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Great parties were made because of brilliant ideas from brilliant minds who thought outside the box! They created unique and memorable themes, games, quirks, and more for parties to take them to the next level.

One type of party that should be given a lot of thought and planning is the Bachelorette party that comes only once in a lifetime for most ladies (if you’re lucky even to have one in the first place)! Two of the most understated bachelorette party ideas are Bachelorette Party shirts and the games you play during the party. That’s why we prepared some of the coolest, if not the best ideas on these two fronts!

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Best Bachelorette Party Shirts

The bride-to-be would be on cloud nine when she sees the Bridal Squad in matching Bachelorette party t-shirts. Those would make your squad stand out among the ocean of people at the club or wherever you decide to be!

The best and favorite types of t-shirt designs are usually those with texts that say “Bride”, “Team Bride”, “Best Friend of the Bride” or something like that. But of course, you don’t have to limit yourselves with all texts, and you can also go for graphic tees that will bring out the wedding bride vibes and bride’s maids vibes for all of you.

As for the color of the shirts, pink, white and black are the most popular ones, but the sky’s the limit! If the bride loves gold, blue, or even orange, go pick those colors and make the bride happy because, as you should never forget, the bachelorette is for and all about the bride-to-be!

Running out of time and ideas for your Bachelorette Party T-Shirts? Here are some of the best finds on Amazon that will boost your Bridal Squad vibe:

Version 1: The Funny Bachelorette T-Shirts

Have you noticed how each bride’s maid usually has a task or stuff they bring and contribute to the bride during the bachelorette party? If you are a bride’s maid, you have got to take note of your duties and ensure that you get them right! Well, these funny bachelorette t-shirts from Amazon will help you remember your assignment for the upcoming bachelorette party!

You won’t ever be second-guessing your part in your bachelorette because you’ll be wearing them for everyone to see and know! Mind you, some of the shirts can be very crazy and hilarious, so you might have to down a few shots first for some liquid confidence before you wear them:

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Version 2: The Bride Tribe T-Shirts

Here’s another version of the bachelorette party t-shirts that are more commonly used. It’s pink, cute, and simple with a package that includes a shirt for the bride that says “Bride” and shirts for the bride’s maids that also says “Bride’s Maid”. They are available in all sizes and come in baby pink and white t-shirt colors. You can purchase them individually on Amazon.

What’s even cooler is that you can be assured of the quality of the shirts, and with only the cold washing technique, you’ll be sure that the print will last longer. So what are you waiting for? Check out these Bride Tribe T-shirts for your upcoming bachelorette party:

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Version 3: Retro Bachelorette Party T-shirts

If you’re looking for something more colorful and unique, Amazon has these colorful bachelorette shirts that say “babe” for the bride’s maids and “bride” for the bride-to-be! The text has a rounded, retro font style and complementary, solid shirt colors of either peach, nude, plum, or white. Not your average and mundane-looking shirts, for sure!

These shirts are 100% made of airlume combed and ringspun cotton, which are actually the best canvass for shirt printing, so you can expect that the print will definitely be superb on these ones! They’re also dual-blend, exceptionally soft, short-sleeved crew neck tees.

Shop for these Retro Bachelorette Party T-shirts for your upcoming bachelorette party:

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Version 4: Disney-inspired Bachelorette Shirts

If the bride still believes in fairytales and is a huge fan of the Disney princesses and the movies, these would be the perfect shirts for your Bride Squad! Just like the other versions, this one has one bride shirt in white, and the other shirts are also in baby pink. What makes them unique are the graphics and the font style chosen for these shirts, which are Disney-inspired and depict the famous Disney castle on Disney’s old logo.

These shirts are also made of pure airlume combed and ringspun cotton, which are actually the best canvass for shirt printing. They’re also dual-blend, exceptionally soft, short-sleeved crew neck tees.

What are you waiting for? Get these Disney-inspired Bachelorette Party T-shirts:

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Best Games to Play at A Bachelorette

A bachelorette party can never be without the awesome and epic games you’ll play while you’re all tipsy and wasted. Just make sure that the games are centered around the bride and that she’ll feel extra special during and after the party!

