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Think you’re a terrible artist? Well, this game is perfect for you! The “Drink and Draw” drinking game combines art and alcohol fun and daringly. It’s the ideal activity to spice up your next party or get-together with friends.

And no, you don’t have to be a master artist to play this game. In fact, the worse your drawing skills are, the more entertaining it gets!

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How to play “Drink and Draw” (#how-to-play)

This game is straightforward to set up and play. All you need is some paper, pens or pencils, and drinks of your choice.

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1. Gather all your supplies

Grab a stack of paper and some writing utensils, preferably pens or pencils. Gather your friends around a table and make sure everyone has their drink of choice, one sheet of paper, and a pencil.

2. Decide on the theme

Choose a theme for your “Drink and Draw” game, from animals to celebrities to random objects. You can also write down different themes on separate pieces of paper and randomly draw one before each round.

For example:

  • Round 1: Animals
  • Round 2: Famous landmarks
  • Round 3: Movie characters

3. Set a time limit for each round

Decide on a reasonable amount of time for each round, depending on the complexity of the theme. This can range from 1 minute to 5 minutes.

4. Start drawing and drinking! 🎨🍻

Once the timer starts, everyone must start drawing according to the chosen theme. And here’s the fun part: once everybody has finished their drawings, everyone votes on who has the worst and best drawing.

The person with the worst drawing wins and picks a drink for the person with the best drawing to finish. And, of course, everyone can sip on their drinks while admiring (or laughing at) each other’s masterpieces.

“Drink and Draw” Drinking Game Rules (#drinking-game-rules)

Because “Drink and Draw” has few rules, you can always add your twist to make it more challenging and fun. But here are a few basic rules to get you started:

1. The winner gets to choose the theme for the next round. This adds an element of surprise and unpredictability to the “Drink and Draw” game.

2. The person with the best drawing can choose another player to take a shot or finish their drink. This “pass” card can only be used once per person per game.

3. If you win three rounds in a row, you can make new rules to add to the game. For example:

  • Everyone must draw with their non-dominant hand.
  • If someone forgets to drink during a round, they must finish their drink at the end of the “Drink and Draw” game.
  • The person with the worst drawing at the end of each round must take two sips instead of one.

4. Keep it light and fun. If you see someone getting a little tipsy, take a break and hydrate.

5. For a larger group, play in teams. Divide into teams of two and take turns drawing while your partner tries to guess the theme.

So there you have it – the “Drink and Draw” drinking game! A perfect combination of creativity, competition, and alcohol. Get ready to tap into your inner Picasso and have a great time with friends. Cheers! 🎉🍻

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