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Top 15 Stag Do Ideas

Stag Parties are not just like any normal party. It is a celebration of the end of a man’s bachelor days and a celebration of friendship! The usual food, drinks and games won’t cut it. The groom’s friends, led by the best man should put on their best party shoes forward and plan the best goddamn party for their friend who’s about to say goodbye to singlehood!

If you are up for the awesomest stag do ever, you must plan the what, when, where, who and hows of the whole event. This is not just an excuse to get drunk with your buddies. This is going to be a night you will remember and talk about for the rest of your life…

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1. Beach Party 🏖️

Everyone loves a laid-back and chill time with the guys at the beach! The sea, sand and salty air will take you back to your best drunken, summer memories.

You can surprise the groom with an outdoor bar, a beer pong table, and some top shelf steak and barbecue to grill- all set up by the beach! Of course, since you’re at the beach, you can just take a dip and swim the waters whenever you feel like it. Later at night, you can huddle around a bonfire and play some drinking games. See below for a list and links of the drinking games you can play:

Add some good party music to complete the ambience of your party. You will have the best time with the groom and your buddies, doing some brotherly chat, talking about the past, the future, grilling, drinking cold beer and enjoying the bonfire, eating marshmallows. Take in the fresh air and the saltiness while you’re in the company of your comrades!

If you’re lucky enough to live in a town with nice beaches, then you can save a lot. If you’re planning more of a destination stag do or an all-boys trip somewhere where beach parties are the best, worry no more! There are a lot of gorgeous beaches around the world for you to throw your epic beach party at. Here is a list of the best beaches in the world according to 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards:

  • Gouverneur, St. Barts
  • White Beach, Boracay, Philippines
  • North Island, Seychelles
  • Reethi Rah, North Malé Atoll, Maldives
  • Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

There is nothing like a tropical bonding with your boys with none of the ladies present.

2. Staglympic ⚾🏉🏐

Boys who are passionate about sports will have a blast spending a stag party playing their favorite sport games with and against the groom and their other best friends.

You can plan your schedule for the rest of the day or weekend (depends on how long is the duration of your party). You can decide together to play basketball, baseball, or tennis (or whatever you feel like playing!). The activities will surely tire you so maybe hire a caterer to take care of the food and drinks for the entire stag party! Great food is everything.

To make things more interesting, you can actually divide yourselves into two big groups who will earn points depending on the matches you’ll win. Since this is all about giving the groom a good time, you can plan to just let the groom’s team win!

You are going to be playing different games, you can all go to a sports center that can give you the chance and the space to play all those games. If you have the budget, you can actually rent the whole place to yourselves. This way, you’ll have privacy and you can feel free to do whatever you’d wanna do.

Before your sports fest ends, stage an awarding ceremony to award the winners and the groom (because he should always be the center of this whole thing!). It’s going to be a staglympic you’ll never forget!

3. Club Hopping

Partying like it’s the end of the world is the ultimate go-to activity for any stag do! One club just ain’t enough so hopping from one club to another or pub crawls are the key to having the best time.

Club hopping and pub crawl parties will surely be made even more memorable when you play a scavenger hunt game during the entire party. You need to divide the group into teams and have each team complete a series of tasks per club you’re going to visit. Here is a sample list of tasks you can do:

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This club hopping and scavenger hunt combo will surely let you meet different people and experience a lot. Make sure that the groom (and his bride, too!) will be comfortable with all the tasks you’ll require the group to do. To ensure that everyone has a good time and that no one gets too drunk before all tasks are done, you can make a rule like “one drink per club, except for the last club”.

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You’re lucky if you live near a city or town famous for its bars and clubs. If not then you could use this list of these cool places best known for bar hopping and pub crawls:

  • The longest bar crawl in the world – Leuven, Belgium
  • Pantomime Horse Race – London, England
  • Subcrawl – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Haunted Pub Crawl – Savannah, USA
  • Mexican cantina tour – Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Izakaya bar tour – Tokyo, Japan
  • Drinking Around the World – Bay Lake, Florida, USA

The right amount of buzz to give you that much needed liquid confidence can really make for an interesting stag party. Drink responsibly and have the awesomest time!

4. Camping Party 🏕️

If you and your squad need time to reconnect with nature and seclude yourself from the pressure and hectic reality of wedding planning and busy schedules, and if you don’t mind some dirt and mud, go camping!

