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🔥 The best Tinder pick-up lines

Texting someone on Tinder and breaking the ice can be quite tricky. Unfortunately, a match is not the end of the road, but only the beginning of the journey. Here’s a list of the best openers, pick-ups, icebreakers, and conversation starters you can get on Tinder. There is a high probability that you will get positive reactions!

🙊 Before writing your match

Before you write one of your matches, you should stick to specific “rules” that will significantly increase the likelihood of getting answers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about rules set in stone, just things that will help you get a positive response. It’s not only essential to know how to start a conversation on Tinder, but also how to do keep it flowing.

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Optimize your Tinder profile

Even if you match this person, that doesn’t mean they have fallen for you. They don’t find you uninteresting, otherwise, you wouldn’t have a match, but it was not enough for the person to write to you by themselves.

So it would be ideal if you write a good Tinder bio and upload even better pictures. Everything you need to know can be found in this fantastic article: How to write a great Tinder bio

If your profile is appealing, you’ll get a lot more matches but also better responses!

Make an effort

It’s probably not wrong if you make an effort when writing that person. But this effort should have its limits. If you overdo it, it can be viewed negatively.

A simple “Hey, what’s up?” isn’t something your match wants to get and is the bare minimum of effort a person can make. On the other hand, you shouldn’t deliver a novel. That’s way too much and seems needy. So it should be the right balance. Don’t try too hard to impress this person, but show them that they need to impress you.

Stay casual

Keep the conversation fun and casual. You should save in-depth conversations for your first date with them. Stay friendly and don’t get too saucy unless the situation allows it or sex is the only thing you’re looking for. But even then, you should hold back a little, as you often only ruin your chances by acting that way.

Don’t copy and paste!

Don’t copy sayings etc. online, instead, change them up always. Suppose your match has already seen that opener, your chances get minimized. Try something new every time you write to someone. That also implies the examples of this article. Don’t just copy them, give them the special something only you can give them.

New matchs > old matchs

Your success also always depends on how long this match has existed. It’s best to write to the person immediately after you’ve matched, or at least within the first two days.

Your chances that an old match will answer you or is still interested in you are usually much lower.

Compliments in moderation

Don’t compliment the looks like “You’re hot”. If you want to make them a compliment, it’s better to tell them they have a cute smile or a cool hairstyle. Compliments targeting interests or character traits are received best.

But you hardly know the person, which means that the compliments cannot be taken as honest. So ideally save compliments for your date.

Use their name

When you write your match for the first time, use their name. That’s much more likely to receive a reply. So it’s best if you write something along the line like: “Hey, name, …

😏 Tinder openers

Now it’s time to get down to business. With these openers, your success rate increases significantly. It’s always best to go into your match’s profile and use it to create something very personal, but if you’re looking for ideas, this list is perfect!

You could also try to approach your match with cheesy, bad, dirty or funny pick-up lines! It definitely won’t hurt if they seem like they would react positively to pick-up lines. You could even make it to a competition. Playing games like these is a great way of having fun.

Hey, name. Truth or dare?

Writing to someone in a playful way can be very good. Almost everyone loves to play (as mentioned above). Especially on Tinder, where flirting is very important. And flirting is known to be a pretty hot game!

If the person chooses truth, you can ask them a question that interests you or if they would go on a date with you.

When it comes to duty, things get a bit trickier because you don’t see each other live. For example, you could tell the person to post one of your favorite memes as a story on Instagram. That way, you can also find out about their account and browse through even more photos.

Hey, do you know what’s really interesting about your photos?

This is where the psychology of clickbaits strikes. The great thing about this conversation starter is that they want to know what you find interesting about their photos for 99 %. As soon as they ask, all you have to do is come up with something fun, cute, or exciting. But that I’ll leave to you.

Instead of the photos, you could also talk about the full profile or the person’s bio. Modify this conversation starter however you like.

I’m sorry, but I’ve met so many bots here, so please forgive me for the following test: test

With this one, you can let your creativity run free. Almost everyone has come across a spam account on Tinder, especially men. If the task you came up with is insanely funny, your match will fall for you instantly.

Maybe the person has to send you a GIF with at least three cats on it? But perhaps they also have to write “I love you”, to which you could reply that this is a bit premature. Or you come up with a silly captcha, which would take up the bot topic even more.

Hey, can I offer you my coziest hoodie?

That’s probably one of the cheesiest sayings here. The background is that most girlfriends love their boyfriends’ huge hoodies and like to wear them. Especially on a mild evening with a cup of hot chocolate.

As a woman, you could phrase it the other way around: “Hey, can I steal your coziest hoodie?”

Tell me what your favorite food is? After all, I need to know what to cook on our first date.

It is well known that love goes through the stomach. And when you can cook someone’s favorite food, you are miles ahead of the competition. Besides, the invitation to dinner is very tempting, even if the probability is not very high that your first date is about to take place at one of your homes.

However, if your match is the cheeky kind of person, they will say something like a lobster. All the more impressive when you have what it takes 😉

You have a new match - and obviously good taste too.

This opener is terrific. It’s best to write it on the spot when you match each other.

This shows self-confidence. You know you’re a good catch, and at the same time, you compliment your match (even if it’s a pretty self-regarding one). But a touch of narcissism can be very charming.

Hey, name, what are you most proud of in your life?

