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1. Halloween Trivia

A trivia game about all things Halloween is a great way to check how much you enjoyed celebrating all your past Halloweens. Whether you went trick or treating as a kid or watched scary movies during date night, you’re bound to have collected a lot of Halloween trivia over the years.

Find out how much Halloween fun facts you and your friends know with a Halloween Trivia Game!

How to Play Halloween Trivia Game

You play the Halloween Trivia Game like you would a regular Trivia Game. First, you need to assign a host for your game who will be asking the questions then you divide players into teams.

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Before the game starts, set some rules like how teams will answer the questions. You can have teams write their answers on a piece of paper or let them raise their hands to answer the question. Whoever raises their hands the fastest gets to answer first.

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Best Halloween Trivia Questions

Bring fun and excitement to your Halloween party with a Halloween Trivia Game. Answering all sorts of scary trivia questions is a great way to bring out people’s competitive sides and have an awesome time during Halloween!

Here are some Halloween trivia questions to get you started!

1. Who wrote the novel, “Dracula”?

  • Bram Stoker
  • Mary Shelly
  • Louisa May Alcott
  • Ernest Hemingway
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Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker is an Irish writer who wrote the classic horror story ‘Dracula’ in 1897.

2. What costume does Lindsay Lohan’s character wear to the Halloween party in the movie “Mean Girls”?

  • Frankenstein
  • Corpse Bride
  • Bride of Frankenstein
  • Wednesday Addams
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Bride of Frankenstein

She went for a scary Halloween costume and dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein.

3. By what name is midnight also known?

  • Twilight
  • Daybreak
  • The witching hour
  • The golden hour
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The witching hour

It is said that midnight is the time when witches are supposedly active.

4. What is the title of a witch’s pet cat or toad?

  • A familiar
  • An assistant
  • A slave
  • A friend
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A familiar

Familiars are known as supernatural entities that would assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic.

5. What do pumpkins grow on?

  • Stalks
  • Trees
  • Vines
  • Bushes
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Pumpkins grow on long vines – some extending 20 feet or more. Let’s go to a pumpkin patch to pick some pumpkins!

6. How many colors of M&Ms are there in a normal bag?

  • Five
  • Six
  • Seven
  • Eight
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There are six colors in a normal bag: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and brown.

7. What were the first-ever fun-size candy bars?

  • Snickers and Milky Way
  • Mars and Twix
  • Toblerone and Hershey’s
  • Crunch and 3 Musketeers
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Snickers and Milky Way

The term “fun size” was coined in 1968, and the first fun size candy bars were Snickers and Milky Way.

8. Which character portrayed by Johnny Depp is a barber who kills all his clients?

  • Sweeney Todd
  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Willy Wonka
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Sweeney Todd

Johnny Depp played the titular character in the film, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”, which is a 2007 musical slasher film directed by Tim Burton.

9. What does the word “Halloween” mean?

  • Trick or Treat
  • Hallowed Evening
  • Samhain
  • Holy Morning
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Hallowed Evening

It means “hallowed evening” or “holy night”. Halloween comes from All Hallows’ Eve and means “hallowed evening.” Hundreds of years ago, people dressed up as saints and went door-to-door, which is how the origin of Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating came to be.

10. Which movie features “Pennywise the Clown”?

  • The Shining
  • A Quiet Place
  • Army of the Dead
  • It
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“It: Chapter One” is a 2017 American coming-of-age supernatural horror film based on Stephen King’s 1986 novel of the same name.

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2. Halloween Would You Rather

Would You Rather on its own is a sure hit in any party. When you add a Halloween theme, it becomes the best way to break the ice in any Halloween party!

Invite your friends to come in their craziest Halloween costumes in your next Halloween house party and have a blast kicking off the night with a game of Halloween Would You Rather!

How to Play Would You Rather

When you play Would You Rather, players are made to choose between two difficult situations. Would you rather do something scary or something scarier? Basically, these are the types of questions you and your friends will be answering when you play Halloween Would You Rather!

Watching people squirm and struggle to make their choice is one of the things that makes this game so fun! Once you add a Halloween twist, the questions become a lot more stranger than usual! Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer no matter how weird or scary the choices get!

👉 Learn everything about Would You Rather for Teens!

Play Would You Rather Online

Start playing Would You Rather right away with our online version! If you’re using these questions for a Halloween party, you can easily tweak these to make it more suitable for Halloween.

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Best Halloween Would You Rather Questions

What topics would make for great Halloween Would You Rather questions? Try coming up with questions about horror movies and tv shows, Halloween rituals, ghosts, monsters and the supernatural!

1. Would you rather spend Halloween night at a haunted house or spend the night at a cemetery?

Just think of sleeping in a haunted house as a sleepover!

2. Would you rather be in a zombie apocalypse or a ghost in a school forever?

If you’re a ghost, you can still think which is much better than becoming a mindless zombie!

3. Would you rather have a creative costume or a scary costume?

Creative and cute for me!

4. Would you rather read horror stories or watch horror movies?

I will have trouble sleeping at night with either!

5. Would you rather have a murderous doll or a murderous clown in your house?

Won’t we have better chances of defeating a murderous doll?

6. Would you rather face a zombie apocalypse or an invasion of murderous giant spiders?

I hate creepy crawlies!

7. Would you rather be locked in a room full of snakes or rats?

Rats are disgusting! I’d rather be with snakes.

8. Would you rather dress up as a character from Harry Potter or Star Wars?

Wizards are so fun!

9. Would you rather live in a zombie apocalypse or post-nuclear war?

I think average people might have a better chance of survival in a post-nuclear war.

10. Would you rather be a horror movie hero or villain?

I’d rather be the one who gets to stay alive at the end of the movie.