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You can set a time and place to go camping. Inform everyone of the meetup place and assign who brings which. You are all bound for some great adventure. You can hike trails and set camp in some forest or mountain. You can make a campfire underneath a blanket full of stars. Make sure to bring a bag of marshmallows and some ice-cold beer to make everything perfect!

Some boys who love to hunt can hunt and bond during the hunt in the woods! You can light cigars while celebrating your catch, too. In the middle of nowhere with your friends, without anyone to tell you how to act or what to say, you can have the best time of your single life. After all, this ain’t just any celebration!

Here are the five best campsites in the world that you can visit if you decide to take your camping stag party to the next level! (but really, anywhere will do!):

  • Sahale Glacier Camp in Washington
  • Big Sur in California
  • Denali National Park in Alaska
  • Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya
  • Miyajima Island in Japan

If you live nowhere near those places, don’t worry! Camping during a stag party is all about being one with nature and friends. It’s more about who you’re with than where you’re going to.

5. Winter Skiing 🎿⛷️

If you are lucky enough to have your stag party during the winter season and if everyone is up for it, go skiing with your buddies. Stag parties are the best excuse to go on that all-boys trip you have been postponing long enough.

Go on a skiing getaway with your best buds and enjoy the snow and the mountain views. If you’re all experienced in skiing, you can join or hold contests. You can take turns showing off your skiing skills. Make sure to make the groom look good, of course.

Before you all go on that skiing stag party, do your research on the best places to go to for it. You’ll all be chipping in to give the groom a good time so make sure you’ll get your money’s worth. Here is a list of the top 10 best skiing destinations in the world:

Watch out for ski packages that ski resorts offer! If the groom and you are in for some snowy stag action, this is the best idea for your stag do!

6. Skydiving

This idea will surely check one thing off the groom’s bucket list! Nothing beats the experience of thrills and views of an afternoon of skydiving (guided by experts, of course!) If the groom is up for a day of adrenaline fun, he will be in for a real treat!

Mind you, skydiving can be as scary as its eye-popping cost. The experience comes at hundreds of dollars for just a few minutes of fun in the air. All of you can chip in for a group package if you’re lucky enough to get one. It’s your friend’s last party as a singleton, this is one of those moments you have been saving for!

You can go all the way and make a toast of the finest champagne you can afford before you dive (or while you dive?) for some liquid confidence. You can go eat out together somewhere fancy to match the fancy experience you just had. Don’t forget that the eating part of your party should always come after the diving part. You wouldn’t want your meal to go to waste by throwing it all up.

If you don’t have any idea on where to go skydiving, don’t worry, we got you all covered with this list of best places to go to:

  • Fox Glacier, New Zealand
  • Hawaii, United States
  • Interlaken, Switzerland
  • North Wollongong Beach, Australia
  • Snohomish, Washington, United States
  • Mount Everest, Nepal
  • Pattaya, Thailand
  • Moab, Utah, United States

Break out of your comfort zones and make the dive that you will never regret with all of your friends before the groom ties the knot!

7. Strip Club Party 👯‍♀️

Nothing says stag party more than a pole and a bunch of naked women dancing. It’s no surprise that this is the first thing that comes to everybody’s minds. Before you go to a strip club to surprise the groom, make sure he’s comfortable with it (and if the bride is, too).

This night is going to be extra special so rent a private room in the club which will fit your squad and the girls you hired. You must have seen it in the movies wherein the girl comes out of a big box with a bow or an oversized birthday cake while dancing to sexy music. You can request this and give the groom a good laugh!

There are a lot of rules you need to clearly impose to make sure that respect for the work of those girls is upheld. You are only to watch them and not touch without their permission. The groom is, after all, still going to get married!

If you are looking for the best strip club party experience of your life (or is just plainly curious), you should try going to these places that are recommended all over the world:

It’s going to be a sexy time for you and the boys. Be open-minded as you try out these clubs. Admire the girls from afar and you’ll be just fine!

8. Movie Night 🎥

Are you and your friends movie and TV show geeks? If yes, plan a movie night with the guys for a simple yet worthwhile stag do! You can watch all your all-time favorite movies such as the Matrix, Die Hard, and other action movies. To make things interesting and unique, you can all watch romance movies and swoon as girls do! Throw in some nachos, pizza, and other movie snacks and you’re all good to go!

