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A bachelor party is a celebration of the end of the groom’s single status. The groom’s men usually throw bachelor parties for the groom. It’s not just about getting married and having a last hurrah before you tie the knot, it’s also a celebration of friendship and manhood.

To help you throw the best bachelor party of all time, here are some of the no-fail ideas!

Top 20 Bachelor Party ideas

1. Boys Trip to Las Vegas 🎰

Nothing will ever beat a quick trip to Sin City when it comes to bachelor parties. If you have watched The Hangover then you know all about it. This city is filled with neon lights, poolside cocktails, slot machines and all-you-can-eat buffets!

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Book a late-night flight. Don’t worry it won’t cost an arm and leg. Flights to Vegas from anywhere are usually cheap. Find a large suite at a decent hotel. You need to experience Vegas all the way so it means booze, party, gambling and girls. Of course, know your limits and just do what you’re comfortable doing.

Celebrate all night with the guys, crash in the morning. Book somewhere fancy for the next evening for dinner and that’s it! You can then book one late-night flight back home later. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. You’ll surely have enough memories to last a decade!

2. Bring Vegas Home

Short on budget for Vegas? No flights available? Hotels all booked? If scheduling a trip ain’t looking good for the groom and for your friends, bring Sin City to your place, instead!

You can host an all-out poker night at someone’s place or at a rented venue for the ultimate Vegas experience which is a quarter of the hassle. Make sure to stock the bar, order your favorite food and get that deck of cards for your games of the night. You will all realize that it’s not about where you’re going but who you’re going with.

This party can still be epic as long as you all keep a great vibe throughout the party, not run out of booze and just have fun!

3. Charter a Boat 🛥️

You don’t have to be very rich and own a boat to enjoy some time on the water with your best buds for a bachelor party. You can charter a yacht for a few hours during the day or evening for a luxe boating experience worthy of the groom-to-be. You can bring a few bottles of top-shelf champagne and some of your favorite beers!

Aside from the normal party, food and drinks, another activity you can do while you’re in the middle of the sea for your bachelor party is fishing. It is one of the most incredible experiences you will ever experience. Even if you don’t know how to fish, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can learn. It would be even more fun with your friends around.

This way, you can celebrate in style on the high seas!

4. Chill at the Beach 🏖️

Sometimes all you really need is some sun, sand, booze and your best buds. A beach bachelor party is an all-time favorite. You can grill up some food right on the shore and enjoy beers while having a bonfire at night.

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Other than food and drinks, you can all bond over some Popular water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, white water rafting, and tubing. Just make sure the driver of the boat is sober and you’re good to go!

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You can rent a beach house. You can all chip in to rent a house. This will be way cheaper than a hotel and will give you an old school vibe. This setting is actually the best setting for which the groom can pass out after a night of grill and booze. Waking up at the beach can help with your hangover the following day.

5. Sports Fest 🏆

If you and your buddies are athletes or sports enthusiasts, you can plan a day or weekend filled with your favorite games to play. Rent a place with a court, a field and a pool. You can start the day with some basketball then move to baseball or football. Play whatever games you want to play. Show your competitive sides. Of course, if you can manage it, let the groom’s team win! This is after all, his time to shine!

Aside from the actual games, prepare a fellowship sort of night where you can bond over pizza, beers, fries and more! You can even directly hit the pool after a sweaty and tiring game. You can also contact a catering company for a feast for the gods at the end of your weekend bachelor party!

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6. Throw a Wild Party 🎉

If you’re up for it, you can throw a wild, all-night party at an exclusive club. Rent out one of the VIP rooms of a nearby hotspot for the evening. For the ultimate experience, make sure you get an open bar for unlimited booze and cocktails to pump everyone, especially the groom. This could get expensive so make sure that the partygoers are prepared to chip in on this kind of party.

It might be possible that the groom is not really in the mood for a party at the club so always prepare a Plan B. You can try a more low-key bar crawl that hits all his favorite local spots or somewhere where there’s live music of his favorite band. Make sure everyone is on board with it so that you will surely have a blast!

7. Go Camping and Hunting 🏕️

Getting married and planning a wedding can be so damn stressful and hectic. The groom also needs some space and time to breathe away from all the pressure. You can all opt to be more one with nature by going on an all-boys hunt for your bachelor party!