Here are some of the bridal squad party favorites that will make you, the bride, and the rest of the bride’s maids remember your party for ages:

1. Bride Trivia

The whole bachelorette party is going to be all about the bride-to-be. Make your girl feel like the most special one in the world by making her the subject of your Trivia game. Instead of general knowledge questions, let the bride be the game master who will ask questions about herself which you should all try your best to answer correctly.

Here are some trivia questions that the bride can ask during this game:

1. What is my favorite color?

Any true friend would know this one.

2. How many boyfriends did I have before I met my fiance?

Another question that every bride’s maid should know about the bride.

3. At what age did I lose my virginity?

It’s going to be a bit embarrassing but indeed something everyday for a group of bickering ladies at a bachelorette.

4. Who was my first boyfriend?

The name of the lucky guy is one for the books, so y’all gotta know this!

5. What is my dream destination?

Paris, Spain, Italy could be at the top of the list for any girl.

6. What is my natural hair color?

It’s not going to be tricky if you know the bride that long or just long enough to see the roots grow out.

7. What is my second name?

Anyone who knows your embarrassing second name is a true friend.

8. Where was I born?

A matter of public record, so everyone needs to know.

9. What does my tattoo look like?

This is easy if the bride loves to show skin, but if not, good luck guessing if it’s a heart, star, or whatever.

10. What is my favorite animal?

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2. Never Have I Ever

This is a drinking game that will let you know what everyone has experienced so far in their lives. To play this, you say “Never have I ever…” followed by something you’ve never done, and those that have already done it should each take down a shot! During your bachelorette party, let the bride go first! Play on and on until you’re all drunk like crazy.

Here are some memorable Never Have I Ever statements you can use for your game:

1. Never have I ever gotten spanked while having sex.

Now we’re at the most awaited naughty parts!

2. Never have I ever lied to my partner.

Nobody’s perfect, and you just gotta trust that you’re among friends.

3. Never have I ever cried in front of others.

Everyone’s down for a shot with this one.

4. Never have I ever sent any nudes to someone.

A bit embarrassing, but yeah.

5. Never have I ever cut my own hair.

Be careful with this one. Remember that you’re gonna regret things in the morning.

6. Never have I ever owned an orange piece of clothing.

Orange is the new pink, or so they say.

7. Never have I ever been in a casino.

If you haven’t been, then you should go try!

8. Never have I ever attended mass during weekdays.

This is a pretty long leap from the naughty questions.

9. Never have I ever smoked cigarettes or drank alcohol.

Another statement that everyone would be drinking for.

10. Never have I ever slapped someone in the face.

Now might be the perfect time to start the deed.

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3. Would the Bride Rather

If each of you claim that you know the bride-to-be best, you’re going to be in for a competitive challenge with this game. It’s a bachelorette version of the original “Would You Rather” game that lets people decide between two things without overthinking it.

In this game version, you should think as if you are the bride-to-be and answer as if you’re her! She gets to decide if you’re wrong or right after each round. Check out these questions that you could ask each other:

1. Would the Bride rather sleep with the lights on or off?

A good bride can do with either.

2. Would the Bride rather eat out or cook dinner?

The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, though it never said you should be the one to cook!

3. Would the Bride rather sleep all day or shop till she drops?

Can’t a girl be both?

4. Would the Bride rather pick the color lavender or purple for her wedding?

There’s a huge difference between these two shades of violet.

5. Would the Bride rather get married tomorrow or after a year?

Uhm, tomorrow, right? Because if not, then whatever are you all throwing this party for?

6. Would the Bride rather go home or go shopping?

Then again, she can go shopping first and then go home.

7. Would the Bride rather have a pet rabbit or a pet fish?

It depends on if she loves Bugs Bunny or Nemo more.

8. Would the Bride rather watch FRIENDS or HIMYM?

This one is going to be tricky!

9. Would the Bride rather spend her money on makeup or investments?

But isn’t makeup an investment?

10. Would the Bride rather buy an iPad or an iPhone?

Both are super useful, so it depends on what she needs at the moment. As her friends, you should know what she needs!

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After your bachelorette party, you’ll be sure to know that you only get to experience whatever happened on that night, on that night. So why limit the possibilities? Go crazy because you only live once, and nothing will take away the fun, crazy, and beautiful moments you’ve made in your life.

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