If you have the budget and if you have no qualms in chipping in more money, go all out by renting an entire theater complete with all the experience going to the cinema could bring. You can be assured that the groom shall feel extra special, especially if you can ask the cinema to add a little message at the end of the movie dedicated to the groom.

Of course, if you’re strapped for cash, the best option is a DIY movie night. Choose a venue among the guys’ cribs, rent a nice projector and have a movie marathon of all the groom’s favorites. It might be simple but because you’re all together, it would be extra special.

9. Brewery & Distillery Tours 🍻

If you are looking for something cultural and classy for your stag party, you can book the group a tour in famous wineries/breweries/distilleries. You will not be in just for the many alcohol and booze, you’re also going to enjoy the history, culture and process of how the drinks were made.

During the tour, you can bond and talk about each other’s lives. Some tours even prepare certain trivia portions and games for the guests to enjoy so you will be entertained by that, too! Breweries and distilleries have that authentic and regal aura to them that can really add some finesse to the entire experience.

Aside from the tour itself, you can actually hire a caterer to prepare you a sumptuous meal after your tour. Let them be familiar about the drinks offered in the tour so that they can apply their expertise and prepare something that would be complemented by the drinks. However, there are also breweries/distilleries/wineries with their own restaurants that incorporate their drinks to the menu so you can inquire about that, too.

You can book a tour with the most historical and famous breweries/distilleries. If you’re lucky enough to live near one then great! However, the best of the best are the following distilleries and breweries:

10. Spa Day

Even men need some pampering time before the wedding day! The pressures of the wedding can be very tasking on the groom as it is on the bride. Spas and massages are equally needed by both!

If you feel that the groom is under a lot of stress lately because of the wedding, you can all do him a huge favor by chipping in and paying for a spa retreat weekend that is all about eco-living and unwinding from the stresses of everyday life (and of planning a wedding!). You can go all out on massages, facials, saunas and mani-pedis. This way, you can be your very best self during the weddings and other festivities before the actual day.

Your bride will be thanking you for picking something unconventional and something that’s far from a wild party. Plus, the groom could be a lot more handsome for the wedding, having released all the stress vibes during your stag do!

Any spa near you will do. If you’ve got cash to burn on a luxury spa experience, go for it! If you haven’t got a single clue on which spa retreat places are the best for you and your squad, here is a list of the best places out there that will surely be to your liking (and loving!):

As long as you pick somewhere peaceful, quiet and private, you will be able to appreciate the experience of your retreat with the boys. It will be a calming and bonding experience that you’ll never regret!

11. Golfing Weekend 🏌️‍♂️

If the groom is an excellent and avid golfer, this is the ultimate stag party for him!

Nothing beats a few rounds of golf with your best buds. You can talk and bond while playing, and make sure to take lots of pictures of your happy “reunion” at the golf course. The groom and his men will surely enjoy eighteen holes of sun, laughs and a little friendly competition among themselves.

It won’t even be called a party unless there’s some food and refreshments so you should hire a caterer who can prepare you a lovely picnic/lunch/dinner near the golf course. Your picnic can be a great time for you to talk about the game and other memories you’ve had with the groom. You can all take turns giving some friendly advice to him for what he is about to start in his life.

The nearest golf course in your neighborhood will do but if you wanna know which golf courses are best for your stag party, you can check these out and be amazed:

  • St. Andrews, Scotland
  • Pine Valley Golf Club, New Jersey
  • Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia
  • Cypress Point Club, Pebble Beach, California
  • Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, Southampton, New York

Enjoy swingin’ with your boys!

12. Cruise Party 🌊

If you’re up for sailing across the world and won’t mind splurging a bit, a 3-day cruise is a great stag do idea! It might be a bit expensive but it’s not everyday that you get an excuse to go on a cruise with your male best friends!

A Cruise tour package for your entire squad will already include all of your meals, you can just pay more for unlimited booze! You will all have access to pools, activities, casinos and more in the ship. There are a lot of things you can enjoy and places you can visit with the guys. This is going to be a stag party for the books! You will be talking about it during all your future reunions.