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3. Halloween Charades

Charades is a fun game to play with small or big groups. Where else will you get to see your friends make fools of themselves trying to act? Sometimes, they’re so entertaining that you won’t even want to guess the correct answers anymore so that they’ll just keep on acting!

How to Play Charades

The main mechanics of Charades includes players guessing a word or phrase that is acted out by a player from the opposing team. The players who are acting should only use their body and not say anything at all. If the guessing team gets the word right, they earn points. Otherwise, the other team can steal the answer and earn points instead.

The team with the most points at the end of the game wins! Here’s a tip: before you start playing, make sure to agree on the categories in scope so that you still have an idea on what’s going on!

👉 Learn more about Charades!

Play Charades Online

Try out our online version of Charades, and get instant access to words from all sorts of categories!

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You can also download our Charades app to your mobile phone or tablet.

Best Halloween Charades Ideas

Since Halloween is a holiday that’s loved by both kids and adults, there are so many ideas or topics that you can use for Halloween Charades. They don’t all have to be about scary stuff. Some can just be common words associated with Halloween.

Here are some categories and words that will be awesome for Halloween Charades!

1. Famous Characters

Famous characters are not just perfect for Halloween costumes, but they also make for an excellent category for Charades! Try describing these famous fictional characters without saying a word!

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Maleficent
  • Captain Hook
  • Wednesday Addams
  • Jafar
  • Jokers
  • Harley Quinn
  • Beetlejuice
  • Freddie Krueger
  • Casper

2. Halloween Items

There are certain items that are popular whenever Halloween comes around. Try making your friends guess these Halloween items during Halloween Charades!

  • Jack O’ Lantern
  • Zombie
  • Spider
  • Coffin
  • Grave
  • Candy
  • Black Cat
  • Broomstick
  • Cauldron
  • Bat

Want to get more inspiration? 👉 Check out more Halloween Charades ideas!

4. Halloween Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a fun question and answer game that is always a hit for any occasion including Halloween! You just need to add some scary statements to make it into a Halloween Never Have I Ever edition for you and your friends!

How to Play Never Have I Ever

There are two ways to play Never Have I Ever. You can play it as a drinking game version, or as a non-alcoholic game which is also called Ten Fingers.

If you want to play Halloween Never Have I Ever without getting drunk, then Ten Fingers is the way to go. In this edition, players start the game having 10 points each.

The game begins when one player says, “Never have I ever…” and adds an action.

For example: Never have I ever watched the original Psycho movie.

If the action mentioned is something that the other players have done (watched the original Psycho movie), they need to fold a finger down. If none of the players have done the action, then the one who gave the statement folds a finger down.

Players take turns giving statements, and the same mechanics apply. Once a player folds down all their fingers, they’re out of the game. The last player who still has fingers left wins!

👉 Here’s everything you need to know about Never Have I Ever

Play Never Have I Ever Online

Ready to play Never Have I Ever but don’t know where to start? Check out some questions in our online version of Never Have I Ever to get some inspiration!

Play Never Have I Ever online

You can also download our Never Have I Ever app to your mobile phone or tablet!

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Best Halloween Never Have I Ever Questions

Start off your game with these Halloween Never Have I Ever questions. Make sure to hear the stories behind the answers. There’s nothing more unnerving than hearing about scary experiences that really happened!

1. Never have I ever screamed inside a movie house while watching a scary movie.

That’s the best part of watching a scary movie at the cinema!

2. Never have I ever played an Ouija board with my friends.

I swear someone was pushing the indicator!

3. Never have I ever stopped watching a movie because I was too scared.

I was so scared that I forgot what the movie was!

4. Never have I ever been to a haunted house.

If you know it’s a haunted house, why would anyone go there?!

5. Never have I ever felt the presence of something unnatural.

Ignorance is bliss.

6. Never have I ever thought that I had a third eye.

No need to open my third eye!

7. Never have I ever had my car break down on an empty road in the middle of nowhere.

This sounds terrifying!

8. Never have I ever seen a ghost.

Seen or felt a ghost?

9. Never have I ever felt scared in a hotel room by myself.

Of course, I have!

10. Never have I ever joined a seance.

How do you actually join a seance in real life? I’ve only seen it in the movies.

5. Mafia

Mafia is a fun mystery game that you can play at your Halloween party! Your friends can test their detective skills to catch which of your friends are lying, or they can test their acting chops and pretend that they are innocent civilians! Warning! Things can get pretty chaotic when you play mafia!

Start your Mafia game by assigning roles to the players. Your game master is the mayor/narrator. The mayor will assign who will be the mafia members and the civilians. A good ratio is to have 3 mafia members to 7 civilians.

How to Play Mafia

If it’s your first time playing Mafia, you might get a little confused, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that it’s quite easy and fun to play! You’ll also be more suspicious of everyone!

Here’s how to play Mafia:

1. The mayor will tell all the players to close their eyes and will signal 3 people to be the mafia members.

The mayor calls out, “Mafia, wake up”, and the chosen mafia players will open their eyes so that they know each other. Before the civilians wake up, the mafia members will choose 1 civilian to be killed.

2. The mayor tells everyone to wake up and informs them that one of the civilians has been killed.

The civilians can ask questions, suspect each other to figure out who the mafia members are. Be careful! The mafia members will pretend to be civilians so that they will not be discovered.

3. After conducting their investigation, the civilians will have to kill one of the players who they think is a mafia member.

If their guess is right, the mafia loses one of its members. If their guess is wrong, they lose a civilian.

4. The game will go through steps 2 and 3 again until all 3 mafia members are discovered.

If the mafia members are discovered, the civilians win! If at the end of the game, there are more mafia members than civilians left, the mafia wins!

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