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Whether you like a good beach outing or somewhere in the countryside, as long as you pick somewhere that you know the groom would like and plan ahead on the activities you’ll do, you are going to have the ultimate stag party!

Here is a list of the best bachelor party destinations in the world and the activities you can schedule and plan for once your pack gets there!

Top 20 Bachelor Party Destinations

1. Las Vegas 🎰

There’s nothing that says “Bachelor Party” more than Las Vegas! If you and your “wolf pack” are into late night clubbing scenes, hottest pool parties, or the high-stake gambling, Vegas is the place for you to experience.

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There are a lot of activities for a classic bachelor party getaway in this city. Of course nothing says Bachelor Party in Vegas more than an awesome pool party with the lights, booze and women. You can drink, swim, dance and have the best time with your friends at a pool party in Vegas.

You can also visit the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and hit the racetrack with your friends if you are in desperate need for speed. If money is not a problem, you can take a fancy adventure with the guys on a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon and have a lovely brunch prepared when you land. At night you can chase the skirts at nightclubs for a lap dance or two… or three if you’re feeling lucky!

The best places to stay in Las Vegas are the following top hotels in the city:

If you’re in the mood for food, you and your men can eat at the most visited places in all of Las Vegas:The Capital Grille, VegeNation or Carson Kitchen. Of course, don’t leave the city without first visiting the famous Las Vegas Strip, MGM Grand and The Mirage!

2. Amsterdam 🍺🚴🏻

One of the top bachelor destinations, this place is very famous for its red light district area. Everything that a guy could ask for before getting married can be found in Amsterdam! Name it, cannabis cafes, bars, and women! Amsterdam is a male fantasy wonderland!

Your bachelor party might just be the only opportunity to experience the craze at the famous red light district area before you get hitched. So we say, go for it! This is one of the top bachelor party destinations.

During your party, experience something you haven’t before like a Beer Bike Party! You can all paddle together around the city and bond over beer and some good laughs. This is called a moving bar which was first created in Amsterdam!

Another great idea would be to enjoy a Striptease Dinner with the guys! Guys love steak and hot women. Combine it together and you have the perfect recipe for a bachelor party! This is famous in Amsterdam, you can enjoy your meal before or after you’ve enjoyed a great striptease. Such a dream come true for you, guys! You can book your striptease dinner with Fun Amsterdam or Amsterdam Bachelor

The best places to stay in for a bachelor party in Amsterdam are these awesome places:

If you’re down for a food trip, visit De Royal Chop House Steakhouse & BBQ Grill, Vinkeles, and Restaurant Senses by Lars Bertelsen. Don’t forget to visit Vondelpark, Dam Square and Eye Film Museum to experience all of Amsterdam!

3. Berlin 🤤

If you’re thinking of throwing a bachelor party in this city, you will not regret it! There are a lot of things you can do in Berlin with the guys especially if it’s Mayday! Millions pour into the streets but in celebration… you can add your own cause for celebration! You can also schedule your trip during the Fashion Week when a lot of gorgeous fashionistas are in town or during the Berlinale when celebrities and cinephiles pour into the city!

Berlin’s nightclub scene is a sight to behold. It’s known for countless bars, pubs and events, combined with one of the best club scenes of the world. Visit the following bars and clubs for the ultimate experience:

  • Kitkat at Köpenicker Str.
  • Sisyphos at Hauptstrasse 15.
  • Prince Charles at Prinzenstraße 85f.
  • Watergate at Falckensteinstraße 49.
  • Visionaere on Am Flutgraben.

If money’s not an issue, rent a room at Soho House for a bachelor party in style! You might spot a celebrity or two and do some Euro babe-watching! During daytime you can bike around the city for only about €10/day. You’ll save a fortune on cabs and get to see the city like a local. If you want to spend time in the water, rent Huckleberry Finn rafts, which look like they were stolen from Disney World! You can rent rafts from Woltersdorf by following this link Woltersdorf Boat Rental

If you’re in for a sexy and erotic time, visit the Helmut Newton Foundation where a famed ’80s fashion photographer displayed photos of a naked lady. Pretend to be cultured while you explore that magic moment in time when women began trimming their pubic hair!

If you’re in for something sexy but less weird, the best strip clubs are Golden Dolls and Caesar’s Palace/ CP Club! Splurge money on girls! You may also visit the Liquidrom, a sauna to recover from a night of debauchery! This is a co-ed place so you may see things you don’t wanna see from other men, too!