This is a great idea, especially for guys who don’t usually go hunting, it’s going to be a wacky adventure! The groom and his groom’s men, guns and beers! What could go wrong? The hunt itself won’t be the main reason why this is such a great idea. You can bond while you camp out in the woods. Swig some beers under the clear dark blue sky with millions of stars, clear air, no phones. This will be the right contrast to the madness of wedding planning!

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8. Winter Skiing 🎿⛷️

A bachelor party can be the perfect excuse for you to get your best friends together for one of those memorable trips you never got around to taking. Call the groom’s closest friends for a ski getaway you will forever remember.

If you’re lucky enough and the wedding is during the winter season, then this would be a great idea! Aspen is the best place to go but if it’s not in your budget, don’t worry. There are a lot of other local skiing destinations complete with fake snow and classes for beginners. Some of them could even offer you a special group package for the bachelor party.

9. Skydiving

This idea would surely knock an item off the groom’s bucket list! You and the guys should arrange a trip to go skydiving. Nothing beats the experience of thrills and views of an afternoon of skydiving, guided by experts of course! If the groom is a thrill-seeker, he will be in for an adrenaline-filled day!

Most people dream of going skydiving but hesitate because of the eye-popping cost. It literally costs hundreds of dollars for just a few minutes. You’re paying for the experience and your friend is getting married, it’s now or never! You can go all the way and make a toast of the finest champagne you can afford before you dive for some liquid confidence.

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Afterwards, you can go dine out together somewhere nice. Food should always come after the activity. It would be a waste if you throw everything up!

10. Laid-back BBQ Party 🍖

Sometimes the groom is a very low-key and simple guy who just wants some time with his best friends. You can gather his family and best friends for some relaxed time at the backyard, with great company, good food, and good drink.

If you can’t find a venue or yard for your bachelor party, you can take things up a notch by renting a beach house or a cabin for the weekend. Because of the simplicity of this idea, if the bride and groom are not having a separate bachelor or bachelorette party, this can be a fun and simple way to bring everyone together for a joint celebration before the wedding!

11. Strip Club Party 👯‍♀️

It might not be at the top of the list but it is the very first thing that pops into everyone’s minds when people say “bachelor party”. Nothing says “I’m about to get married” like a stripper lap dancing on the groom. This is not for every guy out there so think twice before you decide to throw this for the groom.

Since it’s your job to throw the bachelor party, you should know for sure the bride and groom. Will this be okay with them? You want to give your groom a proper send-off into married life, but you should be careful when it comes to complicated things like this. Will your friend be comfortable? Is the bride consenting to it?

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A party like this should have some rules and limitations that you should be able to identify. Here are some rules you can impose to the guys and to the strippers:

  • No touching
  • Show respect to each other
  • No taking pictures or videos.

12. Game Day ⚾🏉🏐

Here is another idea that is so understated but will definitely assure you of a good time. If you’re big sport fans, then you will surely enjoy a bachelor party spent watching a game together with your buddies.

Go to the nearest convenience store or supermarket and buy the things you need: chips, beer, sodas. You can also order some takeout pizza, burgers, fries. Pick a crib among all your friends to see who’s willing to host the venue for your bachelor party. Watch an NBA game together and cheer your hearts out!

If you have the cash and connections, watch an NBA Game live. If you love football, You can paint letters on your stomachs and cheer for the national football team championships. If you won’t mind splurging for it, a skybox or suite is a great location for a sports-themed bachelor party! Watch the game in style complete with catered food, excellent views, and other spectacular service!

13. Movie Night 🎥

Another great bachelor party idea is to plan a movie night with the guys! All-time favorite movies such as the Matrix, Die Hard, and other action movies can be the focus of your cinematic bachelor party. Throw in some nachos, pizza, and other movie snacks and you’re all good to go!

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If everyone has cash to spare and have no qualms in chipping in more money, you can rent a theater complete with all the experience going to the cinema could bring. It would be extra special since this would be a private screening just for you guys!

Of course, if you’re on a tight budget, the option is a DIY movie night. Choose a venue among your friends’ houses, rent a nice projector and screen the groom’s favorite movie! Then after that you could have a movie marathon of all your favorites.

14. Spa Retreat

If you’re in for a chill weekend with your boys, you can all go to spas and yoga retreat houses for the weekend. This bachelor party is all about eco-living and unwinding from the stresses of everyday life (and of planning a wedding!).

Girls are not the only ones who need a spa weekend, boys also need some pampering to rejuvenate your moods and bodies. You can go all out on massages, facials, saunas and mani-pedis. This way, you can be your very best self during the weddings and other festivities before the actual day.