13. Casino Royale 🎰

If you’re quite sure that the groom will enjoy gambling and games, stage a Casino Royale in his honor for his stag party. Surprise him and prepare his tuxedo. Make sure that everyone is in on it and that the boys all wear their tuxedos, too.

You can all go to Las Vegas and have the time of your life winning poker matches and other games. Who knows? You might all even be a little richer by the time you go back home. It’s not all about the games, you can also book a table at a great restaurant in the city.

If going to Vegas is a little out of your budget, don’t worry, you can opt to bring Vegas back home. A game night of cards, poker chips, backgammon and dice will definitely make everyone feel as if they’re in Las Vegas!

14. Games and Action Stag Party

If you and your friends are in for an action-filled day of games and fun, you can visit different activity and games centers or adventure parks that offer lots of adrenaline-filled activity that you have never tried before.

You can buy tickets for any of the following exciting activities and more:


Bubble Soccer

Paintball and Airsoft War


  • Peregrine Falcon Zipline, Rome, Italy
  • Monteverde Zipline, Costa Rica
  • Cetina River Zipline, Omiš, Croatia

Bungee jumping

  • Macau Tower, China
  • Verzasca Dam in Ticino, Switzerland
  • Bloukrans Bridge, Western Cape, South Africa

Laser Tag Wars


Boys will be boys and boys will forever enjoy playing around and having some undeniable fun doing what they do!

15. Gaming and Virtual Stag Do 🎮

Amidst the pandemic, tan online stag party is the best option for you! Even though it’s online, you still need to exert a little bit of effort to make sure that everything goes on as smoothly and as exciting as possible. The groom and the bride will thank you for going the extra mile without putting anyone’s health and safety at risk.

Make a playlist by creating a collaborative playlist on Spotify and have each guest add a song to the list. If your party has a theme, you can also choose a cocktail mix and send everyone a recipe beforehand. This way, you’ll all be drinking something the same.

What’s a party without games? Play virtual games to entertain each other. You can find tons of online and digital versions of your favorite games. If you are tech savvies and gamers, you can all come online together to play your favorite online games like DotA, Valorant and more. You will all enjoy a little healthy competition while enjoying the games you love together.

With the future still uncertain for parties, you’ll be grateful for technology giving you a chance to still communicate and have fun with your family and friends!

Stag Party Tips

Stag Do etiquettes are sometimes taken for granted. If you want your party to go as smoothly as possible, just heed these rules on how to throw the best stag party there is!

Who pays for the stag party?

It is traditionally the best man who pays. Don’t let the groom pay. No matter how generous the groom is, he should not pay for anything for the party. It’s his last time to shine as a stag, you should have him all covered.

To make it easier for the best man, everyone sometimes chips in to lighten the expenses. When your time comes, your friends will be doing you the same favor!

What is the bachelor party all about?

Stag parties are a huge deal. You should not go somewhere your group always goes to. Do something out of the ordinary. This is your friend’s special moment. Do something worth mentioning for the next decade!

How long does a stag party last?

There’s no rule set in stone. Stag parties are usually all-nighters or an entire day (and sometimes it could last an entire weekend or week!), make sure to power up and be ready for anything.

Things could get pretty wild and you won’t like it when you missed everything out because you fell asleep or passed out. Know your alcohol tolerance and limit. Better yet, pack some coffee to help you stay awake. This is not just a party. It’s THE party!

How early on should you plan?

As much as some movies (like The Hangover) make you think that planning a stag party is easy, don’t believe it! Trust me , a lot of things can go very wrong and spoil everyone’s fun. Careful planning is needed. If you do so, the bride and her family will thank you and you will all have a blast! Be sure to start planning early, especially if there are a number of your friends traveling for the occasion.

How far is too far when it comes to the rules in a stag party?

It might be his last night of being single but he’s still very much engaged! Don’t let the groom do anything he will regret and don’t let him get too out of control. Think about how the bride, the bride’s family and the groom’s family would feel if a scandal or accident happens during the party.

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It’s the best man’s job to keep him out of harm’s way and make sure that he makes it out without a scratch! Always keep an eye on the groom.

There you have it, you are all ready to have the best time of your entire single life with your friends. After the wedding, you’re gonna be someone new… someone’s husband, in fact! Celebrate your bachelor status, your freedom and your friendship like you haven’t before!

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