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Thumper is an insanely fun drinking game that will challenge not only your alcohol tolerance but also your memory. If you’re looking for an activating drinking game to spice up your next party, Thumper is the way to go. Slap your hands, shout catchphrases, and drink your way to victory!

There are many more fun drinking games out there. So after you’ve mastered Thumper, try some of these insanely fun drinking games!

What is the Thumper drinking game?

The Thumper drinking game is a simple yet very loud game that can really hype everyone up. If an energetic game is what you’re looking for, this game which will test your memory, your reflex, attentiveness, and of course, alcohol tolerance, is the best game to play!

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Forget about merely sitting and talking. There’s no time to simply chill while playing Thumper; it’s definitely time to up your game and be super focused if you don’t want to get drunk. Thumper requires you to really move your body (mostly your arms and hands) in order to outplay the other players. Make a wrong move, and it’s time for a shot.

It’s a fast-paced game anywhere, at any time, as long as your friends are up to it and there are enough players to join the game!

How to play Thumper drinking game

The beauty of the Thumper drinking game is that the rules are so simple, yet the game is a whole new level of fun! All you need for a game of Thumper is the same as if you’re just drinking with your friends…

  • Players: This game is better played when there are many players. Literally, the more, the merrier!
  • Table: For you to sit around, place the alcohol and drum your fingers on!
  • Alcohol: It’s called a drinking game for a reason! Pick your poison and test your tolerance and limit!

For a game to begin, you need at least four players. You can follow these easy steps in order to familiarize how to play the game:

1. Get together: At first, seat yourselves around the table.

2. One hand gesture: Each player must decide on a hand gesture to represent them during the game.

3. Remember: Familiarize other players’ hand gestures as well.

4. Start drumming: Everybody should rapidly drum their hands on the table.

5. Let’s shout: A group leader should initiate the start of the game and a short shoutout dialogue with the rest of the players, as follows:

Leader: What is the name of the game? Everyone: Thumper!

Leader: And why do we play the game? Everyone: To get fucked up!

6. The performance: The leader now starts the game by performing their hand gesture followed by another player’s hand gesture. They do this while the drumming continues.

7. Repeat, repeat, repeat: The player whose gesture was performed must now stop drumming and perform their gesture followed by another player’s gesture. The leader should then continue drumming after their turn.

8. Keep going: Continue playing until a player messes up, miscues, or takes too long to respond.

9. Take a shot: Anyone who messes up, miscues, or takes too long should take a shot! They become the leader for the next round.

10. Happy end: Repeat the steps until your alcohol tolerance permits!

Thumper drinking game rules

This drinking game is really all about having fun and getting all funky and crazy with your friends. You’re going to be wild and loud, and the drunker you get, the wilder and louder you’ll be. Here are some tips and rules to remember for Thumper:

  1. A key piece of advice to conquering this game is to focus and remember to ask any questions and clarify everything before the game starts.
  2. How many seconds to count until it’s too late for the next player to perform the gesture, forfeit, and should automatically take a shot
  3. The person who messes up should be the one to perform their gesture first for the next round to begin.
  4. Not being able to focus, observe and notice that they’re next is no excuse! It’ll surely earn you a shot!
  5. For the whole duration of each round, the other players should continuously drum their fingers on the table.
  6. Make sure that the energy of the game does not fade in between rounds. Just keep going! Drum, cheer, losers take a shot and off to the next round!
  7. There is no set end to this game; it tends to fall apart when everyone has fallen apart from drunkenness.

Thumper hand gestures ideas

There is no set rule on which hand gestures are acceptable for this game. You can pick something funny, sexy, easy, or complicated. The sky’s the limit!

It’ll actually take a lot of time out of your game if the players take too long in picking out their hand gestures, so in order to save time, you can just choose from these creative and unique gestures that work every time!

  • Put hands over your ears
  • Cross your arms
  • Make the peace sign
  • Make the heart sign with both hands shaped like a C.
  • Make the Korean heart sign
  • Stick your middle finger out
  • Punch your fist in the air
  • Make a wave with your arms
  • Run your fingers through your hair
  • Pretend to touch your imaginary mustache
  • Show your spirit fingers
  • Do the thumbs up!
  • Pretend to shoot with your handgun
  • Do the rock n’ roll hand sign
  • Stick your pinky finger out
  • Pretend as if you’re waving to the crowd
  • Pretend as if you’re fixing your crown on your head
  • Put your hands on either side of your face and act all cute
  • Pretend to be shocked and cup both your hands over your mouth
  • Pretend to drink from an imaginary glass or cup
  • Pick on your nose
  • Form a triangle with your hands
  • Form two circles with both your hands
  • Pick any letter from the Sign Language Alphabet
  • Do the hand salute
  • Put your right hand on your chest
  • Put both your hands on the center of your chest
  • Point your pointing finger at someone
  • Point your pointing finger upwards to the sky
  • Point your pointing finger downwards to the ground
  • Do the scout hand sign/salute
  • Fan yourself using your hand
  • Use your fingers as horns on your head

Thumper has a beautiful unending cycle of having some active fun and getting drunk! The more alcohol you have, the more fun and wild the drumming becomes, and the more difficult it is to concentrate on hand gestures and the game in general, so you’ll mess up a lot and drink a lot!

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