15. Trip to the Local Brewery or Distillery 🍻

As a whole group of guys, you can all learn about the history of distilling while tasting premium craft spirits. Enroll yourselves to a winemaking program and get schooled on all things wines and barrels! Most tours usually end up in a sumptuous meal for the group with their finest wines.

Of course, if you’re looking for a more casual booze overload with your friends, visit various breweries and pubs to taste their various beers and other tasty suds. You can even attend beer-making workshops and learn how to set up, start, and polish a home-brewing rig.

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Just wanna stay at home but still explore different cocktails? You can do this by hiring a bartender to come to your place and show all of you guys how to make great Old Fashioned and vodka martini!

These will make for a fun, and booze-fueled day full for the groom and his men!

16. Golf Day 🏌️‍♂️

If the groom is an avid golfer, this is the ultimate bachelor party for him! Nothing beats a few rounds of golf. The groom will enjoy eighteen holes of sun, laughs and a little friendly competition among his buddies.

After your game, you can all enjoy a lovely brunch or dinner together at the groom’s favorite restaurant! What a day!

17. Gym Party 💪

If your group is composed of health and fitness enthusiasts, you can all hit the gym together for some well-deserved workout sessions! The wedding is in a few weeks and the groom would appreciate some support from his men to tone his muscles and achieve his fitness and wellness goals.

It does not have to be just one day, you can all decide to hit the gym together from now on! This way, you’re not only preparing for the wedding but you’re also staying fit together and will be spending lots of time together. So much for parties, this idea will make you gym buddies for life!

18. High Seas 🌊

If you’re up for it and won’t mind splurging a bit, a 3-day cruise is a very unique and an often under-realized bachelor party idea! Since you’ll all be chipping in, they will be very affordable. It’s not everyday that you get to go on a cruise with your best friends!

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If you think about it, a package will already include all of your meals, you can just pay more for unlimited booze! You will have access to pools, activities, casinos and more. This is going to be a bachelor party for the books! There won’t be a dull moment for you.

19. Online Gaming Party 🎮

If you are tech savvies and gamers, this is the bachelor party idea for you! You can all come together to play your favorite online games like DotA, Valorant and more. You will all enjoy a little healthy competition while enjoying the games you love together. Partner that with awesome food and drinks, and you’re good to go!

If you want an ultimate gaming experience with your buddies, you can rent a gaming center, arena or even a cool internet cafe where you can hold your gaming party complete with a catering service and open bar!

But of course, the budget-friendly option is for all of you to just bring your personal computers, hang out at one of your places, order takeout pizza, burgers, popcorn, fries and beers!

20.Virtual Bachelor’s Party 💻

Amidst the pandemic, this is the safest version of a party you can get! Despite it being just online. You still need to prepare a few things to make it go without a hitch. The groom will thank you for going the extra mile without compromising everyone’s health and safety.

Make a playlist by creating a collaborative playlist on Spotify and have each guest add a song to the list. They can simply choose their favorite song or pick one that means something to them and the groom. They can explain later why they picked it!

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If your party has a theme, you can also choose a cocktail mix and send everyone a recipe beforehand. Choose something that fits that such as a spicy margarita or tropical mai tai, up to you! This way, you’ll all be drinking something the same.

What’s a party without games? Play virtual games to entertain each other. You can find tons of online and digital versions of your favorite games. With the future still uncertain for parties, you’ll be grateful for technology giving you a chance to still communicate and have fun with your family and friends!

Bachelor Party Games

A party is never the same if you don’t play games. Boys will be boys that is why bachelor parties are made even more special with all the games you’re going to play. These games are crowd favorites and are 100% proven to give everyone a good time!

1. Bachelor Bingo

What You Need:

Find printable bingo cards online that are suitable for a bachelor party or opt to make your own! Make a list of questions and find some bingo chips. Compose a list of questions about the bachelor of which the answers are on the bingo cards.

Here are sample questions:

  1. Where did the bride and groom meet?
  2. What is the groom’s childhood nickname?
  3. What is the bride and groom’s nickname for each other?
  4. What is the groom’s favorite color?
  5. What is the groom’s worst habit?

What To Do:

Read each question. The guests mark the spot with the correct answer. Whoever gets BINGO first is the winner!

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2. Charades

What You Need:

You will need a box with the different categories for the charades.