If you and your friends are in the mood for great food that Germany has to offer, you have a lot of options like KaDeWe (ultimate food trip!), Görlitzer Park (great place to just chill), Prater Biergarten (where the beer goes great with traditional brats and pretzels) , The Bird (for the best burgers thicker than hockey pucks), and Hassir (turkish food and grilled meat galore!).

If you’re looking for booze, visit The Kiez Bars in Kreuzberg for some vintage-shop furniture and offbeat décor that mixes European style with odd ’90s artsy vibes. You can also visit Vagabund for some traditional experience and taste of 100-year-old standard beers. Also try Rollberg Brewery for something brewed right before you drink!

4. Prague

Aside from the usual pubs and clubs you can visit in this city during your bachelor party, Prague also offers you adventure and relaxation!

You can go water rafting in the white rapids, visit spas or go on a guided nightclub crawl to experience the bars and skip the ones that aren’t so great.

If you haven’t tried it yet, Prague will give you a memorable pub crawl experience. From beer to absinth, Prague’s drinks and party scene are famous across Europe. It’s also a huge plus that the beers in Prague are very cheap!

If you plan on staying in Prague for a few days, the best hotels in Prague are the following:

Let your boys chip in and you will be experiencing your money’s worth and more.

If the boys are in the mood for good food, try dining at Mlýnec, Portfolio and “K” The Two Brothers. Of course, don’t forget to visit Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, and Prague Castle!

5. Siargao 🏄‍♀️

If the boys are in for some tropical climate and an island life type of bachelor party, you can spend money on a trip to the Philippines and one of the World’s Best Surfing Spots. Siargao has beautiful white-sand beaches, naturally-carved tide pools, mangroves, coves, caves, lagoons, and non-stingy jellyfish! Best part is it’s a lot cheaper than the US or Europe!

You can spend a long weekend here with the boys and see what the Cloud 9 strip in General Luna has to offer! They have scheduled disco party nights at the local pubs in the island. You can visit the Jungle, Baile Restobar, Rumbar or Viento del Mar which are famous to all the locals and tourists. Enjoy the chill music, great Filipino food and warm hospitality from the locals.

If you have cash to splurge, rent a cottage at the luxurious Nay Palad Hideaway to experience privacy and island luxury at its finest! If you are looking for hotels that are more in your budget yet also very island-gorgeous ones, try these famous ones in the island:

Of course, don’t leave the island without even surfing! Being the Surfing capital of the Philippines and one of the top 10 in the world, its surfing spots and waves are gorgeous! You can visit the beaches at Cloud 9 and other secret spots (ask the locals!) surf to your heart’s desires.

Here are also some other activities you can enjoy on the island during your bachelor trip:

  1. Island Hopping Naked Island, Guyam Island and Daku Island
  2. Sugba Lagoon Boat Tour with Kawhagan
  3. Visit the famous Cloud 9 Pier
  4. Jeepney Land Tour to Magpupungko Rock Pools and Tayangban Caves
  5. Sohoton Cove Tour

You can choose to book your activities online but it’s actually better and way cheaper to just book them once you’re there. Online prices are overpriced! You can ask vendors in the Cloud 9 strip and they’ll gladly help you out.

Watch out for both local and international celebrities! They love this island because there are parts of it that can really offer you some privacy. You might get lucky and meet them while you’re there!

6. Miami

If you and your friends are the life of the party, Miami is the best place for you! The nightlife in this city is just crazy. It’s famous for dancing, music and booze! South Beach is the most popular of them all but actually, the entire city is a big party club and one of the best in the world!

If you’re planning on a private beach or pool party kind of vibe, the got-to place is Nikki Beach Club. You can enjoy the sun and sand, sip some champagne or drink some beers with your pals. If clubbing is the plan, Miami’s best offer is LIV and club Space. Of course, strip clubs like Tootsies, Scarletts, and Jade Massage are bachelor party go-tos if you’re planning on it.

The best places to stay in Miami are the following awesome hotels:

  • Hostel Brazilian
  • Old Cottage House
  • Fortuna House Apartments
  • Zenmotel MIMO

A good time isn’t a good time without good food so head to the Meraki Greek Bistro, CRUST, and Santorini by Georgios!

7. New York 🍎

The City that Never Sleeps is always ready for an action-packed and party-driven bachelor party. Spend time with your favorite people in the Big Apple for your bachelor party, instead of the cliche wild nights in Las Vegas. You’ll be shocked that there’s actually a lot to other than just partying and paying for girls.

