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An intense game of “Thumper” can turn a casual party into a wild and memorable night. The best part? You only need your drink, some friends, and a dash of competitiveness to enjoy this fun drinking game.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or new to drinking games. “Thumper” is easy to learn and perfect for testing your memory, reflexes, and attentiveness.

So, let’s dive into this guide and get ready to tap, chant, and cheer our way to victory!

How to play “Thumper” drinking game

The beauty of “Thumper” drinking game is that the rules are so simple, yet the game is a whole new level of fun! All you need for a game of Thumper is the same as if you’re drinking with your friends:

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  • Players: The “Thumper” drinking game is best with many players: The more, the merrier!
  • Table: For you to sit around, place the alcohol and drum your fingers on!
  • Alcohol: It’s a drinking game for a reason! Pick your poison and test your tolerance and limit!

For the “Thumper” drinking game to begin, you need at least four players. You can follow these easy steps to familiarize how to play the game:

1. Gather everyone: At first, seat yourselves around the table.

2. Choose a one-hand gesture: Each player must decide on a hand gesture to represent them during the game.

3. Remember: Familiarize other players’ hand gestures as well.

4. Start drumming: Everybody should rapidly drum their hands on the table.

5. Let’s shout: A group leader should initiate the start of the game and a short shoutout dialogue with the rest of the players, as follows:

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Leader: What is the name of the game? Everyone: Thumper! Leader: And why do we play the game? Everyone: To get drunk!

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6. The performance: The leader starts the “Thumper” drinking game by making a hand gesture, followed by another player’s hand gesture. They do this while the drumming continues.

7. Repeat, repeat, repeat: The player whose gesture was performed must stop drumming and perform their gesture followed by another player’s gesture. The leader should then continue drumming after their turn.

8. Keep going: Continue playing until a player messes up, miscues, or takes too long to respond.

9. Take a shot! Anyone who messes up, miscues, or takes too long should take a shot! They become the leader for the next round.

10. Happy end: Repeat the steps until your alcohol tolerance permits!

“Thumper” Drinking Game Rules

The “Thumper” drinking game is all about having fun and getting all funky with your friends. You’re going to be wild and loud, and the drunker you get, the wilder and louder you’ll be.

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Here are some tips and rules to remember for the “Thumper” drinking game:

1. Choose your hand gesture wisely: Make sure it’s easy to perform and remember, especially when tipsy.

2. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the gestures: The crazier, the better!

3. Drumming should be loud and fast: It adds excitement and pressure to the “Thumper” drinking game. Don’t be afraid to get a little competitive!

4. Be attentive and remember whose turn it is: You want to be the one taking only a little bit or messing up.

5. Take shots responsibly: Know your limits and drink at your own pace.

6. Have fun! The “Thumper” drinking game is all about having a good time with friends, so let loose and enjoy the ride!

Ready to test your hand-eye coordination, memory, and drinking skills? Gather your friends and try the “Thumper” drinking game. It’s guaranteed to be a night you will remember!

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