What To Do:

Play in teams or have each player take his turn. The player must then act out and physically interpret the word on the card without speaking. Whoever guesses correctly wins and he will be the one to go next! You can act out common items, famous people, people you know, song titles, book titles, movie titles, quotes and so on!

Follow this link to know more about the game we all love! Charades Game Rules

3. Make A Rule

What To Do:

The rules are pretty simple: Every 20 minutes, a person gets to make a new rule that every member of the party must follow. Everyone has to remember all the rules. The player who breaks a rule must chug the remainder of his drink or is due to a shot.

Here are some examples that will get you started in your game:

  • No using the word “no”.
  • No using your right hand to pick up the glass.
  • No scratching your face.
  • No touching other players.
  • No talking about your girlfriend/wife.

4. Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

What To Do:

You can play this by taking turns. All you have to do is share something that you have never done before. Everyone else who has already done it should do a shot! (No judgments please!) This game can go on and on as you’d like.

Here are some sample statements you can use:

  • Never have I ever peed in a pool.
  • Never have I ever been in a bar fight.
  • Never have I ever kissed a stranger.
  • Never have I ever not paid for something I ordered.
  • Never have I ever seen a Harry Potter movie.

Follow this link for more info on how to play Never Have I Ever! Never Have I Ever

5. Scavenger Hunt

What To Do:

Divide the group into teams of 2-6 people. Each team should either find the items listed on the scavenger hunt or perform a task included in the hunt. The list can be as long as you want.

Here are some awesome examples for things on your list:

  • Ask for nine phone numbers of women in the pub.
  • Collect something from each bar that has its logo on it. ( Example: bottle, napkin, business card)
  • Get a female stranger to treat the groom for a drink.
  • Take a picture with a local celebrity.
  • Get inside the women’s bathroom and take lots of selfies.

This is a popular game for both bachelor and bachelorette parties since the beginning of time. Doing it in a pub crawl makes it a lot more fun!

6. Truth or Dare Drinking Game

What To Do:

You just need to ask your buddies to truthfully answer questions or challenge them to do a task. If they refuse to do so, they need to do a shot!

Here are some examples of truth questions you can ask your friends:

  • Have you ever kissed a guy?
  • Tell me about the last time you had sex.
  • When did you lose your virginity?
  • How many times have you cheated on your partner?
  • What’s your biggest regret in life?

And here are some great dares you can use:

  • Pretend as if you’re speaking a foreign language and try to order us beers.
  • No looking at your phone until the end of the night.
  • Pee in the girls’ CR.
  • Offer to buy a female stranger one drink and then say you forgot your wallet.
  • Kiss a male stranger on the lips.

Bachelor Party Tips

Bachelor party etiquettes are sometimes taken for granted. If you want your party to go without a hitch, you might want to heed these gentle reminders on how to throw the best bachelor party there is!

1. Don’t let the groom pay.

No matter how generous the groom is, he should not pay for anything for the party. It’s his last time to shine as a bachelor, you should have him all covered.

It’s usually the best man’s job but recently, everyone chips in to lighten the expenses. Just think about it, when your time comes, he’ll be doing you the same favor!

2. Make it special.

Bachelor parties are a huge deal. You should not go somewhere your group always goes to. Do something out of the ordinary. This is your friend’s special moment. Do something worth mentioning for the next decade!

3. Sleep is for the weak.

Since bachelor parties are usually all-nighters or an entire day, make sure to power up and be ready for anything. Things could get pretty wild and you won’t like it when you missed everything out because you fell asleep or passed out. Know your alcohol tolerance and limit. Better yet, pack some coffee to help you stay awake. This is not just a party. It’s THE party!

4. Advanced planning is key.

Movies can sometimes give you the idea that throwing a bachelor party is very easy. Trust me , a lot of things can go very wrong and spoil everyone’s fun. Enough careful planning is needed. If you do so, the bride and her family will thank you and you will all have a blast! Be sure to start planning early, especially if there are a number of your friends traveling for the occasion.

5. Better safe than sorry.

It might be his last night of being single but he’s still very much engaged! Don’t let the groom do anything he will regret and don’t let him get too out of control. It’s the best man’s job to keep him out of harm’s way and make sure that he makes it out without a scratch! Always keep an eye on the groom.

There you have it, folks! These party ideas, games and tips will set you off for a bachelor party of the century. Remember, this is not just like any other party where you just get wasted and cure your hangover the next day. This party is a celebration of the groom, of the man he has become and a celebration of friendship. Lastly, don’t forget to have the awesomest time. You will be telling stories about it all your life!

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