We all have something to be proud of. Whether it’s a great performance at a sporting event, an excellent grade point average, or a creative talent. Even if some people are very humble and don’t like to brag, they will still be able to tell you something. However, this opening line is best if your match is very extroverted and self-confident.

In this way, you will also find out very well what kind of person you are dealing with.

Hey, name, what would you prefer? X or Y? Why?

Playing games is always great - even via Tinder! It’s best to name two things that are either very funny or extremely uncomfortable. But I would instead suggest something fun as it is always better to arouse positive emotions than negative ones! But you can also get deep.

Whatever you choose to do, after that, never forget to ask why. The reasons for their answers are often even more interesting than the answers themselves!

Hey Anna, what would you prefer? Having an almost inexhaustible bank account or doubling your lifetime?

We’re here to help with this article with more than 400 questions if you need help or ideas: Would you rather?

Hey, name, would you prefer to be the small or the big spoon?

Almost everyone likes to cuddle, and almost everyone likes to lie in the spoon position. But the distribution of roles is not always clear. It is said that most men like to be the big spoon, but I know enough who prefer to be the small one.

A question like this almost always arouses positive emotions and immediately brings the conversation to an intimate level, but remains clean. This way, you avoid offending your match. As a little bonus, your match has a mental cinema in which you both play the main roles.

If two vegans argue, is it still a beef?

Whether you are writing this line to a vegan person or a non-vegan one - veganism is still a hot topic, and with a joke like this you loosen things up nicely.

Hey, what’s your best pick-up line specifically for Tinder?

You can be of different opinions on whether you like pick-up lines or not. But they are ideal for a small competition.

To win this game for sure, you should look at our article with the best pick-up lines. You’ll definitely find something terrific there.

Surprise me with your best joke.

Jokes are always good. If the person isn’t incredibly funny, they may well not text you back. However, if they seem like a very bright, funny person, you will most likely get an answer.

You can, of course, start with a joke, which is often the better choice.

And I thought today would just be another boring Monday. Then I saw you.

Almost cheesy, but if you get this conversation starter right and use it to write to the right person, it can hit like a bomb.

Are you my dog or why do I want to go out with you?

If you have photos on Tinder of you and your dog, this pick-up line is perfect. With a lot of luck, you will have a date with the person afterward!

Damn, you have a dog? So I will probably never win the title “best cuddler ever” …

Another dog opener that is almost a little sad. Maybe if your match says something like: “To judge that, I would have to cuddle with you first.”

Will you go on a date with me if I beat you in tic-tac-toe? I start:

Here it is important that you get started right away so that the person is tempted to jump in. If you work with emojis, it works pretty well!

⬜ ⬜ ⬜
⬜ ❌ ⬜
⬜ ⬜ ⬜

⬜ ⬜ ⬜
⬜ ❌ ⬜
⚫ ⬜ ⬜

If you’re about to lose, try the following:

⬜ ⬜ ⬜
⚫ ❌ ❌ ❌
⚫ ⬜ ⬜

“Sometimes you have to think outside the box to get what you want 😉”

The good news or the bad news first?

Another opening line that is a bit “clickbaity”. But that’s not wrong, especially with Tinder. The person will be tempted to write back to you. The best thing to do is to have two messages ready.

“The bad news is that there is still no wedding date. The good news, I’m free on Friday.”

What would I have to write to impress you?

If the person replies and gives you an example, all you have to do is copy and paste. That’s cheeky and funny. The best thing to do is garnish the whole thing with a cocky “Well, impressed?”

Two truths and one lie! I go first!

The best thing to do is to start by listing three things. Things that are crazy and funny are best.

A) I accidentally ordered a family pizza once and then shared it with a homeless person who gave me a beer in return.
B) I have three dogs, all of whom sleep in my bed, even though Fido has gas all the time.
C) At the age of 4 I could already burp the entire alphabet. Now I can do it even backward.

Then it’s your match’s turn.

😉 Other Tinder opening lines

Here are a few other conversation starters for Tinder that are difficult to show in concrete examples.

A fun GIF that implies a greeting

GIFs are still a hot topic (as long as you are the right age). Sending a cute, funny, or sexy GIF that equates to a greeting is usually an excellent way to start a conversation.

However, not all respond equally well to something like this. If you write a message afterward, you are on the safe side.

When their name is part of a song

If you can think of a song with your match’s name in the title or lyrics, you can bring it up as a quote. Of course, well-known songs are best.


  • Maria Likes It Loud
  • Along Comes Mary
  • When you gonna give me some time, Sharona?
  • Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  • Can’t Keep Johnny Down
  • Hey Joe
  • Charlie is making me smile!

This is how you might find out about the musical taste of your match as well!

Start with your “how we met” story

Many people feel ashamed when they claim to have met their partner through a dating app. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, in my opinion. But still, many of them have something in their bio like: “If they ask us, we met while arm wrestling in a bar.”

The best thing to do now is to take it to the extreme by presenting a funny and exciting story. Still, try to keep it short.

“Hey, if they ask us in ten years where we met, we’d say, ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Except for a marriage, which is recognized in all 50 states.’”

A poem

If you write a funny poem for your match, the person is sure to be amazed. Just don’t try to be a languishing minstrel, just keep it casual and fun.

Roses are red
I like ducks
Let’s go on a date
Then we can cuddle.

This poem, for example, is ideal because it arouses false expectations. You don’t expect cuddle here as the last word, because it breaks the rhyme. Your match is bound to giggle at the end.

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