If you’re in for a fun-filled and action-packed party that is unique and the exact opposite of cliche, go skiing around the city in the morning and then spend the afternoon axe throwing.

You can rent jet skis from Jetty Jumpers, Sea the City and Rockaway Jet Ski to ski around the Hudson River and Jamaica Bay. Axe throwing, on the other hand, is a lot like dart but with axes! There’s a place in NYC called Kick Axe that will let you experience this activity while enjoying some drinks with your friends!

If you’re planning on trying the best hotel experiences for your party, book a penthouse suite which will give you panoramic views of the whole city. You and the guys will feel like kings of the world up on your mighty throne, for sure! Chip in for a luxurious experience at either The Wythe Hotel, William Vale hotel and Williamsburg Hotel!

As for great food, New Yorkers say that NYC can offer you all types of food so get crazy, crave some Chinese, Thai or Mexican food and NYC has it all for you!

8. Key West & Palm Beach, Florida☀️

If you’re for some tropical and adventure type of fun for your bachelor party, Key West, Florida is one of the best places to go! There are a lot of famous places to go to and a lot of exciting activities to keep you all entertained and happy all the way. Just remember to be always on the go so that everybody will have a blast!

If you are game for a day spent snorkeling and kayaking, you and the guys can visit the coast of Key West! You can all set out for the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico in a catamaran. Once you’re out in the open water, you can snorkel above a coral reef and explore the waters for some dolphins, stingrays, and manatees. You’ll be able to see and learn all about mangroves.

The catamaran you charter will be complete with a full breakfast and buffet lunch which you can all enjoy while you’re out there enjoying the ocean!

Another thing you might wanna try is a pedibus or pedal bus at the famous Palm Beach. This is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that will help you get around the city’s attractions. Someone will guide you during the tour so that you will know about the nightlife, culture, and history of the West Palm Beach area. You and your friends will surely learn a lot and have so much fun!

9. London 🇬🇧🌉

London offers a lot of options for bachelor party activities. First is an adrenaline filled party at Capital Karts riding sports karts and racing around the course for pure entertainment and a little bit of healthy competition between the guys! You may also try Go Ape (a high ropes course), Lee Valley Velopark (high-speed cycling). You can hang out by the pool after!

London is blessed with a lot of wondrous pubs and restos. It has an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to food! You can find a traditional pub, an upscale steakhouse, a hole-in-the-wall cafe or anywhere which has an enchanting venue!

Although, you should probably have to get crazy drunk earlier because their pubs have really early closing hours compared to other cities!

10. Bangkok 🇹🇭

A bachelor party in Bangkok will really give you a crazy night with copious amounts of alcohol, beach life, and girls. Spending your last days of freedom here will definitely leave you wanting for more time! This is undoubtedly one of the best places to party if you want to go all crazy and adventurous.

The best places to stay in the city are the following affordable hotels:

If you want to try exquisite Thai cuisine, try eating at Benihana-Bangkok, Benihana at Avani Atrium, Nami Teppanyaki Steakhouse, or BarSu!

Since it’s all about the crazy unique parties in this city, book a bachelor party bus and enjoy the comforts of luxury while you tour around the city. Party with major killer beats by hiring your own DJ sound system. Of course, pay someone to hire pole-dancing beauties while you drown yourselves in booze, cocktails and happy endings.

The famous Khao San Road can offer you lots of fun and cheap thrills. It’s the street that never sleeps. It’s jam-packed with tourists who are there to party, eating exotic bugs, drinking, getting a massage or getting a tattoo! You can watch people in chaos and just be amazed by them.

You can spend the following day the exact opposite way you spent the last. Unwind and chill at a spa resort with your buddies. You all deserve it to rejuvenate your minds, bodies, and souls before you head back to the real life of stressful wedding preparations and niceties.

Aside from the party you’ll be raving at and the unwinding you’ll do, also don’t forget to visit The Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Thailand is just as historical as it is modernly adventurous!

11. Bali 💆

Here is another destination that’s perfect for those who are on a budget! Visit Bali for a right mixture of adventure and nightlife. This place is rich with culture and natural beauty. There are plenty of activities to experience in Bali for bachelors that prove why it is one of the best places for a bachelor party in Asia.

You can’t experience all of Balin in a day so you need to book a place in its gorgeous island hotels:

If you are in for some Balinese cuisines, try what Bridges Bali, Ankhusa International Restaurant, Sawah Terrace at Mandapa, and MAURI Restaurant could offer to your palette.

