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What equipment do you need for Baseball

How many players do you need for the drinking game Baseball?

You can play Baseball the drinking game with 6-12 people.

Baseball drinking game setup

Two teams go to opposite ends of a long table. Cups are arranged in a straight line fashion (with gaps in between), representing the bases. The closest cup (single) is filled 14 full. The next furthest cup (double) is filled 12 full, followed by the next cup (triple) being filled 34 full, and finally the last cup (home run) filled completely.

  • Three cups are also arranged in the middle of the table to represent bases. The first base cup is 12 full
  • The second base cup is 34 full
  • The third base cup is full.
  • A fourth cup is placed opposite them, (representing a catch from the opposing team), and is 13 full.

Rules of the drinking game Baseball

In Baseball the drinking game, an inning consists of each team shooting in a turn-based fashion (amongst themselves) until they’ve missed three times, representing three outs. Each side takes turns at bat, and it’s not like most other ball & cup drinking games where teams take turns.

After a cup is made, the player moves to the cup on the middle of the table that represents the base he’s on, and the next player from his team is up to bat. There are two ways to advance bases: advance the number of bases that a following batter makes (if they make a double, you both move two bases), or steal.

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Stealing a base is accomplished by first, being on base, and then choosing to play an improvised game of flip cup vs the other team’s catcher, who is constantly standing at his teams “catcher cup” opposite the base cups in the middle of the table. Anyone on base can steal at any time, as long as their team is still at bat. If the base runner wins, he advances to the base represented by the cup he drank. If the catcher wins, that base runner is out.

After three outs, the teams switch. The team that isn’t at bat focuses on catching air balls and making sure their catcher prevents any base stealing. Eventually, the game ends after nine innings.

Special Rules of Baseball

  • hooting out of order results in the skipped person being out
  • If the catcher lifts his cup before the base runner, the base runner advances a base (only he can initiate the steal)
  • A steal can’t take place until the other team has setup and refilled their cups

Alternate Rules of Baseball

To make the game more like true Baseball, you can give each batter three strikes, and introduce a rule where catching a ball before it hits the table or ground results in an out.

Full Baseball Drinking Game Set:

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Dangers of the drinking game Baseball

It is always important to take care when dealing with alcohol. Baseball is certainly one of the most entertaining drinking games. We hope you enjoy Baseball.

โœ๏ธ  November 9, 2018

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