreams if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m talking about the embarrassing type of dream where people will see ALL of you…warts and all.

9. Do you own any sex toys?

I know that you’re secretly excited about this topic. You’ll be able to start a mature conversation about how to use them or where to buy them. It’s totally normal, even though it’s awkward and weird.

10. Among us, who is likely to die because of something stupid?

Have you ever heard of the game “Dumb Ways To Die”? You might be thinking of that one friend who is downright clumsy and reckless, and very likely to trip on a flat surface.

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11. Have you ever eaten a piece of paper?

If you really try to think about it, papers are from trees. Trees are plants. Some plants are edible. That makes papers edible! So if your answer to the question is yes, you can use this reasoning to justify your weirdness.

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12. Describe the smell of your armpits.

If you think they smell bad, just lie and tell them otherwise. Don’t worry, you don’t have to let them smell it so don’t be embarrassed!

13. Among us, who is most likely to fall asleep in the cinema?

…And waste money on the movie ticket you bought in the first place? You should blame it all on the setting, the lighting, and the cozy temperature!

14. Have you ever tried shoplifting?

Don’t worry, no one will call the police. You’ll be shocked at what your friends have stolen. Like Bonnie and Clyde, you’re all going to be partners in crime.

15. What’s the ugliest part of your body?

Large nose? Crooked teeth? Odd-looking feet? Double chin? This question will let your friends tell you that you are beautiful just the way you are. Your imperfections make you sexy and relatable!

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16. Have you tried swallowing toothpaste?

Minty and sweet, why would you be afraid to admit to doing this? Peppermint candy and toothpaste taste almost the same.

17. Have you ever licked your booger?

It’s normal if you’re a toddler or in kinder but I don’t know if it’s still normal if you’re doing this now. Honestly, your friends will lecture you about hygiene afterward.

18. You’re given two minutes to get free things from the mall, which three things do you grab?

It would make no sense if you spend more than two minutes thinking of an answer to this question. Say the first things that come to your mind!

19. Tomorrow is the end of the world, what’s your itinerary for today?

Others consider it bad to talk about something as negative as the end of the world but for open-minded people like you and me… this question is cool and practical!

20. Which subject in school is the most useless one?

You’d think that all subjects are super useful since we’re paying so much for school fees, right? Well, think again! Your friends might try to prove how Algebra makes no sense at all in real life…I mean, why would you want to find your “x”? lol.

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21. Which human invention should have not been discovered at all?

Spell disappointment at its finest. Let’s face it, human beings have invented some pretty unnecessary stuff throughout the years. This will end up in an interesting debate on stuff that you never knew existed in the first place.

22. Have you ever wondered if this is all just a dream?

A lot of people do think about this but never dared to share their thoughts. We’re all too afraid others might judge us as weirdos. Well, now is the perfect time to get weird! You will be giving everyone a favor by allowing them to really open up.

23. Do you really need all the things you have right now?

This might come off as rudely and offensively weird to others, but you can definitely just ask this to your friends (without a second thought!). You never know you might lead them to realize that it’s better to have a simpler life!

24. Do you sometimes just space out and think of unicorns and rainbows?

Imaginative and creative people who are full of good vibes can relate to this question. It really feels great to sometimes escape the ugly grayscale reality. The fantasy world is so much more amazing!

25. Is pink secretly one of your favorite colors?

Some girls think it’s too girly and won’t make others take them up seriously. Some boys think it’s a girls-only color and won’t even think of it. Nevertheless, this question will finally reveal what’s up with the color pink.

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26. Have you ever had a crush on your best friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend?

If your best friend and his/her beau are around, it is going to be awkward! Well, it’s up to you to feel the mood. Nothing’s really wrong if you had a crush on him/her.

27. Did you ever dream of kissing your teacher?

Why are there teachers who look too attractive to be teachers? I mean, their faces are just too dang distracting during the classes. All you can do is drool and nod even though you’re not listening to the lesson at all!

28. What’s the longest time that you’ve spent without taking a shower?

Lazy days are just the worst. It’s embarrassing to admit you’re too lazy to shower. Well, don’t be! Not showering doesn’t really mean that you smell bad. A little cologne will do the trick!

29. Are you afraid of dolls?

Remember the time you spent almost three hours covering your face and watching the movie through your fingers? This question will bring back those horror movies you regretted watching in the first place. Maybe you watched too much Chuckie movie or you were traumatized by Anabelle???

30. Have you ever wanted to slap someone you’re talking to while you’re talking to them?

If only you could ask permission before slapping them, right? Friends that slap each other are the truest kind of friends. We all need some wake-up call in life to stop us from doing stupid things!

These questions are not the types you hear every day. These questions will surely lead to totally ridiculous and entertaining conversations with your family and friends. If you think about it, it’s better to be weird. It’s better to live an extraordinary life than a boring one!

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