You and your friends can party all night at different nightclubs and resorts in Bali. Throw sizzling pool parties during the peak season for a guaranteed blast! If you’re more of low-key person who’s in Bali for an ultimate relaxation experience, Bali also has a lot of Spa resorts you can go to to calm and give you the wellness you need before your big day

If you want more of nature and if you are in the mood to catch some waves, you can go surfing with the guys in the pristine waters. You also have the option to hike to Mt. Batur with your gang and plunge into a refreshing waterfall after your tiring hike! You’ll definitely end up having an adventurous time during your bachelor party!

12. New Orleans 🎷🥁

Undeniably, New Orleans is the perfect city for a bachelor party! This historical place has an incredible bar scene and some of the best food in the country. There are a lot of things you can while you’re here to spend the groom’s remaining days of freedom.

A lot of locals are musicians who play exceptional music on boats, in the streets bars. You can listen to Jazz while enjoying some food and drinks. You can also watch a show at the AllWays Lounge & Marigny Theatre for a night of fun, music and drama!

If you’re familiar with the famous Mardi Gras Festival in New Orleans then you better schedule your bachelor party during the two-week festival. It officially starts on the 6th of January until Fat Tuesday. The majority of the events are in the last two weeks leading to fat Tuesday. You and your buddies will be entertained with the extravagant parades and floats and the people wearing Mardi Gras masks, face paints and beads.

New Orleans is also very known for its swamps. There are companies that offer touring services so you can all go go on a Swamp Tour or a Kayak Tour with the guys! This is a very refreshing and unique way to see the whole city. Book a tour with

If you’re just here to have some exceptional booze experience, take the Old New Orleans Rum Distillery Tour or take a bus tour! The city is known for its world-class food, wine, cocktail and beers.

The Old New Orleans Rum Distillery offers tour packers with a welcome cocktail, tour of the distillery, and a tasting of their rum products. You and your buddies will taste high quality molasses and sugar-canes during the tour! On the other hand, the NOLA Brew Bus Tour is a three-hour tour of world-class experience showcasing the booming New Orleans craft beer scene via brew bus tours, beer events, and walking tours.

Go to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter to experience New Orleans’ party life! Your squad will enjoy the noisy, raucous and nocturnal street. The street is decorated with neon lights, throbbing music and beads. Devour the food at Galatoire’s Restaurant ,and the drinks and music at Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop.

If you have a need for speed, New Orleans gives you NOLA Motorsports Park for a day of racing with the guys. If you have the speed for another type of fun, the city also has a number of strip clubs you can enjoy!

13. Cancun

If you’ve heard about the nightlife in Mexico, then you probably know that everyone loves it not only for the thrilling parties but for the low budget it requires to have an awesome time there! Cancun adds so much more to your party, especially because of its beaches, parks and the adventure it offers.

The best places to stay in Cancun are these must-visited hotels:

The best places to eat at are Pepe’s Food Inc, Lalo’s Native Delicacies, and El Sabor!

For your parties, you can have customized cocktails at the famous Pavo Real while you’re partying in Riviera Maya in Cancun. You should throw a party under the stars to add to the laid back vibe that’s also magical. Boys also need some magic in their lives.

If you’re in for a thrilling adventure party, indulge the gang in an action-packed day of biking, surfing, hiking, and much more. This is going to be no ordinary party and you will be setting new heights together.

Cancun’s must-visit attractions are Isla Contoy, Xcaret Park, and Mercado 28. If you still have time before you leave, make sure to go check them out!

14. Ibiza 🕺

If you are the ultimate party-goer, you and your friends can head to Ibiza, Spain for the perfect die-hard clubbing and electrifying nightlife. This island is just buzzing with EDM music and clubs that will take your bachelor party to the next level!

Here are some of the top clubs and their resident DJs. The superclubs in Ibiza can accommodate up to 10,000 people. The other clubs might be smaller but are in no way inferior when it comes to giving you a good time! Partying in any of these clubs will surely give you the time of your life!

  • Amnesia is the superclub where the clubbing in Ibiza all began. Its resident DJs are DJs, Mar-T, Hector Couto, Marco Faraone, Luca Donzelli and CAAL. They produce Balearic and electronic music that makes everyone go crazy.
  • Hi Ibiza is the newest and one of the most glamorous superclubs in Ibiza. Its resident DJs are Masters At Work, Roger Sanchez and Jellybean Benitez.
  • Privilege is the largest superclub in the world. Its resident DJs are Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, 2many DJ set, Joseph Capriati, Richie Hawtin, and Maceo Plex.
  • DC10 is considered the spirit of Ibiza’s underground. Its resident DJs are Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers, Tania Vulcano, Jackmaster and more.
  • Ibiza Rocks will let you experience pool parties like no other in San Antonio, Ibiza. Its resident DJs are Nile Rodgers, Faithless, The Prodigy, Florence & the Machine, Rudimental, Disclosure, Sigma, Clean Bandit and Gorgon City.

The best places to stay in Ibiza are:

It’s better to book a room in the nightlife areas so that you can easily explore. All these places will surely make you feel excited to see what the other places in the island could offer!

The places that offer the best food are IBIZA Restobar & Cafe, La Mesa Escondida, and Elements Eivissa Beach Club. They will give you a taste of Mexican food that will make your mouth water.

If you have more time in your hands, plan to go karting, parasailing, speed boating, and self-drive to enjoy the jeep safari. All these activities are perfect to get you hyped enough before you hit the bars.

An Ibizan bachelor party could be made greater if you hire a private boat or cruise. Once you’re out in the open water, you and your friends can jump off to take a dip. A boat party with all the fired up music and booze will really let you groove to the music, and let loose with your friends.

If you’re not so keen on partying on a boat, Ibiza also has a disco-bus that will take you around the city. You can stop by famous clubs like Space and Pacha. Get ready to bang your head to the music while you hop from one club to another.

If you still got time after the adventure and party you’ve been to, visit these tourist attractions that will make you love Ibiza even more. Visit Sant Antoni de Portmany, Dalt Vila, and Es Canar!

15. Vienna

If you are up for something unique, offbeat and extraordinary for your bachelor party, Vienna has something for you!

Vienna has this world-famous ice bar that offers an amazing place and experience if you want to enjoy booze with your friends. It’s not like any other bar out there! Everything from furniture to the glass is made of ice! The temperatures inside the bar are kept low so as to maintain the carefully curated furnishings and fixtures.

Book a room in either of these great hotels in Vienna.

Before you go do shots and enjoy the drinks at the ice bar, you can go dine at Loca, Edvard, Door No 8 Restaurant, Sixta Restaurant, or Wiener Wiaz Haus.

Aside from the ice bar, you and the guys can see the top places to visit while you’re in Vienna. Go and check out The Hofburg, Belvedere Palace, and Prater! Make sure you visit them before you end your bachelor party and head home.

16. Belgium 🧇

The best bachelor party only deserves the best beer the world has to offer! You are going to party like a rockstar if you choose Belgium as your destination. Celebrate your single hood in a historical place with some of the greatest European architecture.

Spend a few nights in these awesome hotels in the city to have ample of time to experience all of Belgium:

If you want to offer your palette the ultimate Dutch cuisine experience, go dine at Le Belgica, Park Restaurant, and De Heeren Van Liedekercke. These are the best of the best in Belgium. You will not regret every euro you spend!

Since the whole place is too gorgeous not to see, hold your party at a Limo! You can have a mobile party while you make your stops at some awesome attractions like Bruges, Brussels, and Ghent. At the same time you can even spend the whole day bar-hopping in the quest to find the best beer out there.

During your trip, you can try to find and try the most famous and finest beers Belgium has to offer:

  • Dubbel is the top Belgian beer that ranges from amber to copper. It has candi sugar and complex aromas and flavors reminiscent of toffee, raisins, malt, and dark fruit.
  • Lambic is a traditional Belgian beer style with 30% wheat and wild yeasts. It is usually blended to produce a more palatable version.
  • Belgian Tripel is distinctive spicy, fruity, and subtly sweet. It has banana or clove-like aromas.
  • Witbier has a pale, cloudy, smooth, refreshing, clean, and crisp. They have typical malt sweetness layered with herbs and spices.
  • Duvel is described to be “a real devil”. It’s smooth and silky, with prominent hop flavors, citrusy, spicy, and floral aromas, subtle bitterness, and a dry finish.

17. Austin

From cafes to bars, Austin has all you need to make your bachelor party one you’ll never forget! Whether you’re planning on a laidback and breezy holiday or a blast, there are a myriad of exciting activities you can do with your friends here in this place.

The best places you’ll stay in Austin are Quality Inn & Suites Downtown North, HI Austin, and Aiden by Best Western! The best tourist attractions to visit are Texas Capitol, Lady Bird Lake, and Lake Travis. So don’t forget to take lots of pictures once you get there!

Aside from the cafes and bars, music lounges are famous in Austin so you might even hire a band for your party or just go to a music lounge where you’ll have the best music experience in your life.

If you want something out of the ordinary, there is a space for the golf lovers to play a game at Brackenridge Park Golf Course. Spend the day golfing with your buddies!

18. Whistler ⛷️

If you’re lucky enough to have the budget and means to travel and if your idea of a perfect bachelor party is some time at the slopes with your buddies, skiing in Whistler, Canada is one of the best skiing destinations in the world.

A day of skiing will never be enough to book a few nights in the best hotels in Whistler to experience more of it!

Of course, a party wouldn’t be a party without food so go spoil your gang at the Rimrock Café, 21 Steps Kitchen + Bar, and Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar!

After hitting the slopes, you can choose to have brunch at Buffalo Bill’s. They offer a selection of roasted specialties and booze. Your celebration will be very fit for raging male appetites! Afterwards, you can unwind with your buddies and have a cigar or two while you share old tales. At night, you can go bar-hopping to experience their nightlife and taste their booze!

If you still have an extra day after your party, take the chance to visit Whistler Blackcomb, Audain Art Museum, and Whistler Sliding Centre. Go for the complete Whistler experience!

Whistler is a modern utopia packed with the perfect ski-worthy slopes as well as some of the best pubs and bars you can celebrate in later. You’re not only in for the thrill of skiing, you’ll also be in for an amazing nightlife and time!

19. Macau 🇲🇴

If you’re looking for a taste of Las Vegas, from the gambling to the parties to the women, Macau is the best place for your bachelor party!

You will have the time of your life checking your lady luck and your booze tolerance while you’re in this tremendous party destination. The best places to stay in at Macau are Grand Harbour Hotel, Inn Hotel, and Towns Well Hotel. These places are luxurious and might be pretty expensive so it would be so much better if your friends (except the groom!) could chip in.

If you want to experience exquisite dishes and food for the gods, go dine at Lai Heen and Vida Rica Restaurant. Go on a grand tour of the whole city and visit The Venetian Macau, Macau Tower, Senado Square, and Ruins of St. Paul’s!

It’s not only going to be about parties and girls, this trip is also going to be about culture, history and beauty.

20. Rio de Janeiro 🏴󠁢󠁲󠁲󠁪󠁿

If you are all in for some awesome beaches, youthful culture, nightlife, flora and fauna, and the fun festivals, Rio is the ultimate bachelor party destination to properly end your single hood with a bang! Nature and party loving boys will be dying to know that they’re lucky enough to party in Rio.

The best places to stay in Rio are Hilton Barra Rio De Janeiro, Grand Mercure Rio de Janeiro Riocentro, Leme – Copacabana, and Radisson Hotel Barra Rio de Janeiro! If you want the ultimate Brazillian cuisine experience, you and the guys should try eating at Taj Mahal Restaurante, Restaurante Marius Degustare, and ORO.

Beach parties are just the best in Rio. It will be unlike any normal party you’ve been to because you’ll mostly be in the streets, tapping your feet to Samba music all night long! If you’re lucky enough to have scheduled your trip during carnival season, you can join the madness in a rage of colors and music to die for!

In case you forget, you are in Brazil, home of some of the world’s favorite football teams! Splurge on game tickets to watch a match or two and cheer for your teams with all of your best friends! Absolutely the ultimate all-boys trip!

Of course, never leave Rio without first visiting Christ The Redeemer, Copacabana, and Sugarloaf Mountain. You’ll be proud to say you’ve been there!

These places are packed with sites, activities, people and more which will surely help you enjoy your bachelor party. However great these places are, your party will only be epic if you’re with great people. It’s not where you’re going but who you’re going with! This is going to be his last hurrah before they tie the knot. Every groom deserves a great bachelor party so plan it well and give everyone the greatest time of their life!

Bachelor Party Trips Tips

Here are a few tips and tricks to remember before you plan your bachelor party:

  1. Plan your bachelor party two to three months before the actual party and it should be at least 2 weeks before the wedding.
  2. Book the flight 40 to 50 days before the day of your departure. The earlier the better for the schedule, seat availability and the more probability of discounts!
  3. Schedule your bachelor party at least two to three weeks before your wedding. You don’t want it too close to your wedding date in case anything happens like delays and changes of plans. You also don’t want it too early since this is your last hurrah and will rejuvenate you before the wedding!


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